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The HfP chat thread – Thursday 1st April

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We are running this daily chat thread on Head for Points during the coronavirus outbreak.

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  • Wally1976 says:

    Anyone know if I request a refund from Octopus Energy, does it go back on to credit card or into current account? Thanks

    • Daniel says:

      Current account – from my experience earlier this week.

    • Bigmaggot says:

      Mine went back to my card!

      • Wally1976 says:

        Oh :-(. I’ll avoid that for now then!

        • The real John says:

          Just be patient. If you have overpaid, after a month or so, your octopus account will actively offer to refund you – a link appears which explicitly says “refund to bank account”

          I joined at the start of September, with my set DD to £5 (entered low annual usage). The following figures are made up but roughly right:

          In October I entered meter readings and went to -£80, then I topped up £300 leaving £220 + £100 referral credit was added.

          After December meter readings my balance was £150 or so (incl referral credit) and a link appeared to refund this to bank leaving £0 balance.

          In January I used £100 and I topped up £300 again leaving £200 balance.

          By March I had used another £150 leaving £50 which they again offered to refund to bank.

          Today I’ll enter more meter readings and probably go to -£60 and top up again.

  • h1jfg says:

    Sorry if this question has already been asked and answered. To qualify for a Barclays Premier account do you have to have your salary switched to be paid into the new Premier account. Do they enforce this?

    • Rob says:

      They want to see money going in, yes. You can transfer it from another bank account to Barclays if you wish.

      • h1jfg says:

        Thanks Rob. Does the amount matter? Does it need to be equivalent to at least the £75K salary criteria?

  • Pablo says:

    Do Morrison’s sell Currys/PCWorld gift cards and if yes, what is the maximum denomination please?

    • mark2 says:

      Probably, but they definitely sell One4All which can be used at Currys max £150.

      • Jonathan says:

        One4all is a bit of difficult gift card since you have to get the balance to zero to avoid fees, which means paying exactly what’s on the card. Some merchants can do part payment via gift card(s), and credit card / cash, some can’t depending on their software

        • Anuj says:

          The card is basically anonymous, once the fees start and there’s only a few pence left who are they going to even go after?

    • 747_Brat says:

      I have purchased Currys gift cards from Morrison’s in the past, so they definitely sell them. I think the max denomination is £100, or at least that was the maximum denomination available at my local Morrison’s. But Currys allows you to use up to 10 gift cards per transaction. So you should be all right. Link to this information on Currys official website is here:

      If you can’t find Currys gift cards in your local Morrison’s, One4All can be an option. But I will be careful with them because you can’t use them to split the payment online. But you probably can in-store.

    • Jonathan says:

      I bought a £2k TV with Curry’s GC’s from Morri’s on Black Friday 2019. Had to call Curry’s CS to get them merged onto 1 card though as I had a mix of £50 & £100 cards & online will only accept max 10 GC’s per transaction.

      I noticed they had lots of £100 Curry’s cards in stock on two trips to M’s last week so should be fine.

  • AnotherUser says:

    Hilton Glasgow may not be reopening till May – sounds like early May is likely. I was expecting a rush on hotels when things reopened in Scotland, but Glasgow hotel rates just after restrictions (hopefully) relax in late April/early May are a fair bit lower than usual.

    • GERRY says:

      What do you think of Hilton Glasgow, are you referring to City Centre or Grosvenor?

    • Peggerz says:

      I have used my Ambassador 40k free night to book Kimpton Blytheswood in late April as it has to be used by 31/4/21 as it does not look like this is being extended.
      Glasgow museums are re-opening on 26/4 and it’ll be pot luck as to what is open for food/drink in the city at that time. Cash prices are reasonable for this time.

  • Charlieface says:

    Does anyone know a phone provider that doesn’t do credit checks or report to any of the CRAs?

    Asking for a friend…

  • AnotherUser says:

    Yotel in Edinburgh and Glasgow is £45/night for lots of May on That gets you a refundable B&B booking. Some nights you might get better booking direct with Yotel.

    That’s very cheap for modern, well-designed city centre hotels. Very small rooms, though – I guess there’s not much demand for this type of hotel at the moment.

  • Harry says:

    Quick Question. I had redemption tickets to the Seychelles in First on BA for 2 people. Flights were cancelled due to covid. BA cancelled route entirely. Requested EC261 rerouting at a later date at the passenger’s convenience, was refused several times (and given the 1y expiry time, which was a mere few weeks after we were due to travel). Issued MCOL for replacement flights in First on another airline. BA defended. BA now finally offering reroute via Qatar in business as a settlement. I’d argue that it isn’t comparable transport conditions and I am entitled to First on a different airline, i.e. Emirates/Ethiad? If I accepted reroute in Business, I’m not sure I’d get the downgrade compensation either?

    • J says:

      Useful data point, thanks Harry. I’m in a similar situation, though BA have yet to respond – useful to know what they might come back with. Could you counter with an offer to accept the Business Class flights (assuming you’re happy to) so long as they additionally/simultaneously refund you the 75% fare difference for downgrade? (i.e. they pay it up front at the same time as providing the tickets, rather than you having to claim post-flight). Plus your MCOL costs and statutory interest ot course.

  • Peter K says:

    Thank you for whoever the other day gave out the Steak10 code for Donald Russell. Just used it and I am very grateful.

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