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The HfP chat thread – Thursday 9th September

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Comments (1025)

  • Nathan says:

    Any amex transfer bonuses coming on this side of the pond?

  • Sal says:

    Just had a text from creation saying they are unable to process any further transactions using my curve card where the transaction is allocated to my creation credit card. Anyone else experienced/had this happen? Thanks

    • Paul says:

      +1. Sounds like some heads have hit the roof

    • BP says:

      Yes but just made a Creative Curve payment to Ernie. Worked fine so it’s clearly not been applied immediately.

      • Simon says:

        Datapoint: Ditto as BP @ 10:51am… went through in spite of receiving identical Creation text @ 10:42am

    • JSemity says:

      had that too and just put max amount through card to ernie

      • Harrier25 says:

        This may be targeted for some and if it is, running around filling your boots with as many MS transactions as you can is going to do nobody any favours. The words ‘Brainless Idiots’ spring to mind! 🤬

    • Sean says:

      yes just arrived – although have done 2 txs already this morning – fuel and parking

    • Keith says:

      Yes – it was fun while it lasted!

    • Red Flyer says:

      Same here too – compliance is ramping up at these firms and the MS abusers have ruined it for us using the card legitimately for day to day use sadly.

    • Alan S says:

      +1 That’ll be that then.

      Will make it borderline whether I continue with paying the card fee for the following year.

      I suspect users with Curve are small fry (albeit probably heavy users of the card), but it would be naive to think that everyone will just continue paying for the card as they were.

      • Jonathan says:

        They won’t care. Creation are heading for the exit door of the U.K. credit card scene anyway. If they shed a few unprofitable customers a few months earlier then happy days.

      • Joseph Heenan says:

        Unless they change some of the other features of the card the black card is still a very good card (and no longer available to new applicants).

        A major annoyance though is that Creation don’t support Apple Pay, and Curve was a good way to workaround that.

      • Harrier25 says:

        I’d be more inclined to continue using my IHG Rewards Creation card than continue using Curve! Many more benefits to me. The only thing I’d really miss are the interest free cash withdrawals, which I can just about live without. I still haven’t received a text from Creation though.

    • Jonathan says:

      Loose lips sink ships…

    • Alex says:


    • Rui N. says:

      All those code words in here were for nothing. Who could’ve guessed?!

      • David says:

        Be careful Rui, saying that makes some people here overly angry.

      • TGLoyalty says:

        Or all the idiots posting the real name in the reply killed it ..

        • SteveJ says:


        • Rui N. says:

          How did you find I’m Roma’s (previously Wolves’) goalie? I though that by changing the P. to N. nobody could figure it out. Damn, no wonder people figured out what Ernie, Beardie and Bendy are!

        • Jeff Greene says:

          The “code words” were very easy to work out to be fair.

          • Rui N. says:

            @Jeff, I know 🙂 just making fun of the entire thing. But now there will be one less codeword for people to complain every day about it.

          • TGLoyalty says:

            They were if you used half a brain cell … yet many seemed to suggest they struggled and someone would pop along with the actual name rather than a clue.

            but fits Rui argument to say the codewords were useless but the counter is all the open chat especially without code words killed it.

          • Rob says:

            Wait until you get the forum you are all requesting and there is a huge thread called ‘Manufactured spending with Curve’ ….

          • Memesweeper says:

            I’m not asking for a forum! And if anyone starts an MS thread I’d suggest you kill it @Rob.

        • Jonathan says:

          Or just talking about it in general!

        • Harry T says:

          @TG how dare you suggest that the behaviour we’ve been complaining about for ages led to this cull? 😂

        • marcw says:

          I think the idiots are the ones using it for MS rather than for legitimate spending.

          • TGLoyalty says:

            I know compete idiots earning millions of points over the years vs 20k or so a year.

          • Genghis says:


          • Jeff Greene says:

            Either way. It’s over and it’s not the end of the world. Move on

          • David says:

            Interesting, yet some still think its the code words (or lack of at times on here) that have resulted in the door being closed, rather than those earning millions of points over the years taking the proverbial and rinsing through their credit limits time and time again to get the most out of it.

          • Ming the Merciless says:

            I think the idiots are the ones paying £99 per year and not sitting on 2 million IHG points?

