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The HfP chat thread – Tuesday 27th October

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We have decided to run this daily chat thread on Head for Points during the coronavirus outbreak.

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The comments under this article are where you should post questions about travel and, indeed, anything else on your mind.  At this tricky time, and given that many of you are at home, we want the HfP community to have a place to chat.


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Comments (301)

  • fivebobbill says:

    Morning folks, can I ask is anyone experiencing a delay this month in their Hilton points moving across from the Barclaycard Visa? In all the years I’ve had the card the points have always moved across on the 23rd, 24th, or at the very latest 25th of the month – yet noting at all this time as of today…

    • The Savage Squirrel says:

      Yes, same for me. Never later than the 25th before, but nothing yet.

    • Ikaz says:

      Same here yes, I have been waiting for them to book the Conrad Tokyo, so checking daily if they have been transferred

    • Lee says:

      Yes, quite a few of us have reported same yesterday. Looks like it was system issue for everyone.

    • Ghosty says:

      I’m having the same problem with my BAPP, usually the avios transfer a few days before my statement. Still not transferred 2 days past my statement date. The avios are still showing as to be transferred, so not lost in the void (yet).

    • RussellH says:

      +1 for the Hilton Visa points.

      I have been wodering if there is something else going on. My last two transfers from e-Rewards both took months to appear, and involved endless e-mails to/from their CS (whioch does seem to have improved slightly).

      • Crafty says:

        My card expires in February, I’ve never got this close to an expiration for any card without being sent a new one by now. I think the game may imminently be up.

        • AJA says:

          I don’t think so. My replacement card arrived 2 months before the old one expired. Mine has an expiry date of July 2022

          If you want to guarantee a replacement you could report it as lost or pickpocketed and get them to issue a replacement. That should result in a new 3 year period.

        • Sunguy says:

          Not that I want it to happen – but if it does it would be a “good” time for it to do so…..seeing as we all have at least gold status through 2022… them time to introduce a new card (hopefully) and allow folks to trigger the “upgrade” without being downgraded….

          • fivebobbill says:

            I’ve always had Gold via Amex Plat, but for the life of me I can’t remember what the Hilton Barclaycard got you, despite having had it for years! Is it not Silver, but spend 10k pa to get you Gold?

          • ankomonkey says:

            @fivebobbill – yes, that’s correct for the Hilton Barclaycard Visa.

        • The real John says:

          Really? If a card is to expire in February I wouldn’t expect the replacement to arrive earliest in late November. This is the case with cards from at least 15 different UK issuers and I do pay attention to this because I always keep using the old card until it expires.

    • AJA says:

      That prompted me to look at my account and I too haven’t received the points for my October credit card spend.

  • Gin and Tonic Please says:

    RESULT! I am happy to confirm that Berners Tavern bills as The London Edition and therefore triggers the £400 Marriott offer on Platinum, without any need for booking a hotel room. We went on Saturday, and credit landed this morning. Heartily recommend the cote de boeuf!

    • TGLoyalty says:


      Good info for anyone who has the £75 off £200 or £50 off £200 offers too.

      • Gin and Tonic Please says:

        Indeed! I’m thinking of going back for a less indulgent meal to use my £50 offer. 😀

      • Scallder says:

        Should get 10 points per £ as well on the Bonvoy Amex until the end of the year 🙂 Thanks for confirming.

        • meta says:

          I have to chase Amex by phone for two stays under 10 for £1 promo. Chat keeps on saying it’s a Marriott promo and it is Marriott that should give me the extra four, but reading T&C it says they will be posted to card account.

    • RussellH says:

      I had to read this more than once, before it sunk in that it was NOT “Berni Inn”. Though perhaps many here are too young to get the reference?:-)

      • Chrisasaurus says:

        Prawn cocktails to start and and Black Forest gateau for dessert!

      • AJA says:

        £400 spent at the Berni Inn??? That would buy a lot of meals! 🙂

        I remember eating their steaks! Also remember the mock-tudor false oak beams. 🙂

        Your post prompted me to see if Wikipedia has any info. It turns out they do. Apparently by 1970 it was the largest food chain outside the USA! The two brothers Aldo and Frank lived a ripe old age, Aldo to 88 and Frank to 96!

    • Harry T says:

      Thanks, I’ll grab a drink or meal there this weekend and get 10 points per pound on my Bonvoy amex.

    • Arun says:

      Thanks for the info! Just wonder when household mixing in London is allowed again so I can actually make a reservation….

    • H says:

      Thanks for the update. Does anyone know if this will also be the case at the JW Steakhouse?

  • maccymac says:

    Would appreciate some advice. A non-refundable hotel I booked in Iceland has unilaterally moved my booking to another property due to my original hotel being closed due to COVID. They informed me of this by email with no discussion or other options. Was looking to claim on Travel Insurance due to travel restrictions but given this should I and can I get a refund directly?

    • Andrew Mc says:

      In terms of eligibility for getting a refund direct, you’d have to look at the precise terms and conditions of your booking. No overarching laws that would mean it is definitely one way or the other. Sorry!

      • Lady London says:

        I’d be peeved regardless of the t’s and c’s although I agree you will have to read them.

        Could be worth taking a look at the other hotel though. Something similar happened to me in Milan a while back and the new hotel was rather better.

  • sk123 says:

    What is Emyr’s usual response time to a query filled using the form on HfP?

    Also, my OH had the £100 back if you spend £750 at Dell and by mistake, used my card to pay! The transaction from 2 days ago is still showing as pending. I have saved the offer to my card now. I spent about £550 so was thinking of doing another one to go over £750 cumulatively but due to my error am not sure if Amex will be able to see that the purchase was before I loaded the offer. it is still showing as pending though.

