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The HfP chat thread – Friday 30th July

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  • Gianfranco says:

    Capital on Tap Question. Capital on Tap card works very well for me in generating Avios. I’ve had it since it was launched and have been on £50k credit limit for sone time and had a unblemished repayment record. I noticed the maximum limit is 100k now. It previously was £50k I have tried with no success asking via chat and phone if my limit could be increased and I just keep getting the scripted reply that the account is regularly reviewed and they will let me know sort of reply.
    Has anyone had experience of getting their credit limit reviewed manually ?

    • Stephen says:

      They wouldn’t for me, limit was much lower than AMEX. They also limit the amount of times you can clear the balance per month (2-3 times) before stopping any further spend

    • The Savage Squirrel says:

      I’ve had multiple refusals to increase credit limit for me above 12k. That’s despite this being laughably small in comparison to profit, turnover and business need. Other than that it’s a nice product so this is a shame.

  • Ron says:

    Just been on the phone with BA, the agent has no idea about the ticket validity change, he insisted I need to take the FTV if I want to rebook to travel next year. All I wanted to know is can I rebook after my original first leg date (today), as 30/7/22 is not available yet. He did said yes at the end, so hopefully I can just rebook on MMB when the date is available and don’t have to call BA again. One question though, can I rebook my outbound and inbound separately or do I need to sort both at the same time? Thanks.

    • Lady London says:

      you only get 1 go to change the ticket if BA cancelled so don’t call until you’re ready to do all the changes you’ll need to.

      If they cancelled a flight on your ticket you don’t have to say what you want to do with it by the date of first flight on it – you can let it pass then call when ready.

      Just, if the first flight on the ticket is not the one cancelled, make sure by calling etc
      that they know you won’t be on it to avoid looking like a no-show. Then call later and deal with the whole booking – any redating on all the flights you need – in one-time request. Even 1 flight cancelled anywherr on your booking gives you this for all flights

      • Ron says:

        Yes, I have made sure he didn’t do anything to the booking. Both outbound to SFO and inbound from SEA are cancelled. I hope I can just do it on MMB when dates are available (it’s up to 19/7/22 atm), so don’t have to call again.

  • Zara says:

    Does anyone know how to follow the HFP comments? Might sound like a daft question but I can never keep up and cannot be glued to my phone or the website all day but I like to dip in and out. sometimes have questions etc I look out for responses but find myself trawling through the comments pages

    • Mikeact says:

      I know exactly what you mean…it’s a difficult one to try and keep on top of the Q’s & A’s.
      As it was never meant to be a forum as such, there is little choice , particularly when the same questions are repeated over and over again. Flyertalk is your best bet for specific answers.

      • Zara says:

        Yes but sometimes I ask the question myself or provide some feedback myself and I lose my own comment! I love HFP since I discovered it a couple of years ago and I find it’s so invaluable and people are generally so kind and helpful – I like to try and reciprocate too but I struggle to keep up. As mentioned elsewhere I am a mummy of 3 kids under 5 with my other daily commitments!

        • John says:

          You just have to leave the page open after posting your question and refresh it

    • Gary says:

      Note page number of the specific thread you are interested, refresh intermittently and the replies generally appear on the same page.

  • H says:

    @LadyLondon and everyone else who knows about the difficulties with BA rebooking following flight cancellations… I would appreciate your help.

    BA are being a pain with rebooking cancelled flights to Marrakech that were cancelled. After a lot of back and forth, initially they said the ticket was purged so they can only refund.

    Now Ba are saying only options are Ba (no flights operating) or IB with an overnight connection in Madrid. They have refused AF or any other airline as well as RAM which is part of OW. I am looking to travel today… if I accepted IB would BA be difficult when I request reimbursement for overnight accommodation costs as they refused other routing options? Thanks

    • meta says:

      Your options are a) accept rebooking on IB and claim the costs of overnight accommodation up to £200 per person as well as food and beverage (no alcohol), any extra transport to/from airport

      b) if timings not convenient or re-route offered really painful for you, book yourself on a more suitable route and claim the costs after.

      In both scenarios, make sure you keep all the receipts!

      In both options you might have to take BA to MCOL (small claims court), but the process is simple and not too difficult.

      • meta says:

        Just one more thing, was the flight cancelled today, the same day you were supposed to fly? What was the reason for cancellation?

        • H says:

          Hi, thanks. BA have messaged me on Twitter to say they won’t offer reimbursement of overnight accommodation costs. Not sure why the flight was cancelled but it wasn’t for today… I am just requesting rerouting and duty of care. I am not requesting compensation.

          • meta says:

            You have full EC264 rights (EU) to re-route and duty of care. What they are doing is illegal and you will need to arrange it yourself and take them to court them afterwards.Keep those Twitter messages safe (screenshots).

          • Lady London says:

            +1 to meta you have full rights to accomm, transport to/from accomm and all extra meals caused by this. I understand you want to fly today and I’m really annoyed with BA for making those illegal statements denying your rights.

            If you could find and book RAM direct today they’d have to pay as this would presumably give you the most reasonably close alternative to the journey timing you had booked.