        • Babyg says:

          Err the people feeding ernie (pick you MS) etc and then kept posting on here with the totally uncrackable code words killed it…

    • will says:

      Pretty annoying personally as I used to put my legitimate business forex denominated spend through curve backed by creation and never touched MS on it 🙁

    • G says:

      Just had the same test. Got a email from Curve yesterday requesting payslips.

      Good job I hit the 0.5% Creation bonus hard over August if that was indeed was the last hurrah

      • Ryan says:

        Has anyone received the payment / credit for this yet..?

        • G says:

          Not yet. Ts and Cs said 60 days if I remember correctly, so should get them by the end of October

    • Char Char says:

      The biggest problem is now I can’t use it with Apple Pay!

      • Blair says:

        Advising us by text seems a bit casual. Feels like TV Licensing “we’re watching you” tactics

    • Char Char says:

      Transaction declined for me now

    • Travel Strong says:

      9th September is going to be a big day for ERNIE!

    • ThePenguin says:

      Yep, congratulations everyone! You finally did it!!

      Now,lets here from those posters “creation know what’s going on and a fine with it”

      • Travel Strong says:

        I believe the rhetoric was that *curve knows what’s going on and are fine with it, in particular with regards to demonstrating usage numbers to investors.

      • SteveJ says:

        No, the rhetoric is that whilst a few users are doing it Creation know and it’s more hassle than its worth shutting it down. It’s more troublesome once it becomes more main stream

    • VerdantBacon says:

      Codewords or no codewords, the game lasted far longer than it should have. Especially with how much it was discussed. Even with codewords, the constant discussion just gets more and more people interested in playing the game.

      All MS eventually comes to an end, move on to the next one and hope it lasts as long as this one has!

  • High Grade says:

    I’ve never done any MS at all, but I am a heavy creation/curve user. I also got the same text. This will impact me quite a lot. Does anyone know if this is targeted or was sent to all customers.

    • Alan S says:

      Going by the evidence to date, it’s a new policy card wide and not specific to any customers. Presumably the message has went to everyone holding a Creation card who has used it with Curve in the last x months.

    • FFoxSake says:

      Sounds like it’s a Creation decision to block Curve usage, like Amex did before. Can hardly blame them if the underlying IHG/Marriott cards were being hit hard and costing the hotel groups too much.
      Creation could have avoided the problem of course by coding/blocking the transactions just like most other credit cards did so that interest was charged from day 1.

      • Chrisasaurus says:

        Costing the hotel groups too much?

        You want to think about that again – they’re the only ones who were doing better than the ones doing the MS…

    • Harrier25 says:

      At least everyone has another topic to dicuss today rather than the usual covid travel testing tips!

      • Andy says:

        Pretty disasterous for Curve I’d have thought? I use Curve every day linked to my Creation card. A bit of MS every now and again to help nudge me over the £10k required spend for the free card but mostly genuine spend. My Creation card is so buggy, it gets blocked or doesn’t work all the time so Curve has been a godsend.

    • Ls says:

      Put a formal complaint in, especially if you paid curve for premium basing it on being able to use card. Claim for curve subscription which they have now rendered useless.

      • Paul Pogba says:

        Whatevers happened with Curve, most of us will be able to get a free night out and 20,000 points out of the Creation card for £99 which is a pretty good return.

        As a data point, I’ve not yet had a text (or email) but I did have a declined Amex transaction yesterday (but it would have taken me over the assumed £750 weekly limit).

    • TGLoyalty says:

      With my experience of creation I doubt their IT is anywhere near good enough to just target certain accounts with a change like this.

  • Dan Loves Christmas says:

    What a shame – does virgin allow payments to HMRC via curve?

    • JSemity says:


    • Tracy says:

      The main reason for my curve metal was to pay HMRC via creation. What to do now? Virgin? Only issue is I don’t collect virgin miles, much preferred hotel points 😂

      • Sean says:

        see other thread today – tfr virgin to hilton or IHG.

      • Reney says:

        per Rob’s article today you can transfer Virgin points to IHG and Hilton’s if that helps?

        Virgin’s T&C did change and it is not clear how long you can pay HMrC for.

  • Richie says:

    Btw Costa have changed my points into beans today.

    • Yuff says:

      Me too and a much better rate for free coffees

      • Ryan says:

        Supposed rate was 40 points to 1 bean which is a 20% devaluation?

