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The HfP chat thread – Monday 25th October

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Comments (570)

  • barnaby100 says:

    Have a 241 1st class redemption to Singapore on 27th December on BA11. Last week got an email from BA saying all good to go. Last night received a cancellation email and most dates over Christmas and New Year now have no BA flights. Any idea why the change?

    • Sam G says:

      They flying 4x weekly (Tue, Thur, Sat, Sun) until Jan 9 so I guess they only just cancelled your flights. The flights are very busy after Xmas so possible they are full on some dates in F

      • barnaby100 says:

        No flight showing from 29th onwards-checking different classes but none come up. Seems unlikely to be fully booked.

        • Sam G says:

          Just checked expertflyer, does look odd , they are there but all zero until mid-Jan. I also can’t believe they’re all absolutely full so perhaps they’re off sale whilst they tidy up the schedule / shuffle people around.

          • Lady London says:

            10dec-10Jan is pretty much the definition of peak Christmas flying season for BA

            Charitably I would imagine as they expect flights to be very busy I would speculate they’re trying to rearrange things so that those passengers who really need to be on a VTL flight, can be.

    • BuildBackBetter says:

      Is that a VTL flight? Perhaps they shuffled flights between VTL and non-VTL?

    • Jonny says:

      Does this:
      shed any light?

      10 Dec-10 Jan were excluded from BA’s VTL rebooking policy which was updated 19 Oct and I think was there from 13 Oct if not earlier. Can’t imagine every seat/every cabin was sold out at that date – so are they holding them back for expensive revenue sells or planning to rejig the timetable?

      I’m on VTL flight on 20 Nov – took a while to figure out how the whole hotel-on-arrival thing works with the VTL.

      • Sam G says:

        They were scheduled daily then they cut them to 4x a week on sale – but seems like they finally officially cancelled the remaining flights now. I am guessing the same, they’re shuffling still so haven’t opened for sale. All BA flights are VTL flights and around Xmas are VERY busy – Singapore Airlines have upgraded to the A380 and it’s still sold out for the key dates going back to Singapore in time for school to start – got one friend going back via Frankfurt instead. – though the list is “non exhaustive” – you should check with your preferred hotel if it isn’t on the list.

        • Sam G says:

          also just to remind that Singapore still has a lot of local restrictions and I can’t see big easement coming imminently – if you’re thinking of going on holiday check v carefully your hotels restrictions on pool & gym slots, breakfast & note places like Sentosa you need slots for the beach – especially over Xmas holiday the hotels will be packed with local families on staycations. There is no alcohol service without food or after 10.30pm, no music, mask wearing outside etc. This may be OK for you depending on what kind of holiday you like!

          Also note that whilst you can leave Singapore onwards to Thailand etc you can’t come back in from nearly all of the region, even just to transit to BA unless you are on a Jetstar flight on the same booking reference – they can’t be added to Avios bookings

  • Gary says:

    DP: Amex referer’s bonus posts same day following one’s successful online application.

  • Jordan says:

    Back in February HfP ran an article by Rhys about the Club Suite rollout, which concluded with the statement: Once travel resumes we will run a new article with an updated list of British Airways routes where you can expect to find Club Suite.

    Now a lot of us are planning & booking ‘22 flights, is there any update available?
    We’re booking Toronto in April ‘22, information so far shows BA99 as a 787-8 with the old CW seat. Does anyone know if/how likely we are to get the new Suite come April?

    • Rhys says:

      There will be an update soon – probably in the next few weeks – given the start of the winter timetable and a bit more travel certainty.

      Toronto has had A350 in the past but if it remains a 787 you’re unlikely to have Club Suite. The 787s are one of the later types to be retrofitted.

  • VJ says:

    Any one hit with interest on purchases due to payment delays at creation with statement generated today.

    • Rui N. says:

      Yes, I was. £147.
      What’s the email for customer care? I remember seeing it posted here.

    • Jessica says:

      did you do MS all day long?

    • Lady London says:

      Don’t forget to get Creation’s assurance in writing that no late payment was nor will be reported to any credit reference agencies. This to avoid your credit record taking a ding due to Creation’s own problems.