            I understand though not everyone is in a position to shell out and claim later when BA refuses your rights and puts you in a position like this so take what you can get and sort it out afterwards keeping all receipts.

      • H says:

        Hi Meta, thanks for all your advice.

        Is there anyway I could reach out to you another way as I have some further questions without clogging up the chat thread? Thanks

    • John says:

      I had a cancelled SIN flight (50% off Avios sale, 2-4-1) that I was told had been purged. An excellent agent rebuilt the ticket and reboooked me for February 2022 – took a good 40 mins but all sorted in the end 🙂

    • H says:

      Thank you LadyLondon. BA have asked me to log a complaint on the website and they will respond to confirm what they advised me on Twitter. I have screenshotted the messages. As I was going back and forth with BA, it was too late for me to book flights for today sadly with RAM or AF otherwise I would’ve done. They are adamant (wrongly so) that they are not liable for any duty of care as the cancellation was more than 14 days ago… what nonsense. Despite CEDR ruling in my favour on this exact issue which I posted about here last month, I am being hassled by BA again. I think this time I have no choice but to go to MCOL. Thank you

  • Martin Short says:

    I chaned a BA cash ticket after they cancelled one leg of a Sep21 flight. Originally booked in Oct20 for Feb21.
    First Agent said 31Jan22 last return date. Called again and this Agent said the same but changed his mind after I said that were coming back within 12 months after original flight return date.

    I do not think they would have accepted Sep22.

  • Colin MacKinnon says:

    Got two BA flights to Denver booked in First, bought in the half-price Avios sale.

    Point one: no First available, so been downgraded to CW. Point two: some of the flights on these return tickets have been cancelled. Point three: USA doesn’t look like opening until after my flights.

    So, new rules look like I can rebook to Spring next year: but with no F available as yet to Denver (now listed as an A350), I would rebook to CW and lose my 75% comp for an involuntary downgrade (but would keep my 50% off fare).

    Yes, I am being greedy and wanting it all! But any way to achieve that? Would BA let one move – to a 2022 date – to another US airport in F, for instance.

    With no status, I always use Avios for First since it avoids old CW seat hassles and gives me Concorde Room access between the domestic and Denver legs.

    • barnaby100 says:

      I had this last week- in 1st to nashville- downgraded – then cancelled. Rebooked in 1st inventory via Dallas, now cant travel as US ban.My only option was to move to other avios iavailability. Not simple. They made me pay extra avios to move to club in order to get it ticketed and told me to then claim it back immediately. Assured me the call was recorded and full notes made. The agent also told me it was still an involuntary downgrade and I could claim the 755 immediately (I queried this as always been after travel). They checked twice with a manager.Tried to claim it back and denied. Now the call is being listened too and I am awaiting the outcome.

      But- if the flights are cancelled you can re-route in 1st via somewhere else as I had originally done. It wasn’t possible when it was just a cabin downgrade.

  • Scott says:

    Tesco clubcard conversions to Virgin miles.
    Can you only convert in multiples of £2.50? Tried to convert £16 yesterday, and it refuses to let me enter anything that’s not a multiple of £2.50 i.e. £15 (then gives £1 back in CCP a few days later). Used to be able to edit the amount to whatever when I did Avios transfers.

    • Genghis says:

      Only in £2.50 multiples. Was same with BA.

      • Scott says:

        I could definitely edit the amount to say £3 as I did it a number of times. Never got “change”.

        • John says:

          Yes I remember doing any amount in the past, but if it doesn’t let you any more then what can you do about it

  • Panini Boss says:

    Re: IHG Ambassador renewal, as publicised on here, with free night voucher. Where does this voucher show up?

    I renewed last week, received another free Ambassador weekend voucher but nothing is showing in relation to the free stay? There’s nothing in my account section and when I go to book any hotel under 40k points it is trying to debit from my points balance, not from any voucher

    • Anna says:

      Don’t you have to complete a stay First?

      • Panini Boss says:

        Yes, I stayed at a Kimpton on the 28th.

        • Sandra says:

          It could be that they don’t add it until the promo ends which is a stay by 31/8 – this sometimes happens & sometimes it says in T & Cs it can take several weeks after the end of a promo for the benefit to be added. If the stay points have been added to your account you could always query via the missing points/stay form in the membership area. However if you only stayed on the 28th you’ll be lucky if it’s showing so soon!

          • meta says:

            It doesn’t show where it usually does with credit card certificates and Ambassador vouchers, but it shows next to the line where it shows your total points. You can click on it and then it will take you to special page to book. I couldn’t get it to work on the app, only on desktop, but have successfully booked the free night at IC Porto.

    • rams1981 says:

      renewing allows the 10% rebate off points stays – is that still the case now? Are most people renewing then?

      • Genghis says:

        My renewal is coming up on 1 Sep. Only options are $200 and 15k IHGs back or pay 40k IHGs. No rebate option. I think I’ll let it lapse.

    • YC says:

      It showed a day after my points posted from the first day. Give it a few days

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