25% bonus on TopCashback transfers to Avios – and get 625 Avios when you join for free!

(EDIT: the transfer bonus ended in January 2017. You now receive 105 Avios per £1 of cashback transferred.)

TopCashback is a site which allows you to earn a small amount of cashback from your day to day shopping by clicking through to participating online shops from its site.

It is very similar to Quidco if you are a member of that site.  British Airways and Virgin have their own shopping portals as well, except that you earn miles instead of cash.

When Tesco Clubcard pulled out of their partnership with TopCashback recently, there was much gnashing of teeth.  Converting your cashback from your internet shopping to Clubcard meant that you were effectively buying Avios for 0.4p each!

When the Tesco deal ended, you could still transfer your TopCashback cashback directly to Avios points.  It wasn’t very attractive, however, because you were effectively paying 1p per Avios point.  This is more than I am willing to pay unless I have a definite use for them.

On Friday, TopCashback launched a 25% bonus for converting TopCashback money into Avios points.  I am assuming that this is a permanent offer.  I am also assuming that British Airways is funding it in an attempt to make up the loss of revenue from people who converted from TCB to Tesco to Avios.

TopCashback 350

For every £1 of cashback you transfer to Avios, you will now receive 125 points.  This means that you are paying 0.8p per point.

0.8p is a lot more interesting to me than 1p.  My threshold for doing anything to gain Avios points is that the points must cost less than 0.75p.  I know I can hardly fail to be better off when I redeem.

Of course, my target of 0.75p is lower than the 0.8p you pay here.  However, I don’t need to do anything apart from telling TCB to send my cash to British Airways instead of my bank account.  It’s not as if I will be eBaying a pile of LEGO to end up with points for 0.8p …..

TopCashback is therefore officially ‘back in the game’ as a way of accumulating Avios points efficiently.  All of those readers who said that were switching to Quidco (‘more reliable’) for their cashback may decide to change their minds …..


And 625 Avios points for joining TopCashback!

Until 10am on 3rd October, you can get 625 Avios points when you join TopCashback via a referral link.  This is a great opportunity to pick up some easy points.

You can join TopCashback by using this link.

Until 3rd October – when you use our referral link – you will receive £5 into your TopCashback account as a bonus when you have earned £10 in cashback.  This will convert into 625 Avios with the new ‘25% transfer bonus’.

If you sign up using the general link on the TCB website then you will not receive the £5 bonus.  It is only valid if you are referred by a friend.

There are two membership levels at TopCashback – a FREE version and a £5 annual fee version. The £5 level pays slightly higher cashback and has improved customer service if you have any problems.  To be honest, I would start at the free level until you have decided that you like the site.  You will need to change your account settings once you have signed up to move yourself onto the free version.

We also receive a bonus for referring you which helps keep Head for Points ticking over.

You may NOT see this offer advertised on the TopCashback site.  However, it is discussed on their blog here.  You will definitely get your points as long as you use a refer-a-friend link to join.


How do I receive my 625 Avios points?

The way this works is a little complex.  You need to earn £10 in cashback before you receive the £5 but there is NO TIME LIMIT on this.

Once you have earned £10 commission, £5 will be placed in your TopCashback account.  If you transfer this to Avios, you will receive 625 points.  You are also free to withdraw it as cash.

What next?

If you are not already a TopCashback member, you should open a TopCashback account now and use it as the starting point for your day-to-day online shopping.

If you are already a member, consider referring your partner or adult children.  Do not open a second account for yourself as that is against TCB rules.

You can start earning cashback immediately through some of their ‘free money’ offers.  For example, Confused.com pays £2.40 for getting a free car insurance quote.  Money from confused.com cannot be moved to Avios (BA blocks some merchants who conflict with its own partners) but does count towards your £10 for triggering the £5 bonus.


As long as the new ‘25% bonus on transfers to Avios’ is permanent – and there is no sign that it isn’t – TopCashback is a good way of picking up an unlimited amount of Avios points for 0.8p.  You obviously need to generate enough cashback in the first place but there are plenty of high paying offers on products such as home and car insurance.

If you currently use Quidco then you should move across to TCB, at least until you have earned enough to trigger the 625 Avios bonus.

Our refer a friend link is here.  The deadline to sign up and receive the £5 bonus is 3rd October.

(Want to earn more Avios?  Click here to visit our home page for the latest articles on earning and spending your Avios points and click here to see how to earn more Avios from current offers and promotions.)

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  1. Great news, and I just transferred about £150 worth of CB into BAEC one week ago with the miserly 5% bonus…

    The avios has not arrived in my account yet. Could I ask for a reversal of the transaction on the basis that it did not go through successfully? If I could initiate the transaction again from the beginning, that would mean an additional 3000 avios 🙁

    • If it hasn’t posted you might still get it

      I transferred over a small amount to Avios on Wed when it was showing 5% and when it posted on Friday there was a 25% bonus instead of 5%

  2. No Avios payout allowed from confused.com

    • I might have to make a few bets 😉
      Trouble is I never ever claim the winnings as it’s so onerous to forward the documentation to enable payment 🙁
      7 transactions, at Tesco direct, didn’t track yesterday 🙁
      The previous 4 on thu/fri did!

    • Ah, ok!

  3. If the company admitted it was a valid claim it would have been classified as confirmed not pending.

    • Fair enough. I don’t know how the mechanics work exactly. The support emails I received however state,
      “We have received notification of a transaction which seems to match your claim and this has been added to your account. We ask that you please allow this to progress normally to the ‘Payable’ status; you should then be able to request payment for this amount.”
      This to me implies that someone has said that this is a valid transaction. It went to pending and then was declined.
      If it should have gone to payable, what is this step of “seems to match”?

