How to collect Avios with Shell Drivers Club – and get double or triple Avios this Summer

Shell Drivers Club is the loyalty scheme for Shell garages in the UK. Joining is simple – pick up a card at a Shell station when filling up and register it online.

You earn 50 Avios just for registering your card so it is worth doing this even if you switch to a different reward later.

Shell Drivers Club 350

Full details can be found at the Shell Drivers Club website here.

The scheme is simple – you earn 1 Shell point for every litre of petrol you buy, and 2 points = 1 Avios. As well as Avios, 500 points can be turned into £2.50 of Shell vouchers or £2.50 of Waitrose vouchers. The benefit of taking Avios is that Shell converts (once a quarter) your points in multiples of 20 (ie 10 Avios) with no minimum, unlike the 500 point minimum for other rewards.

A special deal for Summer

Starting today and running until Friday 2nd September, you can collect double Avios on regular unleaded or diesel or triple Avios on Shell V-Power Nitro+ performance fuel.

In order to get the bonus, Avios Travel Rewards Programme or British Airways Executive Club must have been selected as your Shell Drivers Club reward prior to each purchase.   If you need to update your reward information, log in to and select the reward of your choice in the personal details section.

The terms and conditions of this promotion can be found here.

Is Shell a worthwhile way of collecting Avios?

If we ignore the Summer promotion, I would say ‘not necessarily’.  There are two reasons for this.

The first reasons it that, if you buy enough Shell fuel to get to 500 points on a regular basis, you will effectively be ‘paying’ 1p per Avios (since 500 points is worth 250 Avios or £2.50 in Shell or Waitrose vouchers). That is a bad deal as far as I am concerned although I know some people are happy to pay 1p per point.

Secondly, I would not switch from a cheaper garage to Shell purely for the Avios unless my employer was paying the bill.  Assuming £1 per litre, you are spending £500 on petrol to get just £2.50 or 250 Avios back!  That is a return of just 0.5%.

With this Summer promotion, however, Avios looks like a better deal.  It is worth switching away from Shell or Waitrose vouchers and into Avios if you can earn double or triple Avios on your fuel spending until 2nd September.

Even if your employer is paying, Tesco offers a better reward structure as I explained in this article on earning Avios when buying petrol.

(Want to earn more Avios?  Click here to visit our home page for the latest articles on earning and spending your Avios points and click here to see how to earn more Avios from current offers and promotions.)

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  1. While you’re there maybe pick up a sandwich or other food items at their deli2go.

    We have a Shell garage just up the road from the office and the sandwiches are pretty good. You earn 50 Shell points for most of the sandwiches = 25 BA Avios.

  2. Anyone want to do maths to show if this is a better deal to collect against a standard Clubcard / Tesco Fuel? Tesco usually 2p cheaper, which is why I dont bother with Shell.

    • The supermarket fuels may be cheaper but I find I fairly consistently achieve slightly higher mpg from Shell, Esso etc than supermarket fuels. I achieve over 700 miles on a tank of Shell but can’t get that out of a tank of J Sainsbury fuel.

      • Imbruce says:

        Also the supermarket fuels are not as refined as they are from the branded petrol stations
        that why they are usually cheaper, most mechanics say it is not good for you car.
        For some odd reason I get better MPG from BP than any of the other brands.
        You also can get 50 bonus points when you buy a Costa coffee and a muffin from Shell

        • The_Real_A says:

          That’s just not true anymore – 20 years ago perhaps. All fuels in the UK come from that same refineries the only difference is the additives (detergent!) that is added. To boost the octane (which equates to more MPG) via additives is more expensive that refining at a higher octane rating, so it is simply not done. The only argument you could make is that you prefer the detergent of a different brand, and this might work better on your particular car but outside of a lab its impossible to measure.

      • Frenske says:

        Oh really!? I have not noticed any difference between Tesco and Shell fuel; I have paid attention to it. That said I have now a bit higher mpg (+1mpg) than normal, but in the area I drive it easily can be affected by one day really bad traffic or when the school holidays are.