    • roberto says:

      Ask Dell to credit the money back onto the wrong card and bill the correct one.

    • Rob says:

      Usually same day – if not his reply is probably in your spam box (this is a huge issue).

      If not, email me and I can pull out my copy.

    • Anna says:

      There might be a glitch with the online form, he usually answers emails within 24 hours though.

  • Jill (Kinkell) says:

    Getting a little fed up/miffed/ envious of folk crowing about all the wonderful offers they are getting on their Plat cards wether it’s retail/ hotel offers or shed loads of points for threatening to cancel. I have 62 offers on my BAPP , and only one I’m going to use (MoltonBrown) . No, I don’t want Jimmy Choo shoes, Gett Taxis or Boggo Milano ( whatever that is). Card going in drawer for 6 months and spend going elsewhere.
    Rant over.

    • Rob says:

      Boggi is an upmarket Italian menswear chain for anyone who wants the ‘suave Milan businessman’ look.

      • Jill (Kinkell) says:

        Huh! It’s a job trying to get my OH to throw out his favourite shirts with the frayed collar and cuffs! His days of looking like a ‘suave Milan Business man’ have long gone….actually he was never that. White coat and scrubs was his best look!

    • Gruntfuttock says:

      I agree, offers are mostly useless for my household. I still trawl through them nevertheless hoping for a crumb of practical use. Rant extended 😂

      • Super Secret Stuff says:

        I agree. Its really irritating me how many offers are just silly. Some sound alright on the surface until you look at their websites and its rubbish. I’m on gold CC.

        Once I get my spend bonus, I’ll probably be cancelling the card (unless a retention offer is given). I want the bonus on BAPP. The offers peaked when they had loads of useful things for me, but now it’s nonsense.

        In terms of retention offers, they give it for any card but more for plat. Always worth a try.

    • AJA says:

      I have 70 offers and won’t be using any of them!

    • BJC says:

      Check you British airways card today – you might have a onefinestay £200 for £200 offer which landed earlier….

      • Super Secret Stuff says:

        £200 won’t even cover the first night at the cheapest properties I have found. And their is a 3 night minimum stay, so not that great…

    • Eligold says:

      Not sure people can be bothered bit I tend to buy Harvey Nichols gift cards £150-£30
      I then flog them on e bay but bag thousands of Avios in the process by buying them through BA e store
      And get nice spending on the card

      • Super Secret Stuff says:

        After fees, what do you get for them?

        • eligold says:

          i only list when there’s £1 listing fees as there’ll be this week.
          I tend to make a couple of quid, but like i said I do it for the avios.
          as in the following comment, of course there are risks attached.
          recently two Selfridges voucher were purchased and paid for through someone’s hacked e bay account…

      • Josh says:

        Its a risk though. Someone could say you posted them a gift card with zero balance and you can’t prove to ebay the gift card had 150 on it at the moment you posted it.

  • Simon Barlow says:

    Anyone else had emails from BA about upcoming bookings, explaining the options around changes? We have return flights to South America in a month, booked with 2-4-1. I may be reading too much into it, but I got the impression that they are nudging me to make a change/take the voucher ahead of a potential change from their side. With only one flight a day I’m fully expecting them to cancel/change and am holding out for this, which I think is the best option?

    • antoinette says:

      Simon try to book your flights & see if they are available to purchase. I would guess that they are not.
      I received a similar email yesterday regarding my flights to Malta for December which is pretty obvious BA have already cancelled. The email is encouraging me to take a voucher or move dates, this would save them sending me a cancellation email next week and having to refund me the cash or reroute.

      • Simon Barlow says:

        Thanks Antoinette – flights are still available so guess I’ll continue with the waiting game.

    • planeconcorde says:

      I think you are reading too much into it. Since March I have made three short haul BA bookings. Two have been flown and the third is coming up. For all three bookings I have received such an email from BA well in advance of the travel date. I suspect it just standard practice now to sent this out for all bookings regardless of whether they are intending to operate the flight or not.

      • meta says:

        It’s not. I have only received three such emails and had seven flights booked. For these three, I received an email nudging me to take a voucher. This way followed by a cancellation email several weeks later or once bang on 15 days before the the flight.

        • Isherwood says:

          Mirrors our experience in July with Vueling – 3 weeks before the flight we received a chatty, jolly email about taking a voucher “for your own peace of mind”. Fortunately, we already knew from other sources that the flight wasn’t running so sat tight. A week later the official cancellation email turned up. (Then we had a 3 month battle for a cash refund – and yes, we did a chargeback which they challenged; ultimately contacting IAG head office resolved it in our favour). Will not be using Vueling again.

    • NvT1115 says:

      Out of interest – has anyone had any success in getting BA to re-route them to the intended destination despite a flight being cancelled well in advance recently? I should be heading to Malta to compete in a sports event in February (Covid restrictions pending) and have a FTV I want to use from BA Holidays.

  • Jimmy Scott says:

    Hi All, Re the Marriot Amex offer, it looks like the participating locations have been cut down? There looks like there are only 9 in UK now, whereas the participating locations pdf I downloaded in September had 2 pages worth?

    • APPL says:

      For which offer?
      Platinum spend £400 get £400 have always had 9 UK hotels.
      The other 2 – 200/75 and 200/50 still show wider choice of UK hotels for me (about 2 pages)

  • Simon Barlow says:

    Oh, and I transferred my Virgin miles to Hilton – personal view is that they will struggle with no end in sight and no guarantee of full confidence in flying for a number of years imo. 2 x 2-4-1s and a fair amount of avios will more than satisfy my medium/long haul requirements. Shame as was looking forward to some more Virgin UC hospitality!