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The HfP chat thread – Friday 2nd July

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  • IF1 says:

    Amex platinum in the US has gone up to $695 a year, previously $550. Largely useless new perks/credits to justify the increase.

    Just reminds me how poor the UK offering is relative to the US. Hopefully with chase coming to the UK they spice things up.

    • BuildBackBetter says:

      Unlikely. Chase use visa and will be subject to interchange fee cap.

      • Jonathan says:

        It may have card benefits which will be more generous than the interchange fee would allow but they will be cross subsidised by investment/lending/advisory fees so I’d imagine eligibility will be even tougher than HSBC/Barclays Premier.

  • Mark says:

    I bought day 2 & 8 test 3 months ago when arriving from amber country. I only stayed in UK overnight and therefore never used. Arriving back in the UK tomorrow from amber and staying for a few weeks wondering if I could enter in the PLF the same reference as last time? Will they make problems at border?

    • TimM says:

      I would be surprised if the UK PLF system accepts the same test booking ref.. If it does, there should be no issue at the border nor check-in.

      • stevenhp1987 says:

        I wouldn’t be surprised if it accepts it again. You have to submit a new form to update the old one after all.

        So long as they take the tests etc. Then they are complying with the law. I would use the existing tests personally.

    • Rich says:

      The code is instantly validated on the PLF I think. If it works, that’s fine. If it’s rejected, you’ll know immediately.

      Wouldn’t expect any problems at the border, but have the email confirmation / explanation ready if asked.

    • fivebobbill says:

      Wont be a problem Mark, I keep telling people, you could put your phone number down on that form as a reference and it would still get accepted!
      If in doubt just do a dummy run by entering a few made up details in the online PLF, you’ll find it’ll see you right through to the print out stage, there won’t be issue at all.

  • BJ says:

    Eligible amazon accounts can get £10 off £25 spend on items sold and delivered by amazon using DISCOUNT10P. 5000 only so perhaps few, if any, left already.

  • Flying Misfit says:

    @TimM… following on from yesterday, I also returned back from Greece. Thankfully a lab tested rapid antigen was sufficient as opposed to PCR. I was in Saloniki the day before flight (I vaguely recall from historical posts you were in this city in years gone by so potentially your current location may be in proximity). Aegean have set up pop up testing centres in Saloniki and Athens whereby you can get a lab tested antigen for 20 Euro and results within 3 or 5 hours via email (don’t recall exact timeframe). I was on my way to an appointment when I noticed the pop up along Mitropoleos next to the church which is pretty central.

    My original plan had been to book an appointment at a BioClinic. Aegean have set up website booking process for same price but needs Aegean booking number (I was travelling BA). I just went into the list of locations (see link) which has addresses and phone numbers. I had booked an appointment at the BioClinic in Mitropoleos and whilst I was on my way I spotted the Aegean pop up which was easier to do. Also, if you book direct at one of the clinics and not via Aegean website, I think it was 10 Euro for the lab tested antigen.

    The link also has some other limited locations outside of Saloniki and Athens.—greece.xlsx?la=en

    • Phil says:

      On the Visit Greece app it shows you where local Covid testing clinics are.

    • Optimus Prime says:

      Came back from Greece too on Tuesday. Though we stayed at Ikos Dassia where they provide a rapid antigen test for just EUR 25. Results came in within the hour.

  • QwertyKnowsBest says:

    Anyone any advice re best local prepaid data only SIM in Spain? Sadly as Three have now reduced the fair usage to 12GB I will need to also buy a local SIM. Thanks

    • Tracey says:

      Would buying a second Three SIM be an option?

    • ready to fly says:

      Prepaid SIM in Spain: i use SIMYO. It is very low cost but also low service. They have no physical stores and you need to order the SIM and have it sent to you via the post. i think you also need a spanish contact number to add to your profile to place the order — subsequently you can change your profile details with your new number.

    • GavinK says:

      I am in the same situation and was having a look at options the other day. seem to have a decent summer offer. There is a prepaid sim for Euros 10 valid for 28 days which includes 24GB. I seem to recall having to produce my passport last time I bought a pre paid sim from Vodafone in Spain which I think is pretty standard there. You can do future top ups via an app or through a Vodafone store in Spain.

      • QwertyKnowsBest says:

        Thank you all.

      • Lyn says:

        I think you can only top up Voadafone or Movistar pre-paid cards with a Spanish credit or debit card online.

        This isn’t the case when topping up in person at their stores or a newspaper / tabac type of shop of course.

