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The HfP chat thread – Saturday 26th June

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  • John says:

    Question about Marriott Suite Nights.
    If I use it and the offer on screen only offers rooms on a higher floor and not a suite, can I cancel the suite nights request and retain the booking ?

    • Harry T says:

      You can start a request to see what they are offering. If their SNA pool is dire, then just don’t complete the request. This is in the app.

  • Liz says:

    Some IHG questions. I have a free night cert tied up in a booking which needs to be cancelled – it was valid between Mar 20 and Mar 21 – am I right in saying this voucher should be automatically extended to 31/12/21 and if I cancel online will that go back in my account or should I phone to cancel?
    Assuming the answer to the above is correct I now have 2 free night certs and we have booked a trip to London for 3 night in Sept. Which hotel would people recommend ? Kimpton Fitzroy? We want to stay fairly central. I am Spire Elite still – not that that gets you much!
    Also what is the Crown Plaza at Kings Cross like – we will be travelling back up to Scotland in the morning so this one would suit for convenience.
    Sorry if these have been asked before – not been following the comments for the past few weeks as we have been off caravanning around Scotland! Thanks

    • EwanG says:

      Re: 1. It would only have been extended if it was unused. If it was tied up in a booking when they extended them, I’m pretty sure it won’t come back into your account if you cancel. If you want to keep the same hotel but change dates it might work if you modify the booking.
      If you want a different hotel, best to phone the central IHG rewards line to ask if they can cancel the booking and extend voucher, likely to get some resistance to this though.

    • Sandra says:

      CP Kingston X convenient for station, about 15 minute walk but is actually across the road from Mill Hill PO depot. To get into central London you have to walk back to Kings X for underground, taxi or walk which takes about 25 mins and is quite pleasant if the weather is ok and if you are visiting the British Museum it’s on the way in. Rooms are quite small, Spire Elite has always got us free lounge access. There was a Belgo restaurant in it but not sure now with Covid. Not stayed at the Kimpton, personally I prefer CP City which is opposite Blackfriars station and always got lounge access there as Spire Elite.

    • Andrew (@andrewseftel) says:

      CP Kings Cross isn’t particularly close to the station – half a mile or so. It’s not too bad to walk or a short bus ride, but I’m not sure I’d go out of my way for it just for convenience.

      Kimpton Fitzroy is nice but the entry level rooms are rather small – would look to upgrade if you’re spending time in the room. Walkable from KX or one stop on the tube.

      • Sandgrounder says:

        CP Kings Cross is in a bit of a no man’s land really, but it’s not far from Exmouth Market which I enjoy.

  • Matthew says:

    Does the elite night collection year end Feb for Marriott or calendar year?

    Also…likelihood of running another double elite night promo?

    Just wondering if I need to push for Plat renewal before end Dec or not. Thanks for your help 👍

    • Harry T says:

      Calendar year for collecting elite nights.

      They won’t run another double elite promo because the USA has opened up and that’s their biggest market. The UK doesn’t factor a great deal in their calculations and even Europe is opening up more swiftly and sensibly than the UK.

      • Rob says:

        Tend to agree. That said, personally I hope they roll over 50% of elite nights again because, as I will hit Titanium this month, the rollover of 38 nights plus the 15 from the credit card will lock in Platinum until Feb 2024!

        • TGLoyalty says:

          Welcome to the club

        • Tariq says:

          I feel doubtful about this but certainly hope for it. Did my 75th night yesterday and hoping my status upgrades before my 76th night tomorrow…!

      • Matthew says:

        OK thanks for info Harry & Rob. Yes maybe that’s the best hope with the rollover elite nights.

  • Marie says:

    So family holiday to Malta next weekend is off as kids are between 13 and 18 .All will be refunded happily.
    Is is worth even attempting Balearics or do folk think I will be similarly disappointed.

    • Anna says:

      Did you find out that children have definitely got to quarantine? I couldn’t find anything confirming the Telegraph article yesterday.
      I think the Balearics will be fine at their end, the Spanish are quite openly saying they need tourist income from the U.K. and aren’t going to do anything to put people off.

      • Marie says:

        Hi Anna
        They updated today on Visit Malta website . Teens over 12 are regarded as adults. No vaccine =quarantine

    • Richie says:

      Have a browse for flights, don’t forget all four islands are connected by ferries, some are fast, can be useful.

    • TGLoyalty says:

      What a ridiculous rule

      Malta has vaccinated virtually every at risk resident what’s wrong with a pre departure PCR for under 18’s.