  4. When a company closed its affiliate scheme, that’s it. From the date of closure no new queries for missing cash are processed. This is standard practice.

    • Then might be worth flagging this in your blog posts when you flag these new offers, and drawing attention to the culprits from time-to-time. The Hilton situation (while by no means unique) is a good case study of the abuse which is sat waiting to repeat.

      • Interesting. The claim I mention above is with Azimo. Perhaps decline and wait for me to raise a claim then they change network affiliate and walk away? Hmm

  5. I’ve had well over £1000 too but they have lost me £200-300. I suspect many people have lost more than that on the hilton mess alone.

    • I’ve raised a few, to be honest I only checked yesterday because the Tesco purchases weren’t tracking!

  6. O/T Have the virgin credit card bonuses dropped back to basic miles? Thought the increased bonuses were available to end of October, was going to apply today….

    • Just noticed basic miles through Virgin Atlantic website but increased miles through MBNA website….

        • No bonus showing for me on that link

        • Not showing for me either

        • ” 18,500 bonus miles will be credited to your Flying Club account after your first card purchase, providing you use either of your cards within 90 days of your account opening and supply your Flying Club membership number to MBNA. A further 6,500 bonus miles will be credited to your account when you apply by 31 October 2016 and spend £3,000 on either card in the first 90 days of your account opening and supply your Flying Club membership number. “

        • Strange. For me it says under “The Small Print”
          “1. 18,500 bonus miles will be credited to your Flying Club account after your first card purchase, providing you use either of your cards within 90 days of your account opening and supply your Flying Club membership number to MBNA. Please allow six to eight weeks for bonus miles to be added to your account. Bonus miles are not awarded on balance transfers, money transfers or cash advances”
          I applied a couple of weeks ago anyway…

        • It seems the mobile site hasn’t been updated showing th normal rate. The full desktop site shows 25k

        • OK, If I click the link on my mobile 18500 miles, If I click the link on desktop 25000 miles, thanks for the help guys, will apply on desktop just to be sure lol

        • So if I apply through MBNA I will get the additional miles but if I apply through Virgin Atlantic I won’t??

        • It is on the Virgin site, are you on a non-UK version? This shows 25k to me:


        • I can see 10k miles for free white card and 25k miles bonus offer for black vrigin card.

        • The link you posted only showing 18500 for me, very strange……I am on my mobile though, will check desktop

  7. I only value Avios at £6/1000 so still struggling here even with a 25% bonus.

    • How come your valuation is so low?

      • My thoughts too – why so low ?

        • I have done redemptions recently where I have got as little as 0.8p recently so refusing to pay more than 0.6p is not reasonable. Someone who travels alone and doesn’t use the 241 voucher would be getting under 1p on Club World if they used an ex-Europe flight on another airline as the price comparator.

        • Even if you factor in the cost of getting to the European city, plus all the other incidental costs? (Not to mention the added time and hassle…)

        • I used to do it before I met the Mrs. Why not? It was actually fun.

          Would I do it now with a family of 4 and all the luggage? Unlikely.

        • According to BA our flights to NYC in F for Christmas are now priced at £21k, making our 241 redemption about 15p per Avios! Somewhat unrealistic I think!

        • Mainly based on using economy from Glasgow/regional. Probably better value from London and/or higher cabin class. Then again BA vastly increased number of Avios for those classes.

  8. Even after Hilton pulled out?

  9. OT: I have 53256 MR points and an amex green card (downgraded from a PRG to keep my account live and avoid the £140 fee) I was thinking i should cancel my account and sign up again in 6 months for the PRG but have a couple of questions before I make a decision

    1) I mainly collect avios (also got the BA card), how often is there a MR to avios conversion bonus? Would I be better waiting?
    2) Is there any bonus amex would give me to sign up for a PRG or a Platinum card even though I have had the PRG previously and already have a card with them?

    • 1. never in living memory (OK not quite but it ain’t going to happen)
      2.cancel – wait 6 months and re-apply for another welcome bonus on GC

    • You could get the welcome on a BA or SPG card now while you wait 6 months for a Gold Card

      • Hi

        I have the BA already, not sure on the SPG as mainly concentrating on IHG for my hotel collections, was thinking a virgin card with a transfer to IHG while i wait to sign up for amex again.

    • no chance

      • You say that, but there have been bonuses in the US, Canada, UAE and Spain in the last 2 months ….

        • I guess I’m not a soothsayer & nor is anybody else for that matter

          just made my own luck: 15000 Avios or equiv for 5 mins work

          and that’s without the fully flex

  10. Tested in Chrome, Safari and Firefox. Virgin tracked 100% of over 50 transactions so it wasn’t a browser/cookie issue.

    I also like the Avios shopping portal which seems reliable too.

  11. Sorry the second statemnent should read via holidayextras.co.uk using official airport carparks.

  12. yep that ‘rule’ is not a rule at all

    many of the better-paying merchants do actually allow you to cash out in Avios

  13. WordPress test. Ignore!

  14. Used incognito and still no tracked transaction on the last purchase

    • Im certainly no technical expert but I thought an incognito browser blocks cookies, the very cookies needed for cash back to track?

  15. Wow, that’s a pretty appalling attitude for them to take!

    • My wife and I have about £200 in our two accounts and want to transfer to Avios.

      We can’t do that as last minute.com and the two other places we bought from don’t allow transfers to Aviois. Have tried to split and it’s still a no.

      Any way around this? Does not seem right