      • There are BSI standards for each octane rating, and the petrol refineries will get as close as they can to the required ratings – to do anything else would be economic suicide.

        There may be some minor differences from time to time, but you would need standardised test conditions to measure them.

        I used to work in a petrol testing lab on a refinery – many many years ago, but I doubt things have changed.

        • That was always my gut feeling and interesting to read details from the inside of the industry! I do suspect there’s a bit of placebo effect at work…

      • This offer changes all that + I dont have & have no interest in having a Tesco Credit Card for the extra clubcard points.

        • It certainly doesn’t change all that. The article & replies go through multiple variations that answer your question.

          Double points on normal grade Shell fuel = 500 Avios per £500 = 1 Avios per £. With standard Amex = 2 Avios per £.

          Whereas you can see from the link that an alternative (without possessing a Tesco credit card) is clubcard + standard Amex = 2.2 Avios per £.

  3. Sorry, O.T, my Top Bonus airberlin miles have posted to my account from yesterday.

  4. Coffee, muffins and car washes get me around 300 avios / quarter. I occasionally buy their petrol.

  5. Tilly71 says:

    Shell v is something like 8p more a litre, I got a 100 bonus points on this last month.

  6. TGLoyalty says:

    Do find Shell will get more MPG than the supermarket and a bit better than BP, The differences are near enough the 2% difference in price.

    V+ offers higher octane and better performance and depending on your car its worth being the only fuel you use

    • Definitely worth the extra cost to go for a clean tank or clean half tank of V Power – at least occasionally – to get the benefit of the additives. 3 of our vehicles are now pushing 20YO and really respond well to a bit of TLC. Even when – afterwards – you fill up with supermarket fuel, the engines stay more responsive for quite a while after the ‘elixir’ tank is just a memory.

      • Lady London says:

        +1,000 to you both

        I even end up getting more mileage out of my motorbike using Shell V+ Nitro.

        BP Ultimate is pretty good too.

        My strategy with cars is TLC and I won’t touch supermarket fuel.

        • OTOH I could in theory run my badass diesel truck on chip fat, there are forums out there devoted to it, not really wanted to go round smelling like a chippie (salt & vinegar on that, harry?) and I bet that takes a few additives to sort out the gunge.

          Just picturing Lady London on the Shell V+ Nitro scooter lol

  7. Using a Tesco Credit or debit card on their petrol is definitely the better way to go here, Even if you decide to hug your engine by using their premium fuel.

    On a £20 spend I’d get about 25 cc points, which converts to 60 avios. this is about 16l of premium fuel. That would only earn you 24 avios from Shell!

  8. For me the cost of driving to a Shell garage versus Tesco / Sainsburys outweighs any extra Avios.

    I do feel that my car accelerates better when it has a tank of fuel from Shell but I don’t know how much of the effect is psychological.

    • Same here, I find cold starts are far less “grumpy” on the initial ignition too with V-power. And idling seems to sound better. I have entirely stopped using supermarket fuel, I care about my car too much!

  9. Paul L says:

    O/T re Amex offers. £75 off £200 spend at Landmark hotels…would this include restaurant and bar spend without a stay?

    • T&Cs say ‘when paying and staying’ & valid ‘at checkout’ but in reality it’s going to be fine just for booze & food

    • It depends on what the charge shows up as on your statement (ie if the restaurant/bar shows up as different to the hotel itself).

      Chances are that it will be the same but I can’t say for certain. I have known restaurants within hotels show up differently to “front desk” charges on card statements in the past. Caveat emptor.

      • Agreed. There is some risk in this unless you ask the restaurant beforehand how the payment appears on card statements.

  10. OT For anyone who didn’t get the Eurostar offer on their Amex issued Amex, you can manually add via here…

  11. Peter K says:

    I’ve had an email today offering a bonus 45 Shell points for £95 spend on fuel. So 22.5p or less than 0.25% bonus rebate. I think Shell’s marketing team need to work a little harder….

  12. Tilly71 says:

    Got the 100 bonus points on min 10 ltr of V power fuel today,factor in triple points so may go with £15 worth @ 145 points.