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The HfP chat thread – Sunday 31st October

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Comments (368)

  • Robert says:

    Can someone please explain to me if on an avios redemption flight do I need to pay for the avios redeposit fee when cancelling a flight? Or under the flexible booking policy this is now waived. I would rather park the cash in ticket then future voucher than pay the hefty redposit fee on a low probability flight I want to have as an option to use when prices rise later.

    There is only a £0.50 cash contribution against the avios so happy to lose that.

    • ChrisC says:

      If you cancel the flight and don’t want a voucher then you will have to pay the fee but it is capped to what you have paid as the cash element if it is less than £35

  • Gothbe says:

    Has anyone ever received the additional 3000 points for adding a supplementary card to the BA Amex and spending £500. It’s 3 months since the last day of the offer

    • AJA says:

      My OH received the bonus 3000 Avios for me spending £500 last week. That was on the BAPP. It appeared on the Avios earned tab on the Amex account and will transfer to BAEC at the usual monthly transfer sweep. The date to spend the £500 by was actually today.

  • Pete1968 says:

    Thanks once again to BJ for the Halifax/ Lloyds offer. We got 3x free £85 = £255 free Amazon credit, plus I sent it to my other son to add it himself, so family = + £340 free Amazon credit.

    • SteveJ says:

      Where are people finding this offer? Can’t see it on my Lloyds app.

      • Toaster says:

        It’s an ad in the Lloyds and Halifax app. Tried it in mine and get “technical error, try again on Monday”
        Could be coincidence or may be they have pulled the offer due to more demand than expected.

  • Manny_D says:

    I recently took out the Platinum Card, and hold a Gold card already. I just had a question around the Priority Pass. Would I get a separate one with the Platinum, or does the one with my Gold account upgrade to that of the Platinum.

  • HH says:

    As of this evening, Switzerland’s app works with my NHS England Dose 2 QR, but only after I generated a new one in the NHS app / added it to Wallet / imported it into the Swiss app. All now give Verification Successful in their Covid Check app.

  • Aston100 says:

    Can anyone give me the names of one or two NYC mid-range restaurants similar in prices and dining experience to the Ivy?
    Player 2 has recently decided to go meat-free for some reason, so if these places have a selection of vegetarian options it would be very useful.


    • LST says:

      I love Babbo, I am vegetarian and there is always a great selection. Food and service are consistently good and the atmosphere in the restaurant is great. I try to go every time I am in NYC!

    • The Savage Squirrel says:

      NYC has approximately 25,000 restaurants. Unless you just want some half decent chains, can you narrow location down at least a bit for more meaningful advice? 😉

      • Aston100 says:

        Well Mr Squirrel, somewhere within 30 minutes (public transport) of Times Square would be great.


    • HH says:

      Marea, ABC Cocina, Hillstone come to mind.

      • Aston100 says:

        Thanks HH, but I feel those are a combination of fine dining and non-vegetarian restaurants.
        Literally the first item on the Marea menu was a $225 (per person) starter.
        Thanks anyway, but I’m looking for mid-range / Ivy equivalent places – i.e. no greater than £100pp


    • Igloo says:

      Indian Accent may be an interesting option, quite a fun take on Indian food. As a veggie I also quite enjoyed La Esquina Brasserie (not loads of veggie options but what they have is good!) Also +1 for Babbo!

  • Jack says:

    Trying to rebook some cancelled 50% avios flights (to Sydney) and being given the ticket validity excuse by BA and they can’t rebook, I can only take refund. I recently won at Small Claims Court for this exact thing (when the flights had been cancelled and route had been suspended). I tried to highlight this but still been refused. Anyway to escalate this? If I have to go back to court then fine but it is a complete waste of everyone’s time!

    • ChrisC says:

      You should have better luck taking this to BA legal – you’ll be able to cite your earlier win. They should then be more silling to rebook you to the dates you want rather than go to court – and lose – again.

      In their defence the call centre agents are going to go by what is in their manuals and not on something (however true) a customer has said to them about what they should do.

    • Lady London says:

      See page 6 on yesterday’s version of this thread.

      Please share details about your earlier win in small claims court, was this against BA?

      If you could post tomorrow, more people will see.

      (I think meta’s on his 2nd or 3rd claim now and BA has even tried it twice on him on the exact same route!)

      • Lady London says:

        PS We’re hearing BA is trying to deny customers who managed to get 50% avios tickets to Sydney, their right to be rerouted (rebooked) onto a date convenient to passenger, after BA cancelled the flights they got in the sale, from a number of posters recently.

        Yes I can imagine BA would like to get rid of their obligation to these passengers for trips to Sydney in particular as it’s an almost impossible route to get on avios so is a lifetime dream for many. Once you take a refund BA has no more obligation to you.

        See Page 6 on yesterday’s thread and don’t get pushed into taking a refund nor FTV unless you really want one. As Colin Mackinnon said early yesterday an FTV preserves only what you paid (eg the 50% avios) and not what you bought (a ticket to Australia).

    • Jack says:

      Thanks will try again tomorrow and see if have any luck.

  • Shaw West says:

    Could someone direct me to the cheapest same day result covid test in and around Manchester

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