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The HfP chat thread – Sunday 3rd January

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  • Princess says:

    Looking for advice: Ryanair damaged my suitcase on the way to the UK. The telescopic handle is bend. It doesn’t seem much but it prevent me to open it. It really require a strong effort to pull it, so it is becoming almost impossible to use it for me.
    I reported the damage at the airport and got a PIR. I sent the online form they asked for and I received an email where they dismiss my claim because the damage is only cosmetic. I replied again explaining I can take a video, but then I got their final answer saying they will not pay. What should I do? It is not an expensive bag and it maybe cost £30-40 to adjust (so doesn’t make sense to claim it with Plat insurance as there are the £50 excess), but it really irritate me that they can go away with everything because they make it difficult for customer to assert their rights…any idea?

    • Blindman says:

      Move on and put this behind you.

      Flying cheaply with RyanAir can be a bargain, until things go wrong.

      • r* says:

        Why would you let them get away with it? If they have legal obligations they should be following them.

        • Blindman says:

          Because it’s not worth the time and effort for £40.

          • Chris Heyes says:

            Blindman But remember Small Shop (Talking £40 here)
            Driving round shops to save but £5 that’s what a call time n effort lol
            Some small shops charging around £1 or £1.50 more that supermarket that’s what i call a waste of time and effort

    • r* says:

      Apparently CEDR had 246 disputes about lost or damaged baggage last year, so preumably that might be the next avenue to try?

      • ChrisC says:

        None of those will be for Ryanair as CEDR does not cover them.

        Nor are they a member of Aviation ADR after pulling out in 2019

    • kitten says:

      Ryanair did that to my luggage and I regret not pursuing them for it.

      Strangelh enough a decent airline might have replaced your whole suitcase for that especially if it was a cheap brand.

      I am not sure who if anyone Ryanair contracts their damaged luggage handling out to. If you’re near LGW or LHR or Maidenhead K2 would give a quote or recommend replacement as they would to the many reputable airlines they handle for and would replace it on the spot with an equivalent.

      If the luggage is more than a year old then unless it’s got its own guarantee (Dakine/Tumi, Remowa, Travelpro, Briggs & Riley etc) then it becomes harder.

      However you do have the right to be put in the position that you were in so if getting the aid of K2 is not convenient then you could video the damage, get the aid of your local luggage shop or repairer, and file an MCOL and give it a go especially if your luggage is 1 yeae old or less. Remember Ryanair has a history of taunting the law and refusing any claim until regulators rub Ryanair’s nose in it so their refusal is probably not valid.

      If you do have to do an mcol dont forget to add mileage at 45p per mile, 8% statutory interest, any cost and your professional rate for time on calls etc that went beyond the reasonable plus the mcol fee.

      • Blindman says:

        Or you could just get on with your life and put this down to experience and take this into consideration next time you look at RyanAir’s cheap flights.

        • kitten says:

          your attitude blindnan, is why nasty airlines like ryanair get away with it.

          if they are doing this over and over think how much total money they are keeping that is due repair cost to passengers. A certain amount of cost for damage to luggage is part of the normal costs of running an airline.

          Or are you frightened blindman, that if ryanair paud out money to passengers for damage to luggage in their care, your own fare costs on Ryanair would increase by a few pence ?

    • Harry T says:

      Unsure if this is helpful, but the same happened to me after a Jet2 flight – handle bent and couldn’t be inserted into the case. I didn’t get the relevant documentation from the airport as I only realised when I was on the bus to my hotel. I contacted Jet2 and they gave me £100 towards a new suitcase, without the usual form. They also refunded me rapidly without quibble in the summer.

      Regarding your specific issue, I personally wouldn’t consider it worth it to pursue Ryanair in the courts if it’s over £40. I know that it’s frustrating but is it really worth the hassle? I’d vote with my feet and try and fly Ryanair less (though given they are now the biggest airline in Europe and planning to grow aggressively, perhaps we are all screwed).

      • Princess says:

        Thanks for all reply. I know is a small amount. It is just frustrating.

    • Charlieface says:

      For reference to all those who say don’t fly RyanAir because of this:
      It’s highly unlikely that RyanAir staff had anything to do with this. It is normally airport staff who deal with baggage. Admittedly, RyanAir do have liability, but it could easily happen at the best airlines in the world.

      • kitten says:

        normal cost of doing business for an airline. Also heard Ryanair will only pay for 1 luggage person at many airports to cover all their flights and this is not enough so luggage is more often damaged on Ryanair than other airlines.

