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The HfP chat thread – Thursday 12th August

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We are running this daily chat thread on Head for Points during the coronavirus outbreak.

Historically, the daily ‘Bits’ articles were the de facto repository for random comments and questions.  With the news flow being lighter, we are running fewer ‘Bits’ articles.

The comments under this article are where you should post questions about travel and, indeed, anything else on your mind.  At this tricky time, and given that many of you are at home, we want the HfP community to have a place to chat.

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Comments (618)

  • Sarah says:

    Sweaty Betty is back 😆

    • Andrew says:

      Of course! Lovers of cut price Lycra rejoice! My new approach is to save their offer so I don’t have to look at it in the list every day.

    • Algor says:

      And it’s the spend x get y back every time.

      Now imagine this kind of offer let’s say with Hilton …

  • Ian says:

    Morning All. Hopefully I can get some OT advice:

    Following a flight back to uk, I was contacted by test and trace and told to self isolate until 18 August. I have been double vaccinated in July and am trying to find out if the restrictions changing on 16th means I am ‘free’ and don’t need to isolate for further days. I currently have a flight planned for 15th, so trying to work out when is the earliest I can rebook to.

    I can’t find any specifics on the government website, so any insight you have or even who to confirm this with is much appreciated!


    • Jenny says:

      Depends what you are travelling for next

      • Ian says:

        Planning on Portugal, but Spain an alternate option.

        • Tracey says:

          My understanding is that the form to enter Spain asks if you have been in close contact with anyone who has covid within the last 14 days. So longer than the UK 10 days isolation requirement.
          You may argue that you weren’t in close contact because you weren’t actually sitting near anyone you didn’t know on the plane etc, but your T&T notification suggests the UK authorities think you were.

    • Blair says:

      Hi Ian. Out of interest how long after your flight were you contacted, and via what method? I am often landing in the UK then back out again in 48hrs and I rarely take my phone off flight mode when abroad (I use wifi; haven’t gone full Chris Heyes cold turkey yet).

      • Ian says:

        Hi Blair,

        It was just under 48 hours from arrival when first contacted by text and email. I had a phone call that evening…. I don’t know how the results and instruction came out that quickly – I took the PCR the day of the flight and didn’t get the result until the day after I was told to isolate! (Negative result btw)


        • Ls says:

          Must have been someone taking a PCR at the airport on return then.

          • Blair says:

            Yes it’ll have been someone else on your flight. Useful to know the process. If one has departed UK shores by the time T&T call/text then it can hardly be held against me. Against one, I mean against one.

      • Chris Heyes says:

        Blair I Think most of the “younger generation” can’t help themselves there phone is their life, I have a trip coming up with oldest Daughter next year n I’M dreading it lol
        She honestly can’t keep off her phone, she uses wifi as well I don’t even know what wifi is
        She does my head in ! even if she comes for a visit she has her phone out
        Blair switch your phone off next time your on holiday you won’t believe how relaxing it will be ? the world will still be revolving when you switch it back on
        I Call them morons some people even walk along the street on their phones around here !

        • Andrew says:

          But maybe these “morons” know the difference between their and there and your and you’re.

        • VerdantBacon says:

          The grammar is this comment is so bad it reads like one of the “younger generation” wrote it

          • BSI1978 says:

            I love, absolutely love when people criticise grammar within a post, and then themselves make basic spelling/grammatical errors.

        • The Savage Squirrel says:

          Chris, my parents think as you. Balanced against that, I’m amazed quite how much unnecessary trouble and inconvenience they sometimes have during travel when access to, say, google maps, could have resolved the issue in 10 seconds. Maybe the key is to have the phone but use it as a tool rather than an endless social media stream?

    • Ls says:

      And no, all isolation started prior to 16th needs to continue for 10 days.

      • Rob says:

        Guardian today says the opposite.

        • Ls says:

          You’re right. The Previous GOV page I’ve seen has gone. I assume Jarvid has updated his mind.

      • TGLoyalty says:

        Who is your source as Javid suggests differently….via the Guardian.

        Don’t get mixed up with the rules for Green/Amber/Red arrivals before colour changes.

