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The HfP chat thread – Thursday 4th March

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We are running this daily chat thread on Head for Points during the coronavirus outbreak.

Historically, the daily ‘Bits’ articles were the de facto repository for random comments and questions.  With the news flow being lighter, we are running fewer ‘Bits’ articles.

The comments under this article are where you should post questions about travel and, indeed, anything else on your mind.  At this tricky time, and given that many of you are at home, we want the HfP community to have a place to chat.

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Comments (293)

  • MKB says:

    Is [email protected] the correct email for Marriott? My email from 8 days ago did not bounce, but has had no response. Does telephone work better?

    • KBuffett says:

      I’ve used Twitter @MBonvoyAssist and they’ve replied initially within minutes and a resolution in a couple of hours.

  • ChrisC says:

    Michael O’Leary not happy with the government.

    “[It] has been a PR stunt, shambolic and ineffective and plays no role in keeping out the Covid virus,” O’Leary told MPs on the transport select committee on Wednesday.“

    • BuildBackBetter says:

      When has he ever been happy?

      • Darren says:

        When Tiger Roll won the national. But I’d imagine that he’s not too please atm.

  • @mkcol says:

    Haven’t been able to login to Creation website for several days now, yet can use the app perfectly fine. Anyone else?
    Have tried different browsers from different locations.

    • Vin says:

      logged in yesterday to make a payment – worked fine

    • EwanG says:

      Creation website working fine for me, however Virgin credit card app saying there’s a problem and cannot log in. Good idea to have a single point of failure Virgin!!!

    • PaulW says:

      Got a site busy after putting in the texted multi factor authentication code. Like you app ok. You are not alone.

  • Secret Squirrel says:

    Anyone tried an Ernie payment today using a Bendy commercial card?
    Reports yesterday it was not working…

    • gareth says:

      Tried personal and that doesn’t work with either Barclaycard or creation

      • Rui N. says:

        personal is working fine for me

        • Secret Squirrel says:

          Anyone tried using a Bendy Commercial today as conflicting reports even on personal cards?

          • xcalx says:

            Yeah just did a transfer on a 9000 personal ok then tried business 9100 and that failed.

        • Anna says:

          Personal declined for me just now 😬

          • Anna says:

            Twice now, transaction showing completed on bendy but ernie saying declined.

          • H says:

            @Anna – same thing happened to me. Has your underlying card been charged? My “available” credit has been reduced although could be a temporary hold.

        • Alex says:

          Personal just worked OK for me

          • Jonathan says:

            £300 went through fine, £1000 declined. Metal personal backed by Creat

          • Anna says:

            That’s making me wonder if they’ve reinstated the £700 pw limit on Creation cards. I’ll wait till next week then try again.

          • Alex says:

            Transaction was for more than 700 on a Creation card

      • Aston100 says:

        Interconty > Personal Bendy > Sandy Bondies
        Working fine for me (for now?).

    • Red Flyer says:

      Declined last night and again this morning on my blue commercial with IHG behind.

      • Tanya says:

        My personal bendy hasn’t worked with Ernie all week. Also not working with vanguard.

        • Rachel R says:

          I didn’t realise you could use it with vanguard. Have you done it successfully before with no charges? If so, which underlying card did you use?

    • KP says:

      I did try to register on Ernie and make a payment using Metal Bendy and it comes up as invalid card number. I have sent an email an hour ago to the support.

      • Chrisasaurus says:

        Yes good idea, make sure to explain in full what you’re trying to do so they’re aware and have it in writing that it’s happening just in case they aren’t shutting it off already

        • TGLoyalty says:

          What’s to explain OP is trying to use their debit card and it’s not working …

    • Mike P says:

      Looks like manufactured spend opportunities with Curve are coming to an end.

      • Garreth Todd says:

        Having all sorts of issues with Bendy (commercial card)
        Failed to pay off the seagulls and failed to pay to Ernie … (last night & this morning)

      • Rob says:

        I paid £2500 of VAT yesterday with no problems.

    • Benilyn says:

      What error do you get? I have a corporate I just tried and get invalid card 🙁

  • Tony says:

    Hi All

    I have a flight booked to Tokyo in early May with BA. It looks likely this will be cancelled but does anyone know the likely date when BA will cancel it? (or not!) I can’t find much info on the Web. Thanks

  • Chris Heyes says:

    Rob, Not sure if today is the last day to buy “Hilton” points in their current offering
    Thought you’d have put a reminder out “buy or not” as you usually do when offers are expiring (I appreciate another will soon appear, but it’s not a guarantee)
    Myself I’m still debating whether to jump in and buy some, for my Dubrovnik trip next year, almost 500k without any buying, but will require 2 rooms at 5 for 4 points rate Plenty time for me.
    Anyone done the 5 for 4 at Imperial Dubrovnik ?

    • Harry T says:

      Another Hilton sale will appear in about two weeks, I imagine! I think it’s worth looking at the cash rates for the hotels, as I’m findings many are low due to covid.

