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The HfP chat thread – Thursday 5th November

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We have decided to run this daily chat thread on Head for Points during the coronavirus outbreak.

Historically, the daily ‘Bits’ articles were the de facto repository for random comments and questions.  With the news flow being lighter, we are running fewer ‘Bits’ articles.

The comments under this article are where you should post questions about travel and, indeed, anything else on your mind.  At this tricky time, and given that many of you are at home, we want the HfP community to have a place to chat.


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Comments (267)

  • Sina says:

    For self employed/directors: If you move your banking to HSBC Kinetic, you will now get personal HSBC premier without meeting premier criteria. It’s an easy way to get HSBC Premier! Not able to upgrade atm due to coronavirus but if you’re opening a new account, it would work!

    • Tarmohamed says:

      If I were unhappy with Barclays, I would have definitely moved by business account. I have a dormant hsbc personal account, which I’ll probably close due to the lack of a user friendly app, customer service etc. However, it’s a good idea to offer premier banking to gain business customers.

    • Michael C says:

      Interesting, as consdering moving Business from Santander, thanks, Sina. Almost all my payments received are in €€ or USD, so will have a look at how that works with HSBC.

      • memesweeper says:

        I used to bill in €, and HSBC was fine for receiving and paying in €, but transfers across to the Sterling account were expensive. Find another method for that (transfer wise etc) and you’ll likely be happy.

    • Amy says:

      What benefits are there on HSBC Kinetic? (apart from travel cover which is null during lockdown and beyond for most)

  • Connor says:

    Amex have received my complaint about them accusing me of allegedly falsifying my income. Just an acknowledgment email and no response yet, but now my referral link and offers that had been disabled for the past 6 months have mysteriously started working again. Glad to have them back.

    On another note, 7% back on Morrisons spend above £30! Time to stock up for more cheap petrol. Shame no VS points this time round.

    • MarkZ says:

      Thanks for the heads-up about Morrisons. You might also find a £10 off £70 at Waitrose offer, which might work very well with their 25% of 6 bottles of (certain) wines.

      • MarkZ says:

        … 25% off … ! Well, I am three-quarters of the way through the night shift!

      • Andrew MS says:

        I saved the Waitrose offer (ARCC) but now no home delivery slots available between now and 24 December

    • DJ says:

      My Marriott card is showing 10% off for over £30 spend.

      The gold card is showing the 7% off for £30 spend variant.

    • Harry T says:

      Shame the Morrison’s offer is one time only per card. I’m not massively keen to stock up on gift cards during a period of unprecedented economic uncertainty.

      Having said that, is Morrison’s still giving 10% off to NHS workers?

      • Jonathan says:

        Yes, extended till January. You need to register for their NHS Club with your NHS e-mail address & they e-mail you codes weekly for online or show their app & ID instore. Doesn’t work for gift cards or booze unfortunately.

        • Harry T says:

          Thanks, Jonathan, very helpful.

        • Anna says:

          Apparently the Morrisons offer is now for all Blue Light card holders. Order your wine from Laithwaite’s which gives 20% off!

      • High Grade says:

        Morrisons also doing 10% off for teachers.

        • Amar says:

          Am I right in saying that a £100 amazon voucher in store at Morrisons would be £90 at the till due to the blue light card discount? Then we receive £9 back on the Amex offer . . . ? If there isn’t a maximum, what’s stopping people clearing out the store of all of their gift cards and reselling them? 19% discount is pretty decent . . . .

          • Jonathan says:

            No discount on gift cards but you will get the 10%\7% Amex rebate on them if you have it. There’s plenty of people on here who went big on gift cards last year with the recurring Amex 10% back + 8 Virgin Miles/£. I think I saw reports the other day of someone still using them for their petrol!

    • james says:

      Petrol stations excluded

  • Maciek says:

    Anyone else not received the Harrods offer on their Platinum card? No letter and no trace of the offer in my offers here 🙁

    • Maciek says:

      I thought Rob said AmEx confirmed it was for all cardholders

      • Andrew says:

        It’s targeted unfortunately. So unless you got the letter or email you weren’t.

        • ao40 says:

          I did not receive a letter or email but the webchat confirmed I had been auto enrolled. Have made a purchase, offer not showing in online account. Wait to see if the credit cones through!

          • Amit says:

            Got mixed messages from Amex re the Harrods offer, so decided not to risk it

      • Rob says:

        I’m just telling you what I have in writing.

        • DB2020 says:

          Amex told me on 3rd November that the Harrods offer is targeted and that they have already reached the maximum number of personal Platinum card holders who could be enrolled for it.

          They could not explain why I have not had any offers at all, rolling out the usual platitudes, how much they appreciate my business, etc.

      • Josh says:

        Win some lose some. You got in a few Tallinn trips when it was cheap.

    • Sandgrounder says:

      It only appears in your offers after you have made a purchase. For me, this was pretty much instant, others have reported the same. You can cancel an order before it is dispatched by calling customer services.

    • meta says:

      I haven’t received the email or postal. Have done a small test purchase last night online. The transaction is currently showing pending as Farfetch Harrods. Offer didn’t appear in my saved offers. So I am waiting to see once the transaction is processed.

  • Lynn says:

    Morrison’s offer details:
    Purchases made within Morrisons cafes, petrol stations, garden centres, pharmacies, cash offices, seasonal stores or on Flowerworld or dry cleaning services are excluded from the offer.

    • Connor says:

      Buy some gift cards in store which will trigger the offer, allowing you to use it for petrol.

  • DANi says:

    Note…Morrison’s offer is one time… So one mega transaction with giftcards

  • MarkS says:

    On the amex app does anyone know how to remove closed cards from the summary view? I have 4 cards showing but only 2 are actually open

    • KBuffett says:

      I think there is an option to do so via the website

      • Anna says:

        Yes, click on Account Management, then Card Management and there’s an option to remove cards.

    • MD says:

      I’m on Android, don’t know if the iOS version is the same, but in the app you can can select the Account tab (bottom right), which brings up a list of options. 7th down I’ve got Remove a Card, which lets you pick which ones you’d like to get rid of. Doesn’t matter if they’re active or not.

  • Anna says:

    B was asking yesterday if his flight to GCM would be running – this article seems to confirm that it will be. Interesting as from comments on local news sites suggest a number of pax are just travelling for the Christmas holidays, which technically they wouldn’t be allowed to leave home for!

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