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The HfP chat thread – Monday 6th September

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We are running this daily chat thread on Head for Points during the coronavirus outbreak.

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  • Mikeact says: (US) have got a Labour Day 15% off deal.
    I’m looking to purchase an item on our regular UK site
    Anyway I can get the 15% off to work over here ?
    I have a fast VPN set up with a US server.
    When I try, it insists on bouncing back to the UK site.

  • John says:

    Couple going LHR-DBV from T5 at 0645 tomorrow on BA Club Europe. Should we expect a big delay at check-in? What time should we get there at? Haven’t downloaded Verifly yet… does it accelerate things?

    • Pete M says:

      I’d aim for a couple of hours before to be on the safe side and can then enjoy the lounge. I’ve never used Verifly and don’t think it’s delayed me further at any point.

    • Save East Coast Rewards says:

      I think (based on Italy and Spain) Verifly only works on flights from Europe to the UK and not the other way round. When I’m flying from the UK there’s an option in manage my booking to upload documentation. Do you see that? What happens if you try to check in online?

      My advice is aim for 5:30 if you have bags to check in or can’t check in online. If queues are massive seek advice from BA staff on the floor, they will allow those with flights departing soon to move ahead if needed.

      • Pete M says:

        Verifly availability:

        Outbound routes from the UK – Available on selected outbound routes (including all destinations in Antigua, Bahamas, Bahrain, Barbados, Canada, Croatia, France, Grenada, Ireland, Jamaica, St Lucia, Turks & Caicos, UAE and USA).

        Arrivals into the UK – Available on all international flights into the UK.

        • meta says:

          That list is incomplete. It’s also available for France, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Ireland, Greece, Morocco…

          Have used Verifly on 3 occasions. Never had to show any documents to BA. As soon as you mention Verifly, they check in the system and issue the boarding pass which as verifly OK printed on top. On one of those times, I had to flash Verifly app and then they checked the system.

          Others have different experiences, but I have nothing but praise and it feels like old times when using it.

          • Save East Coast Rewards says:

            I just looked at Spain, it’s still showing as just for AA and EI for me

          • Jordan D says:

            Verifly was *not* available LHR-FAO last week; only the BA managed upload documents system.

          • meta says:

            @Save East Coat Rewards very interesting. I don’t have EI showing for Spain, just BA and AA.
            I noticed though one time that Verifly has different timing of the flight as BA changed it a few days before. I wonder whether they send data to Verifly much in advance and if there is any significant change then Verifly can’t handle it.

          • Tracey says:

            Used VeriFLY FNC to LHR, very easy to use and certainly made checking in easy.

    • Aso40 says:

      We just went through at about 10am today and the check-in queues were long. We were using the First Wing, which also had a queue outside but moved fairly quickly. The business check-in desks were several full rows of tensa barriers deep.

      Lots of check in agents running around trying to get various forms checked, especially for those travelling to the US.

    • Paul says:

      If you can check bags in the night before do, it makes the next day so much easier. That said it should not be quieter now the schools are back

    • John says:

      Just looked at Verifly and there is no option to disclose vaccination status (vaccinated!). Only the non-vaxxed need to provide a pre-departure test for Croatia, yet Verifly’s checklist is seeking a “Covid 19 Test review” …

      • meta says:

        That’s because you can enter Croatia with just the test. You don’t need to be vaccinated.

      • John Caribbean says:

        Is Croatia not requiring a test for people travelling from UK regardless of vaccination status?

        • meta says:

          That’s what I said. You can enter with just the test. This is a new requirement since mid/end July. Hope @John has read this and organised a test otherwise it will be more stressful for him!

          • John Caribbean says:

            Yeah, I hadn’t read your reply.
            Have you been?

          • John says:

            Thank you, I did. We grabbed an antigen test from Collinson and put it into VeriFLY. The source of our confusion was that FCO and Reopen-EU advice appears to diverge. The former doesn’t always distinguish between UK passport holders and travellers originating from the UK. My understanding is that of you also hold EU passports (as we do) then you don’t need a pre department test even if you reside in the UK. It’s all bonkers.

    • Lady London says:

      If you’re near today, would twilight checkin today 4pm-9pm for your bags reduce the stress tomorrow?

  • Anna says:

    EM day 2 test still not arrived, even though the ones my friend ordered did. As a back covering exercise I called 119 and they said call back if the test doesn’t arrive by day 2. Just called back and they are sending one for me to do at home – fairly painless process, 5 mins wait to get through to 119 this morning. Might be useful to know if you’re not comfortable risking being checked up on (unlikely I know).
    I think you can also order these online if you don’t want to speak to 119.

    • Seb says:

      Presumably you were able to use on your PLF and there weren’t any repercussions of them being removed from the UK list? My two tests arriving today, so far so good in terms of service, just hope they’ll still be valid later this month!

    • Triath5 says:

      Did they ask you for any details of your EM booking or did you just provide your address? I’m afraid the same thing will happen to me.

      • Triath5 says:

        And follow up questions sorry:
        a) Did you request a PCR or the Rapid Lateral Flow test?
        b) Not sure if you’d know this, but are these tests valid as Day 2 replacements? I know it sounds silly but the NHS isn’t on the vendor list on the Gov website. Just wondering if there are holes to be poked at here.

