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The HfP chat thread – Tuesday 11th May

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  • James says:

    The NHS App – it’s not the same as the Test & Trace App. You need this for vaccination passport page by next week.

    My GP surgery was quite useless in authorising data release (my data, not theirs) – took a few days of wrangling.

    So I suggest you download it, install it, then get your GP practice to allow access to medical record/ immunisations etc. ASAP.

    • bafan says:

      I have a U.S. App Store account and it took a while to figure out how to get this app. I applied on Saturday for my ID verification and I’m still waiting. Annoying AF.

      • Jody says:

        They say up to 3 working days to be verified, and both of ours took that.

    • ChrisC says:

      Legally it’s their data as they created the record.

      That it is about you does not make it yours.

      • James says:

        So that makes it OK for them to stop you accessing your vaccine passport page? (Which relies on them authorising you to see the data they hold about you regarding immunisations and acute medicines.)

        • ChrisC says:

          Have they stopped you getting access? You said it took some wrangling so you have access even if it wasn’t instant.

          Please remember that up until now very few people in the scheme of things were using the NHS app to access GP services and medical records so not all GP practices will be au fait with what is required. Plus they have all the other things they have to do without a sudden influx of people wanting access and the extra work that requires.

          I was pointing out that legally you don’t own records created by someone else even if they are about you.

          • James says:

            OK that’s a fair point. My GP practice girls didn’t have a clue as very few people had ever asked for access. Plus I also asked for access to another person’s record (which is allowed when authorised by the second party) and that really threw them.

            I suggest that unfamiliarity with the way to do things will be common in many GP practices. They are not IT experts.

            But you need access to your health record to see your vaccine passport page. Signing up for the NHS App isn’t enough: the GP practice then needs to grant you permission to see your data.

          • BuildBackBetter says:

            @James, am sure ensuring affluent people holiday abroad is at the top of priority list for GPs.

          • Lady London says:

            Quite surprised to see you say this @ChrisC as IIRC you mentioned having been a practice manager as my understanding is that patientd have a legal right to see theit medical records – certainly in the case of GP records and maybe more.

          • Anna says:

            LL – indeed, everyone has the right to see data which is held about them, except in certain circumstances where, e.g. national security might be compromised. The FOI Act had to be brought in so that people have a statutory means of accessing this data and institutions can be held accountable if they don’t provide it within a reasonable amount of time or withhold it without good reason.

          • bazza says:

            Yes, you have the right. Doesn’t mean you can access it on demand immediately – but unfortunately that’s what the demanding patients expect.

    • Aston100 says:

      My GP surgery have told me my entire household needs to come to the surgery in person, bringing two forms of photographic ID with them if we want to have access to the detailed medical records within the app.
      Seems a bit overkill.

      This same surgery have been doing their utmost not to see patients in person since March last year.

      • 1ATL says:

        Yes mine the same. Needed to complete a GDPR disclosure form…. which they’re currently not allowing because it’s not a viable reason to visit the surgery. Mine won’t email the form nor take part in any Zoom/Skype video call in order for me to verify the ID. I actually wanted to register mine for access to medical records and test results and not for the vaccine passport aspect. Have to say they’re pretty clueless. For example my GP surgery has gone to great lengths to post a YouTube video regarding how to setup the app but doesn’t tell people it’s pretty useless unless they authorise users to access their data…. which they won’t authorise. You can’t make it up.

      • John says:

        Change GP

      • MJ says:

        The dilemma is that healthcare professionals (and the wider NHS) recognise the concerns around data governance and security.

        While this concern is a challenge (for example, do the NHS spend enough on cyber-security etc.) it means that there are simple ways to make the data more secure (ie. ensure you are who you say you are before granting access to your records).

        Unfortunately there are plenty of examples where access to medical records causes issues.

      • @mkcol says:

        This was the same 5 years ago when I signed up to online services at my GP & I’d be happy to do so again – wouldn’t any old random accessing my records.

    • John says:

      Supposedly the “myGP” app will also show the vaccination status once you’ve had both shots, but I can’t independently verify that yet (as I’ve not). This app is also available in the international app stores.
      It also requires the same verification as the NHS app unfortunately. But, once you have one, you can use either app.
      The “myGP” app is ‘interesting’, as it allows you to pay for health services (can’t get a GP appointment with your own practice? Pay £49 and they’ll get you a private GP appointment ASAP) – presume that’s the direction of travel for the NHS if the current government has its way…

    • Graham says:

      Got mine uploaded last week had forgot I broke my arm in 1965 !!! Mind you it has no record of other instances ie gall bladder operation, knee operation and several rugby injuries that require stitches !!

    • Michael says:

      I got both phizer doses in USA, now back in UK how can I get the NHS app to recognize (Could my GP just add it to system and then it will show)?

      • Tracey says:

        Yes. If you had only had one Pfizer jab in the US they could even arrange for you to have the second here.
        They can and should add it to your records, for medical reasons, not just because you want to travel.

