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The HfP chat thread – Thursday 28th October

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We are running this daily chat thread on Head for Points during the coronavirus outbreak.

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Comments (447)

  • Ben says:

    Trying to top up che with Solihull, but getting more rejections, than success. Varying amounts between £100 – 500 get accepted occasionally but more often than not, declines and anything more than that is not going through. According to Solihull, it is che who are blocking the transaction going through and not them.

    Anyone else have any other data points with top ups?

    • QFFlyer says:

      Remove and re-add the card to Che each time.

    • SteveJ says:

      Managed just under 1k on Tuesday. Every penny since has failed, readding the card or not, makes no difference.

    • Toppcat says:

      I have done several £k this week with no issues. No letter for me, but I think that might be more down to the royal mail than anything else…

    • Guernsey Globetrotter says:

      Please tell me you’re not really phoning up Solihull (or Che for that matter) about this sort of thing?! No wonder they started closing people down…

      • Ryan says:

        What I love about the original post is he uses the code words… but then phones them direct and talks about the company… logic prevails with this

    • VerdantBacon says:

      This post highlights the complete uselessness of using code words in the comments section here. If you want to abuse the system the best code is to not mention it at all. It’s never long until someone speaks directly to the company about what they’re doing.

      I’m sure he’ll be confused as to why his card gets closed down as well.

  • Adam says:

    I have an Amex Spend 400 on travel , get 100 off. It is on my main card and on two supplementary cards. Can I use this offer 3 times? Sounds too good to be true to me!

  • Alex says:

    Thinking of calling Amex to see if I can get a retention offer on my Personal Plat card. Haven’t done this before… how do people normally approach the discussion? State outright they’d like to cancel and ask for any inducement not to? Assume phone call is better than chat?

    • SteveJ says:

      Call and be honest. You’d love to use the card benefits but still not traveling and therefore not benefiting from the card. Ask if there is any incentive available to stay.

      TBH chat during office hours seems to have been as successful for many on here as calling. Either must be office hours though to try and get Brighton.

      • Alex says:

        Thanks Steve. That’s a good call – will make sure to contact them during Brighton office hours.

    • BP says:

      Use the online chat. They will ask you if you would like to speak to retentions to see if they can do anything for you. I got 35,000 to stay.

      • Tariq says:

        Same – I outright asked to cancel as I actually wanted to. Will retain until Xmas and then attempt to cancel again.

  • Pete M says:

    This is brilliant news!

    EU gives go-ahead to NHS Covid pass as proof of full vaccination

    From Friday!

    • ChrisC says:

      This is good news.

      I was preparing to take theyr free, daily tests when in AMS in a couple of weeks time!

    • ChrisC says:

      And according to the BBC the remaining countries on the current English red list will be removed from it ‘shortly’

      Not the abolition of the red list – a country could still be added to it.

    • Froggee says:

      Wonderfully unclear for us miserable Jocks with silly accents (I’m allowed to say that). The Guardian talks about the UK’s NHS Covid App but I don’t think there is such a thing? Our Dear Leader is probably too busy politicking to get the NHS Scotland one accepted.

      • manilabay says:

        The article makes clear that the application is by the UK government on behalf of the four nations. I read that as meaning the devolved Covid certificates will also be accepted with countries connected to the EU DCC.

      • Roy says:

        “The commission took three months to assess the UK’s application for equivalence status, which will cover passes issued in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland.”

        • Froggee says:

          I missed that. And I never make mistakes so they must have revised the article since I read it and it is a conspiracy against me. I’ll hop on now…

          • John says:

            Since the start of the pandemic the BBC website has been full of mistakes and subsequent revisions

          • Roy says:

            The sentence I quoted was from the Guardian article. Agreed, though, that the press reporting of COVID rules has been generally abysmal – so would take it with a pinch of salt until you can find official confirmation.

    • HH says:

      Awesome news. I hope EU equivalence means Switzerland will accept NHS proof without the silly 30 CHF Swiss certificate conversion.

      • Pete M says:

        Correct – anywhere that can scan an EU Green Pass will now also scan the NHS one.

      • VerdantBacon says:

        I’m sure this will be a moot point as Switzerland will likely accept the NHS proof, but I’m currently in Switzerland and didn’t have to pay to get the Swiss Covid Pass. Granted I got it last week and things may have changed since then!

        • Pete M says:

          It depended on the canton.

        • HH says:

          It was accepted 10-24 Oct in a transition period. Things changed this week, only CH/EU equivalents are accepted as of 25th.

        • HH says:

          And I tried to get a free Swiss Pass through Basel Stadt and Valais last week, but both refused and directed to the 30 CHF process. Glad I held out!

  • YC says:

    Any difference/preference between SQ A350 vs 777 business (europe to sin)?

    • Sprout says:

      There are detiled reviews of both on the Mainly Miles website.
      (Only came across the site a couple of weeks ago and I have to say I find it excellent if planning to collect / spend Kris flyer points)

      • YC says:

        Thanks useful site. Looks like 777 is a slightly bigger seat vs A350 potentially better IFE

        • Rhys says:

          The benefit of flying an A350 on such a long route should be noticeable too with better cabin pressurisation leading to reduced jet lag

          • Stu N says:

            Agreed, I’d always choose A350 over 777 for this reason. The relative humidity is also higher on the A350 which really helps with hydration.

    • Lady London says:

      A350. Better air. Less noise.

  • FlightDoctor says:

    Transiting in Madrid back to LHR. MASSIVE queues at passport control at Terminal 4S. Only one booth manned and at least 400 people queuing. E-gates for EU citizens empty. Lots of angry people worried about missing flights. Certainly feels like we are being punished for Brexit!