        I have another 15 accounts with 300 points in which look like won’t ever be used?!

        • TGLoyalty says:

          With a round up at 45 So I’ve got 2 beans.

          90% of the time I just buy a double shot espresso as it’s next door to the gym so this change suits mean fine I’ll cash in the free one for something a little more fancy lol

        • Yuff says:

          I needed to buy 26 coffees to get a free one, now it’s 8, however the current points total has been devalued.
          I had 20 free coffees and today I’ve got 16
          Swings and roundabouts

  • Anna says:

    We recently got a BMW on lease and are paying via Alphabet finance. I’m sure someone on here said it was possibly to pay monthly on cc but I’ve just called them and they said that option isn’t available. BMW also told me that this would be an option when we got the car! What shall I do?!

    • Richie says:

      What does the small print say?

    • David says:

      I’d imagine BMW would have been talking about their own BMWFS arm, and had you had the car through them. It you’ve gone with a lease company (as I’m assuming is the case with Alphabet, though never heard of it) then they will have their own approach to what they accept for payments.

      • KBuffett says:

        Alphabet are the leasing arm of BMW.

        • David says:

          Ah, well that won’t be it then 🙄 I’ve not leased a car for years nor had finance on one, when last did and had a BMW am sure it was branded BMWFS.

      • Anna says:

        We got the car from BMW. It’s been discussed at length on here previously that BMW is one of the few companies which accept Amex payments. I’m just hoping the person who posted about Alphabet sees this and points me in the right direction!

        • TGLoyalty says:

          My PCP was with BMW finance.

          Sounds like leases are handled by another BMW subsidiary or they’ve changed.

          • Anna says:

            Thanks – we didn’t know about Alphabet until we got the final lease papers. The sales guy said we could definitely make Amex payments and actually spoke to someone in financing about it! I need to have a word with him …

        • Allan says:

          I use BMWFS and they have taken Amex recently. Never heard of Alphabet

    • Degsy says:

      I’ve recently leased from Alphabet – I immediately cancelled the DD that was set up and now when I get the monthly invoice I just call and pay using the automated payment line – number is 0370 505 0100. Amex & Curve cards aren’t accepted though (I understand from previous comments on here it used to accept Amex but since Covid they’ve changed their process and this has meant they can’t now do so)

      • Anna says:

        @Degsy, Thank you! This was the answer I was hoping for. I seem to remember that someone posted that if you hold on eventually you get put through to a human and then they can do the Amex payment.
        Even if they can’t actually take Amex, if I can use another points earning card that’s infinitely better than the shame of paying by DD 🤣

        • Degsy says:

          Agreed, it’s definitely shameful to let an outlay of £400/mth go to waste.
          (Although, based on some of the comments today re Curve this still feels pretty small-time 🤷🏾‍♂️)

      • Tariq says:

        This is the right answer, and they definitely take Amex on the automated payment line as I use BAPP.

  • Ant says:

    Any suggestions for reasonable priced good restaurants in Santorini?

  • Scallder says:

    So with the Curve text received this morning… for those who have it what’s Curve like with the Beardy card(s) behind it. Haven’t held one in a couple of years from memory, so might look at taking that out again…

    • BuildBackBetter says:

      +1. Does Brighton work?

      • aviosnewbie says:

        Brighton has never worked with curve (except for the initial first few weeks)

      • Harrier25 says:

        Great idea. Why not progress and put an end to every MS route. Some people will never learn to shut their mouths, take this as a warning and proceed onwards, quietly! As mentioned by others previously…’Idiots’.

        • Yuff says:

          +1 Harrier25

        • David says:

          Lol, absolutely this. You just couldn’t make it up. Though as soon as I saw the messages today was just waiting for the first ‘they can’t do this, it’s against the T&Cs and I’m going to complain’ brigade (to be fair somewhat limited so far), followed by the ‘what card can I use instead for my massive MS’ lot.

        • Scallder says:

          I was simply wanting to know if there were any issues using it so when I go abroad I can at least use Curve as I always have done for transactions overseas to avoid FX!

          • Harrier25 says:

            I suppose Curve will still have a place as an FX card with another rewards card such as Hilton Visa or Virgin Money behind it due to its fantastic exchange rate.

          • Memesweeper says:

            For the next month-ish you can just use your IHG – no FX fees

          • Polly says:

            Used curve several times today in France

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