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The HfP chat thread – Thursday 13th May

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We are running this daily chat thread on Head for Points during the coronavirus outbreak.

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The comments under this article are where you should post questions about travel and, indeed, anything else on your mind.  At this tricky time, and given that many of you are at home, we want the HfP community to have a place to chat.

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Comments (339)

  • Phil says:

    I took out the Virgin Wine deal does anyone know how soon I will get the 2000 points? The wine was delivered on Monday.

    I’m not at all impressed with the Virgin Red app. I’ve shopped at Argos a few times through it and nothing has tracked. I did get 15,000 points for opening the Virgin Money bank account but also not the 500 bonus points for first using the app. Think I’ll stick to the BA shopping site in future which always tracks and gives points promptly.

    • Andrew says:

      Tracking is always a bit iffy. Especially if you click through from the App and it opens with the retailers app rather than the website.

    • Jay says:

      Virgin Money is excluded from the 500 bonus points for first using the app. I raised this with them and they sent chapter and verse on who was included… the front end wording is very misleading.

      • chabuddy geezy says:

        I agree the wording on the offer page is misleading. They sent me the 500 bonus points after I told them I would take Virgin Money to the Financial Ombudsman otherwise.

  • r* says:

    After I had put in a complaint to creation about the missing IHG free night (which is now over 6 months late) I had the written response which basically says they have been ‘unable to communicate with ihg for the time being’, that its an ‘ongoing delay in the night being awarded to all eligible customers’, that ‘both parties are working hard to get it rectified’ [but how can they be if they are unable to communicate with ihg?] and that while they cant confirm when the voucher will be given, they say it will be given.

    I’m not really sure what to do with this next, tho theres 6 months to take it to ombudsman. I was considering asking for them to cover the cost of a paid night in lieu of the cert?

    Its unbelievable that they cant get this sorted with a 5 minute call with ihg tho.

    • Jay says:

      My guess is that the affinity contract between IHG and SYGMA BANQUE Société ANONYME is just about up for renewal and the usual wranglings are taking place towards the end of the contract. Sygma have pulled out of all other affinity deals (football clubs, entertainment cards etc) as did MBNA after interchange reductions and the usual cash bun fight is taking place. Not sure how much longer Creation will be in the market for.

      • BuildBackBetter says:

        Oh dear. NS&I will have to increase interest rates to attract new money.

      • Lady London says:

        IHG free nights have been reported steadily not to be being credited when they should, as far back as February 2020 though.

        If they might not renew all the more reason to give them one last chance to credit you 40,000 while they’re investigating it, as they did for quite a few reporting here, otherwise just go straight to Ombudsman. Which will cost them about £750 in case handling fees.

    • Jimbob says:

      They have previously offered £150 for compensation while awaiting the delay free night award.
      I’ve taken them to the Ombudsman, who found in their favour, as they were actively trying to resolve the situation (10 months on). I’ve now given up on the free night voucher (now 15 months) but I’ve extracted my revenge in a different way.

      • r* says:

        I have been given the £150 delay compensation but the annoying thing is I was wanting to use the free night as part of a trip Im planning.

        LL – was that creation who had been giving the 40000 points or IHG? When I contacted IHG they absolved themselves of having any responsibility of anything to do with the card. Tho ihg support generally try absolve themselves of any responsibility for anything lol.

        Jimbob – if youve been waiting 15 months and you kept the card, did you end up being issued the voucher that shouldve been due 12 months after the one they didnt issue?

        • Jimbob says:

          Yes, strangely, I received my first and third anniversary free night voucher automatically, but never received my second year voucher. I guess their system “glitched” at some point

        • Lady London says:

          It’s Creation that are on the hook for it, not IHG. It’s linked to your financial product. Any difficulties Creation may be having with IHG are not your concern

      • Steven says:

        I had the same situation like you. I just booked the hotel paid with cash then escalated case to the ombudsman together with my hotel fee. it’s unbelieveable.

  • Tiger says:

    Got circa £10k to invest and looking for some investment ideas – shares, active/passive funds, ETFs et al. Any recommendations?

  • Aston100 says:

    Can someone kindly confirm that an Amex referral that has been showing as pending for the last two or three days would still qualify for the enhanced bonus & referral points if it gets accepted?

    • Anna says:

      I’m pretty sure the applicant had to be accepted by the 12th for the enhanced bonuses to apply – however many of us have found even better offers on some of our cards today, as discussed earlier so it might even work out better for you!

      • Aston100 says:

        Nah, it was a referral from a Plat, which today has dropped back down to 12k.
        My PRG on the other hand is offering 15k.

    • Louie says:

      Where does it show as pending?

  • Red Flyer says:

    Any idea how to get a good deal with Belmont Hotels – cannot see anything online so thinking of trying Emyr unless other suggestions? Planning to visit Iguaza Falls and this looks like the best place to stay for a special birthday celebration?

    • Rhys says:

      Give Emyr a message and see what he can do

    • The uncivil servant says:

      The Belmont is a perfectly acceptable 3* hotel if you are visiting a patient in St Marys, there’s no impressive waterfall to gaze at, on the other hand Belmond ….

    • Rory says:

      A word from someone who’s been. It’s incredible. The hotel is just a decent 5* hotel, but the fact you get access to the falls whenever you want, after everyone has been kicked out, is just insane. Enjoy it!

    • Rob says:

      Emyr has ‘Preferred Partner’ benefits at Belmond. Same price though.

    • Tracey says:

      I’ve stayed at the Melia when it was a Sheraton on the other side. Also gave access to the falls before and after the general public.

    • Nick says:

      We stayed in the Melia which was simply outstanding. If you go as a Red level guest you get lounge access with unlimited champagne and nibbles. It has really access to the falls. The infinity pool in the grounds is breathtaking.

  • Pablo says:

    Shangri La at The Shard London spend £500 get £100 back on my BA Amex

  • Mike says:

    What is the cheapest PCR test around (based in London)? Looking at flights to Lisbon and they’re dirt cheap on Ryanair but PCR test (x2) seems to be in the range of £160+?

    • Lady London says:

      Randox apparently google there are some codes about

  • IanM says:

    Are we expecting Hilton Executive lounges to reopen soon? I called a couple of hotels and they are making a decision after Monday’s announcements over easing restrictions. It’s a big negative for Hilton if you have diamond status when these are closed

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