Earn 20,000 Avios with a subscription to The Telegraph

Last year there was a generous subscription offer for The Times which gave Avios points.   This year, Avios has teamed up with The Telegraph to run a deal for new subscribers.

There are four packages on offer:

5,000 Avios points with a £90 annual digital subscription to ‘Premium’ – this is not the full newspaper but an additional selection of articles

20,000 Avios points with a £312 annual digital subscription – this gets you access to the full digital edition of The Telegraph plus the additional ‘Premium’ content


20,000 Avios points with a £520 annual ‘Premium : Print’ subscription – this gets you 7-day delivery of The Telegraph to your door plus online access to the ‘Premium’ online site with additional content

20,000 Avios points with a £572 annual ‘Premium : Complete’ subscription – this gets you 7-day delivery of The Telegraph to your door plus online access to the ‘Premium’ online site with additional content plus the full digital edition of The Telegraph

It seems excessively complicated to me, but there you are.  It also isn’t as generous as the offer with The Times last year (20,000 Avios for a £260 subscription) or the Irish Independent Avios offer which recently ran with AerClub.

However, if you had been considering a Telegraph subscription then this may be the nudge you need.  Existing subscribers are not eligible but I don’t see why one person could not let an existing subscription lapse and another person at the same house take out a new subscription.

The small print suggests that you can also earn 10,000 Avios with a 6-month ‘Premium : Print’ or ‘Premium : Complete’ subscription but the website does not give that as an option as far as I could tell.

You do not give your avios.com or British Airways Executive Club number on the application form.  Instead, you will be posted a voucher which can be redeemed via the Avios website.  No closing date is given but the vouchers must be redeemed by 31st May 2018.

Full details can be found on The Telegraph website here..

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  1. Genghis says:

    We all have different political leanings but unite with an interest in points and miles / travel / lounges etc. I certainly have no interest in discussing politics on HfP (I have enough debate at work over lunch). What is Rob’s take on comments with a political angle on his site? Any OT guidance?

    • I have let it slide today purely because it is under an article about The Telegraph and therefore unlikely to be read by anyone who doesn’t have an opinion on The Telegraph. I don’t recommend trying it elsewhere 🙂

    • Genghis i thought people united here with their love for Alex Cruz ;-)?

  2. My day job can be fairly harrowing and one of the things I do for light relief is read this blog. In my experience the most sanctimonious people are also the least tolerant of others and those who like to “have a go” on social media are the worst. The experience of TripRep should be the most depressing thing we hear about on here! Not everything has to be about guilt-tripping others, even though the millennial generation doesn’t seem to get that…

    • Genghis says:

      Double standards, potentially? I’m a millennial but don’t guilt trip others.

      • Sorry, there should have been a “sometimes” in there! Excuse my old fogie keyboard skills.

    • Callum says:

      I don’t believe you, as that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

      Unless you’re peddling the right wing myth that intolerance of intolerance is a form of intolerance?

  3. Colin MacKinnon says:

    What are newspapers?

    (Sorry, I live in the country and so miss out on this metropolitan stuff)

    As for news, the local farmer averages 2.3 lambs per ewe this year – not one singleton and quite a few triplets!

    • It’s thick selection of pieces of paper with print thereon, you buy it on a Sunday morning promising yourself you will sit down and read it once the chores are out of the way, but it doesn’t happen because you are still ironing/cleaning shoes/fixing things at midnight. It then lies around the house for a few days till you use it to line the rabbit hutch.

  4. Can I throw something else into the mix? In this world of Big Data, it’s essential to build as comprehensive a picture of our audience as possible. And through the comments here Rob can gauge the political persuasions of his contributors… highly valuable data! So slag away…

  5. Nice entirely OT one to change the subject:

    Save me looking, anyone know whether Virgin Black Amex can be cancelled midway through year for a pro-rate refund or might I as well wait til the end of a year?

    • Sorry, no pro-rata refund with MBNA cards so you may as well get the full year’s use out of it!

      • Genghis says:

        Unless of course you want to churn the card (but it’s £140 a churn)

  6. Bootsy says:

    Despite all the pitiful politics and trolling can someone clarify for me: does the free Avios offer only apply to paid up front subscriptions? i.e. direct debits subscriptions will not get the offer.