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The new HFP chat thread – Sunday 5th April

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We have decided to run this new daily chat thread on Head for Points.

Historically, the daily ‘Bits’ articles were the defacto repository for random comments and questions.  It is unlikely that the news flow will be so big over the next few weeks that we will need many ‘Bits’ articles, however.

The comments under this article are where you should post questions about travel and, indeed, anything else on your mind.  At this tricky time, and given that many of you are stuck at home self-isolating, we want the HFP community to have a place to chat.

Please only comment under the main articles on the site if your comment is directly related to the topic of the article.  This has long-term benefits as its keeps the commentary relevant for people who read those articles in the future.

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We will continue to monitor how this is working:

we could potentially split it into a daily travel and non-travel chat thread

we may install some basic forum software

we may start suggesting potential topics for daily discussion

Let’s see how it goes.  Take care!

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  • Darbyrw says:

    Is there any news on extending the 3 month bonus miles period if you recently took out a Virgin Atlantic Credit Card? I took one out about a month ago but spend has plummeted so does not look like I will hit the £3000 spend level for the bonus Miles. Thanks

    • Sandgrounder says:

      A bit of research will reveal that it is very easy to hit the target spend in this product from the comfort of your own home at no cost to yourself above your time. But I am not going to break fight club rules by spelling all the options out on here 🙂

  • CapeCam says:

    There are a lot of well versed and travelled people here – it’s a great site for sharing and. Exchanging knowledge. In hindsight The word definitive may have been a little too “definitive” but I am sure it is still the right forum to ask the question. it follows Rob’s Credo for the site and in particular this Forum .
    I guess Section 17 covers the taxes, but what about the notional value of the miles spent on the flight.

    Thanks to all who embrace the spirit and shared value of this forum.

    I am not a lawyer, I am a film director and media consultant, If a question appeared on this site that I could offer my professional advice to free of charge , I would do it without hesitation.

    • Lady London says:

      Any replacement ticket would in principle be as like for like as possible. What’s being replaced is the ticket not its value.

      Thats why if you’ve just bought some miles for cash some people have urged to book a ticket with those miles asap as then if the flight you bought does get cancelled then your request under s75 is for a replacement flight not miles – because you have crystallised the miles into a flight.

      Whereas some people are saying if you leave them as miles then you can’t say your contract hadn’t been fulfilled because you did receive the miles. Albeit if the airline is not anymore offering you a way to convert them into flights, you may have paid £500 but the miles could now be worthless so you would lose out if you don’t buy something with the miles.

      The only case I recall where you would use the purchase price to buy miles as a value is if you are on an avoid ticket in First Class and BA bumps you down to Business. Compensation for that is due to you under EC261. Something like 75% of your fare is due as compensation.
      This is hard to value if you paid miles. So in some court cases apparently 75% of the cost it would take to buy the number of miles for your First Class ticket, has been accepted by the court as a way of calculating cash due to you for the downgrade (and it was not a small £ :-). But normally if you need a replacement flight s.75 gets you that flight – whether the new cost is more or less.

      • CapeCam says:

        Thanks for this – Makes sense – I am going to hit buy on the ticket, as I don’t want to be left holding 250k Virgin Miles.

  • meta says:

    Easyjet just put up tickets on sale all the way to October 2021! Is that the first time in history that tickets are sold more than 12 months in advance?

    • AndyGWP says:

      Have you an example please? 🙂

      Tried a few destinations from Manchester, and they’re only running through to March ’21. Thanks

    • Bill says:

      I think Summer 21 is package holidays only at present. I’ve tried flight only in the app, website and mobile website and it only goes to end of March 21.

      • meta says:

        You’re right actually. I only skimmed through the email, so didn’t look properly.

    • Tony says:

      FlyBe used to do this. I believe it’s a consequence of using their own GDS. Also acknowledges the fact that many people, when rebooking flights, will have no option but to move them forward by a full year.

  • Brian C says:

    (Put this into yesterdays chat in error! Doh).Booked return Emirates first class tickets from FRA to HKG via DUB travelling in early May (after positioning flights from UK), heading into China returning from HKG in late May. The tickets ended up on two ‘connected’ bookings as we bought one with hard earned miles with Amex Platinum and the 2nd with cash. Needless to say, the flights are now cancelled. Their generous 760 day voucher offer is OK but only if you want to travel back to the same region. TBH, I really don’t know whether thats something we will want to do, So asked for refund options – the response was a €46 fee and recredited miles but €700 fee for the cash flight as cancel was ‘outside their control’. I’m reasonably certain that EU261 says full refund? Am I right?

    • Harry T says:

      EC261 doesn’t apply to a non-EU airline that isn’t flying you to or from an EU country.

    • Nick_C says:

      Forget about EC261. They have cancelled the flight. They are in breach of contract. Make a S75 claim.

