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The HfP chat thread – Thursday 14th October

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  • RTS says:

    Hi all,

    I just booked a trip on the whim this morning to Jordan for 1st Nov for 2 weeks… Would be grateful if I can get some ideas for hotels, car rentals and the like.

    My itinerary is looking something like this
    Amman for 2 or 3 nights, then to the dead sea via mount Nebo and madaba. Probably do 1 night in madaba and 2 or 3 nights in wadi almujib. Then down towards Petra for 2 or 3 nights, before heading to wadi rum for 2 nights and Aqaba for 1. Then head back up north towards Amman via somewhere… Which we haven’t decided yet. Is there any other must see/stops that I have missed out on?

    Also, with car rental, does anyone have any recommendation? Also, is it worth taking the fully comp insurance? (We don’t have a platinum card at the moment).

    Thanks in advance

    • Memesweeper says:

      We were very happy with the Amman Marriott, but it’s a long walk to the ancient sites. Would definitely go again.

      Dead Sea also stayed in a very nice Marriott. Would go back, though, as it’s not a place I can see me visiting twice! Glad it did it… very out of this world.

      Petra one night, or two, is fine, tops. Movenpick has the choice location at the gates. Marriott is a touch out of town but taxis are plentifully and cheap.

      Wadi Rum is great, there’s decent tented places just outside the official park gates, and a fair few inside too. It’s an area where it pays to research thoroughly as the usual OTAs don’t really cover off Bedouin experiences properly. If you want to go nuts you can camel-caravan over several nights through the desert. I’d do that if I went back.

      Aqaba has some excellent snorkelling and decent beaches. Ugly town in places though, thanks to it having a dirty great port plonked in the middle of it… give it two nights at least or don’t bother at all would be my advice. The InterCon was showing its age badly, but the staff and service were delightful, and refurb had started when we were there… so could be great now if they’ve finished a comprehensive spruce up. Kempinski and Movenpick looked like decent alternatives.

      • Memesweeper says:

        You can one-way rent without a problem. We knackered a tire and wheel and we’re charged nothing. Avis, booked online while we were there. Car + driver is very cheap though, you may not want to rent.

        Aviod backtracking by flying back from Aqaba. EasyJet to the UK direct, or with a change using RJ or TK or others.

      • RTS says:

        Thanks – this is very helpful. Do you or anyone know whether i need to book for 2 adults at a marriot or if i booked 1 double room and we both turn up it is ok? We have Gold Status there.

    • Toppcat says:

      I went in Oct 19 – have the following observations:

      Min 2 nights at Petra. I could probably have done another one. Arrive late, check in, get to Petra first thing, and then do the same again the next day, before heading off in the afternoon. It’s an incredible place. We got an Airbnb at Petra – all the branded hotels were astronomical (though we did book late).

      No more than 1 night at the dead sea. It’s very cool, but an afternoon would be fine. Stayed at the Crowne Plaza on points. It was meh.

      Would recommend our other hotels though – W in Amman and Al Manara in Aqaba. Both were pretty great.

      Can’t remember where we hired our car from, so can’t help there. Apologies.

      Also – driving in Jordan is great fun… Speed bumps on the motorway, often entirely unmarked. Get a 4×4.

  • Jo says:

    Just wondering if I am in the right or wrong here!
    My BAPP card anniversary was in June. I have just been charged the new £250 fee yesterday. I queried this on chat and was told, repeatedly, that the correct fee has been charged as per T&C’s.
    I was under the impression that, as my card anniversary was before the first of September, I should be charged the old fee?

    • TGLoyalty says:

      Seems odd to be billed 3 months after your anniversary?

      Unfortunately renewals are a great area compared to new sign ups / upgrades prior to 1st September.

      We’re you sent a letter saying the fee was going up?

    • Sean says:

      Cannot see how card anniversary can be June if fee charged in October.

    • Britbronco says:

      I’m guessing the ‘voucher year’ for spending is misaligned to your card fee year. Did you upgrade to BAPP after starting with a free card?

      • Damian says:

        Mine is different too due to me originally upgrading from the free card.

      • Jo says:

        My card year and voucher year are the same, definitely in June, I confirmed this via chat before asking about the higher fee. I did receive an email about all the new card changes but presumed I would be charged before they came into force. I applied for BAPP direct several years ago.

        • AJA says:

          In my case the annual fee is charged the month after my card anniversary so if that applies to you I would expect that you should have been charged in July or August at the latest. Have you looked at the statements for Jul, Aug or Sep 2020 to see when you were charged last time? If you can show that previously you were not charged in Sep 2020 then I think you’d have a case to be charged £195 and not £250.

        • Anna says:

          Were you charged the fee in June?

          • Jo says:

            No I wasn’t charged in June, forgot all about it!

          • meta says:

            As a data point, in 2018, I was charged my Amex Platinum fee six months into the anniversary year. Nothing unusual, some sort of IT glitch.

  • TJ says:

    Just wanted to check my understanding…my wife is applying for a Platinum card after cancelling her PRG card >24m ago. So even though she has a BAPP, she is entitled to the sign-up bonus points. But will she (and I) receive the additional points if I refer her from my PRG card (the terms say no if she has held ANY personal American Express Cards in the past 24m)?

    • TGLoyalty says:

      But will she (and I) receive the additional points if I refer her from my PRG card (the terms say no if she has held ANY personal American Express Cards in the past 24m)?

      They don’t say that for the Platinum surely. They’ll be showing your the terms for a good credit. In any case the referrer gets the points regardless of the referee being eligible for a sign up or not.

  • Clubx says:

    Do we have any update for when Creation will credit payments that has been missing for almost a week?

  • Kevin C says:

    A couple of people are saying that Shop Small will be back this year from Dec 4th. No info yet on how much you have to spend to get the discount, etc.

  • Cal says:

    Has anyone booked with the new BA AMEX 241 starting outside the UK with only the outward booking?

    Itinerary is something like HEL – LHR – NYC and at the moment the return flights are not available to book, so would that cause any issues? Would the taxes be odd if I booked just the outward trip?

  • Jaime says:

    ON a pickle with BA holidays and looking for other ways of contacting them as I need to change a flight back to LHR on Sunday to later next week.
    Have tried the phone numbers, the BA line and with no success at all, chat also kicks me out after a while.
    Any other ways of contacting them, or anything else I can do. It is appalling the way they are behaving with the holidays booking.

  • HotinNewcastle says:

    Do they swipe the platinum card when entering Lufthansa Business Lounge at T2 LHR or do they just do a visual check?

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