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The HfP chat thread – Sunday 13th June

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Comments (245)

  • Anna says:

    Heads up re IHG charging in full for flexible hotel stays – I booked 10 nights at the HIE Gibraltar, terms being that only a deposit was required. The hotel immediately charged the full £1300 which annoyed me mainly because I want to use a different card for the final bill! I emailed the hotel and they acknowledged that they are, in fact, only allowed to charge for the first night’s stay as a deposit and have promised to refund the rest.

    • Jody says:

      Very cheeky of them, glad you’re being refunded.

    • Mutley says:

      Gibraltar. It’s a dump, a lot of 1950’s style barrack blocks and old MQ’s. If anyone was transported from 1964 they would feel at home in the pubs there. When I was in the Navy the ships company ran out of things to do three days after docking.

      • Anna says:

        Well we don’t go in pubs, we’re going to visit historical sites, scuba dive, snorkel, dolphin watch, explore the Moorish ruins and hiking trails and try out the newly built Gorham’s cave walkway (site of the last Neanderthal inhabitants of Europe) – are you sure you went to the same place?!

        • Sandra says:

          Anyone ex service, including my OH who is also ex Navy, will probably say the same about Gib. I’ve read all the comments with interest over the last few days and am surprised it’s taken so long for someone to say ‘it’s a dump’, but when it was a huge base and naval dockyard it didn’t have a great deal going for it other than sun and (mostly) grotty pubs. Coming back off a patrol or with a breakdown it was a stopping off point for a run ashore that, apart from the young single guys, no one wanted. I imagine since the demise of the dockyard and the financial loss from that Gib will have had to improve things a lot in order to attract tourism revenue and it will be interesting to revisit for a few days and see how much it might have actually changed, although I still don’t think it’s big enough to warrant more than 3/4 days there. I hope you do enjoy it Anna and find enough to keep you occupied for your stay and then report back. Just watch those apes, I can guarantee they wont have changed & will still be thieving little so & so’s!

          • mutley says:

            As I said about three days worth, I went back after approximately 20 years for work and it was still a dump, each to their own though.

          • Anna says:

            Hi Sandra, it’s funny, on the 3/4 times we’ve been on day trips we’ve always ended up picking a couple of things to do and then saying we’ll go back for longer next time!
            If we actually get there I will make it my mission to find something different to do each day!
            Just waiting to see what fresh torment the government comes up with for tomorrow and the next travel review now 🤦‍♀️

        • Paul says:

          I am not sure that’s correct. There are a lot of Neanderthals here

      • Tony1 says:

        Its a 2 day stay at max. Not unlike Blackpool but in the sun. Best thing to do is get attacked by the monkeys at the top of the rock !

    • Tw33ty says:

      Gib is nice, been a few times on cruise days.
      It’s a bit small, I’m not sure I could spend more than a weekend there at once.
      Let us know what you think of the hie when you go.
      We keep saying we’re going to go to gib for a weekend, but other half wants to stay on the sunbourn, the moored cruise ship come hotel. But I keep telling her we can’t use points 😁
      As soon as the indigo eventually opens on gib, I think I’ll give in.

      • Anna says:

        Is there going to be an Indigo, that would be a very attractive option?
        If it was just me and the OH I would definitely consider the Sunbourn but I feel it might be wasted on teenagers, I’d just be worrying all the time that one of them would fall overboard!

        • Tw33ty says:

          There’s been an indigo in the pipeline for gib for some time, last I heard they even had a site for development off it, but as we know, some don’t always come to fruition. I keep my fingers crossed.

  • Oh! Matron! says:

    Shop Small: I was in a Scandinavian outdoor retailer yesterday and noticed that they had they Shop Small cards: Nice. Got me talking though: They have a customer who comes in ONLY when Shop Small is on and proceeds to take out 10 (!) Amex cards and splits the cost amongst them….

    I know that AMEX is cracking down on this but… The cheek!

    • Richie says:

      I think it’s 5 transactions max at the moment, so not sure the reference to 10.

      • Ikaz says:

        One transaction on 10 different cards by the looks of it

      • MD says:

        @Richie. No, it’s one transaction per Amex per retailer, to a maximum of 5 different retailers per Amex this time (which is the reduced bit). You can still use any number of unique Amexes at an individual retailer, once each. Supps count as unique cards, in this case.

        So this guy most likely has 5 Amexes and 5 supps, and can use all 10 in one retailer. Risk of Amex shutting you down of course, it’s happened to some on here. I’ve used 10 Amexes in one retailer a couple of times during SS successfully, although just cancelled the platinum so down to 8 cards for this SS.

    • Will says:

      I’d call a net income of $3bn a year a bit cheeky.

      They run a 10% net profit margin in a line of business which is ludicrously difficult to enter.

      Contrast that to Tesco, about 1.5% margin.

      Tesco also employs 8 times as many people and nets about 40% of the total profit of amex.

