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The HfP chat thread – Wednesday 3rd March

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Comments (292)

  • Jody says:

    @kitten, just seen your post to me on the end of yesterdays chat regarding easyJet.

    I haven’t had the email yet, but noticed it had been ‘disrupted’ when I logged in yesterday. On there it gave me the option of refund, voucher or moving to any other Spanish flight free of charge. I had a little look and this seemed to be fine, but haven’t actually changed yet because not sure when and where we want to go.

    I’m assuming that because they’ve put us on a different flight rather than a straight cancellation, I’ll need to make the change before we’re supposed to fly rather than being able to leave it to choose as and when as I would if it was fully cancelled (which I guess it still could be).

    That’s why I was wondering when summer 2022 flights are out.

    • kitten says:

      Thanks Jody. Could you post when they email you about this particular flight? I think it can be up to about 4 weeks after the change appears, depending on the speed of their computers.

      I had them claiming them moving me from a 7.00am flight they cancelled to a 9.00pm flight (14 hours) was only a time change last autumn. I’d be interested to know if they are still trying to present this as only a time change in their emails now.

      At my one flight at Christmas they didn’t move me to the other flight still running that day but I figuref that was because seat price on those flights had gone up to £300 or so and they may have decided not to do the ‘time change’ fudge as they were selling the seats.

      So as and when they email you, could you consider posting whether they’ve fessed up to having cancelled your flight or if they’re still trying to present their flight cancellations as only time changes?

      • Jody says:

        Will do. They do seem slow on emails, I had my Easter Tenerife flights cancelled on the website almost as soon as Boris made his announcement the other week, but I didn’t get my email until late last week. Have moved these flights to 6 nights over New Year which should be good (although hotels are pricey compared to what I’m used to paying!!).

        @Anna, hope your flights get cancelled and the gamble pays off!

        • Jody says:

          @kitten, the email has just come through! It says my original flight has been cancelled, and they have moved me to an alternative one on the same day. If not happy, I can request refund, request voucher or move to any flight at any time (to same country). It does say I need to do this at least one day before the flight they’ve changed me to us due to depart.

          Hope that helps?

          • kitten says:

            Thanks very much Jody. It seems Easyjet has learned that claiming they were only making time changes to a passenger’s flight as they were last autumn – when in fact they’d cancelled all flights on that same day except one and were moving people to a different flight on the same day – was not appropriate.

            Thank you again Jody.

    • Anna says:

      Thanks for the nudge last night, Jody. I took a punt earlier and booked 2 seats to Bilbao at £40 each for the first week in May …

      • r* says:

        Think they will be making further cancellations to the early may sched? They seem to have cut a lot of flights for then in the last couple of days

        • Anna says:

          It’s a gamble, but as Jody says there’s still the opportunity to change dates even it if means paying more if easyJet doesn’t cancel, so it won’t be a complete loss.
          Lots of seats still on sale for April and early May, I suspect easyJet is trying to get some cash in the bank and hoping that people will take the chance to change rather than get a refund if they do cancel.

          • Jody says:

            It’s certainly an interesting strategy by easyJet. The Tenerife flights I’ve just had cancelled for Easter were flights that had been cancelled from last year and I moved. Original flights cost around £110 for both of us, the ones I’d changed to at Easter should have cost £850. I’ve now moved them to dates just after Christmas and covering the New Year, and should have cost £930. If they get cancelled I’ll definitely give it up as a bad job and ask for a refund!

            Now just need them to do a promotion on adding luggage, they did one at some point last year where you could add a case on for £1. I did it for one of my bookings, which I’ve now moved to September this year. If only I’d done it with my others as well!

        • Jody says:

          I don’t know, but I’ve just taken another gamble with some flights to Greece.

        • aDifferentSimon says:

          bizarrely my Faro flights at the beginning of May are listed as sold out (which I highly doubt) if I search for them. Still unaffected under mybookings.

  • gary says:

    I am planning a trip to and around the Far East for early 2022 (hopefully).

