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The HfP chat thread – Sunday 6th December

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  • Jackie says:

    Is anyone still waiting till January to transfer Clubcard points to Avios? Just in case…

  • Colin says:

    Completely off topic but (for a laugh) does anyone remember the good old days when supermarkets `screwed up` on their various promotions? Many years back when Sainsburys were an airmiles collection partner (yes, I am that old) they used to run weekly promotions on certain products whereby you could buy items for `less than free` (if that makes sense – they were paying you to buy the products due to `extra points` convertible to cash or airmiles) and getting it spectacularly wrong. I remember doing some research by visiting the 24hr Belfast store (pre internet days – told you I was old) and realising that on one occasion you could buy bananas for less than free and then convert your purchase for `quadruple airmiles`. Once at about 3am (after they had their banana delivery) I filled two trolleys and asked one of the staff to `go into the back` and get some more. Anyway, 4x filled banana trolleys later, and while at the till, the manager appears and asks `what the hell I was doing?`. Told him a `bulls**t story (which he seemed to believe) about how I was working at Belfast Zoo and we had run out and that`s why I was there at 3am. Remember walking around the neighbours handing out free bananas to anyone who wanted them! The other one that worked a couple of weeks later was Marmite. Came home with a couple of hundred jars of the stuff and had one helluva job explaining to the wife as we both hate the stuff? She must`ve thought her mother was right about me after all! Ah ….. the good old days before card churning made things easier eh?

    • Anna says:

      Genius cover story about the zoo 🤣

    • Alex says:

      I would rather do that I think, at least it gives you some good stories to tell! 😂

    • BSI1978 says:

      You Colin, are Shoestring in disguise and I claim my Sunday bonus accordingly!

    • Jamie says:


    • Chris Heyes says:

      i remember them days well done a few myself good old airmiles
      I’m probably older than you, certainly a lot less polite lol
      I remember telling various Managers at three different stores in Blackburn, Burnley and Preston that it was none of their business what i wanted trolleys full of stuff.
      Infact happened recently (as in 2 weeks ago) Manager was called over because i wanted £300 gift Cards i told her “NOT” politely it was none of her business what/or why i was buying them !
      She walked off shaking her head at me, not the girl on the tills fault she was under orders to query me.
      Was very polite to her but not the manageress lol

      • Colin says:

        Nice to know there is another `oldie` here Chris! The wife has just reminded me that the other Sainsburys bootload freebie I came back with (which I had forgotten about) was Creamola Foam. Old enough to remember that?

        • Chris Heyes says:

          sorry Colin can’t remember that far back (I’m 73 14th Dec)
          there was a time a well known super market offered double the price of what you bought if they had the wrong price on with till receipt easiest £5,000 i ever made (well not quite my easiest was a little known share on (AIM) called iomart bought at 4p a share sold at over £4 a share (paid for house, flat, two timeshares and retirement pension at 50) that was just luck i was watching what COs was buying on AIM and noticed this particular Scotsman was buying iomart whenever it went to 3p he was buying loads.So jumped in lol my best deal ever

        • Jill (Kinkell) says:

          I remember Creamola Foam… and I’m not as old as Chris Heyes!

      • callum says:

        A rather horrible way to treat someone who is quite possibly worried that you’re being scammed by someone… You may know that you aren’t, but guess who else “knows” that they aren’t? Every gift card scam victim.

        They’re also fully entitled to ask why you’re buying such huge quantities of products – it’s their shop, not yours. Some places don’t like trade buying up their stock, some places don’t like customers emptying a shelf and annoying every other shopper after you who now can’t get what they want – making the shop look bad. When I used to work in Asda, the system would track out of stock items and ultimately penalise the store (and our pay packets) for it because we weren’t managing stock levels well enough.

        • Chris Heyes says:

          Some people are just nosy and i am horrible
          Also they have every right to say whatever they want if it’s their shop
          But of course it isn’t they just work there.
          Also it’s my absolute right to tell them to mind their own business
          i don’t see why i have to explain anything to anyone, if they don’t want my custom they can ban me (not a problem there are other shops)
          i used to get asked every Easter why i was buying 36 Large Easter Eggs very large suitcase to put them in nosy **** they got same answer lol don’t see why i even need to talk to them.
          IF i empty a shelf “I don’t care”
          If they ever said i can’t have them I’d say ok and walk out one left two full trolleys at check out (Asda Blackburn) because they closed the till just before i got there (i was in the q) they opened next till, but some of my shopping was already on so i wouldn’t have been first
          But that’s me, never went back to Asda Blackburn

    • Genghis says:

      🙂 thanks for posting. Made me smile!

    • Ali M says:


    • Louise K says:

      I love these stories 👍

      • Will says:

        Still got a loft full of talcum powder? I am sure some will know what I mean

    • Charlieface says:

      What about the times when they did automatic price match + difference? People were matching against sold out or otherwise very reduced items in other shops, getting the change as a gift card spit out, and rebuying the same items, again and again and again. Never did it myself, but heard about plenty others.

  • Roostee123 says:

    Looking at booking flights to Abu Dhabi for our honeymoon (Dec 2021)

    What is the best use of miles? I have 300K Virgin & 300K Amex points

    • Andrew (@andrewseftel) says:

      Etihad F the best product and you’ve nearly got enough Amex points to do it both ways (you can buy the extra fairly cheaply I think or do it one way in business). Etihad business also good.

      Cheapest, albeit indirect, probably to transfer Amex MR to Singapore and redeem on LH/LX/TK (check who has the best product) in business.

      Also good value and direct: buy a BA cash fare in WTP and upgrade to CW using Avios.

  • meta says:

    Sadly F apartment is probably no more! Have you considered Emirates F instead to Dubai? You would have almost enough for return in F on Emirates.

  • S says:

    Swapped my Curve “Commercial” card to a personal card, but tried to pay HMRC and it is still saying –

    Mastercard/Maestro Corporate Debit/Prepaid

    Anyone had the same issue?

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