bmi Diamond Club and bmi credit cards

bmi Diamond Club closed when British Airways acquired bmi British Midland. It still lives on via the bmi Diamond Club credit cards. Whilst no longer available, existing cardholders were allowed to keep them and continue to earn Avios points at a rate far higher than the official British Airways credit cards!

Bits: 10% BA Diamond Club discount is back!, 30% off in the Accor Summer Sale

News in brief: The BA Diamond Club discount is back! Well, here’s a surprise.  At the end of May, the 10% discount on British Airways flights offered to holders of the old bmi British Midland credit cards stopped working. We had all forgotten that the […]

Bits: 10% Diamond Club discount on BA flights ends, Heathrow deals with minicab misbehaviour

News in brief: 10% Diamond Club discount for British Airways flights ends If you have one of the old bmi Diamond Club credit cards, you probably remember receiving a letter in March 2015 telling you about changes to the earning rates. There was also a […]

Big news – HMRC cuts credit card fee to 0.4% which means VERY cheap points!

One of the biggest jokes, since the EU cap on Visa and MasterCard fees came into effect in December, was that the Government itself was ignoring them.  The fee for paying your tax with a credit card actually rose in January to 1.5%. The great news […]

Five frequent flyer perks I still get as an old-timer but you can’t!

One reason that ‘old timers’ in this hobby may have a more positive attitude to the constant changes to programmes is that they are getting a better deal than you!  It is not uncommon for schemes to change but for existing members to retain certain […]

Bits: Four Seasons walks away from the Wharf, latest Amex offers, Tesco NOW TV offer

News in brief: Four Seasons walks away from Canary Wharf Four Seasons announced yesterday that it is dropping management of its hotel at Canary Wharf in London.  This is presumably linked to the opening of its new Tower of London project in a couple of […]

The Daily Mail writes about (a HFP reader?) buying Royal Mint coins for Avios and trying to cash them in!

Well, I never expected this story to reach the hallowed pages of the Daily Mail, but there you go!  I’m a bit annoyed that I didn’t get a mention I have, a couple of times, mentioned that it is possible to buy face value commemorative […]

The Government turns the screw even further on your reward credit cards

I have written extensively about the new European Union regulations on credit card interchange fees which came into effect last week. This article covers the key information. You could (note, could) have summarised the situation as follows: The EU is capping the interchange fee (roughly equivalent […]

Amex ‘Shop Small’ is coming – get £5 back on every £10 transaction for 2 weeks

Saturday 5th December is the third outing for the UK version of ‘Small Business Saturday’, a slightly more welcome US import than Black Friday! It is, in theory, little more than a PR exercise for small traders and the benefits of shopping at local small businesses […]

Changes to the Avios earning rate on the 7 (!) bmi credit card options

For those people lucky enough to still have the old bmi British Midland credit cards issued by MBNA, some unwelcome news dropped through the letterbox yesterday. Not for everyone, just for some. There are, unbelievably, SEVEN different bmi credit card packages out there.  Whilst everyone […]

What are the best Star Alliance credit cards for UK residents?

(EDIT:  This article was updated in April 2016) When bmi British Midland still existed, it was easier to get around the world with airline miles. British Airways was a core member of the oneworld alliance, and bmi British Midland was part of Star Alliance. Between them, you could redeem to pretty […]

Get £50 cashback when you spend £150 at American Express Travel

This very generous offer – £50 cashback – has just been launched as part of the American Express partnership with TripAdvisor. The Amex / TripAdvisor arrangement is an odd one.  Once you have linked your American Express account to your TripAdvisor account, a little mark will appear […]

£10 cashback via Amex with £60 World Duty Free spend

This deal has been around for a few weeks but I never got around to giving it a full post – the time has come to rectify that. Until 30th September, you will receive a £10 American Express statement credit when you spend £60 at […]

Five frequent flyer perks I still get as an old-timer but you can’t!

I received an email from a reader on Sunday asking whether Amex Platinum cardholders still get a free British Airways Premium Plus American Express card (they can’t!).  It made me think about something …. What perks do I have via ‘grandfathering’ that are no longer available […]

What credit card should I use to pay for my holiday?

By the time you read this post, I will be back in London.  However, as I edit this post, I am still sitting in Dubai pondering how to pay the hotel bill. It’s not that I can’t afford it – I was more concerned with […]

An interesting one for BMI credit card holders

Are you one of the many people who still holds one of the old BMI (British Midland) credit cards?  You would have been pretty crazy to cut them up, given that you will be earning up to 2.5 Avios per £1 on a MasterCard! If […]

bmi Diamond Club – the final curtain for members down under

It’s hard to believe, but for anyone unlucky enough to live in Australia or New Zealand (not that there is anything unlucky per se about that!) and a member of bmi Diamond Club, their miles have now been frozen for almost a year. Here is […]

What is the best FREE Visa or MasterCard for earning miles and points?

(EDIT:  This post was updated in January 2015) I was thinking of making this post part of the ‘Preparing for Summer’ series.  After all, it is very common to find yourself on holiday in a small town where American Express cards are looked at like something […]