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The new HFP chat thread – Wednesday 29th July

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  • Peggers says:

    Morning all!

    I have flights in October with BA from Lgw-Tia and went on last night to look at booking connections with Edi and to add an upgrade, all of which could not be done initially. According to BA our flight to Tia is not upgradable and then on checking, not bookable. Have I to assume these mid October flights are moving to LHR or are being cancelled? Where can I confirm if there is to be a move (pref without phoning BA) and, as we have accommodation at Lgw before our flight, has anyone experience of the struggle with BA to compensate for the slog over to Lhr.
    The BA timetable shows the flights are operational and going from Lgw, but this doesn’t seem up to date.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Andrew says:

      See main article on BA cancelling all LGW short haul flights until November.

    • Wollhouse says:

      Peggers, Ba cancelled my inbound LHR to EDI flight on a return ticket EDI to BkK. They’ve changed their schedule, cancelling the later flight from LHR to EDI such that their last flight now departs before I arrive. When I rang to say, eh? You can’t just leave me in LHR they said that as they could get me onto a flight that same night from LGW they didn’t have to provide compensation for a hotel at LHR so I could get a flight the next morning. They also said that they were not responsible for travel costs incurred between airports, so I’m guessing you’re on a hiding to nothing:( If BA does have a responsibility to cover the cost of getting to a different London airport because THEY cancelled the flight rather than my choosing to book this way, I’d be delighted to have that confirmed!

      • Anna says:

        I think you would have a right to claim for either a hotel at LHR overnight or the cost of a taxi to LGW (though no guarantee you would make the connection in which case you might still need a hotel, at their expense). This is a typical BA stunt to try & fob you off but it depends if you have the appetite to pursue them via CEDR or MCOL.

    • Chris Heyes says:

      [email protected] I have but unfortunately quite a while ago (i was very forceful with them)
      Got a very good deal out of them
      I live in Bognor Regis (on train line to Gatwick) Our flights (3 of us) was moved from Gatwick to Heathrow. i Told them we needed them to put us on a flight from Gatwick to Heathrow or we was willing to travel the day before our flight to Heathrow as long as “they” put us up in the Sofitel
      B & B plus evening meal. They of-course refused (offered a refund i refused)
      I escalated it up to a supervisor, after a bit of humming & hying they agreed to 1 night at Sofitel B & B Was a Junior Suite (3 of us) “Result”
      i should add a bit of background as i think it affected BAs decision.
      All 3 of us are reg Disabled (only slightly nevertheless reg)
      My Partner two hip replacements same hip cant tell until she walks through security
      Her Brother is deaf, can only hear with earing aid
      Myself crushed vertebra & trapped nerve, walk with a walking stick
      But all reg disabled qualify’s for “Duty of Care”
      Now to be clear BA don’t/didn’t know our disability’s But “DO” know we are “Reg Disabled”
      my thoughts are that directed the supervisors decision
      We paid train fare

      • Jody says:

        You talk about this “registered disabled” a lot. What do you actually mean? There is no such thing as registered disabled to my knowledge. I have a couple of hidden disabilities, and have been medically retired from work. I do use special assistance which always entitles me to free seat selection, and I take an extra suitcase for medical equipment, but I’m not “registered disabled”.

        • Chris Heyes says:

          [email protected] You should receive or would have received a letter a few years ago stating that you are Reg Disabled (you would need that letter to get a disabled Bus pass, disabled Railcard plus other entitlements) Mobility Car/Scooter ect plus an amount of money possibly 3 types.
          The Letter states you must keep that letter as proof of disability mine is years n years old as I’m 72
          When you retire you no longer get a letter but the original letter counts
          when you retire you no longer can claim, but neither can they take it away
          I retired at 50 so get a small disability payment for life without another medical although i know of some who missed out by claiming after 60 they are very strict
          So if you have any disability’s i would claim soon as
          Also useful abroad Acropolis free entry also other ruins, museums, transport ect
          OOOooo and yes seats next to Partner (or travel companions) on “planes” lol

    • Peggers says:

      Thanks for the replies. Rob’s article wasn’t published when I put this up this morning. I know know a lot more. Cheers.

  • Barry c says:

    If you downgrade from BAPP to the Free BA Amex Card will they do a credit check and will it register on your credit file. Also do they give you the pro rata refund of annual fee.

    • Anna says:

      You get pro-rata refund. I don’t think they do a credit check if you downgrade via phone or chat (as opposed to re-applying), but YMMV.

    • guesswho2000 says:

      In my experience Amex haven’t done a credit check at all since the first card I took out with them, whether for a new application or card upgrade/downgrade, they seem to base it all on existing relationship.

  • John says:

    Swissport and Collinson looking for a new gig. Usual assortment of experts offering varied responses.

    Personally, if they’re happy with this in Munich etc, there’s no reason not to try it in UK.

    • Luckyjim says:

      The threat of quarantine effectively stops people from travelling. This is much more effective than simply testing on their return, as explained in the article. It’s just a shame they didn’t do this back in March/April.

      • Anna says:

        There’s a great story in the media about 2 English guys who breached quarantine in Guernsey and are now facing a £3000 fine each or prison. That’s the way to do it.

    • Lady London says:

      Well I support those companies need to try to find new business lines while ground services and lounges are problematic and they have an advantage in that they are often already in the airport providing services airside so that’s a lot of bureaucratic issues they already overcome.

  • JP says:

    Hi – I have a booking Made in June through Avis to rent from Geneva (French side) on Saturday. Without telling me they have cancelled the booking (I could no longer see it in the app) as it appears the French side location is now closed. Prices on the Swiss side are 3x the price. Does anyone have any advice? Are Avis allowed to cancel the booking unilaterally without letting me know? I have not been able to get through to anyone at customer service despite spending an hour on the phone yesterday.


