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The HfP chat thread – Thursday 9th September

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We are running this daily chat thread on Head for Points during the coronavirus outbreak.

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The comments under this article are where you should post questions about travel and, indeed, anything else on your mind.  At this tricky time, and given that many of you are at home, we want the HfP community to have a place to chat.

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Comments (1025)

  • VickyTM says:

    Just want to say thanks for the advice to get the IHG Ambassador club thing for $200. I have easily got that value out of it already. I stayed 13 nights in the IC Cancun and was upgraded several levels to an amazing tower room with an Ocean view, and have now just managed to get 3 nights in the IC New York Times Square for $400 including tax by using the a free night voucher and the complimentary night weekend voucher. The late check out is perfect for my flight home too. Brilliant. Thank everyone

  • Hotinnewcastle says:

    Flying to from LHR t5 later today, have ce flight, no difference between north or south ba lounge I imagine? Are either lounges better for children? Have a flight to tfs later on…if that makes any difference.

  • Darko says:

    My partner holds BAPP. Will spend on the supplementary card count towards the first £3000 for triggering the welcome bonus?

  • Gtellez says:

    Regarding the Malaysian airlines offer, my wife received the 10gbp Amazon voucher but I didn’t (although I registered before her). At least one voucher, not bad outcome for 10 min of my time.

    • Andrew says:

      Sounds like a pretty poor outcome to me. The whole thing was a farce.

      • Rob says:

        Are you actively involved in booking group trips to Asia? If not, farce would not be correct word …

    • Mike says:

      That is why is was important to put “groupbookings” or “bookingcoord” in your recently acquired email address

  • Simon L says:

    Hey booked autograph glasshouse Edinburgh for tomorrow directly through Marriott website , I’m a platinum member , no option to check in on the app , also no change of room cat either (suites are bookable online but limited rooms available in all cat ) any advice re not being able to check in and also the upgrade for platinum

    • Blenz101 says:

      Contact the hotel? As I’m sure you know a suite upgrade isn’t guaranteed and just because rooms are for sale doesn’t mean they are available, the hotel will oversell due the potential for no shows.

    • Harry T says:

      I’m a Titanium member and I would advise you to never check in via the app – checking in at the front desk gives you an opportunity to ask for a better upgrade (this really does work). Upgrades sometimes don’t show until the day of your stay either, depending on when the hotel decides to assign them. If you can message in the app, it’s a good idea to ask nicely for a suite upgrade in advance.

      • Simon L says:


        Thanks , there isn’t the option to check in on the app for tomorrow which is strange , so I can chat either , I booked through Marriott

        Has that happened to you before

    • Phil says:

      I stayed at the Glasshouse a couple of weeks ago.

      I used a Suite Night award that was otherwise going to expire, so can’t comment on upgrade. The suite was huge and generally lovely, but – frankly – very poorly designed in my view. Why have a great view and then have the sofa facing with its back to it?

      You get a free drink voucher in addition to your option of points or credit.

      Breakfast was nice, but the bar was only open (something like) 18:00-21:00 and very limited cheese board food options.

      Their whisky flights are good value if you’re into whisky.

      (If you’re into whisky, then the newly opened Holyrood Distillery is well worth a couple of hours of your time.)

      Make sure you book restaurants as Edinburgh can be competitive.

      The hotel gave the impression of having sacked all their experiences staff. Service was pleasant and enthusiastic, but far from “ept”. Saying that, everywhere in Edinburgh seemed to be struggling with service.

  • Pete M says:

    Telegraph today:

    Costly PCR tests for vaccinated travellers could be scrapped as part of a review of the traffic light system.
    The government is understood to be considering dropping the requirement for double-vaccinated passengers to take a laboratory-based test when arriving in the UK from most countries. The move would bring the UK into line with many European countries.

    We can dream! 🙂

    • Judy says:

      That would be great news indeed. But bigger problem is the need for pre departure testing. That needs to go.

      • meta says:

        And the other day I was told no chance for saying this might happen…

        The initial Telegraph article on the subject was unclear, but they did say more rigorous testing for unvaccinated. I suspect it will be more than just day 2 and day 8 for those, but possibly pre-departure PCR instead of antigen, perhaps also day 5 test requirement or no TTR.

        • Rob says:

          PCR test would be impossible in many places, however, given the lab requirement.

      • Andrew says:

        If you mean before you leave the U.K. then that’s down to the country you’re going to – no test currently required for Spain as an example. And if you mean the test to return home, that’s certainly less of a burden as you can take a £20 kit in your suitcase to do that.

        • meta says:

          No, return to the UK, it’s officially called pre-departure test.

          • Andrew says:

            Bit confused then why Judy thinks that’s a bigger problem than the much more expensive PCR day 2 test?

          • meta says:

            And if they start requiring PCR test for return to the UK that then it will add to the cost as it’s has to be done in a lab. They can also require in-person rather than at home swab too.

        • Judy says:

          I mean the Pre departure test to return to the UK. Yes, those tests can be cheap. But the disruption caused by testing positive in a foreign country is enormous.

          Given the choice I’d much rather they drop the PDT.

          • roberto says:

            So you don’t want to test before you come home incase you’re positive? You would prefer not to know and to fly home anyway?

            Genuine question. Not poking the bear.

            I don’t understand the pushbike against testing per say. It seems to be the biggest issue with many people here and especially on twitter where their hatred for the brain swap shows no bounds. I don’t really buy into the fact that the “tory fat cats are making a mint outta it” and generally don’t mind an extra £100 here and there onto of a £3000 trip.

          • Rob says:

            Friend of mine had his daughter fail a fit to fly test in Antigua recently and had to pay for another 4 nights in his luxury resort. He was actually very unhappy about it!

