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The HfP chat thread – Monday 30th August

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  • Chelseafi says:

    Morning from the beautiful Domes Miramare, sunrise from our waterfront pavilion amazing

    • Njb says:

      Good morning – heading to Domes Corfu in a fortnight.
      How was the journey over and through Corfu airport?

    • Jordan D says:

      Hope you are enjoying. Had a fabulous time there last August, with a similar upgrade. Heaven.

    • YC says:

      Did u get any other perks for being a Marriott plat/titanium?

      • Chelseafi says:

        I can’t comment on status as I’m staying in room I booked via BA Holidays in Jan, HB, HL and €50pn credit, 7 nights lovely place, food very good.
        Njb Journey and airport all very efficient be interested what you think of Domes of Corfu, thinking of trying early next summer.

        • Njb says:

          Thanks for info and will report back. Booked through BA too. Price was really good and cheaper than Emyr rate. Booked swim up room, half board and Haute Living.
          Now have to figure out testing plan – what did you use?

          • Chelseafi says:

            That’s the option I’m thinking of via BAHol be interested to hear how Food, HB dine around & HL is there. For tests I booked Expert Medicals for PCR after return £28 and will just get LF test local day before due home €20 5 mins walk or €25 they come to hotel, it’s all very easy.
            Char Char yes wasps are around, usually one turns up every time get drink or food but not as bad as when we were here last October, think it just gets worse as summer goes on!

    • Char Char says:

      Are the wasps still a pain this time of year?

  • RobH says:

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone else that made use of the AMEX Gold additional card bonus, and if so, when you were awarded the bonus points. I have an additional card that was awarded the initial 3,000 points immediately, has had £500 spent on it, but still no sign of the additional 3,000 points. I did an online chat with AMEX and they said that they will be awarded within 120 days – but just wondered if that is how everyone else has seen it work (AMEX bonuses always seemed pretty instant in the past). Thanks

    • S879 says:

      Isn’t the bonus 3,000 anyway for Gold? If I remember correctly, platinum is 5 or 6k. I’m sure someone else will reply soon.

    • BJ says:

      I got an additional card on my dad’s Gold under that offer. Our own experience and some comments reported here by others seemed to indicate that there was a bit of a problem with this promo from tve get go. Dad got his initial 3000 mo problem but I am not bothering spending the £500 so he can get the rest. I anticipate more trouble than it’s worth, and there are bigger fish to fry at the moment. Having spent the £500 though I recommend you cal regularly until somebody posts them for you. Don’t bother with online chat support option, I’ve found they seem mot to have powers beyond routine issues.

    • Laura says:

      I got the initial points really quickly but have only just spent the £500 so not sure about the follow up points

    • AJA says:

      I’m in a similar situation with the offer on the BAPP. My OH got the 3000 Avios as soon as I applied for a supplementary card. I’ve spent well over the £500 but so far OH hasn’t received the 3000 bonus. I am waiting until 120 days passes (mid Oct) to see what happens before contacting BA/Amex. I have screen shots of the offer for BAPP so not worried (yet).

  • ColinK says:

    Good morning all,

    I was booked at the DoubleTree Hilton Sheffield Park (using points, not cash). Their reception sent an e-mail stating that there is a charge for using the swimming pool. Do you know if this is normal please? Everywhere else that I have stayed, it would be included in the room price.

    • Yorkie Aid says:

      I’ve stayed there a number of times in 2018 and 2019 and there was never any charge.

    • BJ says:

      No charge in the past. I am likely staying there again next week and no such email received.

    • Lady London says:

      They can’t change terms and conditions unilaterally after a booking has been made (and even stronger if prepaid in points or money).

      Did details published on website list amenities without flagging a charge at time you booked? Doesn’t matter if a charge is flagged now.

      I’d write back to them saying you’re assuming this applies to new bookings and not bookings already made and btw if they are operating a booking system then you’d like to book x x and/or x times.

      Let us know how you get on.

  • CarpalTravel says:

    Morning all! Has anyone ever had an Amex off where the payment is still pending passed the offer expiry date? If so, did it still get redeemed?

    That’s what I have now, and in the app the offer is marked as expired. 😕

    • Ben says:

      Yes, just a few days ago with Sunglasshut. It took days for a transaction to go through. But in the end the date on my Amex statement was the the day of purchase and the offer was retroactively applied for that date a few days later.

