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The HfP chat thread – Saturday 19th June

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We are running this daily chat thread on Head for Points during the coronavirus outbreak.

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The comments under this article are where you should post questions about travel and, indeed, anything else on your mind.  At this tricky time, and given that many of you are at home, we want the HfP community to have a place to chat.

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Comments (310)

  • Muhammad Abdullah says:

    Has anyone resident in the EU had any success getting their British NHS vaccine cert recognised by national authorities and issued under the EU Covid Passport?

    Considering the number of British residents in the EU and the speed of the vaccine rollout in the UK vs EU there will be many persons eligible for an EU Covid Passport who were vaccinated by the NHS. Plus, the millions of EU nationals living in the UK have been vaccinated months and months before their compatriots back home and are still eligible for said Covid Passport should the restriction be on nationality (illegal).

    I understand fully vaccinated persons are not recommended to undergo a 3rd/4th vaccine

    • meta says:

      My country requires an in-person visit at local health authority office. They said I just need a copy of my vaccination record and a passport/ID. I’ll hopefully be doing it in July when I go back.

      • John says:


        • meta says:

          Nope, the other side of EU. I could have probably done it through online system, but I never sorted access to it as never really thought I needed it.

    • BJ says:

      Also related to recognition; does the NHS in England list the country as England or United Kingdom? Not very happy that in Scotland the certificate I got last month uses Scotland as opposed to the United Kingdom. I have visions of problems with officials in some small far -flung countries as a result.

      • JonD says:

        My NHS England vaccination certificate courtesy of the NHS app, lists my country of vaccination as GB which is the correct ISO designation for the UK and so should tie in with the international Covid passport plan.

        Unsurprising to hear the small minded SNP wanted to use vaccination certificates for ideological purposes rather than consider the practical future problems caused.

        • BJ says:

          Thanks Jon, not sure if it would have been SNP or government decision, possibly just an oversight by NHS Scotland or a problem as you describe with somebody significantly senior there. Whatever it was, I see it as a potential problem some place some time.

          • ash says:

            Yes, very bad nationalistic

          • ash says:

            SNP bordering on xenophobic

          • Wollhouse says:

            I spotted this too. Who knows if it will cause problems. I do know that when I travel, the money changers (in Thailand and Vietnam) will not accept my Scottish notes. The English ones are fine. Although, I did see one site that was offering one rate for English Sterling and a substantially lower on for Scottish ones!

  • Amy says:

    Looking to book a car in Scotland for next month. Have zeroed in on Enterprise Rent-a-Car for a car that suits our needs. Are there any Enterprise Rent-a-Car deals around? Thanks.

    • Andrew (@andrewseftel) says:

      You can get 10% off if you have Perks at Work. If you have Hertz Five Star you can match to Gold in their loyalty scheme for some free upgrade coupons too.

    • paulm says:

      There is an Amex offer about also if you have that, but only for the next week so you would have to prepay which not suit I appreciate

  • Sukes says:

    Hi Muhammad I’m awaiting this with interest too in regard to Ireland. I think Ireland is still planning to introduce the EU certification from 19 Jul when intl travel is to be allowed (assuming Delta variant doesn’t trigger delay) but there is no info yet as to how the plentiful number of Irish citizens resident in NI vaccinated under NHS can avail. Unfortunately in NI we don’t even have electronic certificates yet & everyone just has paper cards as their vaccine record.

  • Amir says:

    Does withdrawing cash on an M&S card via curve go down as a cash transaction? Used curve send and they charged interest.

  • Rimmingtown says:

    I’m contemplating a walking holiday in Tunisia in August next year to look at old ruined historical sites amongst other activities. Any ercomendations?

    • Anna says:

      Many years since we went but the ancient city of Carthage with a superb museum plus Roman baths and Carthaginian/Punic cemetery are well worth a visit. The beach resort we stayed in (Hammamet?) was rather dismal but that’s probably because we got a last minute deal for an allocation on arrival via Teletext 😂

      • Anna says:

        It will be extremely hot in August though, I’m not sure I’d want to do a walking holiday at that time of year!

  • Swiss Jim says:

    Are you sure you mean a cottaging holiday? I thought that was something entirely different… 😱

    • Memesweeper says:

      Can’t read it @Anna — can you post a two line summary? Reliable sources?

      • bill says:

        in javascript settings, add it to blocked websites and it will load

        • Anna says:

          I have no idea what that means but let me know if it doesn’t work and I will copy and paste the artcile 🤣

        • Ikaz says:

          Genius, thanks for that (also works on the economist)

      • Rob says:

        IAG has told BA that under no scenario should it let any Heathrow slots go. Only way to fill all slots with reduced fleet is to shut Gatwick.

    • The cyclist says:

      BA leaving LGW would be a real pain in the butt for me, I’d expect the other airlines to plug the gap and fill any remaining slots though.

  • rob says:

    Pricing Dubai up for 2022 summer time and in 2019 we stayed in the Conrad, Waldorf palm etc.
    Ive checked my old receipts and the new room rates have nearly tripled?
    How can this be possible?
    I just don’t understand how the major hotel chains can justify 3x the price for the same dates and same hotel room, is there so much demand that they think people will pay this amount of money?
    In 2019 when we stayed the hotels were not full and the price was way cheaper so I don’t understand how they think this is going to generate future demand for bookings?
    Does anyone have any info on why the massive increase in prices has happened and also if they think it will be here to stay.

    • Blindman says:

      Surely a banker like you can afford it?

      • rob says:

        Im not a banker?
        Either way its not about being able to afford the stay it’s about getting value for money.

        • Mike says:

          Rob – I think it is cocky rhyming slang not a comment on your job

    • Sandra says:

      Have you checked if there is some reason they are high at the particular time you want to go such as an exhibition or maybe the end of Ramadan when there are public holidays and a lot of ex pats working over there often have a long w/e in one of the cities? There’s probably a reason, although no one in their right mind would have a holiday there in the height of summer as it’s too hot and humid.

      • rob says:

        I holiday there every year at the same time and have done for the last 8 years barring the covid era.
        Always book way out way in advance and its normally very good value for money.

    • Yuff says:

      When you book so far out prices are always high, they will drop massively in 3-4 months.
      Hilton are notorious for this.

      • Yuff says:

        Ps stay at the Atlantis £500 a night rooms at October half term will be £150 a night and you can walk to aquaventure

      • rob says:

        Always book way out in advance and its normally very good value.

        • meta says:

          Times have changed since 2019 (or 2018 when you booked your 2019 trip). People tend to now book less due to pandemic so the companies put the prices up initially. Then closer to time it’s a rush to get people in.

          For example, I have a stay at IC Ljubljana next month which I booked in October 2020. Since then I have rebooked at least 20 times. It is now half the rate then in October.

          Also bear in mind, that due to pandemic most bookings are now flexible, there are less non-refundable rates and that is reflected in rates.

        • TGLoyalty says:

          The issue is everyone is booking for 2022 because 2021 holidays going to be very difficult

    • Tim says:

      Given where we are in the pandemic, with 2021 appearing to be a slow reopening of tourism, it wouldn’t surprise me if most tourism related companies are expecting or hoping that there will be huge demand in 2022 as people make up for missed holidays and prices may reflect that.

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