How to get Hilton HHonors Gold status easily

I wrote recently about Hilton HHonors withdrawing the one year of Gold status as a perk for American Express Platinum customers.

Whilst the perk only gave you Hilton HHonors Gold for one year, this was a valuable benefit. This is because Hilton HHonors Gold is the best mid-tier status to have of any of the hotel chains.

These are the benefits:

  • Free internet
  • Free breakfast (except at Waldorf-Astoria properties, where you get something else usually instead)
  • Guaranteed upgrade
  • 2 free bottles of water
  • 25% bonus points

These are excellent benefits which genuinely save you money. They are especially useful for the leisure traveller, for whom the cost of in-room internet and two hotel breakfasts is usually a crazy £50 or so. The guaranteed upgrade is also very useful, and many hotels go beyond the minimum – the Waldorf-Astoria at Syon Park always upgrades us three levels to the rooms overlooking the conservatory, for example.

Hilton Gold

Hilton HHonors Gold usually requires 20 stays or 40 nights or 75,000 base points to obtain. (The number of nights has gone up this year from the previous 16.)

However, there is a way to fast-track this.

This link  (EDIT – no longer works, use the alternative link below!) takes you to a fast-track application form. It gives you Gold status if you can manage 4 stays or 9 nights within 90 days of signing up.

In theory, this offer is aimed at members of a Hilton scheme targetted (I think) at certain sports groups and it claims only stays at US properties count. In reality, neither of these statements is true.

Let’s be clear about one thing. This offer has been around for a l-o-n-g time. It has been written about A LOT. Hilton knows that lots of people use it, and they don’t mind. I would have no worries about getting any trouble from Hilton if you signed up for it.

(If  the above link has stopped working, then you can also try this one. It is the same offer, but nominally for customers of travel group HRG.)

You can even reach Gold with just 2 stays!

Hilton’s current ‘Anyweekend, Anywhere’ promotions runs until the end of January for stays until the end of 2013. Part of the deal is that any stay of two nights or more booked under this rate counts as TWO stays for the purposes of elite status. This should, in theory, mean that you would trigger Hilton Gold with just two stays at this rate.

If you achieve Gold status now, you would have it for the rest of 2013, all of 2014 and until April 2015. You always get the rest of the current year, all of the next calendar year and, if you don’t requalify, your benefits don’t drop back until April of the following year.

(Thanks to Michael for the idea of linking this to the Anyweekend promo)

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  1. Wozza2404 says:

    Double stay credit is for stays of 2+ nights. So you can’t just book 2 x 1 night super cheap stays.

  2. Does not work for me. This my response.

    We’re sorry.This promotion is now over.

  3. Sorry wil link does work but does not offer the date to start the offer as the Hilton link does.

  4. I have two stays booked under the Any weekend, Anywhere promotion, via hotels.com. Does the third party booking site imply the stays will not qualify for elite status? Also noticed that the double stay credit is for each stay of at least two nights only.

    • mrtibbs1999 says:

      I always get on property benefits from 3rd party stays, however you will not get stay or night credits and you will be lucky to get a decent upgrade as they will usually not know you have status until you check in.

  5. Third party bookings never normally qualify for anything at Hilton – points, status qualification or even status benefits.

  6. Is free breakfast thrown in for Golds even on points stay (like SPG does for Platinums?)

  7. It’s mentioned on Flyertalk that the MVP challange may have ended in 2012: http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/20111834-post34.html)

    On the other hand, the T&C mentions that the CWT fast track is valid until the end of 2013.

    I am about to sign up for one of these fast track challenges. Since it appears that the MVP challenge may have expired, I am inclined to choose the CWT challenge. If I do sign up for the CWT offer – will stays booked directly by me through Hilton count towards the fast track challenge? Or will the stays have to be booked through a CWT agent?

    Thanks in advance for any help!

    • It would be very unfortunate if the MVP one had died and they hadn’t pulled the site.

      Any Hilton booking will be fine, no need to use a CWT agent.

      • Thanks Raffles – I’ll go down the CWT route. And as you say: the MVP offer is live on the Hilton website without any end date mentioned in the T&C – as such it’s hard to imagine Hilton not HONORing the MVP fast track…

        • Definitely use Carlson. I will do another post on this tomorrow for the benefit of email or RSS readers who don’t see the comments unless they specifically choose to visit the website.

  8. Happily for me I’m still diamond. Unhappily though, i have no chance of maintaining this for 2014. So question is – would it work if I sign up for the challenge now and I somehow lock in gold for the future. Or do I need to go down to blue and then get back up? Any ideas? Thanks!

  9. Upgrades are always subject to availability, not guaranteed – also some properties are pretty stingy about them. Free wifi/breakfast is great though!

  10. Dannyrado says:

    If I were to take an amex plat and cancel within say 1 or 2 months would the hilton gold keep running? If so how long?

  11. Didn’t know they were withdrawing this offer from the platinum Amex. Another watering down of the £450 fee. Has this come in to effect yet?

    • Yes, apparently (without any notice or warning!) this stopped on 31/12/12 :-(

      • Complain. They are handing out 5,000 to 10,000 MR points to people who complain who have not get used it, if you push hard enough.

        • Complaint went in a week or so ago when this change first became apparent. No automatic MR offer for me, just usual uselss waffle – replied saying their reply was unacceptable and it has now been escalated to the Exec Complaints dept – we will see what they say/offer!

          • I also got waffle and no compensation, but then I have had my year of Hilton Gold so lost nothing …. I was mainly complaining about the manner of withdrawal.

            Now heard of a 3,000 point payout, so the range is nothing, 3000, 5000 or 10000 points!