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The HfP chat thread – Wednesday 23rd June

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We are running this daily chat thread on Head for Points during the coronavirus outbreak.

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The comments under this article are where you should post questions about travel and, indeed, anything else on your mind.  At this tricky time, and given that many of you are at home, we want the HfP community to have a place to chat.

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Comments (413)

  • Tariq says:

    £50 off £200 for IHG (except IC and Kimpton) has appeared on Amex Plat this morning. Participating list covers UK and some European hotels.

    • Anna says:

      Also on my Gold.

    • Andrew says:

      Finally! The first decent offer in June. And a long date range until end of September. Seems to be on supps too.

    • KBuffett says:

      Thank you for mentioning. I’d missed the offer during my initial skim through the offer list.

    • Duncan Stevenson-Price says:

      Oooo! I already have a stay at the Indigo in York booked. If my husband saves the offer too, is it possible to pay some of the hotel bill on his card? Will that trigger some alarm with Amex?

    • BuildBackBetter says:

      On ARCC too! Thanks!

      • Gtellez says:

        So disappointing, neither in my Gold, my wife’s Gold, BA premium or ARCC… 4 cards and a bunch of completely useless offers, but not the only one I could have used.

    • Oz_Traveller says:

      On my BA Premium – thanks

    • Andrew says:

      As it’s only on checkout spend and not online spend, I’m assuming I need to book the flexible rate rather than the advance saver?

      • Duncan Stevenson-Price says:

        That’s a fair point… the advanced rate isn’t pre-paid at time of booking but they say a deposit will be charged before arrival… can’t find information on how much, but I assume the remainder is charged at check-out?

        Would also be curious to know this.

        • Andrew says:

          From Rob’s article covering the IHG sale today, he says that it’s a one night deposit. So would need to be cumulative to trigger the offer and for deposits to count towards the £200.

          • Duncan says:

            Ah, thanks Andrew. I missed that. We’ve booked a 3 night stay so even if it relies on only checkout spend we’ll be fine.

      • meta says:

        It will probably trigger on advance rates and is also probably cumulative.

      • TGLoyalty says:

        That clause is always there and it always works on prepaid

        The reason why they say checkout is because not all prepaid bookings are charged straight away lots wait until a few days before the stay.

        Just make sure the card it charged before the offer expiry.

    • jil says:

      anyoen has past experience with AMEX IHG promo can confirm this works for website prepaid and it’s cumulative?

  • Anna says:

    In the wake of last nights leaks I moved my August Ryanair AGP flights to TFS in case the government lifts the quarantine requirement but not the FCDO advice (I wouldn’t put it past them!) Canaries are currently the only part of Spain with FCDO approval (and therefore covered by travel insurance), despite the Balearics having better Covid stats. I was very pleasantly surprised, only cost £38 more (given it’s a longer flight) and retained our 2 hand luggage bag allowance plus extra leg room seats.

    • John says:

      Can I ask what leak ? Do we have any idea which countries are being added ?

      • Rob says:

        All of them on Amber, if you are double vaccinated.

        • Aaron C says:

          Rob is that actually confirmed or just a leak/speculation in the Current Bun?

          • Rhys says:

            Nothing is confirmed until they make an official announcement!

    • Yuff says:

      Anna – that’s a brave move, in light of how often we have been let down by Shapps……….I hope your gamble pays off.
      Balearics is expensive because of the 330k Germans who have been on holiday here already. 6 out of 10 Germans choosing Mallorca as their European holiday destination than anywhere else in Europe.
      Palma airport was heaving last month when I arrived.

      • Anna says:

        You can have 2 changes fee-free with Ryanair so if it doesn’t come off I’ll move it to later in the year.

        • Erico1875 says:

          You can only change to more expensive fares though. The same or cheaper onrs are sgaded out, so you are always spending more money

          • Anna says:

            £180 pp return to Tenerife in peak school holiday season is so cheap it doesn’t really matter!

        • Yuff says:

          That doesn’t include bags though 😩
          As I have found to my cost.
          I’ll travel without hold luggage to most places the rest of the family have to book bags in the hold which are normally more than the seat 😡

          • Anna says:

            It does – we each have 10 kg of cabin baggage plus a smaller bag included! As we’ll be in an apartment with washing machine etc if it comes off we can pack fairly light as well. Buy toiletries at the Mercadona when we get there.

          • Yuff says:

            If only I could get my wife down to 10kg of luggage …..the holy grail and not achievable.
            I’ve been caught out twice by Ryanair’s fee free changes.
            Once because I had to change within 7 days the other because I had hold luggage, and ryanair wanted £38 each to change the flights for the hold luggage…….

  • Anna says:

    When I was on the phone to BA yesterday the CSA said that they are refunding all avios FTVs for small amounts within the next couple of weeks! I’m not sure what BA stands to gain by this, though I suppose it would be something of a blow if 241s started landing back in accounts with the original expiry dates (for those of us who booked MAN-LHR and cancelled to extend the shelf life of the companion voucher!)

    • Number9 says:

      I’ve got 2 FTV 1 with a 241 to extend it and a straight redemption to Faro, I’d like the points back I was going to phone up but I’ll wait and see if your info is good Anna. Save me hanging on the phone for ages!

    • Yuff says:

      I have no idea what vouchers I have, I know I have 4 flights booked during May half term 2020. I probably have others as well.

      • The Original Nick says:

        Something I also need to look into Yuff.

