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The HfP chat thread – Monday 5th July

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  • Tomgold says:

    mentioned in yesterday’s Thread.

    3 weeks ago, BA cancelled my flight and moved me to a different day, which really doesn’t work out for me.
    can I really demand that BA put me (and another 7of us) on Air France to Lyon and pay the £228 that it costs, even though they cancelled far in advance and I only paid 50p+avios?

    • meta says:

      Yes, you have the right to reroute at your convenience under UK laws under UK 261 (or formerly EC261). It doesn’t matter how you paid. If flying a day after doesn’t work for you, you need to contact BA either in writing or call them and record the call as BA will likely refuse and you will need proof of their refusal for later claim. You will then need to book it yourself and claim from BA later. Another important thing is that you must not request a refund!

      BA also might suggest to put you on another airline such as Lufthansa or Swiss and you’ll have to be reasonable in that respect.

      • TimM says:

        What does one do when an airline cancels the route months ahead of the flight, offers no alternative and refunds without asking all in one email, as BA and easyJet have of late to me?

        • Benilyn says:

          Ask them the book you in to an alternative airline for the dates you had booked for?

        • meta says:

          BA did that to me whilst MCOL claim was ongoing. I simply continued with MCOL claim. They have to prove you asked for a refund. You must have a proof of the phone call or in writing that you contacted them and they refused.

          • meta says:

            As @Beniyln said, that email in itself is the proof that they don’t follow the EC261. I actually can’t believe that they would say that. Cancellation emails are not designed like that as they are automatic unless BA changed their automatic cancellation process. Call them and request your EC261 right.

        • Lady London says:

          point out immediately that you did not choose a refund, that EU261 provisions (also incorporporated into uk law) give you the option to choose to be rerouted on a date convenient to you on BA, another airline(s) if necessary and at no extra cost and state this is your choice.

          State when you need to travel (state same day aa close as possible to the time you booked – or name your later date).

          personally I would then remind them again that you did not choose refund as you still need to do this travel, that you reject the refund they have provided that you did not request and ask them to inform you to which account you should send it back by bank transfer i
          or cheque.

          Request them to arrange and confirm your choice of rerouting within 14 days failing which you will proceed to a court claim at retail cost for the alternative transport (rerouting) you have a statutory right to have BA provide for rerouting.

          Call them and request this. If they refuse get email address of their legal department head it Letter Before Action with the booking details.

          BA’s practice of simply abandoning passengers when they cancel all their flights to a destination either temporarily or permanently is just despicable aa well as being illegal. It’s bullying behaviour to refund without informing passengers of their rights – think not informing you is illegal as well

          • Lady London says:

            PS you don’t get to choose which airline you must just state your needs. If another flight is particularly close you might mention it.

          • Lady London says:

            PPS in real life LX via GVA, Easyjet (different outgoing airport so you’d claim ground transport excess to/from EZ airport), flight or Eurostar to Paris then really fast train to Lyon would all work

          • Sam G says:

            & BA can rebook to LX rather than you paying out of pocket. You can claim a taxi fare so if there are 8 of you and you claim 1/8 of a ground transfer each this would probably work out best

    • Nick says:

      Yes you can insist they reroute you. But you can’t demand a specific airline. Air France doesn’t fly direct from the UK to Lyon so you’d have to connect in any case – and as such you can’t really justify refusing BA if they also want to put you on a connecting flight (if that’s what they offer). They have access to LH and LX flights if any of those help get you there. I would also offer to them to fly to GVA instead and ask them to cover your train fare back to Lyon, it could work out better for all parties to follow this route.

      • Tomgold says:

        travelling from geneva airport to the train station to lyon train station and to lyon airport with 5 kids is an absolute NO NO.
        thank you

        • Nick says:

          There’s no need to be rude, we were only trying to help and you didn’t mention any of that in your OP. This is a helpful and welcoming community, as you’ve seen by the rush of people trying to help you. Kindness costs nothing.

  • Lord Doncaster says:

    How far did they move your travel date?

  • Duster says:

    I’m looking to book a night away for the wife and I in London. Previous advice (thank you) suggested using our Amex MR on a Radisson award would be the best value. In that case, what do people think the best Radisson option in London is?

