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The HfP chat thread – Friday 4th December

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We have decided to run this daily chat thread on Head for Points during the coronavirus outbreak.

Historically, the daily ‘Bits’ articles were the de facto repository for random comments and questions.  With the news flow being lighter, we are running fewer ‘Bits’ articles.

The comments under this article are where you should post questions about travel and, indeed, anything else on your mind.  At this tricky time, and given that many of you are at home, we want the HfP community to have a place to chat.


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Comments (288)

  • Ming The Merciless says:

    Anyone managed to buy bonds with M&M debit Card? Or pay VAT?

  • Michael C says:

    So my heart sank a little when I saw our GIG-LHR club flight for Easter Sunday cancelled…but it’s been put back to the day before, which was when we actually wanted to travel but there was no half-price avios availability!
    They may very well cancel it all, of course, but hey-ho: nice to have something “in the bank”!

    • Anna says:

      We’ve re-scheduled to Easter as well (got 2 options booked at the moment!) it will be interesting to see by March where we are up to with travel. When I was cancelling our big 2020 Easter trip the lady at YouFirst said to me, “We will really be in trouble if we’re not travelling again by next Easter” 😬

  • Gavin says:

    My Aegean miles have transferred in to Accor and are being autoconverted to Iberia, or so an email from Accor tells me.

  • Ian M says:

    Just been looking at my November Hilton Barclaycard statement and noticed I have not received 2 points per pound spent. Has there been a change in the earning on the card or have they stopped paying out points for purchases made through Curve to HMRC perhaps?

    • Anna says:

      There have been weird things going on with HH points recently, however my last lot were credited on Nov 30th (about a week late), and seem to be at the correct rate.

    • Jay says:

      My November statement was 200 points short but that doesn’t correlate to any particular transaction being excluded unless the change came part way through the month. October was OK, so need to keep an eye out.

    • the_real_a says:

      Your points each month should be 2x “New activity £” on your CC statement. As others have pointed out they are being transferred in dribs and drabs. Note refunds and “back in time” are removed from new activity amount.

  • AndyGWP says:

    I assume we’ll get a nice Head For Points article at some point, but I’ve noticed that Reward Flight Finder has introduced a “Gold Level” now:

    There’s a promotion currently on to get it for half price:
    Post Lockdown Promotion
    To celebrate the travelling restart, we’ve introduced a discount on our new Gold Plan for a limited time. Save 50% for the lifetime of your Gold membership, after your 14 Day Free Trial. If you downgrade, and the promotion is over, you won’t be able to resubscribe at the discounted price.

    • TGLoyalty says:

      They need to sort out the phantom availability first!

      • MKB says:

        Seatspy has the opposite problem. Not reporting seats that are available. I reported it, but not resolved and no response.

      • DT says:

        It seems both reward flight finder and seat spy are struggling to get the seat info properly. Was subbed to seat spy but cancelled months ago when it looked like they can’t get it sorted.

  • rebecca says:

    Just checked on our booking after reading through the comments about aircraft swops etc and our booking to Tokyo has changed to a 789 from an A350 on Club suites
    I got the seats in the Avios half-price sale and I’ve never flown on the 350 and specifically tried to get it on its longest trip.
    Could anyone help me with what options I have and if a date or a route change to somewhere it would be flying is possible?
    Thank you

    • Harry T says:

      I wouldn’t make any plans based on a particular business class product for some time. Equipment changes are the norm right now during the pandemic, and Tokyo could well be changed back to an A350 anyway. If you change to another route, it’s likely that will also change to another plane at some point. Probably best to make your travel plans based on your preferred destination and entry requirements rather than trying to fly in Club Suite.

      • AJA says:

        My +1 was to Harry’s comment. A shame you got annoyed by his advice,
        it wasn’t sparky As to your request for advice I think you’re short on options – you can either just wait and see if BA change the plane again or you can cancel for a refund and rebook on another route thats currently showing an A350 or one of the 777s that has Club Suite. Or move destination if its within 300 miles. Not sure how you find that out other than searching the schedules.The risk is that the new route may also have an aircraft swap Unfortunately you can’t force BA to operate a specific aircraft type or expect the cabin to be Club Suite.

