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The HfP chat thread – Sunday 18th July

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  • Alan says:

    Re the change to Beardy’s T&C change that may stop the fun with Bendy and NS&I.

    Can anyone explain why they would do this, doesn’t Bendy take the hit from these transactions? And If they start charging them as cash transactions wouldn’t this double dipping of charges be illegal?

    • cinereus says:

      For ATM withdrawals, the interchange fee is paid from the issuer to acquirer so presumably the same applies for cash advances.

    • LessCleverAndrew says:

      Apologies for being completely out of the know on this. I am considering getting a Curve card for the first time. But this is the second time I have heard about changing Ts&Cs and “Beardy”, NS&I and so on. Its all a little bit cryptic. Does this concern edges cases about maximising throughput on the Curve card?

      • Reney says:

        What are edge cases? This is a term I have not heard of here.

      • John says:

        Basically if you have too much non-genuine spend on Curve they will close your account immediately. Non-genuine spend more or less means trying to extract cash from a credit card as a purchase. How much is “too much” is not known. Also the underlying credit cards are going to crack down on it sooner or later.

  • ChasP says:

    Most other cards already treat this as a cash advance so draw your own conclusons as to who bearS the cost and the legallity

    To be clear the change in T&C wordng may or may not cut off this avenue – really depends on how its applied we shall just have to wait and see

  • John says:

    I didn’t think a forum was needed before, but now I see it may be useful to have an airline disputes section and a paidtoshop replacement section, as 3 daily chat threads would not work

    • TimM says:

      I have always thought a forum would be useful. It collects subjects together, acts as a reference and saves endless repetition. I did suggest it to Rob some years ago.

      • BJ says:

        A forum is coming.

        • Carpal Travel says:

          Seriously? That would be great. I have a question which I’m sure has been asked and answered a thousand times so am holding back. A forum would let me search for it and save bothering people! I frequent several sites where an article is linked to a forum post. Works really well!

          • BJ says:

            Don’t know why folks don’t just Google stuff on HfP, it works very well.

          • Reney says:

            I seem to remember Rob said they have built it but was waiting for something before they launch it.

          • Rob says:

            It is built but it needs some technical work on the back-end to get rid of some design and layout issues, which needs to be done externally.

        • Carpal Travel says:

          You incorrectly assume I haven’t tried using google to search. The focus of the results is articles, it’s no good at all for searching through comments.

          • Mikeact says:

            I don’t know what your question is, but if you can find it, they’ll probably be many contradictory answers.
            Be brave, and just ask. Any flack you get will now be deleted.

  • Toppcat says:

    I’ve got a SSDV stay coming up, thanks to the intern rate. What are people’s views on whether it is worth upgrading to Ambassador in advance of the stay? I can’t get upgraded to a better suite, and don’t think I will have many other premium IHG stays over the next 12m.

    • meta says:

      Free breakfast, welcome amenity etc. Depends how long you’re staying and whether you want to stay at other Intercontinentals, Kimptons, Six Senses or Regent hotels in the next 12 months. For me, it wouldn’t be worth it for just one stay. At at least 3-4 stays in a year.

    • Memesweeper says:

      Is it really coming up? You could get COVID or get an isolation requirement with a day or two to go. I’d avoid investing in anything travel related that isn’t refundable and/or easily moveable to a later date, which is why I’m not pushing the button on Ambassador today (see other article) despite having two IC bookings in the calendar.

      • Toppcat says:

        That’s a fair point, but a chance I am willing to take for a non-UK break at this stage. Points booking and avios flights, so it’s as flexible as it can be… Double vaxxed, and will be sensible in the lead up to departure…

    • Rob says:

      Unlikely to add anything remotely worth $200 I reckon. Will let you know next week as my wife is not AMB but I am and we have two rooms due to their ludicrous rules on number of people allowed in huge suites.

      • Toppcat says:

        Thanks Rob – this would be much appreciated.

