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The HfP chat thread – Tuesday 25th May

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  • Tw33ty says:

    b&q amex offer showing on my amex card, thought one would pop up now they take amex.
    Nothing earth shattering, £5 off when you spen £40

    • BJ says:

      Very B&Q. My dad used to get frustrated with them because his local store tried to keep inventing excuses for why he wasn’t entitled to his OAP 10% Wednesday discount. Once the local competing Focus closed they absolutely refused to honour it.

    • Toaster says:

      Sign up to the B&Q club (free) and get £5 off when you spend £30

      Combined with the Amex offer that’s £10 off a 40 spend.

      • TGLoyalty says:

        £10 off £45 spend. The card has to be charged £40 so you’ll need to spend £45 before the £5 voucher.

  • BuildBackBetter says:

    Charles tyrwhitt new offer replaces old one.

    • Daniel says:

      Not seen that yet, which card do you have? I’ve already got a 25% code so could be a good stacking option…

  • Eligold says:

    A little bit of Avgeekery

    I’m about to take off on board Virgin 787-9 G-VNEW. (I love the registration) actually virgin’s first dreamliner.
    I was aware of the website thebasource but never realised there was also a thevssource website and it was fascinating (to boring old me) to read about the aircraft’s history.
    It really didn’t do much flying in its early years, probably due to engine issues.
    Anyway, time for take off and a real treat to be back in the air (in upper class)

  • Simon says:

    Hi any idea if Marriott are going to add a cash back offer on the Amex cards ie free BA ? I see numerous hotel chains currently have cash back offers on the BA free card , will Marriott be joining anytime soon ??

    • Andrew says:

      Marriott (a bit like Selfridges) seem to be playing hardball and not adding an offer while their competition has. Anyone’s guess if they will – could be any day now or never. Just wait and see really.

      • Andrew says:

        Selfridge’s 10% offers are still knocking around on LBG brands.

    • BuildBackBetter says:

      US Amex cardholders have received a $40 off $200 offer

    • Andrew says:

      I was looking at some potential Canada trips later in the year. One of the hotels was seeking 100,000 Marriott points for a 2 night stay for a room they were selling at under CAD$149.00 a night.

      It wasn’t anything special either.

      • TGLoyalty says:

        Marriott redemptions aren’t linked to cash prices.

        Sometimes it works in your favour, sometimes it doesn’t.

      • Mike P says:

        Yeah – back in the day when I was doing 80 or so nights a year in Marriotts, I used to find Oktoberfest in Munich used to be a great redemption.

        30k points for a decent Marriott instead of 500 EUR a night? Sign me up.

    • Harry T says:

      They’ll do one eventually. If I had to guess, I expect to see a Marriott Amex offer within the next month.

      • meta says:

        It seems the current spend £1500 for 1500 points is funded by Marriott. I have just received an email directly from Marriott about it.

        • Rob says:

          More likely to be funded by Amex, given that Amex is the one bagging the £75 annual fee and stands to lose most if you cancel your card. Marriott is happy to play along because they give a few quid off Amex when they buy your 1,500 points.

  • Pablo says:

    Is booking a £10 Ryanair flight out of the UK scheduled the following day after returning from an amber country an alternative to expensive pre-paid test package? What happens if despite my best efforts I miss the connecting flight and just stay at home? Any legal repercussions?

    • ChrisC says:

      No it’s not an acceptable alternative.

      It’s that kind of deliberate avoidance of the tests that make the current situation worse.

    • TGLoyalty says:

      What happens if despite my best efforts I miss the connecting flight and just stay at home? Any legal repercussions?

      You should buy the test package and take the day 2 and 8 tests!

    • Mike says:

      Pablo – behavior of an unacceptable kind – don’t even think about it. Like James going out for walks during his quarantine period because he got bored and thought the rules didn’t apply to him. # We are all in this together – one team – one fight

      • BuildBackBetter says:

        Someone will be posting here soon, claiming we are all bedwetters…

        • Tariq says:

          Someone just did, thanks for thinking of me!

          The hysterical responses to what started as a reasonably rational question (even if you don’t like the sentiment behind it) are really laughable.

          • Mike says:

            Tariq – not a laughing matter.

          • kitten says:

            Well Pablo has asked this question a few times. It’s clear he didn’t like the earlier responses so he’s trying again.

    • Rich says:

      Fine of up to £10k which will be fully deserved.

      I mean, if you genuinely had plans to leave the country straight away, but then had to change your plans you’d expect to have to test and quarantine, wouldn’t you?

    • Mr(s) Entitled says:

      Honestly, the now deleted comment really was the best response.

      • BSI1978 says:

        +1. Not sure why R&R thought it should be deleted.

      • TOBIAS L says:

        Oh god. I had been monitoring this one to see if any good answers crept up. Was it a valid way to circumvent it?

        Though to be fair I got my kicks from the “we’re all in this together” comment, bleated by sheep. Yeah sure let’s just continue p!$$!ng our lives down the drain at the whim of the some inept PM with no clue.