    • Andrew says:

      Depends on your plans and where in London you wish to be. We’ve had lovely award stays at the Radisson Edwardian Mercer Street in the past.

      We’ve a stay planned at The May Fair in August as part of birthday celebrations – they’ve been super helpful to our queries so far.

    • Andrew (@andrewseftel) says:

      May Fair is the fanciest. Mercer, Hampshire, Holmes and Westminster Bridge are also worth shortlisting in my opinion.

    • The Savage Squirrel says:

      If looking for something pleasant and romantic; of allthe ones I’ve stayed in I’d consider two above the rest…
      Mercer Street is nice and a great location but relatively small and close to the street if noise is a concern.
      Westminster Bridge is nice, very quiet to sleep, especially the rooms on the inside of the ring, very modern and plenty of food choice in house and near by.

      Of the ones I haven’t stayed in – Mayfair is the obvious one to catch the eye..

  • Patrycja says:

    A quick comment to say thank you to all of you who answered my questions over the last week on Spain’s entry requirements and testing. We made it to Ibiza yesterday and we are having a lovely time. It was worth the hassle of all the paperwork and testing. Good luck to those who are planning to get away soon!

  • Kipto says:

    BA cancelled the outward part of a return Avios flight to Sicily. I’ve cancelled the return leg and will be getting a full refund. The agent said that the £35 booking fees would be returned within 3/4 days but the seating we paid for would take 3/4 weeks to refund. The Avios posted immediately. Have others had to wait 3/4 weeks for the paid seats to be refunded into their accounts ?

    • Lady London says:

      Watch carefully they have previously been denying refunds for seats even for flights they cancelled. Don’t give them any extra time make sure you get every penny back

  • Tazzy says:

    Is BAs flight to LAX running daily? I’ve September flights and wondering if they’ll be cancelled

    • Louise K says:

      The 16:10 departure runs every day.

      I too am booked to LAX in September – I am on the 11:40 departure and I fully expect this one to be cancelled.

      • Tazzy says:

        I am on the 11.40. If I am moved to 16.40 am I entitled to refund?

        • Sam G says:

          Yes – any change of flight number means a refund

        • Louise K says:

          They will auto book you on to the 16:10 services so expect to have to ring them for a refund if thats what you want.

    • Lyn says:

      It looks as if BA is only running one flight a day to LAX, in the afternoon, with the morning flight consistently cancelled.

      My guess is they will keep the afternoon flight running daily for cargo, if nothing else.

  • Paul says:

    Has anyone had experience of travelling on one of the Indian made vaccine batches? I know the efficacy is ok but many countries in the EU/ elsewhere don’t recognise Indian manufactured AZ with following batch numbers

    4120Z001, 4120Z002, and 4120Z003.

    Apparently the Indians never asked for approval.

    The NHS app clearly shows the batch number
    And as luck would have it my wife and I both have 4120z001 as first jab.

    • Lottie says:

      I’m also worried about this. Supposed to be travelling to Malta on Saturday and both me and my husband have one of those batch numbers. It would be good to hear from someone who has flown with one.

      • Keely says:

        Please report back how you get on ..we are flying to Malta on 25 July and also have these batch numbers as first dose …

    • BuildBackBetter says:

      Latest news I read is 10 European countries are allowing those vaccinated by above batches. Makes it a non-issue.
      And I agree how stupid of the Indian manufacturer not to be worried about Brits holidaying in Europe! Come on, that’s the first thing they should’ve thought of!

    • ChrisBCN says:

      It was all a bit of nationalistic news from the Telegraph to appease the Little Englanders – it’s never actually been a thing, so I wouldn’t worry about it.

    • Patrycja says:

      Spain definitely accepts is as they accept all WHO approved vaccines not only EU approved. We travelled yesterday and there were I think 6 vaccines they accepted on the health form. They also do not ask for batch numbers for AstraZeneca, just the date of last vaccination.

      • Nick says:

        It’s funny, wasn’t Bozo in the news this weekend saying no one in the UK had been given an Indian-made vaccine? Lying toerag. Who’d have thought it…

    • Richie says:

      No problem entering Greece on Saturday. They were only interested in the PLF qr code on my phone.

  • Jason says:

    Hilton cash back…any data points on if its cumulative?

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