    • meta says:

      I got my EM result today after a week (negative). Last time it took them 9 days, so small progress 😂

    • Tracey says:

      Not surprised they have been dumped. NWP provide the code by email instantly and test results the following evening. For £40 for day2 tests. Much less hassle.

    • Anna says:

      No issues for 3 of us using EM last month, either with test delivery or results. Also my friend who travelled with me this time received the 2 she ordered.
      They asked which company I had ordered from but no other details. The call handler said they had heard a few things about EM!
      I asked for a replacement day 2 test so I am assuming that this acceptable as there was no indication that there would be any problem with it. I feel quite confident I will have fulfilled my legal obligations when I take it and send it back!

  • KBuffett says:

    What are readers opinions on potential upside of Tesco shares?

    • HAK says:

      I am not sure one would call soliciting advice from strangers on HFP as “investment research.” But sure, why not go for it!

      • KBuffett says:

        I don’t think analysts views are that valuable, but hey, we still read them and then decide.

        • HAK says:

          Not sure that “we” do we read them actually. Not if you have any smarts at least…

    • Richie says:

      What’s the clubcard price?

    • mr_jetlag says:

      very little upside unless they do a Clubcard Boost 😀

    • Mouse says:

      Are you asking, are they a potential acquisition target like their rivals?

    • JDB says:

      Tesco shares have done well (allowing for the special dividend) and the newish management team has done a good job focussing the business, improving cash flow etc. They also seem to be holding their own reasonably OK vs the hard discounters at the moment. The loss of Avios and recent moves down market have largely now lost me and others as customers, but that effect is probably minimal. It’s a quality stock with a decent yield, but I don’t see any particular catalyst on the upside. Sainsbury’s is behind the curve on the actions Tesco has taken and could conceivably have scope for bid action, so potentially be more interesting although some of that will already be factored into the price. I don’t currently hold any of the supermarket stocks.

      • Richie says:

        When was Tesco ‘upmarket’?

        • JDB says:

          They had a fairly extended period until about 2018/19 when things like fine wine and Wine Cellar disappeared, they dropped lots of Finest lines and more upmarket products and/or stocking less of them. Although many were/are rather snooty about Tesco vs say Waitrose, that was all about perception, not quality or value. One of the few benefits of Brexit/lockdown has been the improved availability of amazing fresh produce of all types by courier from smaller producers, so that is now a main source for us.

  • Mark says:

    I have Amex Gold Charge and Amex Gold Credit and both give me 2 free lounge passes but I was only given I priority card when the it was reissued, is it safe to assume I have 4 passes connected to that one card?

    • Rob says:

      I would be very surprised. I would have expected you to have a 2nd PP card sent to you.

  • r* says:

    Do curve automatically send out replacement cards? App is showing a new card in it but Ive yet to get the physical one, current one expires this month. Have contacted curve support but no reesponse yet.

    • KBuffett says:

      Yes, and they leave it very late before sending.

    • John says:

      My card expired July and I got the new one on 5th August. However I just used the virtual card until then

    • Rjn21 says:

      Still waiting for my replacement, my expiry was the end of August. I’ve contacted curve today and await a response. My virtual card won’t work until activated, which I’m wary of doing pending receipt of the physical card.
      My wife’s card expired at the end of July, the replacement arrived 06 August.

      • John says:

        The virtual card has a different expiry date and cvv to the physical card.

        Though I can’t remember if I had to activate the physical card again when I got it (in other words, I’m not sure if activating the virtual card would allow a thief to use the physical card)

  • Pete M says:

    Thank you, BJ, for the Kimpton De Witt Amsterdam IHG points redemption during Pride 2022 that you mentioned on Sat – excellent value!

    • ChrisC says:

      It’s about .6p a point so very good value.

      Cash rate is good as well the sat night is £225 on the BFR or £ 232 from Emyr (based on solo traveller. double occupancy is a tenner more)

      Now did you book them as separate nights so if the rate goes down you can cancel and rebook?

      I want to stay the Monday night too but that’s £341 on the BFR or 55k points but that could be down to it being close to the end of the booking window so I’ll hold off booking that night for a few days

      • Pete M says:

        I can’t see the points value going down realistically, ChrisC?

        • ChrisC says:

          Strange things do happen!

          Earlier this year I had a booking for when Eurovision was on/

          Started at 35k, went up to 55k then back to 35k and then down to 30 before going back up to 40k!

  • Craig says:

    First time using Addison Lee, in Cambridge over the last few days. A £6.50 waiting charge has bee adde even though we were waiting outside for the driver. Very glad I took a photo of the meter, it’s not very clear but you can see the arrival time of 2140 at the hotel, pickup time was 2130. Meter was £10, charge now £23.05. To say I’m unimpressed is a major understatement!

    • BuildBackBetter says:

      Don’t know how it works with AL, but some taxis charge the card for maximum possible fare, but they drop to actual fare when it settles.

    • Toby says:

      Dispute it with them, use the photo. I’ve found them good when things go wrong

    • xcalx says:

      A well known Uber trick at my local pub. They park 100 yards down the road for 3 or 4 mins then turn up.

    • John says:

      I had this with Addison Lee in London once, i don’t know what happened but the waiting price more than doubled the fare! I contacted them and they removed it.

    • Can says:

      Only using AL because of the damn Platinum credit. Awful service, ridiculous ricing compared to Uber etc

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