    • CHz says:

      customercare at creation dot co dot uk

      This is what I was told when complaining about closures etc… they have acknowledged email just not responded with anything useful yet…

  • Super Secret Stuff says:

    @Lady London, Aston100, JDB and everyone else who advised on my BPG claim, management gave got back to me still refusing it under there terms and conditions.

    I’ve asked them to issue a deadlock letter if that’s there final position. Will escalate to ASA and Trading Standards if they say final position is no

    • Super Secret Stuff says:

      And going to cancel the booking due to bad CS reviews recently and get some points with rocket miles

    • blenz101 says:

      Was this the IHG claim? I didn’t really get the basis for the complaint when the terms clearly state that the rate has to be in the same currency.

      Nothing seems especially hidden or unfair that would interest trading standards or the ASA?

      • Super Secret Stuff says:

        I can demonstrate that IHG were selling the room in Euro’s at a significantly lower price. My point is it goes against consumer protection laws, unfair trading laws etc. as it is literally a “guarantee” which is not a “guarantee”

        • Super Secret Stuff says:

          Other way around, IHG where selling in Euros at a significantly higher price. So can definitively prove it there is a 40% price difference and nothing to do with XR

    • henry437 says:

      I’m sure Trading Standards have better things to do.

      • Super Secret Stuff says:

        If you google IHG Best Price Guarantee you can see they are already in trouble with the ASA, so they’re probably already taking a look 🙂

    • JDB says:

      Are you not able to get the OTA rate to show in GBP? I had this same argument on a BRG claim with Langham Melbourne, which they eventually accepted as they could see it was simply and AUD rate converted into GBP and the difference was c. 20%, not XR. It was easier to the extent one was dealing with a human rather than a big chain automaton pre-programmed to say no. Only other BRG claim was against Kempinski Shanghai a long time ago and they were so good about it, we are lifelong friends so they made a good decision!

      • BP says:

        I done a BRG for Langham HK years ago and it went smoothly. What other Luxury chains do BRG?

        • Pete M says:

          Being in trouble with the ASA means absolutely nothing. The most the ASA can do is issue a strongly-worded statement and forbid you from running an advert again. In this case they could perhaps ask IHG to change the wording of their website. If IHG don’t comply, nothing happens. They make the CAA look like a merciless regulator (I know it’s not their own fault, but of the legal framework they operate in).

          • Super Secret Stuff says:

            The ASA have no legal backing I know, but it can cause IHG Marketing a royal pain if they can’t advertise the benefits of booking direct

      • Super Secret Stuff says:

        The OTA shows the GBP price and then converts it into Euros, can’t get it to avoid that. Difference is 40% in this case. Given them one last chance before I fill in the forms with the ASA and Trading Standards

        • Pete M says:

          I wish you all the success, SSS, but am afraid you’ll be disappointed by the outcome.

          • Super Secret Stuff says:

            I have pretty much given up on the stay at the CP, will deal with it this evening and rebook somewhere cheaper via Rocket Miles this evening

          • Aston100 says:

            Exactly what Pete M says.
            I have had three BPG claims rejected due to advertised currency.
            One of them was taken up as high as I could within IHG. They will not relent and you too will get nowhere with this.
            You are wasting your time with this SSS.
            The ‘best price guarantee’ when taken as a headline statement is utterly false, but the t&cs are unfortunately quite clear.

        • Lady London says:

          Also you’ll mention price for OTA and direct was same last week and this week it’s still the same price to the penny if booked via the OTA?

          • Super Secret Stuff says:

            Yes although I don’t have a screenshot of the price last week, just my near – photographic memory 🙂 Have mentioned it previously to IHG that I saw the same price last week on there website and will do the same with Trading Standards and ASA

    • Lady London says:

      Go for it and let us know.

      The brass neck of IHG and Creation in arrogantly thinking they don’t have to honour their promises is beyond belief.

      • Super Secret Stuff says:

        It is beyond belief, similar to the 5k bonus points issue where they tried to deny it even existing until you sent a screenshot!

      • blenz101 says:

        Well not so much IHG, the terms explicity state the BPG must be in the same currency. There is no grey area here. Converted or not it isn’t a like for like comparison so doesn’t meet the terms of the BPG.

        IHG can market its rooms in different markets at different price points if it likes.

