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The new HFP chat thread – Tuesday 21st July

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We have decided to run this new daily chat thread on Head for Points.

Historically, the daily ‘Bits’ articles were the defacto repository for random comments and questions.  It is unlikely that the news flow will be so big over the next few weeks that we will need many ‘Bits’ articles, however.

The comments under this article are where you should post questions about travel and, indeed, anything else on your mind.  At this tricky time, and given that many of you are stuck at home self-isolating, we want the HFP community to have a place to chat.

Please only comment under the main articles on the site if your comment is directly related to the topic of the article.  This has long-term benefits as its keeps the commentary relevant for people who read those articles in the future.

By default, HFP shows the last page of comments under the article.  If you want to see the first page of comments and read them all from beginning to end in order, click here:  The page will refresh with this article but the comments will now show the first page and not the last page.

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Comments (115)

  • BOJO says:

    Has anyone else been offered triple points to keep their Amex Gold for 3 months?

    • Louise K says:

      I was, but had a massive negative balance I cancelled anyway. Meanwhile, hubby signed up for plat and we spent on that instead.

      Rob referred him.

      • Freddy says:

        Didn’t you fancy referring hubby to cash in the referral points?

        • Polly says:

          Probably because she might not have wanted to subtract from her negative balance..Best cancel card.. and have OH refer you later…

        • louise says:

          referral points would not do much for my massive negative balance!

    • Pangolin says:

      I was only offered 5K for £1K of spend over 3 months when I called to cancel.

    • The Urbanite says:

      I got 10k with no conditions attached last week.

  • ChrisBCN says:

    Is it time to rewrite the text on this article yet? – it’s very early-covid! 😂

  • Chrisasaurus says:

    Its also fair to say there’s been a fair few bits articles of late – and a metric boatload of articles!

  • Andrew says:

    Back in the days when we thought this would only last a few weeks not a few years! Ahhh, it was a simpler time! That said I think it’s one of the best improvements to the site in a long time to have this general chat area where people don’t have to preface everything with a OT:

  • Rahaney says:

    Just wondering what amounts folk are now putting through Ernie w/ metal a month these days? Also are PB’s recommended over the DS?

    • ashish says:

      Do 5000 to 10000 per because curve limit can run out. mine 100k
      I wish had this Hilton card also and virgin premium

  • Super Secret Stuff says:

    Anyone know more about the Hello Fresh offer thats appeared on my card? Wondering if cumulative soend counts as a box for 2 people 5 meals costs under the £29.99 (i think)

    • Rhys says:

      Just go for 3 people and have some leftovers! Although, having recently tried Hello Fresh, there is a LOT of plastic packaging and I wasn’t super impressed by the quality of the ingredients.

      • BP says:

        Gousto is much better in terms of recipes, ingredients, cooking instructions and end result.

      • ChrisW says:

        I was horrified at the amount of plastic packaging that come with Hello Fresh and haven’t used it since.

        • Polly says:

          Send a letter of concern, they need to change this practice

          • Super Secret Stuff says:

            I’m aware of how much packaging they use, absolute madness!

      • Super Secret Stuff says:

        Their pricing confuses me so much. The per meal price is that per person or per recipe?

      • Andrew (@andrewseftel) says:

        Hello Fresh’s ingredient quality has gone downhill massively since the early days. Used to be really nice stuff that justified the premium.

        • Crafty says:

          Mindful Chef is really good if you can afford it! They send me really good offers every few months, but I can’t justify full price.

      • Crafty says:

        They have massively de-specced in an effort for profitability.

    • Allan says:

      Didn’t trigger previously on cumulative spend and annoyingly it also split the transaction if you go for meals for 2 and then upgrade one meal.

    • Crafty says:

      2 people 3 meals is £34.99. Are you sure you aren’t looking at an introductory offer?

  • Christine says:

    Is 3 hours and 50 minutes enough time to do passport control and collect bags from incoming transatlantic flight at terminal 5 (all silver travellers, but flying in economy) and travel by prebooked private transfer to Gatwick North and check in and board a flight? This would be a Sunday afternoon in October. Two separate airlines & bookings.

    Any recommendations for a transfer company?

    Thanks in advance

    • Polly says:

      Pushing it l would say, knowing the m25 anytime. Traffic appears almost back to normal levels atm. All is takes is one driver….hope you can do a longer transit time, and then spend some time in the lounge. Would not risk it.

      • Matty2 says:

        I agree, been on the M25 daily at various times, although not as bad as the worst times it won’t be long.

    • Eugene says:

      Assuming no Jam on m25 ..or m23..
      Getting luggage and passport control – if not able to use unmanned gates 45 mins to 1 hr
      Getting luggage and can use gates in October and not in satellite-, and a good walker – and luggage comes out quick 30- 40 minutes
      Finding driver and getting onto M25 up to 15 minutes
      Transit to LGW40 mins
      Checkin to boarding. bare minimum 45 mins..
      So its tight

    • Jon says:

      Can’t comment on timing (feels a little tight to me) but I can highly recommend Sussex Business Class for transfers – (full disclosure – I have nothing to do with them other than having been a very happy regular customer when I lived in the area).

      • Polly says:

        They are still dependent on road transfer. Ok, they can get off the M25 and do parallel Road via Dorking, but still way too tight on time. Any number of slight delays will result in them missing that connection. Add another couple of hours if you can…need to allow for your incoming delay too….

    • Lady London says:

      dont even think about doing this

    • Christine says:

      Thanks very much for all your really useful replies. I have a feeling my adult children will see this as a challenge and go for it. Another thought is that we could split up and have hubby & me wait at LHR for the luggage and schlep home 5 cases on a later flight, while kids dash to LGW with their hand luggage as they all have work the next day.

      If only BA would run some more, cheaper flights to Glasgow on a Sunday afternoon. Maybe they will, by Oct, or is that a pipe dream………

  • Dave says:

    Rob – are we likely to get a signup offer on the Virgin cards anytime soon?

    • Rob says:

      Good question. Virgin Money, like all lenders, will be having bad debt issues at the moment so their willingness to buy new customers may be slim.

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