      • TGLoyalty says:

        Depends how long you are there. I imagine breakfast costs Atleast $200 for 2 for 3 nights

        • Toppcat says:

          Yeah, I need to check the price of breakfast. 4 nights x 2 people, so it could well pay for itself.

          • John says:

            Some hotels will give you incentives to buy ambassador through them at check-in. Not sure about this one though

          • BP says:

            Breakfast is 35 euros per person If you book in advance via the app. 40 euros pp on the day.

            Has anyone confirmed if SS DV give the ambassador benefits on reward stays?

            I’ve a booking for mid-September. Who knows if it’ll go ahead. 450,000 IHG points is a hell of a lot to lose so I need to be pretty sure it’ll happen 10 days before otherwise I’ll cancel. I suspect Portugal may not let us in by that point!!

  • Andrew says:

    Amex should offer the same for Sweaty Betty offers! 🤣

    • AJA says:

      @Andrew The way to achieve that is to save it. Then it disappears from the list, though is of course on the saved tab which is the least viewed tab, IMO. 😀

      • BJ says:

        Then he’d just feel guilty by association 🙂

        • Andrew says:

          And my details will have been sold to them to hound me with marketing for their cut price Lycra forevermore!

  • Michael C says:

    We’re down in Cornwall, all great though def. the busiest we’ve ever seen it: can’t imagine when the majority of schools break up. Still, booking ahead for things has worked fine and avoided crowds. Not sure what tomorrow will bring: pool at our holiday camp (hi-de-hi!) goes from excellent restricted sessions to mass free-for-all…

    As a follow-up to my BA-cancelled LHR-BOS flight/holiday, they’ve rather mysteriously sent be an sms (?) saying “access your options here by Weds. or we’ll just cancel and return deposit”. No coverage yet today but preparing my “please move me to Easter week” spiel…

    • BJ says:

      Weird or new, I’ve never had a text despite them having my number, and I’ve never had a deadline that I recall. Enjoy Cornwall, certainly a great week for tge weather. We’re headed down September to join tge other oldies after tve schools return so may need a bit of luck.

      • Michael C says:

        Cheers, BJ. I definitely would have chosen Sept if not school-bound. Been to a couple of excellent fish places & beaches. It’s not the HuaHin trip I imagined, but hey-ho!

        • BJ says:

          Every place has their own merits and values I think. I remember staying at Hampton Newport for 5 nights while it was only 5k. Based on feedback I was not expecting much but as it happened, I found I loved the area with much to interest me.

    • Mikeact says:

      So how would one politely disagree without being lambasted? Not that I have an axe to grind with anyone.

      • bazza says:

        You wouldn’t. You would just try to be more tolerant of others opinions of course!!!

    • Mikeact says:

      It certainly is very busy down here and as Rob said yesterday, already into private school holidays . The best of luck to those traveling here in the next few weeks !

  • Mike79 says:

    Does anyone have experience or know if the Deliveroo credit for Amex gold works when you use the Deliveroo App overseas?

  • SteveJ says:

    About to dip my toes into Che. Is there any referral code that would benefit me and the referrer or should I just go direct?

    • Yorkie Aid says:

      Che referrals only seem to benefit the referrer ridiculously.

      • SteveJ says:

        Cheers, Voldemort it is then!

        • Andrew (@andrewseftel) says:

          You currently get £50 for referring someone, so you could do a lot better if you can find someone willing to split it with you.

          • Reney says:

            I can’t even find any reference that I would get anything for referring a friend!

          • Mr. AC says:

            Referral bonuses are targeted. Not everyone gets them, and they have a time horizon.

        • John says:

          I think it’s personalised links

          You only get £50 when the referee makes 3 purchase transactions with debit card/bank transfer topups.

    • Kevin C says:

      I don’t use Revolut but Vodafone rewards are offering £15 if you sign up and pay £4.99 for a card. Expect there are better deals out there.

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