    • Jek says:

      You can’t travel to Spain until the 22nd. UK regulations don’t matter and Spain does not allow you to enter if you had contact within 14 days.

      We just had to cancel our trip yesterday as my wife (nurse) had contact with a patient who had a positive test 🙁 So I checked wether the change on Monday would make a difference – it doesn’t for travel.

  • Blair says:

    Dishoom £10 back on £60, appearing on sone Amex. New to me.

    • BuildBackBetter says:

      Nice one. Benares is also good, but less generous discount.

    • Laura says:

      Might have to take advantage of this!

    • Olivia says:

      Potentially one of the best restaurants in the U.K.
      Food incredible but service up there with the likes of Hawksmoor. Will certainly be taking advantage of the offer

      • Zoe P says:

        Their Wrestler’s Naan at brunch is the best brunch item in existence. And that chai tea… sigh dreamily!

      • Paul Pogba says:

        It’s bland curry? Local independents are immeasurably better.

      • Ash says:

        It’s alright for a cheap eat and that’s about it. Just another chain.

        You will find superior food and service a stones throw from any of their restraints but you will be paying proper money!

        • Paul Pogba says:

          Its a Pizza Express-like “Indian” restaurant, it probably has a more tasteful decor than any curry house I’ve been in but the food feels really watered down to those of us that grew up on the spicy, slightly more authentic stuff found in grubby bits of provincial towns.

        • Aston100 says:

          “It’s alright for a cheap eat and that’s about it.”
          As an ‘Indian’ restaurant, it’s anything but a cheap eat. I have found very few authentic Indians restaurants that are at a similar price range, or in excess of that.

          I use the naan bread guide. A naan bread costing £1.50 or less is an indicator of a cheap Indian restaurant; £2 – £2.50 to be an average place; In excess of £2.50 is where it is no longer a cheap eatery and you better be getting the appropriate dining experience to go with it.

          However, if talking about cheap eats in the context of all other restaurants in general, then fine, yes.

          • Ash says:

            Well, I was in the OXO tower at the weekend for lunch. Was £8 a pint. 15 notes for a cocktail and 6 quid for a handful of chips. Mains about 24 – 34 and starters about 15.
            Bill £150 for 2 and that’s not exactly breaking the bank money!

            So, def cheapo!

            “Potentially one of the best restaurants in the U.K.”

  • Read2goagain says:

    Just trying to find the most cost effective method to arrange tests for a trip to Greece with a teenager… from what I’ve read I think I’m going for..
    collison at the airport for the antigen the day before departure
    Chronomics for the tests before return to England
    Expert medical for day 2 (if the website works – randox if not)
    Anyone see any problems with these? Or other suggestions? Thanks

    • Blair says:

      Soubds sensible to me. It’s what I’d do.

    • Tracey says:

      Kids used c19testing that were fine for the day2 tests.

    • david says:

      For Greece, if you are double jabbed, you only need a test in Greece for UK arrival. Day 2 PCR needs to be done for all travellers over 5.

  • Pete M says:

    Very happy with my BA data breach pay out, given I was expecting £30 like is common with these things in the US. Time to buy some more BA flights…! 😂

    • Craig says:

      Don’t mention fight club.

    • Jamie says:

      Did you make it into the hallowed group 1?

    • Andrew says:

      And good that you’re donating your winnings back to BA so they aren’t too out of pocket.

      • Pete M says:

        Only 30% to the lawyers, what’s fairer than that?

        • WaynedP says:

          Ever given 30% of the value of a satisfying restaurant meal on a busy night to a skilled, hard-pressed waiter/waitress ?

          Versus a firm who used advertising to get sufficient volume of claimants to sign up that the marginal cost of handling your individual claim ended up being tiny.

          One doesn’t need to scratch very far beneath the surface to realise that fairness is an elusive concept.

          I’m glad that you’re pleased with your outcome, though – it’s good to hear something positive come out of this affair.

          • Rob says:

            The PGMBM legal costs were £1100 per person plus £150 expenses plus £1m of advertising costs which the courts said could not be reclaimed.

            You can work out how far the 35% went, even with BA making ‘a contribution’.