    • John says:

      It’s always the date of the transaction that matters. It would only not credit if the charge was delayed somehow, basically if they just took your card details and didn’t charge it right away

    • Andrew says:

      Yes, for one of the Harrods offers that finished on Christmas Eve.

      It was sitting pending until after Christmas, but the transaction date posted as at the 24th December so it triggered the offer.

      It’s the actual transaction date that’s most important. With all the “online” transactions, never forget that overnight batch or ledger processing is still king and it’s the bank holiday weekend.

  • Joe says:

    I booked tickets during last year half price flying club redemptions with virgin. Flights are in 2 weeks to TLV which requires permission and quarantine on arrival so not able to fly.
    Will virgin be able to move my tickets to next year just over 365 days? Alternatively do they offer evoucher or ftvs like BA?
    I just want to keep our half price points tickets as want to fly route once quarantine requirement is dropped.

    • John says:

      Not virgin’s fault that you don’t have permission to go and need to quarantine. If the flight operates as booked you will have to pay the usual change fees to make changes and the additional points. If virgin cancels the flight or changes the times significantly this gives you the right to reschedule for free – but not to over 365 days later.

      BAs FTVs do not let you keep the half price fare.

    • ChrisC says:

      Yes VS do offer their equivalent of an FTV. Details on the VS website. Any voucher they may offer will essentially be a credit note not a voucher for the same flight.

      Remember to check the policy that applies for the date you booked your flight as it may not be the same as their current policy

      VS has a 333 days booking window.

      • Joe says:

        Thanks all for your help. They had switched my flights by 12 hours but then I managed to move back to flights within the hour of my original booking. So no idea if I qualify under them cancelling me.
        All the terms online seem to be referring to cash tickets so would be good if anyway has experience with a virgin ftv or reebooking of a points ticket?

  • TOBIAS L says:

    Morning! Looking for the Hive Mind’s wisdom.

    Am returning from Spain this weekend, double-jabbed. Could someone please give me tips on what exactly I need to do to comply with the ‘regulations’ in the cheapest and fastest way?

    I’m not too fussed about actually doing tests (e.g. just pay for a PLF and not do Day 2?). I just want this admin to end!


    • SteveJ says:

      As a fellow citizen can you just do the tests please. Go for the cheapest by all means, but would be extremely selfish not to take the tests.

      • Chrisasaurus says:

        +1, by the way

        • Paul says:

          Another +1. Since you’ve no choice but to pay for the test, why would you think about not taking it? You’ll be home by then so no risk of disruption to your plans. Might as well make sure you’re not inadvertently carrying the virus.

      • kitten says:

        If you get stuck take one of the Free NHS tests or if you can’t get one and your paid test hasn’t arrived on time call 119 and they’ll send uou one.

    • Chrisasaurus says:

      It’s quite wel explain on the gov website but basically you need to have ordered your day 2 test and will need to enter the reference on your PLF

      You’ll also need a negative Covid test certificate dated within 3 days of your departure

    • John says:

      PLFs do not require payment. You must buy a day 2 test and record this on the PLF. You also need a negative test up to 3 days before the flight in order to board for the UK (doesn’t have to be PCR)

    • VerdantBacon says:

      You need a fit to fly test before you get on the plane and you need the confirmation number from your day 2 test to put into your plf

      • TOBIAS L says:

        Any recommendations on the best vendor for the day 2 test? I recall Chronomics being mentioned around here a bit. Is it still the preferred choice?

        Re the Fit to Fly test, by chance any recommendations on decent vendors in Madrid?


        • Aaron C says:

          What do you mean “best”? Expert Medicals were the cheapest (haven’t checked recently) at £25.99. They are a bit slow at resulting the test but since you don’t need the result for anything that isn’t a problem.

        • Simon says:


        • Rob says:

          Do a qured video test. Don’t waste your holiday.

          Did one on Saturday. Appointment started exactly on time and all 3 of us were done in parallel inside 10 minutes. Results within 30 mins of uploading the photo of the cassette.

          • Colin says:

            Rob. I am sure many of us `dinosaurs` would be horrified at the thought of a video test while away – not tech savvy, wifi problems etc. Good grief – I cannot even figure out zoom calls much to the amusement of my work colleagues. To me the video test `worry` is wasting a holiday. What do you recommend as the best (easiest) `non video` test to pre-book before travelling assuming staying somewhere without a local provider/pharmacy to do the job?