        • David says:

          kitten – what are you talking about “only pay for 1 luggage person”?

          Ryanair will have no role in baggage handling.

          • kitten says:

            When I used to fly out of Stansted on Ryanair I chatted to outsourced staff working for Ryanair quite often.

            They told me even if 3 Ryanair flights are going to land pretty much at once at an airport then Ryanair will only have paid the luggage handling co for 1 person to unload across all flights.

            I also was told the same over several occasions over years at Ryanair outstations. Spontaneous comments added a couple of times by the person telling me that, to the effect that more likely luggage can be damaged in that situation.

            Given how late my luggage has reached the luggage belt on numerous Ryanair flights especially when perhaps 2 or more flights land at the same time due to lateness it’s clear what I was told was true.

          • Matthew says:

            Ryanair’s ground handling at Stansted is now ‘in-house’ and is called ‘blue handling’!

          • Nick says:

            No it’s not, blue handling is owned by omniserv. It’s still outsourced, just to a different provider than before.

  • xcalx says:

    Curve question.

    Do underlying cards have to be in the name of the curve card holder.


    • Jane says:

      Nope, my IHG card is linked to my husbands curve. No issues so far but should probably sort it out at some point.

    • Chrisasaurus says:

      Second question- anyone know if having the same underlying card on two curve ACs is possible?

      • memesweeper says:

        You can’t I was told by curve support

      • Anna says:

        I think there might be an issue with this. The solution is to get a supplementary card in someone else’s name and add that to the 2nd Curve account.

      • Reney says:

        I feel like I have tried this and the answer is no you cannot have the same card on two curve account. But it was probably ages ago. I suggest you add the card first to the account you really want it in and then try adding it on the other one; just in case it doesn’t work and the system remembers the card!

        • Crafty says:

          You certainly can have one card attached to two Curve accounts – I do.

          Whether it’s supposed to be possible may be another matter.

      • Jonathan says:

        1) you can’t add a card to two accounts, hence get a supplementary card
        2) even if you remove the card from an existing curve account first you won’t be able to add it to another curve account in future. I had to have my supplementary card reissued by virgin with new details to get around this

    • The real John says:

      Yes Curve says they do, but AFAIK name validation does not (cannot?) happen

  • Maciek says:

    When do we expect the 2020 nights carried over with Hyatt? I’m currently at zero.

  • Anna says:

    Is anyone else now in the position of (very probably) not being able to complete the IC/Kimpton stay required to trigger the bonus IC Ambassador free night (both qualifying stay and free night stay have to be completed by April 30th?) I renwed with the offer made it work by completing the qualifying stay in October but OH renewed just before everywhere started going into lockdown again 😬
    I’ve got IC stays booked for February half term and the end of March but it’s looking very unlikely that either of these will go ahead.

    • Not Angry says:

      When I renewed the terms said (and currently say) that the qualifying stay has to be completed by 31st Jan.

      So, yes, also unable to make use.

      • Anna says:

        Someone posted that it was then changed to both dates being April 30th but I haven’t actually checked the Ts and Cs again. If not I might ask IHG if there’s any chance of an extension on the offer!

        • Not Angry says:

          That would at least create a slim chance if true. I hope IHG can tell you something.

          I planned to stay at the Clocktower and use up my Ambassador BOGOF that also expires on 31st Jan but like every other attempt to use that voucher it was doomed as soon as I booked.

    • mutley says:

      Yes I am, however, I intend to leave my house ( breaking tier 4 rules to have a business meeting with my partner in a Kimpton in London) in March to get my free night. After all, if the entitled rich Brits in swiss ski resorts, vacuous celebs in Barbados, and the nouveau riche in Dubai leave their homes to go on holiday and break the rules ..

      • Anna says:

        Are you saying the stay has to be completed by April 30th now? I can’t see anything in the Ts and Cs now, anyway, I have emailed IHG Ambassador and asked what the situation is – nothing to lose doing this after all!
        Is the London Kimpton open for business travellers then? Even if we weren’t in Tier 4, the only realistic option for me for 1 night would be the Manchester one, but it’s closed and I would imagine likely to stay that way for the foreseeable future.

      • Anna says:

        Also I’m going to assume you’re joking, before the virtue-signalling hoards descend …

      • Navara says:

        There’s been a big spike in Dubai

        • Rob says:

          There is a modest jump. If you scale it up by 7 to account for the difference in population then they are running 80% lower than the UK.