        • Super Secret Stuff says:

          Thing is I can prove they were selling basically converting the price into Euros like click trip where. So should be considered as a fair comparison.

          Regardless of IHG terms they still have to comply with fair trading laws and consumer protection laws, by issuing a guarantee that you don’t honour for fair comparisons you are in breach of those laws

          Either way once sent over I’ll be cancelling and booking another hotel via rocket miles

          • Lady London says:

            Just in case check some gbp based ota’s?

          • Super Secret Stuff says:

            I had a look but didn’t spot anything

          • Blenz101 says:

            You have my sympathy but I just can’t see how they are breaching the BPG here.

            If you could get a UK based OTA to price a like for like room they would honour it.

            I get you think the currency is a red herring but it is hardly an unfair term when making like for like comparisons.

          • Jerry says:

            @SSS re ASA. I’ve had 2 complaints upheld. It is meaningless and a completely frustrating huge waste of time. Never again. I’m sure you’ll go ahead anyway. Try shouting out the window as a first step – it has the same effect.

          • Super Secret Stuff says:

            @jerry Hahaha trading standards is the main one, ASA I’m debating if it’s worth it for the reason you say 🤣

  • SteveJ says:

    Have 10% off Boots on my BAPP. I understand this works on gift cards, any known till/manager issues with buying reasonably large values, say 5 x £250?

    Done it quite easily at Morrisons before by going to the self checkout, but that’s not an option at my local Boots.

    • blenz101 says:

      Will all be down to the store manager but perhaps have a plausible reason, prizes for a work incentive, buying a new kitchen? If a manager is called proactively offer up photo ID?

      Worst case is they invent a maximum purchase limit for gift cards on the spot.

      • Anna says:

        Christmas – this is a great time of year for buying lots of gift cards!

        • SteveJ says:

          Yes, Christmas is my reason, just hoping it’s simple and doesn’t turn into a faff!

    • Reney says:

      @Steve, FYI if you are buying Boots gift cards (I don’t recall you can buy other retailers) those cards can only be used in store, and not online.

      Just in case you were planning to use them online. I found them a pain to use and will not buy them again for this reason.

      • Blenz101 says:

        You can buy other retailers gift cards, indeed they were once a place where you could buy 3v cards!

    • Andrew says:

      I’ve had a quick perusal and there isn’t a great deal of choice in Boots for Gift Cards. Boots own obviously, M&S, WH Smith, one of the pub ones, Next, Google, X-Box etc.

      The eye-catcher is probably the sweet spot of Barclaycard (10%) and Airtime (8%) and buying M&S vouchers for Christmas dinner.

      For anyone with a contact lens contract, the standard 10% off all Boots own branded products (eg meal deal) combined with the 18% above discount might make it particularly worthwhile if you are a regular shopper.

    • SteveJ says:

      £200 was the max they’d put through, manager wouldn’t budge from “policy” due to multiple incidents of fraud.

      £400 total over two BAPPs in the end was all I managed.

  • Dannyrado says:

    My Welsh covid vaccine cert has two QR codes, one for each jab. The form for re-entering the UK (The 48hr one) specifically states to only upload forms with one QR.
    What to do? I can’t be the only Welsh resident returning to the UK.

    • Rhys says:

      The England one has two QR codes too. Use the second dose one.

      • Dannyrado says:

        Thanks. This was showing as ‘waiting for moderator’ at my end. Sorry for posting twice

  • Sammy says:

    If I add a supplementary to my Amex platinum today, can I call and get Amex to give me a code for Priority pass? Will I need my supplementary Platinum card at airport lounges or can I just scan the priority pass on the phone. I’m traveling in less than 2 days so my supplementary definitely won’t arrive in time.

    • Sam G says:

      you could try – if they can issue the supp then they should be able to give you the account number for the priority pass (maybe the next day?) and then you can create a digital version for 2x of you.

      The issue may be getting a supp issued – I don’t know if it is just me but I’ve literally been trying for weeks to get a supp gold card for my OH – firstly my applications were getting stuck with “technical difficulties” – resubmitted and they forced it through and then they asked for ID docs (despite him holding Amex and had supps before). going to call again today (08000327404)

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