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The HfP chat thread – Thursday 23rd September

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  • Hank says:

    Anyone else get a polite email from Bendy advising that purchases of Ernie may possibly be breaking their ts and cs if the motivation for the purchases is a certain reason?

    I’m not sure if this is a general crackdown or if perhaps it’s due to me lowering the amount I put through Bendy on other purchases and therefore my Ernie purchases are a far higher percentage of total spend than usual.

    Thanks in advance.


    • VerdantBacon says:

      Everyone who has ever put anything through NS&I got the email. Apparently it’s really pissed off a few people here who put in low amounts and never for MS.

    • Alan says:

      See yesterday’s chat thread. 10+ pages of discussion on that point

      • Hank says:

        Thanks for the responses.

        Checked yesterday’s chat thread before posting hoping info would be there. That’s a lesson to skim more than the first two pages next time!

        • Dubious says:

          I think that’s one upside of Rob making us start with the last page of comments rather than the first.

          • Froggee says:

            Whilst I’m not in the big league, I certainly have put through five figures in my time and I haven’t had the email. I feel left out. I stopped about a year ago when interest rates were cut at Ernie though.

    • Save East Coast Rewards says:

      Thanks for explaining this in proper HfP English! I was wondering what all these posts about Curve and NS&I were about – seemed like everyone was talking in a different language

    • Michael Scarn says:

      My partner got the e-mail and she’s done occasional recycling, but I do c£10k Beardy-Ernie a month and I didn’t get it. Strange.

      • Mike says:

        Yes I think a lot of stuck at just £10K a month to keep low key – although it was just the same £10K going round in a circle – as my partner said “I am sure that money is going to get dizzy it is just constantly going round in a circle” – worth it for a bit of fun and a few Virgin air miles

    • Andrew H says:

      Not a polite email at all (yes you were being sarcastic I know)

      And I got it for spending £100 once…

  • Tariq says:

    £100 off £400 at Marriott Luxury hotels has appeared on all my Amex cards today (BAPP, Marriott, Plat primary and supp). Valid until 31/12/21.

  • John says:

    I have an account which is now with aer club.

    The last transaction was almost 3 years ago and since then I only used it for combine my avios.

    I made a note on my calendar that the account might expire after no activity for 3 years – is this correct? I remember reading a comment on here that someone transferred avios into an expired account and the avios just disappeared for good.

    I need to keep alive as I use it to move avios from IB to BA, because AFAIK you can’t do that directly when the BA accounts are part of a household.

    I have no plans to fly aer lingus so is there any other way to earn something in this account?

  • Chris says:

    Any recommendations for cheap 2 day tests have to return to Uk before October change. Thanks in advance

  • Ravi says:

    Need to book tickets to Istanbul for next year, I always wanted to see the new Airport and the lounge at IST as I always used SAW airport. Is it worth the hype for the airport and the lounge as I would be paying an extra 70 for flights departing from IST and the inconvenience of flying into LHR . I would be landing at STN If I were to be using SAW airport which is much nearer to home.

    • Rich says:

      At the end of the day, it’s an airport. It’s massive. There’s nothing particularly amazing about it. The TK lounge is very good.

      I can think of a lot better ways to spend £70, especially if the other flight is more convenient.

      • Alex M says:

        Agree. Ist is just a huge terminal, nothing more.

        • EvilDoctorK says:

          It’s also a loooonng way out of town .. lengthy ( though not expensive ) taxi in , though I guess they’ve sorted the train by now ?

          I was there a month or so after it opened .. impressively massive, though bits of it looked only partially finished .. main drawback was the distance out of town ( though SAW isn’t super convenient either for the European side where most people probably will be )

      • John says:

        As an infrastructure geek I would make a special trip just to see the airport – but haven’t had the time yet

  • Gareth says:

    Quick question- if I book a Marriott through Emyr with free cancellation and can see the booking on the Marriott account do I go back to Emyr to cancel or cancel direct with hotel/app? Thanks

    • TGLoyalty says:

      Terms depend on the deal and hotel rules but generally it’s free cancellation and you can cancel in the app/website.

    • KBuffett says:

      If there is a cancellation option on Marriott, and the cancellation terms stated suit your requirements (eg free cancellation), then you should be fine cancelling through Marriott

    • Anna says:

      I cancelled an Emyr Marriott booking via my Marriott account when a trip couldn’t go ahead in April – I thought it was just easier than bothering Emyr with it!

