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The HfP chat thread – Monday 10th May

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We are running this daily chat thread on Head for Points during the coronavirus outbreak.

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  • egold says:

    is anyone else having trouble with curve? it won’t let me change the underlying card.
    It keeps flashing – sorry there was a problem with your request

    • Josh says:

      Yes same issue here

      • egold says:

        just got this from CS agent:
        Thanks for letting us know about this issue. It seems we are experiencing some technical issues with our app at the moment which is preventing our customers to use it effectively if at all.

        Rest assured, we are looking into this with our engineering team and as soon as we have an update you’ll be sure to know via email or through the app. I’m sorry for any inconvenience this is causing in the meantime.

      • Asim says:


  • James says:

    It seems a lot of people are planning on flying to Portugal then driving to (say) France, because the land borders (Portugal->Spain->France) are opening up/ will not check on nationality sooner than the permission for Brits to fly in direct.

    Good stuff – the old British ingenuity coming to the fore.

    • Bobri says:

      This is the way

      • Pete M says:

        I mean, sure, people will do this and Gibraltar/Spain and other combinations, but the vast majority of the general public doesn’t have wherewithal to pull these off, so the overall aim is achieved.

        • Tracey says:

          Gib/ Spain isn’t possible at the moment, unless you hold residency or passport of either or can prove you need to cross for work.

          • Russ says:

            Veeeeeeeeeeeeeeery little road holding Spain and Gib together. Then there’s paddling 🙂

          • Jake Taylor says:

            Not true. I do it every day, you just need to show your British passport. Residence card (which I have) or proof of employment no longer asked for.

    • Sandra says:

      Could be a bit risky though if the French or Spanish police decide to set up random road blocks and check passports. I can imagine the French police especially will relish spotting a Portuguese number plate and finding Brits travelling in it – on the spot fine possibly and immediate return to Portugal?!

      • Pete M says:

        Spain, France and others are likely to be welcoming Brits long before they get on the UK government’s green list, so I wouldn’t see this as a problem.

        • Jonny O says:

          Yes agreed, but I am a little surprised Spain hasn’t already allowed non essential travel from the UK esp given that the UK covid situation should be viewed favourably. With Portugal /Greece / Italy getting ready to welcome UK travellers, Spain is an outlier. My planned trip to Spain next week is most likely a little ambitious, but hopefully sooner rather than later.

          • Sam G says:

            Spain has already said no entry until May 31 for non-EU citizens except for essential reasons but I’d imagine it’ll be OK after that

    • Sam G says:

      Unlikely you’ll need to do this as these places will let you in. What people may bother to do is travel home via Portugal – but now that passport stamping is widespread at entry Europe you’ll need to be very careful you don’t get caught up lying about your whereabouts for the prior 10 days to UKBF….

      • Pete M says:

        You are a step ahead of most, Sam G. People do really need to consider this! I am not sure how much time Border Force will spend looking through passports, but this could absolutely land you in trouble. Multiple passports (UK or from foreign lands) are not a bad idea, but may be taking this game a bit too far!

        • Sam G says:

          A flick through looking for a Portugal stamp I’d imagine is pretty likely & I’d imagine a lot of peoples passports currently don’t have many stamps in at all so a French one is going to stand out.

          I do in fact have two passports (long story involving a washing machine and one of those non-changable non-refundable BA Club World tickets!) but you’d still then be stampless, though that’s probably easier to explain away

        • James says:

          Yes but just imagine you’re a Brit with a second home in France or Spain but no residency rights. You got stuck in UK over winter. You’re 70.

          You have a limited number of years left to enjoy the second country you love and have set up a base in. Every day, every week, every month matters – you absolutely prefer to live in your second home in summer. It’s already May 10th, spring has sprung and your garden is overgrown.

          Wouldn’t you try to find a way to get there and enjoy the summer?

          • Pete M says:

            For up to 90 days at a time, of course!

          • Memesweeper says:

            I don’t think the UK gov is going to stop you getting there. Just don’t come home without tests and quarantine.

          • Chris Heyes says:

            James Well yes when you reach 70 you might only have weeks left or days even lol

          • James says:

            @ Pete – yes but many Brits didn’t get round to sorting out residency rights whilst UK was in EU. I didn’t sort mine out until last year. So they’ll go back this year and be more focused – as obviously you’d want the best 6 months in your place abroad, not 3 months – gap 3 months – back 3 months.

            I don’t think in most EU countries it’s that difficult to arrange, mine was about 30 mins.

            @ Chris Heyes – I’m sure you have a good 30 years left in those legs judging by active brain ho ho

          • Jonathan says:

            My parents are both mid 70’s, fully vaccinated & have a house in Italy they haven’t been to since November 2019. I can assure you they would love to get out there but they absolutely won’t be until it’s kosher. They’re too old & (?respectable) to be sneaking across borders in the dead of night.

            At their age they’re very aware that a health issue could pop up at any time & needing to use local health services/travel insurance when they would be in a legal grey area is very off putting.

            Obviously if you’re Stanley Johnson & believe (possibly correctly) that Boris will send a gunboat to fetch you then it’s a different matter!