    I have BA Silver and my wife Gold, does any one know whether Emirates or Singapore Airlines offer a status match? and if so how to take advantage of it?

    Also and i apologise if this has been covered here before, but is there any news coming out of BA re status/tier extensions? Both ours expire at the end of the year and there is no way to maintain them under current restrictions- obviously. thanks for any help.

    • Chris says:

      Your wife’s gold will become silver so you will get lounge access on oneworld. Oneworld is well represented in SE Asia via the combination of Malaysian and Cathay which will see you to most places.

      Transiting via Kul or HKG is often cheaper than the direct on a Star Alliance airline. Star alliance is however VERY well represented in Asia.

      If you want to get status in Star Alliance I think you might still be able to status match to star alliance via TAP. For SIA Status if you have Amex plat you could also use the Shangri La Jade card -> Singapore airlines silver card and take the 4 flight challenge to get Singapore airlines gold. Gold will get you lounge access; so depending on how many flights you are taking that might be an option. Though SQ is generally VERY expensive flying around asia.

      If you are going to a minor city low cost in Asia is a lot like low cost in europe; it will get you to the places that the big boys aren’t interested in. Air Asia isn’t unpleasant. I would likely avoid Indonesian LCC’s.

      I go to Asia a lot for work in the before times; I often use the Cathay HKG-SIN-BKK roundabout flight to use each of the cities as secondary hubs before getting back to Sin/ HKG for the flight home – BKK-LHR on BA is just not worth contemplating.

      If you want a hub BKK might be less delightful than Sin or HKG but it does make a good base for travel in SE asia. The airport left luggage has for me been a safe place to stash clothes – and the city hotels will often keep a bag if you are going away for a few days FOC. Airline tickets are often cheaper from BKK than HKG/ SIN.

      • Lula says:

        Hi Chris. I’m also planning an Asia trip for a few months at the end of this year/start of next and looking at routes, esp on points. Why do you say that BA LHR-BKK is not worth contemplating?

        • The real John says:

          It used to be operated by an old 772 and the timings don’t work for some people.

          Personally, I’m quite happy to leave London at 3pm and arrive in Bangkok at 10am, while the return is a waste of a day (but if you’re doing an ex-EU it does let you go home for a night while HKG/SIN arrivals mean you have to continue to your European destination the same day).

          But the A380 to HKG and SIN is so much nicer

    • Blenz101 says:

      No news on BA extensions.

      Are you looking for a match for this one single trip. Emirates won’t give it to you, they have in the past issued challenges but one trip isn’t going to do it.

      What benefit do you want from the match? If you just want lounge access then this can just be paid for.

    • Andrew says:

      If you wife did the Virgin Atlantic status match to Gold, then that is recognised on Singapore Airlines for lounge access etc.

      • gary says:

        Thanks for the replies. The status match was, i guess, more for the benefits of lounge access and in the case of Emirates to get us on the tiers for potential future use going forwards. Restrictions allowing i intend to start flying East more than West over the next few years.

        I have managed to bag decent BA flights to Singapore and will be working on a trip from there to other parts of Asia, before returning home via Dubai. I think it likely that the Asia to Dubai flight will be with Emirates- hence my wanting to get on the ladder with them if i could.The internal Asia flights likely Singapore/affiliates.

        But i accept that lounge access can regained either via one world and my wife Gold (although her year ends before our trip) or indeed when/if i book business class seats.

    • AJA says:

      Not sure if TAP is still offering its status match. Both of you would be offered Gold status which you could use on Singapore Airlines.

  • AndyS says:

    Does anyone know if the Virgin BA status match was extended?

    • avstar says:

      i would email otherairlinestatusmatch (AT) – they seemed quite accomodating but i would suspect maybe the laxer qualifying terms may have lapsed

    • Andrew says:

      Their website says the BA status match is over, so probably on the standard (less favourable) terms of status match which requires much more proof that you will be a genuine ongoing premium customer.