      • David says:

        Not sure if you have to pre departure PCR test as well as the vaccination certificate. I kind of get it from Malta’s point of view – Covid cases are concentrated in younger people in the UK and the accuracy of PCR tests are lower in adolescents. Finally a vaccine bonus!!

        • TGLoyalty says:

          If the vast majority of their at risk are protected I really don’t see their point.

          It should be about risk mitigation not unnecessary bureaucracy

  • Dave says:

    I’m guessing the answer is No. but…I’m flying with BA to Hong Kong on one reward booking and then onto Bangkok with RJ on another reward booking. Currently you can only transit through Hong Kong if it’s a single booking. Is there any chance BA would merge the two bookings?

    • AJA says:

      I think it’s a no. I don’t think BA will play ball with that request.

      • Dave says:

        Yeah assumed so. I guess I’ll just cancel in due course if the guidance doesn’t change

        • Memesweeper says:

          BA do sell the award combo of LHR HKG with them (or Cathay) and onwards with RJ (or Cathay) to BKK. That would be one ticket. You could check to see if this is bookable now as one award , and if it is, cancel and rebook now.

  • bafan says:

    Hey all, 2 quick questions. 1) is my EHIC card (UK) still valid until expiry or should I have applied for a new one already? and 2) do I need travel insurance for the EU; and if so who is recommended? I’m under 30 but with a couple of pre-existing conditions and a recent hospital stay so I know whatever insurance is on my cards probably won’t cover me 🤣.

    • Sandra says:

      As far as I am aware the EHIC is valid until renewal but it only gives basic cover (and only ever has), I would have travel insurance as well. Try Staysure for cover.

    • Pete M says:

      1) Yes. 2) Yes, always, to everywhere. I use LV= which is highly regarded (also expensive), but don’t know about their attitude to pre-existing conditions. Also remember no “regular” insurance works if travel is against FCDO advice (which is most places atm), so something like Battleface is needed. The EHIC works regardless of FCDO advice.

      • Luke says:

        Staysure – I think it was only £5 extra to cover against amber EU countries when I got a quote.
        I’ve got AMEX Platinum, not sure how they compare to Staysure.

    • bafan says:

      Thanks all, going to call Staysure shortly just to make sure the MRI I had yesterday doesn’t mean I’m disqualified.

    • Sukes says:

      @Bafan I sort out travel ins for my mum who has heart & neurological conditions & have a few thoughts.
      1/ your current EHIC remains valid
      2/ if you are awaiting test results for anything ‘under investigation’ you are highly unlikely to be insurable as you do not yet have a diagnosis & you would only get cover if instead you get a regular scheduled MRI to monitor a condition and this monitoring is noted in your treatment plan,
      3/ don’t assume specialist insurance is necessary, every yr I go through 20+ insurers for quotes for my mum including specialist insurers and last 2yrs the best cover & best prices have been with mainstream Avanti and Insure&Go even after factoring in the medical premium
      4/ EHIC will provide medical care on equivalent terms as for a resident, but travel insurance could also cover repatriation, cancellation, disruption, theft etc
      5/ look into possible Covid cover provided free by your destination’s government eg Andalusian government is providing free Covid cover for tourists that includes testing, quarantine costs etc in addition to medical care.
      6/ My mum is booked for Malaga in autumn & currently I expect her to travel with just EHIC, Amex Plat (which won’t cover her med conditions), Andalusian Gov insurance & the benefit of fully flexible airline/hotel bookings. Btw she has had emergency hospitalisation under EHIC in Spain and Italy and her care was absolutely top notch and without any direct cost to her.

    • BuildBackBetter says:

      None of the new policies you take will consider pre-existing conditions. If they do, it’ll be super expensive

  • Dan says:

    Does reporting a card as lost or stolen mean that the new card being issued will have an extended expiry date?

    My Virgin Free Rewards card is expiring in October ’21 and when I phoned earlier asking if a new one would be sent out closer to the date, they said very cryptically that “Virgin Money” will assess your account and then make a decision on issuing a new card”.

    This kind of got be worried as I do use the card on channels that are well known in this forum (you know what I mean) so was thinking that if I can foresee and beat this by requesting a new card now?

    Anyone have any experiences of this?


  • Andy says:

    Does the Qatar airways book with confidence policy mean I can book a flight and still get a full refund to my Amex card if I can’t go?

    • Eric the Half a Bee says:

      You can cancel at any time for a full refund under the current policy – I have done this three times already. Be careful though, as they will adhere to the policy details in force at the time you make changes/cancellation and QR can change their policy at any time.

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