      • Number9 says:

        Well said Rebecca.

      • meta says:

        Well, if there has just been an equipment change you have no options or rights other than cancel and get your Avios and surcharged back minus £35 per person fee.

        On another note, I wouldn’t bank on anyone travelling to Japan before July.

      • meta says:

        Equipment swap can happen even on the day of the flight for a variety of reasons. Aircraft type is not guaranteed until the plane has taken off the runway as there can be a tech issue. Even after taking off, there could be tech issue and plane has to return and you can be put on a different plane.

      • TGLoyalty says:

        I’d agree with this. I had a guaranteed club suite flight to Dubai swapped out for an old 777 2 hours before it flew in Feb.

        Unfortunately it’s even more of a lottery now. But it could always switch back.

    • ChrisC says:

      Voluntarily changing the route and/or date will result in the trip being repriced to the full avios cost along with any changes to the taxes, fees and BA surcharges. You would also require avios availability on your alternative flights. This would apply even if you took a voucher rather than cancelling and paying the cancellation fee.

      If BA cancel the actual flight then you would be allowed to change the date but with no guarantee it would still be a flight with club suites on it. A change of route in this circumstance would also generate a reprice.

      Whether you like it or not Harry is right and you should never chose a flight based on what aircraft may be scheduled to fly it because it can always change. The perils of posting on a public blog is you can’t control the replies.

      • Polly says:

        Qatar are regulars for changing planes on all their routes. Sometimes you can get a better plane out of it. Even Q suites.
        But interesting question, what happens if F is back on in the switched plane. Do you get your F seats back? Love to know that policy.

    • Rhys says:

      My Granny is fond of the saying “if you haven’t anything nice to say, don’t say it at all” and that’s also the way we moderate comments.

      I’ve gone through and deleted a number of unnecessarily rude comments (and any replies thereof, even if they were ‘nice’ because Wordpress can’t handle orphan comments!)

      • Harry T says:

        I’m just pleased Rhys thinks I’m nice 😁

      • Rebecca says:

        So u think my comments were rude?
        Not any of the condescending replies?

        • Rhys says:

          I removed a number of comments, not just yours.

        • Doug M says:

          The way they remove comments, assume it’s a Wordpress thing, means when they take out a rude one all the chain of replies under it also disappear, it’s not personal.
          On topic BA have never guaranteed aircraft type, that more true than ever now. Frustrating when you really want a particular type, but you can’t book on that basis.

          • Simon CH says:

            I agree, plane type is not a guarantee and frequently needs to be replaced for operational reasons, technical reasons or whatever.
            BUT, cancelling all the First Class bookings now, nearly six plus months before the flight is due, is a DISGRACE on BA. They had a sale which encouraged a lot of people to buy with cash and redeem Avios For those flights.
            Many people chose to book based on the Class of Travel as an experience, but have now been downgraded and no choice given.

            I also question what happens if the plane changes and a First is available? Do the reinstate you in First or sell that at a higher price 🤔

  • Paul says:

    Warning for hyatt offer t&c clearly state offer is for STAYS before end of the year.

    • meta says:

      Yes, just call the hotel and they’ll happily take your payment now.

    • Rob says:

      But in reality it is for card charges made by year end.

    • TGLoyalty says:

      This means nothing Amex are covering their back to it’s clear you will on get the credit if your card is charged by 31st Dec and staying before that is the only guarantee.

  • ri says:

    trying to us amex concierge for the first time to secure some boxing tickets any one have any experience will they come through

    • Phil says:

      I’ve had good experiences of Amex Plat Concierge coming through for concert tickets but haven’t tried for sporting events. Would be good to hear back if you have any success… which bout?

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