      • Gareth says:

        Thanks all- yes Anna that’s it in a nutshell really- highly doubt I will cancel just don’t want to waste Emyr’s time!

  • Paul says:

    Could anyone recommend a good WeWork location in Central / E.London for some remote working next week? I know my local has seen some of the nicer features such as refreshments stripped back by Covid.

    • Dave says:

      Monument has a lovely roof terrace.

      10 York Place (Waterloo) has some nice views over the Thames.

      Generally speaking the biscuits have gone away, beer is still available 3-6pm.

    • Rob says:

      Refreshments are generally back, except for biscuits.

      Victoria (next to the station) is decent and where we are more often than not. Aviation House at Holborn has a lot of communal space. The one on Aldwych is laughably central. Loads in the City of course. York Road next to Kings Cross is OK (same building as The Guardian) and you can explore the new Kings Cross development.

      In general, the secret with WW is to remember that each floor normally has communal work space. There is no need to use the huge area on the ground floor. Just hop in the lift, press a random button and see what is there when you get out. Aviation House is particularly good for this.

      Eastcheap has a stonking roof terrace if its sunny. Covent Garden (Long Acre) also has a little roof terrace and location can’t be beat.

      • KBuffett says:

        Are there any good ones more towards west?

        • Rob says:

          There are no WeWork’s west of Victoria unless you count the two behind Paddington station or the two in Hammersmith. Nothing near Kensington / Knightsbridge / Chelsea. The one nearest Hammersmith tube is fine, Rhys and I did a day there recently.

          • EvilDoctorK says:

            As a former resident of Aviation House WeWork I concur .. great big building .. do they still have the prosecco on tap ?

            My main criticism of it was the laughably inadequate cycle storage and shower facilities for such a large office building – they really didn’t think that bit through ( I know there’s some constraints with some of the building being listed, but even still!)

      • AL says:

        I forgot Aviation House was a WeWork now. I used to work in it prior to being a WeWork and have seen a lot of its insides. Might have to go back for nostalgic reasons for a day!

    • Graham Walsh says:

      We are based in 1 Poultry. However not need there since last August 😂

    • MM says:

      Eastbourne close to paddington is not bad and not too busy. Good roof terrace.
      Aviation House is probably the best given size. Excellent cocktails and comedy night yesterday there. Beer & Ale are back on tap but sadly no proseco anywhere!

  • Rosie says:

    £100 off £400 spent at Marriott Lucy resorts is on my free BA Amex card (includes W,ritz Carlton , edition)

    I have this saved along with the other Marriott offer on the lower end hotels . Are you then eligible for both cash back offers

    • Andrew says:

      See post from Tariq earlier in this page.

      • Rosie says:

        That doesn’t say if both Marriott offers on the same card are combinable

        • Allan says:

          I would assume you can double dip based on previous experience.

        • APPL says:

          I don’t think there are many hotels that are on both lists (Luxury, and normal 200/50).
          Sheraton Skyline Heathrow might be the only one from quick glance (not quite sure how it ended up as Luxury Hotel)

          • Rob says:

            Must be a mistake … and if it’s still £40 per night you’re going to struggle to spend £400! This used to be the SPG mattress run hotel – because SPG counted multiple rooms towards status, which no-one else does – so you could book 3 nights at £120 in total and charge your way to Platinum.

          • Magic Mike says:

            Been there, done that! (1 night, 3 rooms, brought some friends, all got free brekkie!)

    • VerdantBacon says:

      If the hotel you’re looking at is on both lists, then yes

      • Rosie says:

        Sorry so I have the following 2 offers on my BA free card , I wish to use the first offer (£50) at the Dixon London which is on the list and then use the £100 off at the ritz Berlin which is on the luxury list … is it defo right you can use both offers (as using different hotels on different lists)

        spend £200 get £50 and
        spend £400 get £100

        • TGLoyalty says:

          Yes no problem at all. They are different offers with different eligible properties.

      • Paul says:

        I notice the Sheraton Grand PL in London and Edinburgh are on the non luxury list, and wonder if both or one them have gotten mixed up with the Skyline? Have an upcoming stay circa £250 at Park Lane so if the £50 doesn’t credit it maybe should have been on the Luxury list….

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