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The HfP chat thread – Wednesday 21st April

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  • ComeFlyWithMe says:

    Hi all. If a BA flight has been moved (due to original flight being cancelled) and they are saying i can book 365 days out from the original booking date, do i need to choose the new date before the flight they have moved me to? Or can they note in their system that we will not take the new suggested flight (to avoid being a ‘no show’) and we ring later to advise new date? Flight is on 29th April so clearly won’t be travelling then (but plan to move to Aug/Sept once the situation becomes clearer, but not sure what date just now…). Thanks in advance!

    • Rob says:

      Could get messy if you don’t decide by 29th April – not sure if BA automatically issues a voucher at that point? Genuinely don’t know though.

    • Lady London says:

      Yes that will be fine. Phone and tell them you will be taking your option of rerouting/ rebooking to a later date. State you will need some time to work out and rearrange things so you will call them. No you don’t have to call them with new date before your original date/whatever other flight they proposed instead. This is just so they wont book you as a no show. Then hang up.

      If on your eventual call some time later to rebook/reroute to your new chosen date that works for you, you get any rubbish about having to rebook within, say, two weeks of the date they cancelled your flight on, this is a poorly trained agent unit it’s not true. Come back here or read the daily thread back to find your options.

  • Chris says:

    I saw a comment the other day that seemed to reference some previous comments (that i’ve been unable to find) that suggested there may be something in the offing that could make retaining the Amex Bonvoy appealing. I’m right on the bubble of cancelling just now and trying to decide if it’s worth holding on for a few weeks if there’s possibility of anything extra coming

    • Dan says:

      I think it was the opposite. Folk suggesting that canceling would be more appealing as there changes to the card.

      No details yet – just speculation as I don’t believe Rob/Rhys has all the details yet.

      • Rob says:

        We have no details.

      • TGLoyalty says:

        Don’t understand why cancelling will make any difference because you’ll be ineligible for any bonus.

        • Chris says:

          Cos I was thinking any announcement may have been related to loyalty bonus (it is a paid for travel related card with zero benefits for last year after all) rather than a joining offer

          • TGLoyalty says:

            Rhys was suggesting it was worth cancelling now. So doesn’t sound like a loyalty bonus.

            Tbh I’m keeping mine as any Marriott offer on my 4 cards will outweigh £75 a year card fee and I can’t be bothered ordering that many supps again lol

          • Rhys says:

            We don’t know what it is yet

  • Clive says:

    I know it’s on the Red List but for later this year there are QR flights to DXB for £1142 out of LHR. Might be of interest to some.

    • Andrew says:

      Yes a decent deal and a good way to pick up a few extra tier points compared to BA. Although DOH-DXB-DOH is now marketed as business rather than first so it’s 40TP way way rather than 60TP previously.

  • rob says:

    Anyone know the best way to get daily curve spend allowances upgraded with Curve?
    Im a metal card holder for 2 years and atm allowed 4500 per day.
    9000 would be ideal

    • ComeFlyWithMe says:

      Try to max out your limits with ‘good’ spend (i.e. the type of spend they want). And then when you max out, message them in the app to say you need a higher limit as you can’t do payments you need to make (eg to use their FX rates). If it’s all ernie/bernie/cc payments, then i wouldn’t expect much luck. Was easier to get upgrades when the 30 day limits existed tbh, as those were easier to trigger with legitimate spend and then request an increase from.

      • rob says:

        I put a mixture through I suppose, this is for a car though and the dealer will only take debit card and I don’t fancy doing 2 trips.
        The car is 7500 so would be a nice points grab.
        Thank you for the info and reply.

        • Reney says:

          When I brought my car, the dealer wouldn’t accept Curve. They never seen one before and didn’t care it said debit card.

          • The real John says:

            Why did they need to see the card? Just put it in the machine, or use it on your phone.

          • Anuj says:

            Ridiculous I’d have refused the purchase

        • Genghis says:

          Curve has been known to temporarily increase limits. Ask.

    • Harrier25 says:

      Curve CS informed me last week that £4,500 is the max daily limit on a personal card and to have a £9,000 daily limit it must be a business card.

      • Nadeshka says:

        Definitely not true. I have a personal card, never had the business and have a £9k daily limit and have spent over £5k on a single day without issue.
        I found my limits increased a few months ago along with a lot of others without asking.

      • James says:

        Put £5k through Curve personal card (IHG underlying) at beginning of this month, no problem, at car dealership.

      • KS says:

        I have £9000 on a personal blue card.

  • Andrew says:

    When *aren’t* the airline and hotel programmes offering bonus miles when purchasing – they are so overpriced that they always do these promotions, even in “normal” times.

  • M says:

    Silly question maybe: let’s say I am close to my credit limit, say I can only use £100 and try to buy something for £200.

    What happens then?

    Is my transaction simply declined? Or does something unpleasant happen, like immediate fees or even account closure?

    Does it differ depending on the credit card I am using and perhaps the amount?


    • Dani says:

      I have seen examples where it is authorised to allow the card company to then charge you a fee….and a nice report to your credit file.

      If they decline it then they make no money…

      I would strongly suggest a request to increase your limit than run the risks above.

    • Sam says:

      I timed a payment badly with HSBC WE and went over the limit by a couple of hundred. Bill went through, £12 fee for the privilege, payment appeared the next day and dropped back under the limit

      • Joseph Heenan says:

        I don’t know if it is still the case but a few years ago if you went over your limit with HSBC WE it would prevent you from earning any points for that whole billing month as they viewed it as a breach of your agreement with them.

    • Ken says:

      Depends, but if your record is good it’s likely to go through.

      Your account is then in default and you are likely to be charged a fee (£12 – £20 ?). Can also mean that any balances that are zero rate for (say) 12 months as a result of a balance transfer now start to incur interest at standard rate (eg 18%).

      Will also affect you credit score.

      Avoid doing it

  • YC says:

    Is it true Amex don’t do hard credit checks on existing customers?

This article is closed to new comments. Feel free to ask your question in the HfP forums.

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