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The HfP chat thread – Thursday 9th September

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Comments (1025)

  • Jason says:

    anyone managed to use an e-voucher to pay off a BA holiday booking?

  • Phil says:

    New AMEX Experiences in the app.

  • mark2 says:

    Since receiving the text from Creation I have paid Amex through Curve using both white and black IHG cards.
    I wonder whether the text is badly worded (surely not) and refers to paying off a Creation card using Curve pointed to another Creation card?
    Or not!

    • stevenhp1987 says:

      It’s Creation, that wouldn’t surprise me…

      But I doubt many people were using it for that..?

    • Luke says:

      This seems like a definite possibility! Could be a false alarm (he says hopefully).

    • Rachel Robinson says:

      Dream on, chaps!

      • Luke says:

        I think Mark is spot on. Otherwise the message would just say we will be unable to process any transactions using a Curve Card. There is the implication they will still process curve transactions linked to other cards, so surely they are talking about incoming payments, not spending.

    • Anna says:

      That doesn’t really make sense as you don’t need Curve in the mix to pay off Creation …

      • Luke says:

        What about to pay off Creation with another Creation card? I’ve never tried it, but maybe it was possible with Curve, and would seem a sensible thing for them to stop.

    • Char Char says:

      Well no doubt that would have been a small amount £300 or under, I tried a larger transaction to someone and it declined when it hasn’t ever before.

      • Sina says:

        I was about to post about it, the wording seems to imply that you can’s pay creation with creation using Curve!

        • Ali says:

          I think this is all wishful thinking. The text says:

          With immediate effect we will be unable to process any transactions using your Curve Card where the transaction is allocated to your Creation issued credit card.

          If it meant paying the creation card off, it would say payment, not transaction, and would be worded differently.

          It might well be that the IT system hasn’t yet caught up for all, and may, for some, never do so. But let’s not pretend that it means something else entirely.

          • Sina says:

            I haven’t got the text, neither my wife, and we’ve never paid our cards off with creation selected!

            I guess the only way is to wait and see, and certainly not call Creation nor Curve, and or to complain, etc…

    • Mike says:

      I think everyone is getting the text, but it takes them a while to send them all out. Once everyone has been text, they’ll turn it off.

  • C says:

    Annoying chat with Amex this morning. In August I stayed at a UK Indigo Hotel, expecting it would be eligible for the spend £200 / get £50 back promotion. While the hotel name is on the list of participating properties, Amex are claiming it doesn’t qualify because the card was processed at a different postcode, xx 1PS instead of xx 1RS, which is the physical address and postcode shown on the promo list. In their mind, Indigo have two adjacent properties.

    I know different physical and mailing addresses for businesses are not uncommon in the UK (including my own employer), and I expect something similar is afoot here. Has anyone else experienced this with an Amex promo? There is no payment processor or similar; the charge is clearly made directly with the hotel.

    • KBuffett says:

      Have a telephone conversation with someone based in Brighton

      • Anuj says:

        Just to add to that advice, you should be able to just request to talk to brighton if you get connected to another country.

        • Aston100 says:

          They never put me through to Brighton when I have the misfortune to get through to the overseas bunch.

    • Jane says:

      I have the same, they have raised a ticket and will get back to me in 10 days !

    • TGLoyalty says:

      Sounds like the person at the other end is talking nonsense. I’d ring back during U.K. office hours and speak to someone sensible in Brighton.

      Or just wait a month I find these things sort themselves out

      • C says:

        This is my second chat on the point. First was three weeks after the stay, today was two weeks after the first discussion.

        • KBuffett says:

          Everyone is advising you not to use the chat and to speak to someone based in Brighton on the phone.
          If it were me, I’d couple it with a view of cancelling the card.

          • C says:

            The decline in UK customer service (which was never great) is shocking. I could spend a half day each week just chasing refunds and promotions that have arisen in ordinary course activities – and I don’t do MS or rampant promoting chasing like some.

  • Mark says:

    I’m in Ibiza with a large bill on my room at Ocean Beach Hotel with my curve connected to my creation the only way to avoid big FX fees, I have literally just run down the stairs and paid it all off!! It worked despite getting the text two hours ago but hadn’t seen it till I read this blog!

    • TGLoyalty says:

      How’s Ibiza? Ocean beach hotel is Dan Antonio so I imagine busier than other parts?

      • Richie says:

        Wasn’t Dan Antonio in TOWIE?

      • Mark says:

        I have been 12 times, this is quiet by Ibiza standards but still fairly decent certainly not dead. Ocean Beach Club, Cafe Mambo etc the more premium places are all thriving, there’s still a higher end clientele here but all the other places haven’t opened or are struggling, the groups, 18-30 crowd etc have stayed away so the strip is empty, In a way it’s sad to see but also it’s good your seeing Ibiza without the fish bowl crowd swarming around lol

    • Mike says:

      Creation aren’t charging FX fees until 28th Sept

  • Backpacker says:

    Creation Marriott Card – points Bonus for spend July/August.
    Anyone receive this yet?
    Was supposed to be 3x spend – not sure if the size of the potential bonus to some people was what killed off curve…

    • Aston100 says:

      Yeah maybe, or…. maybe it was the massive amount of MS?

    • Luke says:

      Not yet, I was hoping it might post with the September statement, but alas no.
      I believe the terms said bonus points would post within 60 days, so we have until the end of September.

      • FFoxSake says:

        Offer T&Cs
        The 3 points per £1 (triple) points offer is only available for purchases made on your Marriott credit card between 31 May and 31 July 2021. Points earned will be posted to your Marriott Bonvoy Account 4–6 weeks after the promotion end date of 31 July 2021.
        You’ll earn 6 points for each £1 spent on qualifying Marriott Bonvoy hotels in the UK and 12 points for each £1 spent on qualifying participating Marriott Bonvoy hotels abroad. You’ll earn 3 points for each £1 spent on qualifying UK car rentals and 6 points per £1 on car rentals abroad, 3 points per £1 on qualifying UK airlines and 6 points per £1 on airlines abroad, and 3 points per £1 on UK restaurants, 6 points per £1 on restaurants abroad.
        Any new Marriott properties that are added during the promotional period will not be eligible for 3X (triple) points.

  • Stephan says:

    Applied for a second amex card only week after and seemed to be all good till the message popped stating they would review my application. What I don’t get is that went through the eligibility check it was fine, 9/10. Anyways does anyone have an idea how long this normally takes? States up to 10 working days but hoping it will be faster (and approved)!

    • Aston100 says:

      If theres an issue with things like a new address or something, it can take weeks to resolve as they ask for proof / documents.
      Happened to someone I referred earlier this year.

    • Youllnever says:

      Just because you had a high eligibility score doesn’t mean you will never be flagged for manual review.

    • Chrisasaurus says:

      Well 1 in 10 surely should be expected to be declined if eligibility score 9/10?

  • Richie says:

    It seems Three’s go roam usp is ending, so no need to put up with their rubbish coverage in London.

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