            However, if the Govt gave a toss about infected people flying, you would need a test to leave the UK – and you don’t.

          • Harry T says:

            Ignoring the fact that they are probably useless, the issue is that the pre departure tests are massively overpriced (testing in general in the UK is too expensive relative to other wealthy European economies). Why can’t we just do a free NHS lateral flow test? After all, most of us will be paying hundreds of pounds extra to the NHS a year in the near future.

          • Harry T says:

            And not everyone is trying to go on a nice three grand middle class holiday… we are pricing a lot of poorer people out of travel with overpriced testing, especially working class families.

          • Rob says:

            And the rest. A family of four would be approaching £2k just for economy flights to Mallorca during peak periods.

          • Anna says:

            @roberto, your auto-correct is out of control this morning 😂
            I agree with Harry – if there was a scientific rationale behind pre-departure and day 2 testing, for example, I wouldn’t be so opposed to it, but the fact is that anyone can take these tests so it’s impossible to know whose samples are actually in the tubes! Also (and Harry may be able to confirm this), I suspect a lot of people aren’t even doing them properly. From my previous experience taking DNA samples, there is a reason you don’t let people do their own!

    • SteveJ says:

      That’d be politics ruling over the science though? Vaccinated can still carry, without a test you don’t know who’s carrying, thus spreading. Unless we’re really going for free for all, everyone has been offered a jab, so now it’s considered a minor illness, like a cold/flu?

      • meta says:

        @SteveJ yes, that’s the government’s approach in case you haven’t noticed.

      • Harry T says:

        You’re more likely to test positive after a holiday in the UK, according to recent data. I’m not sure why we should care about people catching covid abroad when most of the worst variants were either home grown in the UK or spread heavily from us. At some point, we have to accept the virus is endemic and testing travellers is just a way to make Tory mates rich.

        • Yuff says:

          Spot on HarryT, this whole thing has even a farce from start to now
          We also need to start vaccinating 12-15 year olds like the test of Europe and then we may have a chance of reducing our cases.
          Mallorca July 500/100k today 63/100k
          1.3m tourists in august 90% of 2019 figure
          Still have to wear a mask on the running machine though ………grrrrr🤬

          • TGLoyalty says:

            We also need to start vaccinating 12-15 year olds like the test of Europe

            JVCI disagrees …

          • Rob says:

            The question they were asked was ‘do kids benefit?’. They don’t. 1 in 20,000 risk of heart problems from the vaccine, albeit rarely fatal. Zero chance of death from covid (rounded to one decimal place.

            Whether greater society benefits is a different question.

          • Peter Taysum says:

            We’re an “outlier” by not vaccinating 12-15 year olds. Many (myself included) don’t think JCVI did a “full risk benefit analysis”. The evidence from myocarditis is a smaller number vaccinated than from getting Covid and all cases from vaccination have been reversible. With delta variant we are seeing children dying, but also it’s the effects of “long covid” and the severity of that being unknown.

            I think we are wrong not to vaccinate 12-15 year olds from all the evidence there currently is.

    • Harry T says:

      I’ll believe it when I see it…

    • Pete M says:

      BTW apologies – not the Telegraph, but the Times! It was a bit early and they’re basically the same thing now…!

  • Dave says:

    Great Sweaty Betty Amex offer this morning…

  • Simonbr says:

    Is anyone else experiencing delay and difficulty in receiving the “bonus double tier points” after a qualifying BA Holiday?

    • Tracey says:

      Haven’t received mine yet. I thought it was a 28 day wait?

      • Simonbr says:

        T&C’s say within a month of the return flight. So ours now 5 days late. I’ve tried to chase them by phone but no success, call staff seem unaware and unable to help.

        • roberto says:

          Raise a complaint via the online form after 4 weeks and they will sort it out for you. It’s a 2 minute job.

    • James says:

      Took around 7 weeks for mine to appear. I’d actually forgotten about them to be fair.

      • Simonbr says:

        OK. Though it’s a pity they can’t keep to the T& C’s they set!

      • Laura says:

        What happens if your tier point year lies between a month of the return flight and when the tier points post – will they back date it?

        • Rob says:

          No. Return falls into your new year.

          However you can ask BA for a two week extension under which any TP you earn are treated as part of your previous year. This is a feature and not a favour so don’t feel bad about asking the call centre for it.

        • AJA says:

          @ Laura

          Not sure I entirely agree with Rob’s post. I understood the double TP get back-dated to the actual flight dates in the same way as any TP’s do. So if your flights are in your old TP year that is when they post ie even if they award them after your TP year resets they will be backdated to the old TP year.

          If your travel straddles your TP year end eg TP year end is 8 Sep and Outbound flight is 5 Sep and Inbound flight is 10 Sep then that is when the TPs will post 5th (old year) and 10th Sep (new year) even if they take 2 months to post.

          What Rob is saying is you can ask BAEC to credit the flight on 10 Sep to your old year instead if that helps you retain or gain status.

          • MKB says:

            This is correct. Term 5 states:

            “Standard Tier Points for the flight element will be awarded in line with regular awarding timelines after completion of the return flight which is part of a Qualifying Booking. The initial transaction will be updated when the Bonus Tier Points are added to the standard Tier Points, within one month of the return flight which is part of a Qualifying Booking.”

            So they are not adding a new entry into your transactions; they are updating the existing entry. It will therefore retain the original transaction date. (Well they could update the date as well, but I’d be surprised if they’ve chosen to do that.)

          • Laura says:

            Thank you all, we’ll keep an eye on it and chase BA if need be.

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