    • Alex says:

      But you voted for it? Not Spain’s problem.

      • AJA says:

        I suspect it becomes a problem for the airlines if that many passengers don’t reach the gate in time. They will have to offload a lot of passengers luggage or pay fines for late departure. Also shows how many passengers flying are not EU citizens.

    • Anna says:

      There can’t be that many U.K. nationals using MAD. I would imagine more US and Latin American pax constitute the usual non-EU traffic.

      • FlightDoctor says:

        There were a lot of US and Latin Americans in the line but also (I guess because of half term?) lots of Brits with families. We saved a lot of money flying to and from the Canaries by going indirect with Iberia but now just wondering if the savings were worth it….made it to the gate anyway after 55 minute wait….

        • Anna says:

          I used to travel via Madrid to visit family before the advent of the LCCs and direct flights to Porto and Santiago de Compostela, I’d have to be saving a lot of money to do it otherwise! How much did you save? Fares direct from MAN tend to be £300 – £400 to the Canaries at October half term so I’m not sure any saving would make up for not going direct.

    • Roy says:

      I believe that post-ETIAS, eGates will be useable again by Brits. Really just bad timing that ETIAS has been delayed.

    • Darko says:

      That’s exactly what majority voted for so don’t see why would anyone complain now…

  • Froggee says:

    Right – Creation update because that is what we do. Having dug out the Ts & Cs and being blessed with an October year-end on the card, I now feel comfortable that I have earned the free night for the year having reached the anniversary date with £10,000 (proper) spend on the card. I don’t see any benefit in waiting to see if I get hit for £99. So I called Creation to cancel. Very competent agent. Once she’d closed my account she asked if she could help with anything else. So I asked about the free night and the response was “we won’t be honouring the free night voucher if we’re closing your account under section 14”. I asked if I could get written confirmation of that and was put on hold while the agent checked. The answer was “we won’t be sending anything in writing other than the account closure letter which you should have received in the post about a month ago”. Could she help with anything else? I asked if I could put in a complaint and she was very happy to do that. She asked what outcome I would like – “I would like the free night voucher and failing that, monetary compensation”. Apparently they will write to me within 3-5 working days with a response and a copy of their complaints procedure.

    All very clear. I have to say that the agent I spoke to could teach BA a lot about efficiency. I feel much better about removing the uncertainty of the £99 fee as that would have really annoyed me. I’m also pleased that there is no section 12 nonsense going to get laid on me like happened to @stevenhp1987 as my account has now been closed by me. I have certainly prefunded the account in the past which @JDB reckons could have been a reason for them pulling section 12 out of their backsides. But they can’t close my account under section 12 now it is closed. Amusingly the only time I prefunded it significantly was when I put £10,000 through the card to a children’s charity. But yes I did prefund on the odd occasion to pay Ernie as a means to getting Spire.

    So I’m going to let it sit now (assuming I get a final response from Creation by letter saying no voucher) as I believe I don’t need to go to FOS for up to six months. I’m sure all will be clearer in a couple of months.

    Meanwhile I will let my Black Friday IHG White be closed by Creation and see if they credit me my points. The Ts and Cs for that mean they need to credit me my 200 points but I’d let them off with the 10,000 given that there is a clawback provision on it if cancelled within six months. 🙂

    • SteveJ says:

      Good update, thanks Froggee

    • Anna says:

      What’s S 14?

    • AFKAE says:

      Well done on the charity donation.

      • Froggee says:

        I feel I did well to earn points on it.

        I spent £10k booking flights to Orlando so my spoilt children could experience Disney. Covid stopped that happening and it was a real battle to get the £10k back as I committed the cardinal sin of using an OTA. So I had to deal with Expedia and rely on them dealing with Virgin Atlantic. It took seven months from cancellation to getting the cash back to my (long cancelled) Virgin credit card. I was very pleased when I finally got the £10k back in my account but given the impact Covid has had on so many children it seemed like natural justice to redirect it to a local children’s charity.

        • Anna says:

          What a lovely gesture – I’m doing some of my tutoring as a volunteer to help the kids who missed out the most on their education during the pandemic so giving back but a bit more slowly!

    • memesweeper says:

      “we won’t be honouring the free night voucher if we’re closing your account under section 14”

      I’m genuinely amazed they think they can get away with this…

      • Lady London says:

        Go on, JDB. Tell us it’s OK for Creation to think they can do this.

        Laws exist to stop companies like Creation.

        • Harrier25 says:

          After all this is over and I finally run out of points, IHG can also do one and stick their welcome drink vouchers and Poxy Holiday Inn Executive Room Yorkie bars sideways! They won’t be missed.

          I’m moving on to enjoy a few more Hilton slap-up breakfasts.

          • David says:

            Well, unless they roll out the US credit approach worldwide for 2022 😐

          • John says:

            To be fair pretty much all Hiltons outside the US already go beyond the minimum requirements by providing full breakfast instead of continental. While I’d prefer to keep things th way they are, a credit for the value of breakfast wouldn’t be the end of the world – also I will feel better about skipping breakfast for early flights where I have airport lounge if I get money off something in the evening

        • Char Char says:

          Yes he must not be in Solihull today

      • Char Char says:

        They are more stupid than ever!

  • Andrew says:

    PAW Patrol

    Mozzers has appeared on one of my log-ins until 3rd November with a 10% rebate.

    It doesn’t work with Amex, but should stack nicely with the LBG, MBNA and Barclaycard 10% rebates that are doing the rounds – and the 8pts/£ SA! offer too.

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