      I would not call American Express a company you need to be particularly compassionate towards with respect to £5 statement credits myself.

      If amex what to ban said customer, that’s up to them.

    • mark2 says:

      Only 10? lightweight!

      • Genghis says:

        I occasionally talk to the retailers and one guy told me of a lady with 46 cards

    • Char Char says:

      The retailer should be grateful for the business, no harm in taking advantage of offers.

    • Rich says:

      A friend who runs a small gift shop says you can spot the Shop Smallers a mile off. Wandering round the shop, doing the maths in their head as they’re trying to hit exactly £10 three times with assorted permutations of goods.

      • Tomgold says:

        or anyone with a bit more of a brain, can top an account (store permitting) with the exact amount wanted per card, and then just spend as normal using your credit

    • Tomgold says:

      i got barred form the offer previously for behavior not half as bad as you describe.
      they let me back on this time. seems like they care much less with this rubbish £15 offer

    • Richie says:

      Thanks for the clarifications.

  • Anna says:

    And FTV data point – I cancelled a 241 to MIA as I didn’t want the £1200 cash element tied up in a FTV, then rebooked MAN-LHR as otherwise the 241 would have expired in October. I’ve just cancelled this for a FTV valid until April 2023, the email containing the voucher arrived 10 minutes later.

    • ChrisC says:

      Good job!

      much better for the money to be in your account than theirs!

  • Kai says:

    For those who do Oyster Shop Small, Sackville News near Piccadilly Circus has a very friendly owner.

    • Babyg says:


    • Super Secret Stuff says:

      Damn it I was near there yesterday!

      P.s Les Misérables is good although at the moment it’s more like a shorter concert rather than a musical with drama

  • Phatbear says:

    Currently working my way towards my £400 spend in sainsburys to get 10000 nectar, if this was m&s id smash it in a few weeks, anyway does anyone know if instore giftcards work towards the target, according to the t&c’s e-giftcards dont, and is the £400 based on whole £,s or do the pennies count towards the target.


    • Tariq says:

      Yes I bought loads of gift cards when I was doing mine.

    • ChrisC says:

      Personally I’d just do a stock up of your usual shopping items such as toilet paper, washing tablets and that sort of thing that you know you’d use rather than faff with gift cards and whatnot.

      And booze is a good one as well – if you drink that is.

      Don’t forget Argos and habitat count for spend as well?.

      • Eppleby Green says:

        That’s what I did, bought my regular shopping, and hit the target no problem! 10000 Nectar points arrived one month later! You get at least a year’s interest free credit, as well.

    • avstar says:

      buy £400 of sainsburys gift cards instore using your CC, will trigger the bonus

      • Phatbear says:

        Cheers for the info.

        If i hadnt done a recent costco run, ie got enough household stuff to last a year i would easily spend the requisite £400.00.

        I’ll pick up some nandos vouchers next time im passing as these got a lot of use in our house

    • Tomgold says:

      which card is this on?

  • Tw33ty says:

    Not seen any mention of this, but radisson are opening a new hotel in Inverness.
    River Ness Hotel, a member of Radisson individuals.
    It’s being built and owned by the people who own the Kingsmill hotel, which is nice itself if you book the garden rooms.
    It’ll give a good option for points earning / spending in the town, where the only options at present are a dreary hie, a marriott at the airport miles out of town, or a mercure if your into all.

    • Oh! Matron! says:

      Thanks for this. I’m up there in September so good to know!

  • ChrisC says:

    Re Rocketmiles

    In March I availed myself of the bonus 500O points offer for new users for a booking in early July.

    If I have to cancel can I then book something else and still get the points or is it a one shot deal?

    If I can travel (it’s only to Manchester) ’m currently crediting them to HR can I switch that to BA or is HR baked into their system?

    • Rob says:

      The 5000 points offer is no longer running, I think.

      If it came back and you did rebook, I would use a different email address and credit card just to be sure. Pointless taking the risk if it can be avoided.

  • Andy D says:

    I just went to buy some train tickets but saw that LNER Amex offer no longer on my card. What’s the smart HFP way to buy tickets (LNER, Yorkshire to London).

    • Harry T says:

      There is an offer on my Halifax rewards debit card for a 5% rebate on LNER spend. This should stack with the 2% credit LNER give when you book directly with them for their trains.

      • Nick says:

        LNER offer also on NatWest/RBS cards as well. Works for all train operator journeys as long as booked through the LNER site.

    • Kai says:

      Sign up to LNER Rewards which gives you £5 off, or use Trainpal

      • Keith says:

        And, what a surprise, currently on Santander debit card rewards until 3rd August

      • Super Secret Stuff says:

        + 1

        Maybe try Taco Bell or similar

    • Andrew says:

      It’s also on my MBNA Horizon, so 5% + 0.5%. In the past, the LNER offer also activated on their gift “voucher” purchases, so I used to stock up.

    • Tomgold says:

      virgin money also give a few points per pound for all train tickets

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