          • WaynedP says:

            Interesting. Even better if both claimants are happy and lawyers failed to garner excessive profits.

            I learn that the same firm is getting involved in challenging the legality of enforced UK hotel quarantine and costs.

            Am not personally involved, but am watching with keen interest.

          • Pete M says:

            I should have perhaps highlighted I’m being a bit sarcastic 😂 Still pleased though!

          • Tim says:

            That’s interesting. I wondered after the second corrected email – the £1 million advertising explains it. Part of me was a bit disinclined to go about this. But as a 1 level recipient, who genuinely was inconvenienced, had all bits of data taken over forty bookings during the period, and would likely not get even 1/800th of the amount if I approached BA directly, I am content with result. It also pushed me towards Star at the time having been BA Gold for 10+ years – it genuinely was the last straw. And now the lounge at NCL has gone, and Lufty have started NCL-FRA (instead of NCL-MUC – what happened to that?) even more so.

          • Tim says:

            replying to WanyedP: …c[a]me out of this affair 🙂 And yes, whenever I’m in the U.S., I do give 30% for a good meal. 🙂 And in this case, I did not need to 🙂

  • Dave says:

    I would like to plan a holiday costing approximately £520, any suggestions?

    • Blair says:

      On HfP? Dave dear, you’re going to need to list your elite statuses and your points balances first.

    • Yorkie Aid says:

      Should this have been a reply to PeteM above perhaps? Otherwise it must be April 1st.

    • Mike says:

      Dave – are you looking at one night or two nights ? UK based or Europe ?

    • Guernsey Globetrotter says:


    • Guernsey Globetrotter says:

      That was a ‘woosh’ moment for a few peeps I think!

      • John says:

        The stupid formatting of the comments on mobile doesn’t help. I keep not noticing replies because they don’t indent properly

    • Tim says:

      Have you tried BA holidays? There’s a 35% discount code at the moment in some places.

  • BJ says:

    There is supposed to be a Nectar competition launching today to win 20,000 Nectar points for spending points or transferring them to BA. Anybody got it? Not on my app so far.

    • Toby says:

      I have a new one in partner offers showing win £500 off a BA holiday and another with a prize for redeeming nectar in Sainsbury’s, eBay, Argos etc….

      • BJ says:

        Thanks Toby, just checked and those you mention plus the 20k competition are now loaded. The ebay one is worth a go too, most will get 50 but hopefully an HfP reader can get the 50k.

        • BJ says:

          Sorry, misread it, it is only 1, 000 x 50 prizes.

          • Toby says:

            Oh yes. The eBay one does look good. This makes me think I should maintain a higher nectar balance for when these competitions appear!

        • AJA says:

          Just seen those competitions. The £500 discount on a BA Holidays booking is quite interesting. Do you think this will stack with the 20k nectar points competition ie we only need to do one transfer of 400NP to get an entry to both competitions? As an aside I had 100NP appear in my Nectar account today with the description “Bonus reward”.

    • Dave says:

      Still no sign of the 50,000 Avios I transferred to 80,000 Nectar last Friday…

      • BJ says:

        My last transfer took 13 days.

        • Secret Squirrel says:

          Im on day 12 today and still no sign of points. There is no pattern to this now as my first transfer was in 9 x days.

      • Dr C says:

        It has usually been a claimed 10 working days not 10 days in general, if you claimed on the 2nd in theory then that would be the 10th working day tomorrow. Your Friday claim should be latest 19/20 next week.

  • Patrick says:

    Morning all, advice needed here: I have a bunch of Tesco vouchers that are due to expire, but I’ve left the UK already (EU based) and won’t return to old blighty this year…apart from the obvious donation to charity, what’s the best way for redeeming them to something that can be ordered and delivered outside of the UK?
    Thanks for your help!

    • Blair says:

      How much are we talking? Small change or a decent amount? Many of the Tesco partners have minimum cash out thresholds.

    • Mike says:

      Or consider extending the life of the voucher by only spending part of it and getting the “ change” issued by Tesco

    • Joe says:

      Just transfer the the minimum (2.50?) From each voucher to flying club. The change will get turned into new vouchers and you’ll get another three years. You might need to VPN to do it outside uk.

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