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The HfP chat thread – Thursday 26th November

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We have decided to run this daily chat thread on Head for Points during the coronavirus outbreak.

Historically, the daily ‘Bits’ articles were the de facto repository for random comments and questions.  With the news flow being lighter, we are running fewer ‘Bits’ articles.

The comments under this article are where you should post questions about travel and, indeed, anything else on your mind.  At this tricky time, and given that many of you are at home, we want the HfP community to have a place to chat.


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Comments (354)

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  • Mo says:

    Anybody have any idea whether you can pay Beardy off with HH linked to bendy?

    Or indeed the other way round?

    • Chrisasaurus says:

      Can’t pay HH off with bendy at all

    • Ian says:

      Sorry to be a bit thick, but what is:-

      • Jonathan says:

        Code words for different cards that people are using to generate points at minimal cost by essentially passing payment from one credit card to another to another before actually paying it off. I really wouldn’t try & join the game now though as it seems the options are starting to disappear or incur fees that outweigh the benefits.

        Some of the old hands on here have been very, very successful with it over the last few years but they’re very knowledgeable, experienced & pretty tight lipped. Judging by some of the questions asked here on a daily basis now it’s obvious most of the people piling in haven’t the faintest idea of the risks involved so it’ll all end in tears.

        • Genghis says:

          The only constant is change in this game. There’ll always be opportunities; you just need to keep learning the new rules.

          • Lawro says:


          • Jonathan says:

            Agree & I count you as one of the oldest & wisest in this sphere. The problem arises when people ask the same simple questions over & over daily rather than reading what’s already out there, appreciating the risks & making small test purchases etc. Would they invest in something their cab driver told them was the next big thing?

            Just wait for the uproar when Johnny come lately gets hit with a 3% fee on his Rev topup that someone told him would be ok last week!

        • Dr C says:

          Its like every day the same questions now!

      • @mkcol says:

        Hilton Honors
        In that order.

      • Ashish says:

        Just to get Hilton cards and virgin cards and pay between with curve and can Amex some people but no me

        • Mo says:

          To reply to this and others, I should have done a small test myself, but thought others might know anyway.

          For future reference, HH through curve does not work to pay Beardy, it gets declined (at least it did for me). Seems it cannot be done the other way too so no double dipping as it were.

          • Mo says:

            Sorry, to clarify, HH through curve to pay Beardy was declined as I have fronted off – seems as though would work for anybody with metal 🙂

  • dan loves christmss says:

    can you pay HMRC with bendy and HH?

  • 747_Brat says:

    Does buying Harvey Nichols Gift Cards trigger Amex offers?

    • 747_Brat says:

      And does Harvey Nichols Gift Cards purchase track as normal on BA shopping portal?

      • Sina says:

        It does trigger, you’ll get 250 avios from BA shopping portal.

        • Andrew says:

          For a £150 gift card that is – you get 2 Avios per £1 minus the VAT (even though there isn’t any VAT on a gift card) so they give you 250 Avios. But does trigger Amex offer fine. Gift card purchase also earn HN reward points, so sign in when you buy.

  • Neil says:

    The £100 Amex Business Bundle – What did everyone buy at Currys again? Did vouchers work?

    • Amit says:

      Think Rob said vouchers and gift cards don’t work, has to be online only. Haven’t tried iTunes or Netflix gc yet but they were buy online so should work

    • DaveL says:

      Ink is a good shout – stocked up on £25 cartridges for £5 a piece

      • Rob says:

        I bought 10 video games. Once I sell them next week I will do an article. Should make £130 profit.

        • BP says:

          I bought 9 video games for £99 profit (selling to CEX) and a Fitbit which was already discounted so the further £20 off was a great deal.

    • John says:

      I got £101 of Starbucks coffee

  • Neil says:

    IHG Ambassador Query.

    As a decent IHG user and about to have Intercontinental Stays in Tokyo and Osaka in May (Covid allowing) I signed up to for Ambassador status.

    In signing up in Sept’19 I got me free Weekend Night Voucher due to expire in Sept’20. Due to covid, the extended my Voucher until March’21 (great) but when my membership renewed in Sept’20, I didn’t get a new/second voucher! I assume this is because you can’t hold more than 1 voucher at a time as you NORMALLY get 1 voucher a year valid for a year?! Can I assume the as soon as I use my old voucher, my new one will appear?

    Having taken advantage of the recent Avios 50% redemption discount I have a week in Mexico City booked in June’21 and wondering what my Intercontinental options are?!? Especially now IHG points are selling with a 100% bonus!!!

    Please help!

    • Craig says:

      I’m fairly certain I’ve held two vouchers at the same time? I would query the lack of voucher with IHG.

    • Michael says:

      Are you sure you paid to renew in Sep 2020? IHG extended all ambassador memberships by 6 months (including the vouchers). Most likely you are still within you free extension period. When/if you pay to renew, you’ll get another voucher

      • Neil says:

        Having queried this with IHG it would appear this was indeed the case. Do you know once you renew, how long the vouch takes to arrive? I cant remember. look like my renewal time is in March and I’ll be looking to stay in mid-June.

        Thanks for the help

    • ChrisC says:

      What do you mean by rendered in September? As in you paid for another year? I didn’t think that would be possible because you can only renew a couple of months early not 6.

      Your new AMB year will now start in March.

  • Tom H says:

    MR to Virgin transfer, when I input my VP(VFC) account number (10 digits not 9) it doesn’t seem to register and keeps going back to the airline landing page. Any ideas?

    • Nick says:

      Call Amex. This tends to happen if the VFC account has been used on a previous Amex account, but in any case reports here always say calling works.

    • Travel Strong says:


    • MKB says:

      I had this last week. In my case it was because the Amex account did not have my middle name whereas the Virgin account had a middle initial. The Amex phone agent was able to resolve.

      • Tom H says:

        thanks all, phoned and all sorted in 5 mins, including the transfer which arrived instantly

  • Nick says:

    There’s been a lot of talk here recently about travel insurance so I thought it worth mentioning that I’ve just had my renewal notice through for Coverwise (with AXA underwriters). They appear to be including cover for covid-related claims, including medical both if you catch it and if you have to self-isolate because of government edict, as long as FCO advice is followed (which I would always do anyway) and subject to the caveat that a ‘voucher’ from a travel provider must be accepted and will be deducted from any claim (annoying but tolerable).

    Seems reasonable to me, and I’m tempted to renew… but is it too good to be true, and should I be cautious? Does anyone else have the policy and are you cancelling/sticking at renewal?

  • Rich says:

    Due to travel to Barbados on 13th Dec with Virgin. I noticed the other day that they are no longer selling flights up to the 10th, as well as the 13th when we are due to travel.
    However my booking is still in tact. Checking flight status on the website indicates it’s still on.
    Has anyone else had this issue before? I assume my flight is slated to be cancelled. This is not an issue all that much but with PCR tests and hotels to reschedule it would be nice to have some certainty.

    • Jonathan says:

      I had my flights with them (different destination) cancelled way before it was due to take place, and given that flights aren’t currently being sold, probably best to call them To check your flight status

    • roberto says:

      @rich – I had a look at the loads and youre right its zeroed out across the board and there are no seats for sale in any bucket however the seating plan shows lots of availability which suggests its going to get cut. I would think you will be offered the day before or after where there is availability on both flights in all three classes currently.

      You may want to get ahead of the problem and call them however if it not showing as cancelled you may get pushback up to t-14 days. You also need to look at an option B with regards to you pre flight PCR test, switching days could bugger that up.

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