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The HfP chat thread – Saturday 3rd July

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  • Andrew says:

    NHS England tightening up on people trying to get their second jab sooner than 8 weeks after their first according to BBC:
    An NHS spokesperson said: “Every site should vaccinate in line with clinical guidance, which says second doses should take place between eight and 12 weeks after the first.”

    • Anna says:

      There are also reports that 16 & 17 years old have been jabbed in some areas, notably Rochdale, which has invoked the wrath of the NHS and PHE as well!

    • Andrew says:

      It was becoming a bit of a vaccine free-for-all, which inevitably ends up as a postcode lottery, so it’s good that they are tightening up on the application of the guidance.

      • Harry T says:

        Better to have more fully vaccinated people more quickly, in the present situation. If supply is robust, I would rather people got their second Pfizer dose “early”.

      • TGLoyalty says:

        Major cities are far more likely to have younger residents and therefore at a disadvantage when it comes to fully vaccinated residents.

        At the end of the day jabs in arms is better than “consistent communication and arbitrary rules” ie AZ is better after 12 than 8 weeks than 4 week but for Pfizer it makes no differences. Those being given Pfizer are being held up being fully vaccinated just so the AZ lot don’t feel hard done by.

    • Jonathan says:

      I’m actually in favour of this, things seem to have moved a long way from using up a handful of spare doses at the end of the day to almost accommodating anyone who turns up at some centres which means extra ampoules being defrosted. The vaccine itself is still the rate limiting step not the locations or vaccinators so it makes the supply chain messy when usage varies a lot from what is booked.

      Walk ups are also targeted at very specific areas/populations so people travelling to take advantage of them also affects logistics.

    • Tracey says:

      There is plenty of Vaccine to go around and not enough 18-30 year olds coming forward to be vaccinated. That is why we have so many drop in clinics at the moment- because these young people are not booking appointments. Given there is no shortage of vaccine and that being double jabbed is greater protection from the delta variant it makes sense to give a second Pfizer to jab to anyone that wants it from say 6+ weeks .
      As for AZ there are now many second dose clinics around who are offering jabs with an 8 week gap, so there is no unfairness.
      Incidentally, I think it is the reluctance of the younger generation to be vaccinated that will mean the government will allow those vaccinated to escape isolation; it offers an added incentive for them to get vaccinated. Us oldies just reap the benefits.

      • TGLoyalty says:

        Seriously the young don’t even need to be they will not end up in hospital, the whole bloody reason we were sitting at home for 18 months.

        We will not achieve herd immunity against infection from an ever evolving virus like Covid-19 (believe the calc with delta now required 85% immunisation which can only be achieved if it’s given to children and I won’t be advocating any children getting an experimental vaccine unless they are at risk themselves) but you oldies can protect yourself from severe illness and death as much as possible by getting a jab and the winter booster.

        Just jab those that want it

      • TGLoyalty says:

        Coercion and fear the dirty trick of politics

      • Anna says:

        There are quite a few who don’t seem to know or care that they themselves could catch Covid and become seriously ill (I know of a 32 year old in ICU atm), or pass it on to someone vulnerable.

        • TGLoyalty says:

          Of course they could. They could from flu or a cut or a fall but it’s incredibly rare.

          Vaccinated people who become infected can still pass it on too…

          • Tracey says:

            Long covid isn’t rare and can happen to anyone.

          • Anuj says:

            Until everyone is vaccinated travel will never open up because other countries are vastly behind.

          • TGLoyalty says:

            Long Covid is everything from losing your sense of smell or having a cough for a couple weeks or an actual life changing issue.

            Flu can have exactly the same affect on people.

          • TGLoyalty says:

            @Anuj complete utter BS

  • Lammy52 says:

    Advice please. I have used 241 to book two flights under separate PNR numbers. A while ago the return flight was cancelled, but I did nothing assuming I could get refund when I wanted. Subsequently was changed to a different flight on the same day.
    Today the outbound flight has been cancelled and I can request refund.
    With regard to the inbound can I still ask for refund as a result of the new cancellation, or have to take FTV for the flight to avoid paying £35 each to cancel. Bookings were open jaw Vancouver and Tokyo.
    Thank you.

    • TGLoyalty says:

      Won’t the two PNRs be linked and cancelled together?

      Currently the 2-4-1 can only be used ex U.K. so if the outboard is cancelled surely the inbound is invalid?

    • Pablo says:

      If you didn’t accept the inbound flight change in manage my booking you can request full refund. Same for the outbound.

    • Lady London says:

      They cancelled both your flights so for each one you can choose (each PNR). If the 241 would expire before April 2023 and you want to keep it then sounds like only one of the PNR’s can be FtV’d with the voucher in it to extend the FtV to Apr2023. If I could I might refund the other one.

      However overriding this you’ve now had a cancelled flight within each of your PNR’s which gives you the right under Eu261 to rebook the whole set of all flights (cancelled or not) of flights on each PNR to dates of your choice regardless of when the 241 would have expired. But it’s your choice (and less valuable) to refund everything instead. If you for some reason don’t want to book the same trip for new dates then if the 241 would otherwise expire that’s the only reason you’d take an FTV and you’d try to FTV only one of the PNR’s with the voucher on if you could. This would let you use the FtV and the voucher for a completely different route to be chosen later.

      If you still want to fly the same route then now that you have tickets for 2 people the fact that one of them was a 241 is forgotten and you have full rights on each of those 2 tickets going forward. So you can reroute now, and you can reroute again in the future if they cancel again (though if a later change was your own choice not caused by airline cancel or reschedule you’d have to pay the difference could get a bit messy esp if 241 had expired meanwhile).

      • Lady London says:

        Short answer : now that you’ve had 1 flight cancelled within each PNR you can ask for a refund on both without paying £35 or anything.

        You should get the voucher returned to you with original expiry date. if that’s too soon then that’s the only reason to try to FtV just one of the PNR’s with voucher inside which will redate to have to be booked and flown by Apr 2023

        • BJ says:

          In my own experience they have cancelled the lot and offered full refund or FTV even where only one sector of one PNR of a 2PNR/241 reservation was cancelled.

  • C says:

    Does anyone know if any testing is required for flights between the Canary Islands and the Balearics? I can’t find any info online

  • S says:

    Any data points on amex ihg offer working for cumulative spend?

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