          • Rob says:

            The test has to be supervised by a medical professional.

            Chromatics tests do not require this but I don’t understand how they meet the Government guidelines since there is no proof, at all, that you didn’t get a random person to take the test for you.

          • Paul says:

            Chronomics doesn’t need the video. Result confirmed in 30 seconds and uploaded to Verifly. Superb and less than the cost of a local Greek test.

          • Rob says:

            … which is why it is hard to believe this is legal under UK legislation.

          • Erik says:

            Highly recommend c19 testing over Qured Rob. No video consultation necessary. You just upload a photo of your test cassette with passport. Certificate back within max 12 hours but normally within 2 in my experience. This of course negates the need to for good wifi signal. Only £26 with the discount code too…

      • Rob says:

        Given how little interest the BA check in staff had yesterday (and they were looking at a PDF on an iPhone mini which is illegible anyway) I’m sure many create their own ….

    • AJA says:

      Just buy the tests and fill in the PLF. If you don’t you will be denied boarding.

    • Phil W says:

      Because you want the admin to end and you are not fussed about doing the tests, you should be fine to just turn up at the airport as normal.

      • MadeUpName says:

        And tell them you’ve been coughing and have a temperature. They’ll rush you straight through to the lounge – they’re fed up with the admin too

        • Chrisasaurus says:

          And complain loudly that the lounge food doesn’t taste of anything 🤣

    • Dominic says:

      Just to the test.

      Otherwise, stay in the UK and don’t travel.

      Stop being a moron.

      • TOBIAS L says:

        ‘Stay in the UK and stop being a moron’ 🤣

        Staying in the UK is for people like you, fearful lemmings subject to the whims of a group of charlatans, too submissive to even realise how bad you’re being shafted.

        I’m double-jabbed, wear masks where required, etc. and have thoroughly enjoyed 2.5 months abroad in the sunshine! But sure, you go ahead and continue the servitude 🤣🤣🤣

        Thanks all for the grand tips! (And also those of you on your judgey high horses – your bitterness is a troll’s idea of paradise).

        • Bearing up says:

          Lucky for you. What a self centred attitude you have. There are others around who happen to have greater complications in their lives and it’s a shame you don’t possess the empathy to understand that. Enjoy your months away!

  • Ade says:

    Good morning everyone. Quick question regarding returning from Spain. Can I just check that it’s only advisable to take a PCR test pre departure. I plan on taking a LFT due to recently having Covid and just want to make sure that’s perfectly acceptable. Thanks!

    • Chrisasaurus says:


      Yes it is and it’s what I’m doing this week but do consider the sensitivity of LFD – check this for yourself but I recall seeing advice on a Spanish clinic website that an antigen test could show a ‘false’ positive if recently positive and that PCR test might be safer?

      • Ade says:

        Oh. I didn’t realise that. The UK Gov website actually says the opposite. Not sure which one to do now!

    • The Streets says:

      I flew back from Spain yesterday having taken a LFT the day before and all was acceptable. City airport was a joy to arrive in

      • Rob says:

        Were you on the Palma flight? We were on that. Walked into an empty immigration hall.

    • Waddle says:

      PCR in the UK ahead of flying out. Lat flow before flying back using kit from Government approved firm, PLF before boarding. Day 2 PCR upon return.

    • Rob says:

      Perfectly fine.

  • Chris says:

    Peloton Tread is back on sale this morning after the screen issues.

    15% back with Amex Offer and gives me approx 2k towards my £5k/10,000 Avios goal. Also got £100 of free accessories with code VQZXJU. Happy with that Amex.

    • Andrew says:

      Screen issues?

      Wasn’t the key issue that the Peloton Treadmill was so badly designed that it killed children and pets?

      So around £1,900 for the treadmill + £39 a month subscription. I only pay £30 a month for my local gym with pool.

      • Ryan Gill says:

        And you don’t therefore give money to a Company that’s advertising is so well aimed at Rob’s London centric aspirational core readership, that it is a yukky, clichéd parody. I hate Peloton adverts.

      • Chris says:

        Completely different machine in the US. UK issue was the screens were falling off!

        I already have the bike and so we have a family of 4 using both bike and tread for £39 subscription. Cracking set up

      • ThePenguin says:

        That’s to sensible!

        Follow the masses and get Peloton and some lululemon – that isn’t a drink! ;o)

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