          • Jonathan says:

            I’d look more closely at rate of change rather than actual numbers as if it’s an exponential increase over a few days & they don’t change something then it won’t be long till they have big problems.

      • TGLoyalty says:

        Assuming you’re not breaking Tier 5 rules in March.

      • Anna says:

        And Miami.
        There’s a bit of a row going on in the US over an 18 year old medical student who flew to the Cayman Islands then removed her electronic tag and went out to watch her boyfriend in a Jetski competition (instead of observing 14 days in quarantine). She was arrested and sentenced to 4 weeks in prison and now her family and various senators are bleating in outrage at her “harsh” treatment for a “mistake”. Such attitude might explain a lot about the way the pandemic is going in America!

        • ChrisC says:

          She isn’t a medical student. She’s pre med which is merely doing the right courses to eventually go to medical school

          She attended the event maskless and the event organisers reported her to the police when she refused to put one on.

          He original sentence was 40 hours community service and a fine then changed to 4 months after the prosecutor appealed and then reduced to 2 months on her and her boyfriends appeal

          No sympathy for her at all.

          • kitten says:

            do doctors on here think she should now be denied entry to medical school ?

          • Anna says:

            There’s been no sympathy outside the US!
            I used the term medical student as this is what an 18 year old university student would be classed as in the UK; this is not really about the differences in US and UK education but if you want to be pedantic … !
            Not wearing a mask isn’t the issue as this is not a requirement in Cayman now, community transmission of covid having been eradicated. Her offence was that she tricked officials into loosening her tag so she could slip it off and attend the event.
            She will serve 4 weeks in prison as it is standard to serve half the sentence.

          • Anna says:

            kitten – many Caymanians are calling for her to be banned from ever returning to the island once her sentence is served!

          • Andrew says:


            In the UK, it’s considered acceptable behaviour for a drug and alcohol dependent (alcoholic and junkie) medical student to stab and punch their partner and not face jail.


          • Anna says:

            @Andrew, completely off topic now but if you do an internet search for health professionals who have been convicted of serious crimes but are still allowed to practice, it’s quite shocking!

          • Track says:

            Still, look at were we are: putting people in jail.

            Let’s return to middle age quarantine practices — put people in leprosariums, make it plain illegal to leave your house “without a reasonable excuse”.

            Half of people yell at others without masks, and another quarter of people eating, drinking beers on London buses and throwing a middle finger at anyone who asks them to stop (not a single event, had at least 4 within one month).

          • Track says:

            @Anna perhaps their individual history has not much to do with professional skills. If they are able to separate between a drunken night out and workplace hospital environment, they are as functional as any other human being.

          • Anna says:

            @Track – this case was in the Cayman Islands, not the UK, so “we” are not putting anyone into prison. And there was no drunken night out involved, this girl was not reported to be under the influence of alcohol when she comitted her crime.

    • Peggerz says:

      Hi @Anna.
      Enrol by 31/12/2020, stay to earn 40k ‘free night’ voucher by 31/01/21 and use that voucher by 30/04/2021.
      I enrolled in Nov 2020, stayed at the IC02 in Dec 2020 and plan another trip to London in April 2021 for either of the IC’s or the Kimpton. If that won’t be possible I have the potential to stay nearer home at the IC George, Kimpton Charlotte or Kimpton Blythswood, all Covid restrictions dependent obviously. Other than IC Park Lane & IC George, they’re all showing as ‘free’ on the dates I’ve looked at atm. I think there’s supplement for the others.

      • Anna says:

        Hi @Peggerz – yes just got an email from IHG confirming it’s 31/1 but there’s no chance anything is going to be open by then!
        You can guarantee that if I’m hoping to stay anywhere, it’s going to be closed or only accepting essential travellers. London and Manchester are plague pits and Wee Nikki is so monumentally hacked off with the English I can see her closing the borders until Boris agrees to a 2nd referendum!

        • Not Angry says:

          Well, that’s a shame, but not surprising. If IHG do extend it they’ll only say so at 3 minutes to midnight on the 31st.

  • DodgyDCF says:

    My curve card has expired last month 12/20, I didn’t even realise nor did curve apparently because there has been no communication, I requested a new red investor card through the chat, (previously didn’t bother getting it as they had system issues where they would not recognise the new red card sent out), do these things take long to process? I am waiting in order to pay using the card

    • Jonathan says:

      Card details in the app should be instant, physical card arrived within about 3-4 working days. I was told they have run out of red cards when mine was replaced last month.