        • Mike says:

          Tobias – you are not special (you may think you are) – We are all in this together (you – are part of we)

        • kitten says:

          And meanwhile back at the ranch, I received an email from Lufthansa today that people travelling from the UK are not allowed into Germany due the Indian variant.

    • Simon says:

      Superb idea. Give that man a complimentary face mask…..

    • John says:

      The Health Protection (Coronavirus, International Travel and Operator Liability) (England) Regulations 2021

      Requirement to book and undertake tests
      6.—(1) This regulation applies to a person (“P”) specified in paragraph (1) of regulation 5 (requirements relating to tests) who—

      (b)intended to remain in England for less than two days after the day of their arrival but in fact remains in England for two days or more.

      (2) Where P is a person mentioned in paragraph (1)(b)—

      (a)the obligation under paragraph (3) to possess a testing package on arrival does not apply;

      (4) Where P is an adult who arrives in England without possessing a testing package required under paragraph (3), P must as soon as practicable obtain such a testing package.

      (8) Where P does not undertake a test as required by this regulation by reason of a reasonable excuse (see regulation 19(1)(c) and (4)), P must, as soon as practicable after the matters giving rise to the reasonable excuse no longer pertain, undertake a test (“a replacement test”) complying with the requirements that apply to the test that was missed.

      Schedule 8
      Requirement to self-isolate on failure to undertake a mandatory test
      (i)P fails to undertake a day 2 test, or

      (2) Where this sub-paragraph applies, P must continue to self-isolate in accordance with the relevant self-isolation provisions until the end of the 14th day after the day on which they arrived in England.

      (4) Where this sub-paragraph applies, P must self-isolate in accordance with regulation 2 of the Self-Isolation Regulations as if P had been notified under regulation 2A(1)(a) of those Regulations, on the date that P should have undertaken the day 2 test, that P had tested positive, until the earlier of —

      (a)the end of the 14th day after the day P arrived in England; or
      (b)the time that P is notified of the result of a test meeting the requirements of a day 2 test save as to the time at which that test is to be undertaken, that P has undertaken.

      Regulation 19(1)(c)
      5. Breach of regulation 6 (requirement to book and undertake tests)—

      (a)in the case of a fixed penalty notice issued in respect of a failure to possess a testing package in accordance with regulation 6(3), £1,000;
      (b)in the case of a fixed penalty notice issued in respect of a failure to obtain a testing package in accordance with regulation 6(4), £2,000;

    • Lord Doncaster says:

      Border Force know full well about this ‘trick’ and will come down on you faster than a lead balloon if you do miss your connecting flight.

      Why go on holiday if you can’t afford the tests?

      • Pete M says:

        Regardless of the morality of the idea, I find it extremely unlikely Border Force have the resource to be tracking this or indeed pursuing people because of it…

      • Yuff says:

        The quarantine is much more inconvenient than the tests, especially when your school has exams the week after half term!

  • TomH says:

    Does the government putting Hounslow on an essential travel only guidance list have any impact on travel?

    For example, travel insurance if you’re staying the night in an airport hotel?

    • Andrew says:

      Make sure your airport hotel is in Hillingdon rather than Hounslow to keep within the government guidance – but it’s not a legal restriction.

    • Anna says:

      If you live in one of these areas, you may want to be aware that a Bolton couple has reported having their Isle of Wight holiday cancelled by their hotel because of the address that appeared on their booking …

      • Rich says:

        IoW of the only destination that cares at the moment. Although if we return to tiers in a big way, you can expect the postcode lottery to start in more countries.

    • BJ says:

      Means the pax get to crew the plane themselves.

    • TomH says:

      Guidance says: avoid travelling in and out of affected areas unless it is essential, for example for work (if you cannot work from home) or education

      No specific mention of travelling through as you are with an airport.

      • Andrew says:

        And Heathrow isn’t in Hounslow anyway.

        • ChrisC says:

          Some of the “Heathrow” airport hotels are though

        • Rich says:

          There are lots of London boroughs and other local authorities within striking distance of the airport housing hotels. Last summer was a bit of a nightmare keeping track

    • Rich says:

      With avoiding Hounslow if you can. That’s the advice. Not law though

  • Vit says:

    @BJ, Re — virtual shopping at Bicester. Yes, you can. Most shops offer it via whatsapp where you can see catalogues as well as 360 deg. virtual view.

    Make sure you ask the store that they do accept amex via their online payment link though as some such as Samsonite and Boss does not but has their shops listed in amex offer. Strange, I know. Hopefully their system are fully set up now compared to January when they just started the virtual shopping.

    Zegna and ferragamo do accept amex and (surprisingly) ferragamo at Bicester use the same online payment platform as their main shops in London which also triggered not only the amex Bicester £50 off but also £75 off ferragamo as well back then. I don’t think amex has latter up now though but something to keep in mind. 😊

  • AndyW says:

    Does anyone have any experience with prenetics testing package. Very reasonable ‘green’ package price

    • Rich says:

      I bought one last week. Very little information on the site, by email, or in the box. You get the test and that’s it. It came quickly (Again without any warning of when to expect it).

      I only bought the inbound tests, and not due to use them for a couple of weeks, so no idea how efficient that side is, but so far I’m not impressed.

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