        • Yuff says:

          I was just checking my BA Amex about the IHG offer and I have 4 credits from BA each for £89.50, no idea what they are for.
          Can only think it’s related to my 2020 May half term booking, but I used Avios to book them 🤷🏻‍♂️

    • Oz_Traveller says:

      I have a 241 voucher expiring in March and have no intention on using this.. I do recall reading a comment Rob (Apologies if not correct) made about making a MAN-LHR booking and cancel the booking as this will extend the 241. Is this correct? Can some elaborate the process for me? TIA

      • Mike says:

        Oz – Traveller, I am in exactly the same position with 6 x 241 vouchers expiring in Mar 22 (me plus partner) (with no plans to use them) so I would be interested in the answer of how to cheaply extend the validity

        • TGLoyalty says:

          Make a 2-4-1 for the cheapest destination available at some future date (MAN EDI CDG etc spring to mind) then cancel for an FTV online

          The voucher + Avios + cash are then suspend in a voucher for travel up to Apr 23 but the names of the travellers can not be changed.

        • Lady London says:

          do it soon as it may not be only 1 change BA is planning

      • Anna says:

        Just book a Zone 1 return using your 241, then go into the booking and choose “cancellation options” (or similar phrase). This will take you to a page where you can request a FTV. Once you’ve confirmed this you’ll get an email (often in minutes) with your ticket reference numbers. When you come to use it you’ll need to call BA and quote one of the ticket numbers so file the email safely away somewhere. Valid till April 2023 atm.

        • TGLoyalty says:

          Don’t need the ticket numbers they can recall from PNR booking reference

          • Anna says:

            Ah – I did this yesterday and the CSA insisted I gave the first ticket number!

          • TGLoyalty says:

            Odd the 3 times I used mine they just asked for the PNR ref.

      • AJA says:

        Just book a MAN-LHR (or LHR-MAN return) return online in Y using the 2-4-1 in the normal way. Should cost 9500 Avios or thereabouts for off peak + £70 in TFCs. Then once booked cancel for a FTV voucher, again easily done online. It preserves your 2-4-1 to use by 30 Apr 2023.

        Then when you want to book actual flights phone BA and say I want to use my FTV, pay extra Avios and extra TFCs. Job done.

        Only proviso is you will have to redeem FTV over the phone so no chance of using it to book outbound only at 1am online and add inbound later. And it ties you to your fellow passenger so don’t do it if you have plans to divorce or dump them in the interim!. Or if you have fears they may do the same to you.

  • Vincent Teo says:

    I received this email from Leaders club yesterday.

    We have some exciting news about your Leaders Club membership. Starting today, we are saying hello to more travel, and goodbye to Leaders Club fees. That means you can continue to take advantage of the membership benefits you love, without the USD 175 annual cost. It’s true what they say: the best rewards in life are free

    • John says:

      Anyone who paid is not going to be happy

      At many of the hotels you can probably get better value most of the time by booking through Emyr or similar agents

  • Pete M says:

    Morning all! With the US still closed we’re off to Mexico next week. We’ve decided for 4nts in Cozumel and 4nts in Mexico City, at the Melia and IC respectively (yay for Ambassador voucher and Emyr’s benefits!).

    Any activity or restaurant suggestions for either? We’ve booked some snorkelling in Cozumel and thinking about Teotihuacan, Tlatelolco, the Guadalupe Shrine as well as a city tour of Mexico City.

    • Zoe P says:

      I think it is swimming with whale shark season still. Incredible.

    • Anna says:

      Also possibly manta ray season?
      Any tips for insurance in case the FCDO advice doesn’t change?! It’s still up in the air for us, not totally ruled out the Caribbean lol.

    • AJA says:

      I misread 4nts as Ants 🙂 But trip sounds good, never been but curious to see what recommendations you get.

    • Christina says:

      The scuba diving in Cozumel is the best I have ever experienced. Lots of animals and very warm water. Amazing.

      Cozumel is full of very loud Americans and Canadians drinking booze around the pool all day, so take suitable headphones to wear at the pool. You get slightly more peace on the beach.

    • Perkypat says:

      If you’re at all interested in that sort of thing, the AnthropologyMuseum is one of the best in the world. If you are interested in Art, go see the murals, or the Frida Kahlo/Diego Rivera stuff.

      • chabuddy geezy says:

        For Mexico City I recommend staying in Condesa or Roma. La Capital and Lalo for brunch are nice restaurants.

    • TGLoyalty says:

      No tips as I’ve never been. Be sure to report back on any interesting activities / places to eat etc and most of all Enjoy your trip.

  • Ukgeorge says:

    I have a Amex Business Platinum and I have just received my 100k points spend bonus. If I were to receive a refund for an item, which was part of the qualifying spend and would pull me below the £10k spend threshold, but this is countered by a future purchase outside the three month qualifying spend window would I keep or loose the100k bonus point? Thanks

    • TGLoyalty says:

      You’d lose them.

      • BP says:

        Is that new? Amex historically didn’t claw back bonus points.

        • TGLoyalty says:

          They’ve always clawed them back if you fell below the spend bonus in the required period due to a full refund. There have been many reports on it in bits articles over the years.

          I can imagine getting away with it if it was a partial refund.

  • H says:

    I class BA ticket to Mexico, crediting to AS. I purchased a £299 J to F AUP at LHR. This has credited as A class EQM and RDM for AS.

    • Jonathan says:

      Cash upgrades on BA (AUP & POUG) have always earned miles & TP’s for the upgraded cabin unlike almost every other airline.

  • Ukgeorge says:

    I have a Amex Business Platinum and I have just received my 100k points spend bonus. If I were to receive a refund for a cancelled flight, which was part of the qualifying spend and would pull me below the £10k spend threshold, but this is countered by a future purchase outside the three month qualifying spend window would I keep or loose the100k bonus point? Thanks

    • Ukgeorge says:

      Sorry, somehow I managed to post this twice.

      • Anna says:

        I think someone said the other day that they claw back the bonus, I would move the MR points out before the refund hits. Though I don’t know what your standing with Amex would be if you had negative 100k points on your account!

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