    • Tony1 says:

      Try Lobster SIm, needs to be delivered to a “valid” address. Free calls to UK from Spain

  • ringingup says:

    Barclays Premier. Has anyone received the 25,000 Avios? I’ve received today my 4th set of 1,500.

    • Amy carpenter says:

      I received mine very soon after switching. Before my first 1500.

      • ringingup says:

        Interesting, as T&Cs state that the bonus will be received in the 4th month.

      • Sam G says:

        Same. Shows in the app but I haven’t received

      • Patrick Cold says:

        Are they in your BA account or just showing in the Barclays app?

    • Craig says:

      Same as you, fourth lot of 1500 but no 25000.

    • Red Flyer says:

      Mine load on app on last day of month but don’t actually post until 8th of the next month. 4th lot of 1500 now showing on app and 25000 has been there since day 1 as showing but not moved yet. I expect my BA balance to increase by 26,500 based on the T&C’s.

      • Red Flyer says:

        Increase on 8 July that is.

        • Craig says:

          My 4th lot of 1500 have hit my BAEC account, the 25000 is showing on the app but hasn’t transferred?

    • Sarah says:

      I am in the same situation as you – it shows up in the app but hasn’t posted yet

  • JohnT says:

    Anyone received their 99 Nectar points from Esso competition?

    • Steve S says:

      Not yet and I won a P3 prize🏎

    • PerkyPat says:

      No. Ive just tweeted them about it.

      • PerkyPat says:

        Points have now been credited after a brief twitter conversation. Had to do it for the 1000 bonus a few weeks ago.

  • Vase says:

    @Jake yesterday mentioned “the arduous task of attempting to put a positive spin on […] flying from London to New York via Madrid and Boston because it represents a ‘good opportunity’ for tier points”

    Just wondered if anyone has experience or tips on making this conversation go well…?

    • Memesweeper says:

      “Hi player 2

      You know how you like that champagne in the lounge before our holidays? Would you be prepared to spend 16 hours unnecessarily travelling to secure it for another two years?”

      … to be honest, TP running is a solo sport for those with more time on their hands than sense…

      • Pete M says:

        Finding partners/players that also get a kick out of seeing their BA app turn different colours! 🙂

    • Gavin says:

      My girlfriend has been very happy to do ex-EU trips if it means we can fly in business class (which also work to accelerate our status), but I imagine would draw the line at some of the more complex routings you see on Flyertalk etc. We flew to Hawaii ex-EU in 3 flights, but I would probably have done it in 4 or 5 if I’d been flying alone.

      • Russ says:

        You’re fortunate to have such an accommodating girlfriend. My wife’s never been comfortable with this even though she does all the finances and knows it’s sensible. I also have to go back to the UK and pick her up when we go on holiday as she doesn’t like to fly alone on those ‘long haul’ flights i.e. Heathrow to Paris 🙂

    • Jonathan says:

      Be creative. Eg. Have a couple of days in Paris/Stockholm etc. before you fly to Miami/NYC/wherever. Player 2 need never know it’s a TP/cash saving ruse.

      Only issue is ensuring you’re HBO or can do Gatwick shuffle for return leg so you can bail out at Heathrow.

      • Gin and Tonic Please says:

        Totally agree. The first time we did this, we started in Dublin, and did an overnight in The Marker, including 2h in the spa and a terribly fancy dinner (all on a bargain rate). Oh and we then flew on BA1, all for WAY less than flying direct from LHR (of course). That clinched it for life. 😀

        • Paul says:

          Luxembourg, Brussels, Dublin, Milan Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Paris and twice from Tripoli for a family of 4 over last 14 years. In some instances straight turns or night stops in Europe and Libya.
          An open top bus is ideal introduction to any city and keeps young and old entertained for a day.
          I love the planning, so when we departed from Milan we did the open top bus and saw the last supper fresco. Amsterdam was Ann Frank Huis and a canal boat, In Libya the finest hospitality I have ever experienced in a safe and fascinating environment, then!
          The savings are huge, we are talking 4 figures per passenger often paying less in J than Y ex LHR more than covering the positioning flights, hotels and activities. My kids are 18/17 and since birth have never flown long haul economy. You are showered in Avios, used in main to upgrade to F on the long haul.
          A few years ago we combined an Easter break in Cairo with a trip to Hawaii in the summer on a ticket that allowed unlimited stopovers and took in New York and Washington.
          EX EU is not for everyone but it’s about so much more than lounge access!

    • Sam G says:

      Just don’t mention it until the airport, that’s what I did. “Oh dear, I’m sure I told you we were flying to Singapore with an overnight in Gotherburg and a stopover in Doha? You must not have been listening, again….”

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