          • James says:

            I think it’s enough to understand that rules are for other people. I won’t say stupid people as that is insulting.

            If your parents have been vaccinated, they might as well be in Italy as UK.

            There’s no legal grey area if they have health insurance.

            Respectable? That’s just a silly argument.

            They sound like my typical 70+ people who love it living over the summer in their place abroad – but are scared to do that and treated like prisoners by the new UK police state.

          • James says:

            And it sounds as if they missed out on Summer 2020 in Italy – one of their last best summers in the country they love to spend summer in.

            Whoever advised them to stay in UK?

    • John says:

      great British stupidity that will likely lead to another lock-down -(
      The rules are there to protect us – but as always the few who want to avoid the rules will make it worse for all of us.
      Hopefully when we get through this, we can all look at ourselves and think we did our bit.
      My wife has been volunteering for the past 13 months for the NHS whilst furloughed from Virgin Atlantic. Maybe if you’d seen what the NHS went through at the peak of this you’d think twice about breaking the rules -(((

  • Roger C says:

    It was a struggle, but I finally had some joy with the Qatar ‘free’ teacher flights over the weekend. We were booked to SEZ for May half-term, and when they emailed last week to say that bookings could now be made until March 22 I tried to find a way to go in October – it could hapen…

    First problem was that I couldn’t find any availablility. Indeed Expertflyer was showing no W flights to (pretty much) anywhere and (pretty much) any time. In the end I rang Qatar.

    Initial response was not promising – just offered a refund. Next they denied all knowledge of the change of booking conditions. After a long hold the agent agreed to look for avilability and after several false starts and contradictory stories flights were found both out and back and the changes made.

    The agent then rang back to request a copy of the email changing the end date to March 22, but didn’t seem to be receiving it. He sent me new e-tickets, but I received three for my wife – one with the old dates and two with the new – and none for myself. The good news is that MMB does show the new flight time.

    The agent promised to ring back with confirmnation and to check that I received my e-ticket, but I’m still waiting on that.

    So if anyone else on here has a similar ticket, it can – I think – be done. Good luck!

    • 747_Brat says:

      Thanks Roger for sharing your experience.

      I also have a teacher’s promo flight booked for Mrs. Brat. One leg of the flight has been cancelled by Qatar, but I can’t reschedule the flight online under MMB. Do I have to absolutely call to make changes to the booking or is there a way to do it online?

    • Aston100 says:

      Thanks for the info.
      We took a refund for ours.
      But then we got an email the other day with new codes allowing us to potentially book again, which was surprising.
      No W availability in school holidays as was largely the case previously, because this whole promo is misleading.

      • Roger C says:

        As I say – worth a call and persevering as availability did appear despite no W flights on expert flyer.

  • Ian says:

    Been a couple of weeks since reaching £10k spend on Platinum Business taken out in late March with no bonus posted. Initial inquiry about points via chat fobbed off with a claim that they had never heard of the promotion. How long should I wait?

    • Rob says:

      There are two issues here. One is spend not being counted properly and two is the wrong bonus arriving. Did you get a bonus at £6k spend? If so Amex has tracked your application wrongly. A call will get the extra 60k added.

      If you got nothing at £6k then Amex has counted your spend wrongly. A few people have had this problem. This is not one that Amex is currently admitting to, so you need to get a call centre person to go through the sums with you. Remember the fee doesn’t count.

      • Ian says:

        No bonus at all – just the underlying points at 1 per £1. Helpfully showing at north of 10k to prove the point that the spending has been done (even when excluding the fee). Will get on the phone in that case.

        • Mark says:

          Exactly the same here 15k in spend (after a small refund) and zero bonus points. Also had 5k points taken back that were awarded for adding a supp. Amex had no idea why the supp points were removed and have to wait 90 days for the 100k bonus points

  • Bob says:

    Anyone had any luck in extending a Hilton free night certificate? (Have one expiring 31st Aug this year) . Got it last year from a cancelled booking.

  • Bob says:

    Best Hilton honors property within/around London? Is the Conrad worth it – they have some good London hotel week offers which work out well especially with latest amex promo. Thanks

  • The Savage Squirrel says:

    Have a minor issue (reward night for past stay not credited). Virtual Chat refuses to connect me to an agent at any time of the day or night. Do they have any way to contact them other than via phone? Email address???

    • Genghis says:

      I’ve spoken to a handful of times on the phone. They’re v helpful.

  • EDT says:

    I had return flights booked to Jersey with BA that have been cancelled. I elected to take full refund which has been processed and money received, however, the flights are still showing in ‘manage my booking’ and now a phantom JFK-LHR flight has also been added. Anyone else experienced anything similar? I presumed that the Jersey flights would eventually disappear but now the addition this JFK flight has me a bit worried…should I be?

    • Sam G says:

      they sometimes add random sectors to keep the “PNR” alive whilst the refund goes through. Unfortunately there is no way to delete these bookings but you can safely ignore them!

    • Jay says:

      Call BA and check the passenger names and status of the JFK booking in case your account has or is in the process of being hacked.

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