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The HfP chat thread – Monday 12th July

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  • Ryan says:

    Advice needed please. I am flying from Singapore to the UK soon, and am trying to book a pre flight Covid test. The PCR tests here are $165, and the Antigen Rapid Tests (which comply with UK govt specification) are $30. The ART also comes with a certificate, but does not include a date of birth (specified by UK govt). Does anyone have any experience of travelling into the UK on an Antigen test, and how strict are they on the certificate? TIA.

    • Blenz101 says:

      If you made it to the UK border you will likely find the border staff fairly relaxed provided you have tried to comply with the requirements. They wouldn’t issue you a fine or send you back to SIN.

      However, airline staff at check in will be a lot more strict and will expect you to comply with the requirements to the letter and will carefully check your paperwork. If you have missing information the is explicitly required then expect to be denied boarding. Risk to the airline of you being denied entry, airline fined and you returned is too great from their perspective.

      The UK Gov have been pretty clear they expect the airlines to do this checking on their behalf before accepting passengers.

      • Mr. AC says:

        Agreed. Entered the UK 3 times since requirements to have a pre-flight test were introduced, once the Border Force officer asked for me to show it but didn’t actually look at it, and the other 2 times I wasn’t asked about it at all.
        So it’s the airline check-in staff that you need to actually get past in this case.

    • Sam G says:

      A friend is also flying back and we concluded he would have to pay for the PCR at an approved travel PCR provider just to be safe and not be denied boarding at the airport, you know how Changi will be with the paperwork 🙂

      • Ryan says:

        Thanks all for your help. I do know how Changi will be! With that in mind we booked Raffles PCR tests; probably not the time to try and save a few $$!

  • Louie says:

    There’s been discussion on the previous pages and earlier days about insurance cover depending on the traffic light status of the destination or FCDO advice at the date of booking.

    If BA cancel your flight but offer you another (say it was from LGW, now LHR) do we think would you be considered to have booked when the original or the new ticket was issued?

    • MA says:

      I have another travel insurance question. I’m heading to the US next week from the UK (I am a dual citizen). The FCDO advises I am OK to travel so I assumed my insurance would be valid. However I called my provider and it seems to be completely dependent on the traffic light status. Sorry I may have missed lots of conversations about this – is there any way to get around this or is this the deal?

      • Harry T says:

        You can get travel insurance that covers your trip?

      • Anna says:

        Read your Ts and Cs (why aren’t people doing this?!) – I would be very surprised if there’s even any reference to the traffic light system.
        There might be issues around what the FCDO advice was when you booked. You need to speak to someone at your insurer’s who can give you a definite answer as to whether you will be covered for the specific trip you are taking.

        • Mikeact says:

          Amazing, going to the US and not checking out insurance….some people !

    • kitten says:

      Original date

  • Roberto says:

    Anyone have advice for cheap Heathrow parking?
    Thank you

    • Simon says:

      when i looked in to this, any cheap rates involved off-site meet n greet parking. And i dont fancy having some guy spank my car around the M25. Then wait for him to turn up on the way back. Better to pay official parking prices, and kept my keys in my pocket. Think it was 80 quid for 2.5 days in the short term car park

      • Gavin says:

        I’ve used these off-site meet and greet companies at least 15 times, never had any problem. I’ve probably saved over £1000 vs. using the official car parks. If I had a very expensive car I might think twice, but for me it’s definitely worth it.

    • Jonny says:

      Have a look at

    • Travel Strong says:

      Can park (and keep your keys) at most of the hotels on bath road… and get a rebate via voldemort portal too. Excellent cancellation terms too (fully refundable, so terms on a par with heathrow official parking).

    • Chris says:

      Richie Firth “Travel Hacker” podcast recommended Hounslow West tube station. Its 6.50 a day.

    • H says:

      Yourparkingspace – my current favourite is parking at Thistle hotel near t5. You need your keys and it’s £5 a day. Let me know if you need a referral code. It’s minutes away from the terminal.

  • dave says:

    My sister hasn’t had an Amex card for a couple of years although her husband has a BA Amex. Is the best referral strategy for him to refer her for a marriott bonvoy amex and then once she’s hit the spend on that to refer a Gold one?

  • S says:


    What are best parking options for a stay in London for 3/4 days? Will be staying mainly central but also a night near Tower Bridge. Happy to park further out and get the tube in. Thanks in advance.

    • Hugo says:

      depends which direction you are coming from and whether it is weekday or weekend?

    • MattB says:

      Depends where you are coming from I guess but we’ve parked in Richmond a few times when staying in Waterloo area. Park at the athletic club using just park, and it’s an easy train straight to Waterloo.

    • Memesweeper says:

      If you’re coming down the M11 there’s a great “building site” car park next to Blackhorse Rd tube. Informal park and ride. Otherwise pick your tube line + justpark

    • Tariq says:

      Minories car park is City of London council and at Tower Bridge. Not too bad price wise and as long as you’re careful with your route, outside the CC zone.

  • Sandra says:

    Coming from the North we’ve Cockfosters in the past and then underground in from there. A couple of years since we last did it so not sure how much parking costs now though.

  • N says:

    Very off topic but I spotted a post from someone a week or so back saying they had managed to get their UK vaccination registered in their EU host country under the local health records, in order to access an EU vaccination passport.

    Was that you? Where was it? And how? My research is proving fruitless at the moment. Cheers!

    • Tony1 says:

      Friend had same problem. It was easily solved. She had more jabs !

  • JSemity says:

    is the cheapest day 2 PCR test still Nationwide Pathology (£40)?

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