      • Chris Heyes says:

        Harry T Thanks, yes I’m sure your correct regard’s sale
        My Hilton Imperial isn’t until Aug 2022 though hoping covid behind us by then
        my dilemma is i already have just below 500k in points and need two rooms because Daughter wants to come with us (+ 2 grand kids) So need to try and work out points cost for family room for those 3, plus room for 3 of us as well
        This is the 1st time we have booked peak periods as well Gr
        May and Sept are our travel months occasionally Jan
        Long while since abroad with kids/grandkids must admit “NOT” looking forward to it, but she asked if she could come, couldn’t say no could i
        not only that we normally go for 3/4 weeks she can only go for 2 weeks as she is a key worker (i thought of putting them on plane after 2 weeks but partner won’t allow it !

    • Rob says:

      It’s tomorrow I think.

  • Craig says:

    Booked outbound to Singapore in First, has anyone had any experience recently of using You First to add the return at T-355. Return will be from Bangkok in CW.

    • Andrew says:

      Interested in your thoughts about when Singapore might open to tourists.

      • Craig says:

        This is for Feb 22, hoping that international vaccine certificates will allow some level of normality by then. Fairly confident that myself and the boss will have receive both doses and a booster by then. Only booking fully flexible hotels and Avios flights until much closer to the time. Plan at the moment is Singapore, Siem Reap then either Malaysia or Thailand for some beach time. Preferably the latter because it removes flights from Kuala Lumpur to Langkawi because I can get a transfer to Hua Hin which is where I’m thinking in Thailand.

        • Andrew says:

          Sounds great. And yes I think by Feb you should be fine – this year I’m thinking it’s unlikely to be possible unfortunately.

          • Craig says:

            Ten days booked in Tenerife for late September, hoping that Europe will be in a decent place by then? Before that it will be all UK travel.

        • Dave B says:

          Interesting just moved my Swiss 241 to Singapore for Feb 22 as well. Had searched out Phuket but now set me thinking on Hua Hin.

        • Zoe says:

          Hi Craig we used a great guide (via Selective Asia ) in Siem Reap, he is currently on a scholarship studying Tourism at Bournemouth Uni for a year. Obviously very bad timing for him, starting with 14 days quarantine then all the lockdowns. We live not too far away so delivered him food and bedding care package on his arrival. Anyway let me know if you would like his details for your trip.

          • Craig says:

            Hi Zoe, yes please if you still see this. Craig at strickers dot co dot uk. Funnily enough, we had a guide in India who has just started studying in Manchester. It’s not local but only an hour away by train from where I stay when working away. Hoping to get to see him in the summer.

          • Zoe says:

            Craig, I’ve sent you an email.

        • Fred says:

          international vaccine certificates? There’s no such thing (nor will there be in Feb 2022)
          I suspect you’ve been reading too many tabloids.

      • BP says:

        I am hoping late Sep / Early Oct for the F1 GP.

        • Sam G says:

          F1 unlikely unfortunately. Singapore is virtually COVID zero and any travel deals will be reciprocal with their nearby neighbours first. They haven’t even managed to restart a proposed bubble with HK due to their ~five unlinked cases per day despite multiple tests being required in each direction. Even if it goes ahead Singapore still has stringent controls in place around alcohol consumption after 10.30pm, mask wearing, capacities (e.g. pre book a 1hr per day slot at the pool ) as part of their “Phase 3” which they consider the “new normal” so it really wouldn’t be the best time to go anyway unless there was a big relaxation

          After they’ve vaccinated their population I imagine the next stage will be to allow business travel and then potentially residents / pass holders to go outbound maybe by Xmas. Inbound tourism from Europe/US etc will be low priority for them, it isn’t a big revenue driver in the scheme of things. Thailand is a different story, I’m pretty sure we’ll be travelling there in some form before the year is out

          • Polly says:

            Well we hope we can transit in Nov, got F 241 to SIN. Our KUL cancelled. So hope we can get out to `HKTor `Bali. Both countries looking at GREEN ZONES for tourism. Fingers crossed they might vaccinated tourists to transit.

      • Aston100 says:

        I reckon Christmas should be do’able.
        Singapore are almost certainly capable of getting their entire population (under 6m?) vaccinated by then.
        Our own adult population are well on target to have received both jabs by Christmas too.

    • AJA says:

      I think YouFirst will do that for you. Not sure they are open at midnight though?

      • Craig says:

        Thanks, I’ll book using full Avios and ring You First in the morning.

        • Jill (Kinkell) says:

          Yes..they are open at midnight . as I used them the other day

  • Sam G says:

    Does anyone know if your Easyjet flight is cancelled do you need to pick another flight before you were originally due to depart? I’ve had some April flights cancelled, happy to rebook but I don’t want to pick a date yet and unlikely to want to until after April

    • Matthew says:

      If it’s fully cancelled and not just switched to another flight on the same day then there is no rush to change. I had a cancelled flight sit ‘available to change’ for 4 months after the original flight date. But that’s because the whole flight was cancelled and I wasn’t auto switched to another flight. That’s what you have to check as that may be a no show otherwise.

      • Harry T says:

        That’s really good to know, Matthew. I want to use my Prague and Barcelona cancelled flights for alternatives next year but they aren’t available to book yet. Should I be able to leave it until after the original flight dates have passed? The flights are fully cancelled and not rebooked.

      • Sam G says:

        Thanks. They originally switched to another flight but now that’s been cancelled and there isn’t anything there, so sounds like I’m good then 🙂

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