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The HfP chat thread – Tuesday 9th March

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  • TGLoyalty says:

    It’s a maximum of £44 as you get 20% back on max £110 spend per month

  • Anuj says:

    Does cancelling an Amex card and having the credit limit transferred to another existing Amex trigger a credit check ?

    • TGLoyalty says:

      Did you transfer before you cancelled?

      • Anuj says:

        I haven’t done it yet. Was looking for advice first

        • TGLoyalty says:

          A transfer does not launch a credit check.

          Transfer well before you want to cancel.

          • Bobri says:

            Could you please elaborate on why well before? Tranferred limit today, didn’t really think about timing the cancelation

          • TGLoyalty says:

            By well before I just meant don’t do the transfer and the cancellation on the same call.

            Wait for the limit to transfer etc.

            Plus I just don’t like it to seem like I’m gaming the system even if both side know full well I am.

    • Vit says:

      Don’t think transfer credit limit will trigger credit check. I did transfer most of my BA card to the gold card right before cancelling the BA card without problem and done in the same call.

      • BJ says:

        It doesn’t.

        • Harrier25 says:

          I know it doesn’t. When I closed my Gold card a few months ago, Amex CS offered to transfer the credit limit to my ARCC linked to the same account. I accepted the offer and bow have a credit limit of £22,000. No credit searching was involved.

  • AviosNewbie says:

    I tried making a payment to HMRC yesterday via Bendy, but got the message on HMRC website that the payment had failed. However, I got an approved message on the Curve app and the amount is now also showing up on my underlying credit card account. And HMRC has no record of receiving the money. Has anyone else faced a similar issue? What do I do?

    • Peter K says:

      It will refund to the underlying card in a few days. You don’t need to do anything to get the refund.
      As for curve failing…who knows? It seems to be doing this for a large number of us for no good reason. Curve support avoided my question on it in curve support.

      • AviosNewbie says:

        that’s terrible! I am paying for Metal because it has fronted, and HMRC is specifically listed as a benefit (or at least it was when I upgraded to metal). Avoiding questions is no good. I’ll try again tomorrow.

    • Jonathan says:

      I chatted with support and got this reply from them

      “It seems that the 3DS version used by the merchant might be incompatible with the version implemented by Curve. Let me assure you that we’re currently investigating this issue with the relevant team and we’ll get back to you as soon as we have any updates.

      Just to manage your expectations, we don’t have a set timeframe to resolve this for you at the moment and I’d suggest using an alternative payment method for this transaction.”

      • Harrier25 says:

        Good old Curve. A bunch of Financial Cowboys!! 😂

      • JP-MCO says:

        I had issues making a payment to HMRC at the beginning of January using Curve Metal and was told by that support that it was due to a “3DS authentication timeout”. They advised me to make sure the iOS app was completely closed (not just suspended) and to wait for the in app notification before opening the app to authenticate the transaction. I don’t think this was what ultimately resolved my issue as the time it actually worked I had left the app suspended in iOS but I was able to make the payment 2-3 hours later. If Curve started telling me that fronted transactions to HMRC were incompatible with their setup and there was no timescale for resolution my account would be closed swiftly. That’s why I pay for the service. The service at Curve has been hit and miss the last year or so. I find I get a much better response time replying to previous email interactions with them rather than sending a new one.

  • MilesOnPoint says:

    Marriott Gold (via Amex Platinum) data point

    I had not previously received elite nights rolled over from Marriott Gold status in 2020 due to receiving as an Amex Plat benefit, however today I’ve had 13 elite nights added to my account

    • Blair says:

      25 nights for Gold. 13 = half the nights required from Gold. A lockdown gift from Marriott. Don’t question why you didn’t receive last year; just be glad it happened this year.

      • MilesOnPoint says:

        Thanks for the shade but I wasn’t questioning anything nor offering sour grapes.

        I received the 50% night award last year. As Rob said in a previous article: this year they hadn’t, until now, posted 50% elite nights to anyone who received Gold via Amex rather than earned status. I was providing an anecdotal example that they are now doing so. Hope you enjoyed being on your soap box @blair

  • gary says:

    Ive got a few BA queries here that i would be grateful for help on:

    1. BA recently cancelled a flight that involved a 2-4-1 voucher, avios and £100 of fees/taxes. I phoned two days ago to ask for a refund. Usually the Avios and Voucher are put back into the account immediately and the credit card refund follows days or a couple of weeks later.

    But i haven’t received anything. am i too assume they haven’t done it or made a mistake or are they simply asking a long time for this kind of thing now?

    2. I have today heard from BA that my flights to Faro in June have moved from LGW to LHR. i haven’t accepted the changes yet.They are 2x business class seats for which i paid £961. Am i entitled to a full refund if i don’t accept the changes? and presumably i would need to phone them to request it?

    3.Looking at the site the same flights that I have been asked to accept are costing £637 in total. `Seems a little bit sneaky of BA to try this on. I am hoping i can cancel and simply re-purchase or perhaps they will refund the difference if i phone them?

    appreciate any advice.cheers

    • pauldb says:

      Refunds are often a bit slow. My last one took a week but I was told up to 4.

      BA will give you a refund for a switched flight. I actually think they could put up more fight, but they don’t. If you want to rebook a cheaper flight, you’ll have to claim the refund.

      • ChrisC says:

        I’ve never had BA ‘put up a fight’ on a refund for an airport switch.

        So if gary still wants to go to Faro for the now lower price he can claim the refund and rebook. It’s too complicated for BA to do a partial refund – which would take some time to process because it would go to the manual queue whereas a full refund is essentially an automatic process

  • gary says:

    The cash part i accept is slow, but the avios return and in this case voucher too are normally instant. This time nothing after 2 days?

    • RT says:

      I’ve had different experience. For a BA cancelled flight (Avios + tax):

      21th Dec Refund requested
      4th Feb money back
      9th March (today) avios back

      So the Avios part was a lot slower. I did query this when I got the money back and they eventually replied yesterday with “PNR has been sent to avios queue to refund the applicable avios.”, so maybe the nudge helped.

      • kitten says:

        Ho hum this is really quite entertaining when the law says they have to refund you within just 7 yes, 7! days for any flight they cancel.

        Most of us are happy to give them, say, 30 during Covid but not getting the feeling much effort is being made by BA to even aim to refund so many people within 30 days let alone 7.

        The key seems to be request your refund during core British working hours to avoid the refund you are due landing in the queue for an offshore team.

  • BJ says:

    According to MSE £2Billion was invested in PB in a month! Might explain a lot of chatter recently, and I’d love to know what the HfP share was and how much was bent 🙂

    • Secret Squirrel says:

      And we wonder why the routes been shit down. Even if MS accounted for only 1% that’s a fair wack.

  • George1976 says:

    “ Overseas spectators will not be allowed at this summer’s Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic games, it has been reported.

    The games have already been postponed for a year due to the COVID-19 pandemic and organisers were hopeful international visitors would be able to attend.

    However the Japanese government has said welcoming fans from abroad would not be possible given public concern about the coronavirus and the spread of variants from other countries, the Kyodo news agency said”

    Not even remotely a surprise

    • BJ says:

      Thanks, I called that right then but no surprise as you say. @Harry T, sorry looks like another trip came unstuck but at least you can enjoy planning another.

      • Harry T says:

        @BJ I was already resigned to the fact. Thanks for the condolences. I’m sure I’ll find my way there next year.

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