    • The Original David says:

      FRA-DUB-HKG is an interesting routing for Emirates to sell. I thought most of their tickets went through DXB…

      • Brian C says:

        Ahh – DXB not DUB – so I think I might have a claim..

  • Fred says:

    Hello all, does anyone have experience of cancelling the BAPP card before having used the voucher? Do / can AMEX / BA cancel a voucher before its been booked?
    I have got two vouchers (btw for anyone wondering, the new voucher has been given a 30 month expiry) and have not booked any flights. Will BA cancel them if I cancel my card before using?


    • TGLoyalty says:

      About 5 times over the years and no never removed a voucher.

      Any amex can be used to book it, in anyone’s name too.

      • TGLoyalty says:

        Just to clarify it will say in your name only but it can be anyone’s name because Amex don’t check names.

        You could always use a supp if they decided to start checking names.

        • Fred says:

          Ok thank you. Will prob get the free card then for time being (also will cancel my Gold card once the 10k annual points have been added).

          Does the free card re-set the 24 months period before you can get the sign up bonus or is it considered part of that card family?

  • Tom says:

    I have two 241 companion vouchers which I would like to use for my family of 4. Is there a way of using both on a single reservation online without having to use the call centre, being mindful of how busy they are these days?

    • Anna says:

      If both vouchers are in your account (i.e. in your name), you can make a booking online for 4 of you using both of them. If they belong to 2 individuals you have to make separate bookings.

      • Tom says:

        Thanks, Anna. Do you or anyone else know how I can do that? I’ve been trying to click both vouchers when booking online under Book Using Avios, but it does not seem to work and only allows me to click one, what am I missing?

  • Graham says:

    We’ve just had our AA flight from LAX to YVR cancelled this morning for a date in May. This is part of an open jaw ticket. The full thing is ticketed directly with BA so we’re thankfully protected.

    What I’d appreciate is some views on whether this allows us to cancel the full booking? I really would rather fly. However, it seems fanciful to think we’ll have returned to normal by the 21st of May. So, would this allow us to cancel the full thing?

    Many thanks!

    • Charlieface says:

      Yes under EC261. Claim cash refund, or go to the credit card if they dig in heels

      • pauldb says:

        EU261 is not going to cover an AA flight outside Europe. BA ticketing is not relevant.

        • Charlieface says:

          Sorry I assumed this would be part of a trip starting from the UK. You are right that EC261 doesn’t cover it (although if the stopovers from the UK are less than 24hrs it would) but S75 from the credit card would because it’s still a breach of contract

        • TGLoyalty says:

          If paid with a credit card forget about EC261 and do a chargeback.

          • Doug M says:

            They haven’t even asked for a refund, give the airline a chance before talking S75.

          • TGLoyalty says:

            Ofcourse. You must give the retailer a chance to resolve before starting a chargeback. My point was that EC261 doesn’t replace consumer law.

          • Charlieface says:

            Technically with S75 (as opposed to chargeback) you do not need to contact the retailer first. Credit card don’t like it though

          • John says:

            Re S.75 claims, who essentially pays the eventual claim? the credit card co or the company in question?

          • Charlieface says:

            The credit card pays in the first instance. They then will try to recoup costs via chargeback or court, not always possible

        • Lady London says:

          If the ticket started from Europe on any airline then ec261 covers it.

          • pauldb says:

            No: even in a simple example AA LON-NYC-LON the second leg would not be covered.

    • Doug M says:

      AA allow refunds in these circumstances as I understand it. Whether they’ll make it possible to actually get the refund maybe a different matter.
      I was on AA 6th May LAX to YVR, like you it seems to have gone today.
      My CDG LHR JFK LAX YVR and the same return seems to now be LHR-JFK and LAX-MIA-LHR-CDG, no use at all, I guess it’s just where they’ve got to with an attempt at rebooking.

    • Graham says:

      Thanks very much for the responses. The full routing is INV-LHR-LAX-YVR-LHR-GLA. There’s been no attempt at rerouting yet and I’m in no hurry to bother BA so will hold off for now.

      Good to know that there’s a route through S75 if it came to that. It was booked through Amex Gold.

      • ChrisC says:

        Either wait until AA come up with a reroute (they do schedule changes on a Saturday and it can take a day or two for things to sort themselves out) or look for one yourself then call BA to do the actual rebooking.

        I do wish people woudn’t just jump in with s75 or EU261 because it’s not always the correct answer.

      • Charlieface says:

        If the LAX-YVR sector is less than 24hr layover from the LHR-LAX leg then it would be considered a single journey and therefore liable under EC261 (and therefore also S75). But they will probably not have fulfilled their contract in any event (check the CoC) and therefore S75 still payable.

  • Harry T says:

    Are Revolut top ups with IHG cards attracting interest or cash advance fees for people?

    • TGLoyalty says:

      No cash advance fees but I’ve had a small interest charge

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