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The HfP chat thread – Thursday 9th September

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  • Can says:

    Upgrade or not? I checked in as a diamond at a doubletree in Eastern Europe. Got a modest upgrade. Next day asked about a better upgrade, they say next day is possible. Went to the desk next day and they moved me to a suit. All good. But now checked my Hilton app. In the “My stay” tab, it shows my suit but the rate has doubled. made me think they will try to charge me for it. Shall I not bother and deny the charge at the end? Can they do it? The folks at the desk was not the sharpest with enough knowledge of Honors statuses

    • Kwisstan says:

      Be wary of the app. It doesn’t show the correct information a lot of the time. When you requested the upgrade, did you say you expected for the same rate?

      Also I think the benefit is space available upgrade, which I’ve always taken just a one level upgrade (preferred view for example)

      • Can says:

        Diamond upgrades are up to a suite.

        • meta says:

          It’s normal. It will sort itself out during the night audit. They won’t charge you.

          • Can says:

            Many thanks

          • John says:

            It’s an error which has started to happen recently. There’s a flyertalk thread about it.

            I was incorrectly charged the upgraded price the first time it happened in July. I didn’t notice until the charge posted on Amex. They refunded me without any fuss when I alerted them to the issue. So the night audit didn’t catch it.

            It has then happened a few more times but I checked the price before checking in (was upgraded prior to check in) and it had increased. I mentioned it to the front desk and they corrected the rate with an apology. They said the person applying the upgrade forgot to adjust the price back to the original price.

            I wonder if your hotel in E Europe was clear that you were asking for a complimentary upgrade. I guess they should have mentioned the price if they were expecting you to pay more.

        • John says:

          That’s meaningless because upgrades are at the hotel’s discretion. Non-members can be and will be upgraded to a suite ahead of a diamond if they stay once a week and don’t join HH.

          Hotels are not obliged to upgrade even if a suite is available although you can shame them into it, but there is no penalty if the hotel still refuses.

          • Rob says:

            There was talk of removing hotel discretion over upgrades by taking over room allocation centrally but it never happened.

    • VerdantBacon says:

      Just let them know about the increased rate next time you speak to them, it will get reversed without any issues. It’s a problem that comes up from time to time. There is a dedicated thread to it on Hilton FlyerTalk. When an upgrade is applied the staff member essentially needs to tick a box to let the system know it’s a free upgrade, sometimes they forget to tick this box. But they will fix it without any push back.

    • mvcvz says:

      Make sure your suit doesn’t get creased in all the excitement.

  • Pete M says:

    Happy to report Plaza Premium T5 has the self-serve buffet back – although the cooked breakfast isn’t quite at the F lounge level…

  • JDB says:

    EasyJet rejects takeover bid from unnamed suitor and announces £1.2bn rights issue…

    • Richie says:

      Can’t they re-mortgage more planes for cash?

      • JDB says:

        The rejected suitor is presumably connected with Stelios. He won’t like the alternative option from the board – a rights issue that requires him to put his hand in his pocket to avoid being diluted.

        • pauldb says:

          Was an all-share offer oddly. Could be a SPAC or more intruigingly another airline.

          • pauldb says:

            Now rumoured to be Wizz.

            easyjet is effectively up today on the rights issue. Seems a bit crazy.

          • Rob says:

            Who would swap easy paper for Wizz paper? And end up with Stelios as your main shareholder?!

          • JSemity says:

            I expect it would be Wizz, they’re very well capitalised. Taking over easyJet would allow them to rapidly expand and compete with Ryanair

  • krys_k says:

    I know we’ve had two good reviews for Marriott properties in Barcelona. What do folks think is the best Marriott in Barcelona in terms of quality and service. Large rooms good too as will be travelling with wife and 18 month daughter. Thanks.

    • Harry T says:

      I doubt anything is better than the Barcelona EDITION (haven’t done Hotel Arts but I’ve heard mixed reviews recently). However, anything below a Loft room is quite small, so it depends on your budget. W is decent but not really a hotel for someone with a young child. Cotton House is generally well reviewed but most of the rooms sound quite small when reviewing the website.

    • Rob says:

      I would be tempted by the Arts purely due to beach access and the pool without the W scene.

  • Mikeact says:

    Would you buy a BA eVoucher worth £729 on Ebay for £600 ?

    • Richie says:

      Are they transferable?

    • Anna says:

      This would definitely be against BA’s Ts and Cs, I personally would not consider it. Also what kind of voucher is it – some of them are linked to specific passengers?

    • John says:

      You could book something immediately and then voucher it yourself to prevent the seller using it again

      • Richie says:

        Are you sure ‘voucher it yourself’ would work? We know their IT is far from perfect.

    • Harry T says:

      Yeah, if I wanted to give away a free £600 to a grateful stranger.

      • Mikeact says:

        I know nothing about the details…just happened to notice it…and I think the person selling actually has two.

    • BuildBackBetter says:

      Will you be paying upfront? What chances he / she uses the voucher in the 5 mins after you pay and send you a useless code?

    • Rui N. says:

      How did these people managed to sell an eVoucher on ebay and ebay doesn’t allow me to sell a egift card from Ticketmaster?!

  • Jaime says:

    Good morning all
    Anyone has contact details for Randox beside the general phone number that only has pre records?
    Was supposed to receive my day 2 test on Monday and nothing yet. Will depart again tomorrow without ever taking my test.

    • Harry T says:

      I’m afraid I don’t. If you’ve ordered the test in good faith and it hasn’t arrived, I’m sure it will be fine.

    • TGLoyalty says:

      If you really want to take the test explain to 119 and they’ll send you an NHS one

      Otherwise relax go on your next trip and use the same reference for your next PLF.

      • Jaime says:

        Thank you all for the replies, not really concerned about the test although as a principle I like to have the services I paid for.
        @ TGL
        Are you sure about that? If possible it would be nice a 2for1 on test (LOL) but not willing to risk any problems on my return.
        Cheers to all and safe travels

    • Clive says:

      My contact was via their email and response, typically, was within 24 hours.

    • Booker1989 says:

      I chose a non customer services option when I rang. Answered immediatly and very helpful

  • Wollhouse says:

    Another day, another futile attempt to change my cancelled flights. Called on the dot of 8, got the recorded blurb, then the “sorry we’re too busy hang up message we’re all so familiar with….” Immediately tried again, got a human after 8 mins! But… booked with Avios so that’s another team… currently enjoying their hold music and anticipating the 60 min auto disconnect. All the email addresses I’ve previously used are now bouncing back. I can’t make changes online. The process reduces one to despair. Perhaps it’s their actual strategy as I fully expect a battle over moving my 241 flights/Avios booking (EDI-BKK) to 2021 and after all the hassle, I assume many just cave!

    Not a fantastic customer experience. I assume that if I don’t manage to speak to a human before our cancelled flights date, that I haven’t negatively impacted my options? And the fact the system is still sending me “it’s almost time to fly!” Emails just rubs salt into the wounds….

  • Reney says:

    My Morrison money back on VS card has disappeared, I had it in my mind that it was going on for a few more days. Does anyone else still have it on your card?

    • JSemity says:

      yes, gone from mine too, last day on the previous offer was yesterday. There’s a decent chance they bring it back again. Still running on Airtime and others

      • Reney says:

        Sounds like from others if they will bring it back it would have happened already. Maybe their computer decided I had benefited enough.

    • Brighton Belle says:

      Still visible for me

    • trader363 says:

      On mine, a replacement offer has appeared. Identical but the offer period is from 9th to 15th Sept

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