        • Pete M says:

          My experience was that even before I got full access to my records (took about 3 weeks and many emails) I could see my first jab in the ‘basic’ access mode (same for my husband). So give it a try – you may be lucky. It can be hidden under immunisations, prescriptions or basically anywhere.

  • Grateful says:

    Has anyone successfully applied for the International Dollar Card (IDC) in the last 2-3 weeks? Submitted an application 2 weeks ago, didn’t receive any updates, called the number, and was told by a pre-recorded message that they are currently unable to respond to IDC queries.

  • Nate says:


    Currently have Amex platinum business card and due to hit sign up bonus soon.

    It has been over 2 years since my wife last had Amex platinum (personal) and I had BA Amex so eligible for sign up bonus for both of them. I will be eligible for Amex platinum personal bonus in September (and wife just closed her BA Amex so will have to wait 2 years now).

    Which card is it better to apply for now – Amex plat (wife) or BA Amex for me? Also am I allowed to refer myself from platinum business to BA Amex (I think I remember reading it is frowned upon but not sure if same applies for business card)?

    • TGLoyalty says:

      Your wife because while you’re allowed to refer yourself it’s a silly thing to do now we know Amex looks at it and closed accounts.

      There maybe be a very low risk in the U.K. as they have t done it yet but there was a very low risk in America too until the day they closed accounts for doing it as long as 3 years ago.

  • Aston100 says:

    £50 off a £250 spend at Raddison Mercer Street, on my Platinum Amex.

    £100 off a £500 spend at the Shangri-La The Shard, on my Nectar Amex.

  • Voltron says:

    Tried to go for a final plat charge referral but got rejected, got email from amex saying max cards now limited to 4, I currently only have 3 credit cards? Not going to chase up as rather stay under radar:

    Thank you for your recent application for an American Express® Card. As a responsible lender, we continually review the maximum number of cards we offer to our customers to ensure both parties have a service that is appropriate and manageable.

    Currently, we only accept applications from customers who have less than four credit products with American Express®. Our records show that you do not meet this criteria and we are therefore unable to continue with your most recent application.

    If you would like us to reconsider your most recent application, you will need to close at least one of your current credit products. In order to do this, please call 0800 032 7404 quoting your application reference number at the top of this page and we will be happy to help.

    If, however, you would prefer to maintain your existing arrangements, then no further action is necessary.

    Once again, thank you for considering American Express® Card membership.


    New Accounts Department

    The office is open between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm, Monday to Friday

    • Crafty says:

      Reply correcting “less” to “fewer”. That’ll teach them.

      • Andrew says:

        That did make me shudder when I read it. Expected better from Amex.

        • Louie says:

          If they will only allow you to have fewer than 4 products, the maximum would be 3 I would have thought. So if you already have 3, you have the maximum already.

          • Youllnever says:

            That’s not how I interpreted it – I read this as “ we only accept applications from customers who have fewer than four credit product” e.g. three at the time of application, so once accepted, would be four in total.

  • Isaac Newton says:

    This problem is hurting my head and maths was never my strong point?

    In the Hilton current promotion

    Stay 2 nights get double points
    Stay 3 nights get triple points

    Assuming the hotels I book are the same price and I need 4 nights in a hotel

    Do I earn more points by booking 2×2 nights or 3 nights plus one extra night?

    Thank you

    • Rob says:

      Book a 4-night stay, you get triple points (promo is ‘3+ nights for triple’).

      • Isaac Newton says:

        Ahh okay thank you Rob 👍

        • WaynedP says:

          From the author of Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica …

          Love it 🙂

    • TGLoyalty says:

      If you stay in the same hotel it doesn’t matter how many bookings you make if they are all one after the other you will only ever get 1 stay.

      Hilton system is good at merging.

  • William J says:

    What to expect for a HSBC Premier account opening phone appointment?

    Applied for an account online but no record of application on the system as I have another product with them or something so they’ve booked a phone appointment.

    Can you pay in using another account?

    • Doug M says:

      A lot of them reading from a script and confirming you’re happy with it. Mine took over an hour and was really tedious.

      • Reney says:

        +1 mine was mainly about the terms of the travel insurance.

        • Aliks says:

          The interview will be a totally tedious waste of time. HSBC banking division are still locked into paper based account onboarding.

          From all their razzmatazz you would think that Premier status was something ultra special, but benefits are miniscule apart from the World Elite card, which has some “special” uses . . .

  • ayearinmx says:

    my Amex Business Gold card is about to hit the sign-up bonus, so I was going to cancel it…. but do i need something to keep my MR points alive in the meantime?

    also, am i correct in thinking that i can still sign-up for a Amex Personal Platinum card now? Although i can definitely wait if there is a good bonus around the corner….

    • TGLoyalty says:

      If you are eligible for a personal Plat (no Personal MR points earning card in past 24 months) then right now if the biggest bonus I’ve seen on that card.

      50k points for 4K spend if you are referred by someone.

    • Memesweeper says:

      Why not keep it until a year is up? Keeps the points alive and you’ll get a few offers along the way .

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