    • Oh! Matron! says:

      Don’t book with Avis. Had a look at Hertz for MXP for August and it was $350

      Avis: $90

      Even though Hertz is my go to for car hire (presidents gold inner sanctum, of whatever it’s called), I’m not willing to throw money away

      • Oh! Matron! says:

        My point being, sorry (Not had coffee yet) was to shop around

        • JP says:

          Thank you! Will do, but all prices are 3x higher than Avis agreed with only 3 days remaining sadly

    • Lady London says:

      Interesting. 2 posts I made here with better suggestiobs, that were displayed a couple of hours ago when I refreshed, have disappeared. They were completely innocuous.

      • Rob says:

        There’s nothing in the bin or spam, and I don’t remember moving anything of yours (can’t account for Rhys).

      • Lady London says:

        realised this question was posted in two places and came across my replies attached to the other place this was asked…sorry

    • Charlieface says:

      I’d complain to them and get them to rebook you.
      Try also Hertz Australia site, using whatever CDP code you have available to you (Amex Plat is 25%, or the Visa 15%)

  • R2. says:

    Re: Extension on UK IHG credit card free night voucher.

    I have a free night voucher issued on 19th December 2019 (‘Booking’ dates: 24/12/2019 – 02/01/2021). Per the IHG COVID policy, because it was issued in 2019 (not 2020) and expires 2 days after 2020, the IHG call centre (via email and call, including supervisor) are sticking to policy and refusing a 6 month extension. So close and yet so far…

    Has anyone else had the same issue and managed to successfully get an extension? If so how? TIA

    • TGLoyalty says:

      You can book the actual stay for up to a year past your expiry date.

      • R2. says:

        Yes I know. I would rather have a 6 month extension to the booking dates giving me more flexibility. I’m only a few days out and IHG haven’t been understanding…

  • Ja says:

    Re curve card

    I took something back to M&S and got a refund. The refund seems to have landed in my cash but rather than going back to the credit card. For future reference is there any way of moving it.

    • John says:

      They’re working on it. Just spend the curve cash for now, or wait.

      • Ja says:

        Thanks John

        In this case it’s only £45 so I’m quite happy to spend. However if it was a large amount I wouldn’t be.

        • Anna says:

          If it was a refund in store you could have just given them your debit card from your own bank instead of Curve.

          • Lumma says:

            A retailer shouldn’t allow you to refund to a different card than the one you paid with. If the original purchase was made with a stolen or cloned card the retailer could lose the money twice.

            Also, never get a refund to a Curve card that you never made the original purchase from. It’s a major hassle to get the money back from Curve (might be less of a problem if it’s all going to the Curve Cash at the moment)

          • Ja says:

            Lady did check the card I gave her ended in the same 4 digits as on the receipt.

          • Anna says:

            Lumma I have done this numerous times so I can tell you it definitely works! Their machine can’t tell you’ve put a different card in.

          • John says:

            But about 50% of the time they ask to see the card, so you have to unless you do some sleight of hand with your phone (or you happen to have two cards ending in the same 4 digits)

          • xcalx says:

            Most card machines display the card type visa, amex etc plus the last 4 numbers. Weekend staff are the best for returns using a bank card for refund.
            I had two sets of gold and plat amex cards with the same last 4 digits that came in very handy for some three figure amex plat card offers

        • Crafty says:

          Why not? This should be in your favour.

    • Rob says:

      Switch your Curve ‘selected card’ to cash and spend on Curve as usual. If you get an odd value at the end, buy yourself an Amazon gift card for the exact amount of the balance.

  • Ashish says:

    Curve has blocked my paying IHG and Virgin. Is Amex still a success?

    • John says:


    • Travel Strong says:

      You do not need to go via curve to pay IHG

      • ashish says:

        This is the trick I need to know.

        • Travel Strong says:

          Just go to make a payment to pay off your IHG card – you will see a list of all the card types accepted! No need for a debit card, or curve card.

          • Benilyn says:

            I am confused… are you saying pay it with a CC?

          • Anna says:

            Certain ones that don’t block payments. Creation will pretty much take anything!

          • Chas says:

            Is there no risk of then being charged interest / cash advance fee (which at least is minimised if done through curve)?

          • Travel Strong says:

            The IHG payment is not a cash transaction, does not have a cash-like MCC, and is not treated as a cash like transaction by most card companies.

            The MCC is ordinarily passed on by curve, so using curve to pay your IHG bill does nothing except unnecessarily use up your annual curve limit.

  • zark says:

    The Club Europe one way Avios peak fare for London to Larnaca is 20K Avios peak (17K off-peak) plus £25 RFS fee.
    Or so I thought.
    Today I looked at this flight for next July and see the following options:
    26500 Avios + £ 0.50
    22000 Avios + £ 12.50
    19000 Avios + £ 17.50
    17600 Avios + £ 25.00
    14000 Avios + £ 72.50
    11000 Avios + £ 97.50
    The overall price at 17.6K Avios plus the same £25 has come down by 2.4K Avios
    Something has changed, or have I missed something?

    • meta says:

      Old news. I’m guessing your new to HFP, but this has been in place since last year.

    • Rhys says:

      This happened when £1 taxes/fees were introduced last year:

      • zark says:

        Appreciate what you say in the example you link to showing Amsterdam return for 9K +£35(return economy) being the same as traditional pricing, but I was highlighting that 17.6K +£25 is less than the traditional 20K +£25 (one way club)
        Was this introduced in September last year, or did I just miss that?

        • Rhys says:

          When £1 taxes were introduced some of the pricing changed marginally – either the Avios portion or the taxes and fees portion.

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