  • AndyS says:

    thanks both

  • JamesH says:

    Rather frustrated with Hilton at the minute. Took the option of vouchers instead of a refund for a cancelled trip in May, and have not had opportunity to use them for obvious reasons. Expire in August and they’re declining any extension request. Anyone else in a similar boat?
    Could I raise a claim with Amex to get the money back given it was a pre-paid stay that was cancelled?

  • Andrew (@andrewseftel) says:

    New on my Amex: Spend £100 or more, get 20% back up to £1,000 at Laithwaites before 14/04

    • Anna says:

      Nice – Laithwaithe’s offers usually stack as well so you can get an extra 20% off if you’ve got a blue light card, think you can get one discount code per month.

    • Allan says:

      I assume that BAwineflyer will go through as Laithwaites for the purposes of this amex offer?

      • Anna says:

        They seem to act as one whenever I order wine!

      • KS says:

        FWIW, same offer cropped up on BAPP as WineFlyer instead of Laithwaite’s.

    • babyg says:

      oh… which card Andrew?

  • Mco says:

    I had a £999 BA 747 fare which I flew the outbound and wanted to change the inbound date but BA kept on quoting me £900 to change it. I feel this was due to the fact that the £999 fare basis was temporary and I should have been allowed a free change to a date with I class availability.

    I didn’t have time to argue with them as the flight was that day and I HUCA a few times so ended up asking for a travel voucher.

    According to fare rules I should have been allowed a change for fee under the current BA policy.
    Is there any point in taking it up with them now or is it too late?

    • Lady London says:

      check if having flown the outbound you would have been subject to normal ticket rules rather than BWC. Read the minutiae of BWC and your booking (fare) class rules.

    • Jonathan says:

      Free change means no change fees not no fare difference. However, having flown the outbound flight they should have priced your new flight on a historical basis.

      Assuming I class availability & the new date was within the dates of the 747 promotion then there should have been no fare difference. If the dates were outside 747 promotion window then £900 could be the correct sum. It’s a very difficult calculation & ideally you need an expert flyer subscription to review historical fares. The calculation would also need to be done by the back office ticketing team, if you were being quoted £900 by the customer services agent off the cuff then they were almost certainly not calculating correctly.

      Having taken a voucher you have probably forfeited your rights though. In future you need to insist they send to ticketing team for updated fare calculation.

      • Mco says:

        Jonathan I have EF and checked the fare basis. They should have changed it and I asked them to speak to ticketing which they did but still asked for more money. The date change was only by a couple of weeks so within the promotion dates.

        Unfortunately I spent 3-4hrs on a few phone calls only to be told the same thing and the only option was to cancel or no show on flight which was later that day.

  • Mike says:

    Booked a BA CE LHR-IST for £180 during the sale previously. Meant to fly in January 2021 but got cancelled so I have an open dated ticket somewhat.

    1) Am I right to say I must travel within the next 6 months (I.e by July)?
    2) What happens if I book for say June, and I decide to change the dates (assuming BA dosen’t cancel)? Will I get another 6 months lifeline? Would I have to pay the fare difference as well?

    I guess I wouldn’t want to cancel to get a voucher as £180 was quite a good fare.

    • Jonathan says:

      To avoid a fight you need to pick new dates within 365 days of original ticketing (ie. the day you purchased). Flight date is irrelevant.

      Shunting flight forward to June won’t extend the window another 6 months.

      You may be able to change flight yourself beyond this window through manage my booking although this may have disappeared now you are beyond date of original flight. The phone agents will stick to 365 days regardless.

      Once you’ve made 1 free change after a cancellation that’s it, you’re then treated the same as if your original flight hadn’t been cancelled so pick dates carefully.

      This advice is all caveated with the proviso that you may be entitled to rebook beyond 365 days under EU261 but it will require a battle with BA & potentially small claims court. Depends if you’re up for that fight over £180.

      • Mike says:

        Thanks for this, very helpful. Will see how it plays out closer to the summer when there’s more clarity on travel restrictions.

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