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The HfP chat thread – Thursday 28th October

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We are running this daily chat thread on Head for Points during the coronavirus outbreak.

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Comments (447)

  • Wollhouse says:

    hmmm. So, I’ve actually just looked at the amex plat brochure i received with my card (i know…sad) and it states “In order to access applicable insurance benefits, you need to purchase the trip on your platinum card in full”. I know that’s not in line with previous comments. I’ve attempted to download full T&C’s but online the url is broken; there is a summary page and a generate a certificate of insurance page; but I’ll call and request full t&c’s and will ask this question. I’ll also ask re the proof of covid insurance question as I know Thailand (and I suspect others) want this specifically spelled out. Will revert if they confirm they now require full payment on the card.

    • meta says:

      The wording is « card » it doesn’t say explicitly Platinum card and definitions section define what card means… For some stuff you need to pay for on Platinum, some others not.

      • Roy says:

        There are something where you have to pay with an Amex card associated with the same account as the Plat, and some things where it doesn’t matter how you pay.

        I didn’t think there was anything where you actually have to pay with the Plat?

      • JDB says:

        Doesn’t the combination of the definition of ‘card’ and ‘account’ (as referenced under card) make it fairly clear? What they should have is a table of what the payment requirement (if any) is for each section.

        • Roy says:

          I’m pretty sure a few years ago they tried to change it to say you had to pay with the actual Plat card and HfP did an article about it and then they changed it back due to mass compliants and then HfP did another article about it.

          Might have changed again while I wasn’t paying attention, I guess.

    • Gavin says:

      The vagueness of such T&Cs is quite annoying. It’s usually impossible to literally pay for everything on an American Express card. What if something/somewhere only takes cash? Or doesn’t take Amex? And I’d usually prefer to use a fee-free card to pay for things locally when abroad.

      • meta says:

        Amex covers you in this case. It’s also in definitions. People don’t tend to read those, but they are important.
        @JDB yes, it’s either card or card account can’t remember on top of my head.

        I reality it will cover you even when you don’t go fully by the T&C. I have had to claim five or six times and at least two were not covered by T&C because I used a different non-Amex card, but Axa still paid up.

    • Rob says:

      Medical is covered regardless of how you pay.

      • Wollhouse says:

        Thanks all. Will get t&cs regardless for my own peace of mind and because I need the clause re covid cover for Thailand!

  • James says:

    Has anyone stayed at The House (now Marriott) in Barbados recently? Staying there over Christmas and the Trip Advisor reviews have got me a little worried.

    • Rob says:

      None of the Marriott Barbados hotels should be touched until refurbished and rebranded.

      See for example –

      (Typed at Sandy Lane)

      • James says:

        Even more worried now! The alternatives are now very expensive for the 6 nights we’d require, I’m even contemplating an airbnb and just sitting on the Marriott Points instead.

      • Chrisasaurus says:

        Jesus H Christ that link needed to come with a warning! Sure appears to be a ménage of adverts with little slivers of content here and there. Brought my poor iPhone to a crawl and ended up having to close the tab after trying to scroll back up and it freezing

    • Sarah says:

      You should be ok at the Colony Club if you can use your points there, a friend stayed there a few months ago and had a good stay (although that was when the hotels were all empty). Christmas is super-peak time in Barbados so everywhere will be expensive and rental properties at least double their prices during this time, and many will have a 10 night minimum stay. I just booked for after Christmas and there are a number of properties still available, but not a huge amount.

      • James says:

        Hi Sarah, thanks for your reply. Colony Club is now show redemption availability, I’ll do a bit of research!

  • TJ says:

    Does a supplementary Platinum card holder also receive the car hire insurance cover?

  • Rosie says:

    Just got back from BER flight with BA at stand 13.30 was sitting in 8a … was on the tube by 13.50

  • AnotherUser says:

    Does the BAPP Amex still include travel insurance? I’m sure it used to, but I’m struggling to find detail on the Amex site

    • AnotherUser says:

      Actually, I made my question irrelevant – I’m covered by the insurance on my partner’s platinum card. Feel free to delete my comments!

    • Tracey says:

      Nat as far as I know.

    • Jonathan says:

      I think it’s got flight inconvenience insurance, but not travel insurance

  • Sukes says:

    Are Lingus has extended their “Free, unlimited changes” flexible booking policy to 30 Sept 2022 – it was due to expire 31 Dec 2021. “Change your flight for free on any route and any fare type as often as you need up until 7 days before departure. The free change applies to any flight – just change your travel date before 30 September 2022. A fare difference may apply.”

    • Blair says:

      Is the voucher option instead still there?

      • Sukes says:

        Yes the voucher option continues to be available, as before, for Plus, Smart, Advantage or Flex fares (you can apply for a voucher up to 14 days before your scheduled departure date.) If you have purchased a Saver fare, you continue to not be eligible for a voucher.

  • Rich Spencer says:

    Does anyone know if there’s a way to buy Radisson Points at the moment- I know I’ve topped up in the past and I need c10k for a booking but the option to buy on the website doesnt seem to work- not sure if this has changed since the split of US vs ROW.

    Any other ideas welcome

  • TGLoyalty says:

    No countries on the red list from Monday 1am

    • TGLoyalty says:


    • Blair says:

      Good riddance. Has been utter pantomime virtue signalling since delta

      • TGLoyalty says:

        Yup completely agree.

        The hotels and the red list itself will be maintained “into the new year”

        • Blair says:

          To save face because of the millions Govt apend pre-paying for rooms. We’re into public inquiry a55 covering territory now.

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