  • Eric says:

    Asiamiles now have a 15% bonus (following Krisflyer I guess). Is it worth converting given that the points can be renewed fairly easily?

  • Tim B says:


    Do Virgin expect Tier 4 people to break the law?

    My son is booked to fly to Cape Town on Sat 9th Jan for a holiday. As we live in a Tier4 region my understanding is it would be illegal for him to fly.

    After waiting 1h18m to get through to Virgin they stated they would not give a cash refund (a voucher or credit is of no use to him or any friends or family). This flight is currently scheduled to fly.

    Surely this is a most immoral policy – it is suggesting he should break the law and fly to get value from his ticket!

    Apologies if this point has already been covered on your (wonderful) website!

    • Rob says:

      This is what travel insurance is for. If Virgin had received a Government bailout I may see it differently. However, the Government has done literally nothing (beyond what other industries got) to help the airline sector. Why should Virgin take the hit on this because your son didn’t buy travel insurance?

      • marcw says:

        Insurance are there to cover unexpected events. There’s currently a debate whether covid restrictions are “unexpected” or not (see below).

        • Chrisasaurus says:

          Precisely in which case it’s down to when it was booked – certainly if booked before March there was no process to for a lockdown so insurers would I imagine cover that risk. But booking flights during a pandemic is not a risk many insurers are likely to price willingly!

        • Nick says:

          My (bog standard, cheap) travel insurance policy covers changes in govt rules since time of booking, so would be able to help in this circumstance. If the poster’s son didn’t buy insurance, well more fool him. I’m with Rob, very little sympathy here.

          • marcw says:

            If the CMA is investigating, it can’t be very “clear” / straightforward.

            I’m not siding any side (I’m just booking flights and hotels 1 week in advance in current environment as I can’t be bothered with vouchers/refunds/cs) – just wanted to specify that it isn’t black vs white

    • Nick_C says:

      The CMA are of the opinion that the contract is frustrated, and that the airlines should issue a full refund.

      The airlines will not do that, and I don’t blame them. It will be tested in court one day. If the CMA are correct, this could be the final straw for some airlines.

      • Rob says:

        Why airlines though? If you have a hotel booking that you now cannot get to, why is the CMA not pushing on those? Or the one thousand other things where people have spent money but now lost it due to Tier 4 restrictions?

        • kitten says:

          Why should airlines pick up the tab? a reasonable compromise to offer a rebook if they are still running the flight as it’s not their fault, which several airlines I’m aware of have been doing.

          If a hotel closes though due to government order or overall covid conditions, then as they’re not running the service then the hot should refund. Hotel then asks its insurers or government for c ok compensation for lost business.

    • Chris Heyes says:

      Tim B All, airlines expect (and want) people to break the “law”
      They wouldn’t be flying so many flights if they didn’t
      Also if people don’t break the “law” the airlines wont be around
      The Airlines themselves wont break the law, so don’t blame the airlines
      If there is a “LAW” people will break it, no matter what.
      It’s just that at this moment people will make their excuses of why they should be allowed to break it

      • memesweeper says:

        The airlines have a reasonable number of legal customers, and freight, to keep them going. The operation of a flight is not an inducement for anyone to break the law.

    • Jamie says:

      Get a grip dude. Why would they refund him? It’s not their fault he can’t fly. A voucher is generous – legally they don’t even have to offer that. I had flights to Ukraine with Ryanair booked in September when they closed the borders and Ryanair told me to get ******. It’s the way it is now.

      • Rob says:

        Great Western Trains – which is effectively Government-run now remember – refused me a refund in the November lockdown. I am now stuck with a voucher I don’t need.

  • Pete says:

    I wonder if anyone knows any more about this – BA has cancelled all flights to Germany until 7/Jan. I am told they applied to the German government to operate flights between 1-6/Jan as per their requirements (, but were denied. In the meantime, EZ, FR and LH seem to all be flying between Germany and the UK – presumably with EU-registered planes and EU-based crews. Wonder if this is a sign of things to come?

    • Track says:

      Wow, but not unexpected protectionism on Germany’s side.

      LH will be allowed to do anything, including not refunding.

      This story makes me think BA will have limitations (and losses) on their EU short-haul.

    • kitten says:

      Easyjet began to move parts of their business into the EU once the Brexit vote came through and Ryanair seemed to have been well covered on this for many many years anyway.

      I sm struggling to believe BA – especially with its IAG owners being a Spanish company – would have been caught napping on this.

      Germany’s opportunistic protection of LH is nothing new.

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