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The HfP chat thread – Thursday 28th October

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Comments (447)

  • Pete M says:

    Morning all! So I thought I’d share a useful app I’ve been using for a while, now that people are getting back to travelling. Promise I get nothing from them in return!

    It’s called Flighty and it combines the best of Flightradar, the easyJet app and the BA one. You can email it your itineraries, enter them manually or it downloads them itself from TripIt. It then shows you what your plane is doing for a day before your flight, route on-time performance, shows gate information (always well before LHR screens for instance), gives updates on delays and combines all of this with useful notifications. You can also easily share your plans with others if someone is waiting for you on the other end.

    It’s definitely not as detailed or geeky as Flightradar, but much more accessible to the average person. You get a trial of the premium version for a bunch of flights and then it’s c£50pa in the UK Apple Store, but if you buy it directly from their website in USD it’s more like £36, which I find good value for the product. They’re also a small bunch of tech people developing it basically in their spare time and react to feedback really positively, which I think is pretty cool.

  • Ron says:

    Hello, need to book three day2 LFT, did someone mention it’s ok to use simplytestme, even it’s not on the gov approved list?? Thanks.

    • Pete M says:


      The providers listed on this page have declared they meet minimum standards for day 2 and day 8 tests (opens in new tab). Some providers may choose not to appear in this list. You can choose a different provider but you must check they meet minimum standards.

      The government does not recommend any particular test provider. Do your own research (for example, read reviews) about available providers, the tests they supply and their terms and conditions.

      • Ron says:

        Thank you. Also, it was mentioned that simplytestme is collecting passport number and expiry date etc, and people were concern about the risk of personal data being misused, but I thought that’s one of the minimum requirements??

        • Pete M says:

          You do have to give Randox, for instance, a lot of information as well. Although granted they are clearly a more reputable company. I’ve personally used them, but you have to consider whether it’s worth it for you.

        • ChrisC says:

          I mentioned the passport number and expiry issues yesterday in the context that they put that in the confirmation email back to me along with my name and date of birth.

          I had no problem giving them that info via the web form because it’s required for the result certificate.

    • Sandgrounder says: are listed here:
      They are a trading name of Tide Consult LTD, who have been around since 11 March 2021. The directors, who share a surname, have gone through 6 dissolved companies between them since 2013.
      I won’t be trusting them with my personal data at this time, but I am a risk averse individual. As always, DYOR.

  • Nigel W says:

    Silly question, but what’s the name of the website/app which can update you on existing bookings and more specifically aircraft changes?

  • HBommie says:

    during your tour of the regional airports did you notice which Aspire lounge BA are using in NCL, normal or plus?

  • Roy says:

    Wit h creation debacle is there any point in spending on the card anymore?

    • stevenhp1987 says:

      If you don’t spend you won’t be able to claim for any points that they don’t transfer…!

      • David says:

        Which there is a risk you may never get. So I’d say no, and have now put it in a drawer.

        • stevenhp1987 says:

          No risk at all. Pay Creation off with another points earning card.

          • David says:

            What?! There’s no risk you won’t get the points? How do you know this? Of course there is a risk, that is exactly the situation we find ourselves in.
            As for paying Creation with another credit card, jog on if you don’t value holding that card either.

    • Jim says:

      Nope, my card is locked and I’m now spending on Amex Marriott.

      • Dave says:

        Not much point collecting Marriott points with them moving to dynamic pricing.

        • Jim says:

          Given that most hotel loyalty schemes are dynamic and Accor is rubbish, Marriott works me.

  • Alekun says:

    has anybody recently had the 200 restaurant offer added to their platinum upon request recently? thinking of enquiring today after receiving the card yesterday.

    • Andrew says:

      Yes everyone has had it added, so either wait a week for it to go on automatically or contact them to add.

  • Aliks says:

    Lloyds vouchers – last call. Here is my experience this morning.

    Anyone with a Lloyds voucher, or a cancelled flight involving a Lloyds voucher will know that 31st October is the last date for booking your flight. I had a booking for Buenos Aires in December, but BA cancelled the direct flight, so I am rebooking for October 2022.

    I’m on the phone at the moment and its clear that there are hundreds of people trying to get through to helpdesk to make their bookings. I was in the queue at 9 am for 37 mins before getting through. Note that they will be open specially on Sunday given the volume of calls expected.

    I actually called them last week to check on arrangements, and they stuck to the line that I have to cancel, refund and rebook – even if the price goes up.

    The tax was only £15 higher, so I just accepted this – YMMV. It all rebooked now, but it took the agent 30 mins to get it all sorted out. Regarding the refund process – they do refund the taxes on the old booking but this takes a few days to go through, so you have to pay the new taxes while on the phone.

    I hope this info helps others in the same boat!!

    • meta says:

      Regarding cancelled flight you don’t need availability and BA must rebook on any flight under EU261. If you don’t wish to put up a fight that’s fine, but others in the same boat might want to.

      • Aliks says:

        I agree, and I have put up a fight in the past. In practice BA/ will not budge, so you have to rebook your chosen flight/date for cash, and then MCOL BA to refund your cash payment. You will certainly win, but it will take several months and emails

        Clearly BA expect the majority of people to cave in, and are happy to pay off the refuseniks. I’m not sure what solution would improve BA’s behaviour on this.

        • JDB says:

          Yes, for £15 each, not worth the aggro. I hope you get to travel next October; we have been waiting almost two years to go back, now hoping to fly in Feb, although flights then are via GRU but the bonus of A350. Things seem to be improving quite quickly in Argentina, covid wise, and it’s a brilliant place to visit.

      • Lady London says:

        Only if it’s real tax and not airline own charges (YQ) that’s increased, do you have to pay any more when rebooking (rerouting) after airline cancellation.

        How much is BA going to abuse customers when they really get their confidence back?!

    • reds says:

      Phoned at 8.02 this morning and got through in 6 minutes. Managed to change a cancelled flight to SIN from March to Sept 2022. Took 40 minutes though. Even got 9k Avios back as apparently overcharged in last booking!

    • Kevin says:

      Thanks for the info especially they will open specifically on this sunday. Of course I will not rely on that as been waited a while on phone this afternoon without luck.

  • His Holyness says:

    I’ll fly TXL-LHR for the day next week, AM in and PM back, do I still need to pay for a test?

    • Pete M says:

      I believe so, although not sure you’ll be flying to TXL?

    • Rhys says:

      Good luck flying from TXL given it’s permanently closed 🙂

      And yes, you do still need to do a day 2 test.

      • His Holyness says:

        Do the test, or buy the test? I’ll do it on day two, when I am back in BER ;).

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