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The HfP chat thread – Friday 19th November

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  • Mike says:

    I see the BAEC log in page no longer gives a date of 17 Nov for everything being ready in fact it no longer features a date at all just as soon as possible – “The Executive Club is temporarily unavailable while we make some planned improvements. We’re working hard to get everything back up and running as soon as possible.”

    • Distichon says:

      I managed to log in at some point yesterday and now holding on to it. It’s interesting to see how bit by bit, information reappears. Yesterday, I could see my avios total, but not my tier point total. History was completely blank. Now the history has my tier points, but no avios. I wonder what feature will start working again next! It’s almost like an egg hunt in bizarro land.

      • Distichon says:

        Aaand now the tier points history is gone again, too. I’m following this with morbid curiosity.

        • Lady London says:

          Of course, having your account open whilst major system changes are going on could lead to you missing out on the updates or even your account getting locked or royally ****ed.

          Let’s hope BA’s update jobs are sophisticated enough not to fail the whole job if they come across a record that the user has locked in use (ie account open if they designed it that way) as well

  • Anna says:

    How close to departure is it possible to change an easyJet flight? Thinking of pulling the plug on our Berlin trip in December due to the deteriorating covid situation. At the moment we can re-book up to the end of September but ideally could do with pushing it out to October half term next year.

    • Anna says:

      Just found something saying up to 2 hours before – has anyone actually done this on the day of departure?!

    • Bill says:

      October half term next year isn’t yet on sale. Probably will be sometime in December

      • JohnT says:

        We changed our flight recently (not last minute) – easier on pc than mobile as allows both legs to be done before paying. If exact same seats not available may get moved to back BUT then can change them afterwards for no fee.

    • Sam G says:

      2hrs sounds right.

      I imagine their winter will be on sale soon but if not Easyjet is still unlimited changes isn’t it ? So if you need to you can “Park” it early next year and then move again, that’s what I did with one set of flights

      Just make sure you look in the booking site first for flights the same price you originally paid. Once you get into “change booking” anything cheaper also shows as 0.00 and you lose the difference

      • Anna says:

        Thanks all! AFAIK you can only make one “free” change then you’re on the hook for full re-booking fees.
        We originally booked when easyJet were selling really cheap flights earlier this year I don’t think we’d lose much for any change, I just don’t want to lose them altogether.

        • Sam G says:

          Ah that plan won’t work then! I imagine they’ll get the winter flights out sooner rather than later so I think you’ll be OK to move before you go

        • Venturelog says:

          Hi Anna, I changed my EasyJet flight 1 week out to another one in December and just paid the difference. And yes according to their website it’s up until 2 hours.
          Note: you can only change the booking up until 31st December 2021. After that change fees will most likely apply.

          • Venturelog says:

            Also I don’t think it’s limited to 1 free change. I have previously pushed the flight and changed it 3 times (different dates & routes)

          • Anna says:

            Thanks @Venturelog, the last time I changed an EJ flight I got the message that there could be no more free changes so that’s just what I’m going off. Flight is mid-December so need to change it before then anyway.

        • Lady London says:

          Every single Easyjet flight I’ve had has been cancelled and I’ve given up trying to rebook for now.

  • Will says:

    750 Tesco/ promo…You need to speak to Tesco bank on a specific number (which is on the offer terms and conditions page 0345 300 4278) and then select the option for Clubcard. You can’t access this person dialling Clubcard directly. You then spend 30 mins whilst they check the information and they will request the points (no length of time specified to actually receive them). As this is a bank and you have a regulator, I decided to raise as a complaint to ensure it is actually dealt with eventually and was offered £25 compensation after the complaint was filed. Until this is resolved there didn’t seem any point in accepting the offer which I expect to be increased depending on the time to resolution. (For some reason I could not post this as a reply to Tom on yesterday’s page)

  • Paul Pogba says:

    1. What is the average wait for a response to an emailed complaint to BA at the moment? I sent one in on 14 Oct and still nothing but the acknowledgement email.
    2. How long do Creation take to respond to emailed queries regarding lack of points posting and the date the free night voucher will post (HA!)?

    • Crafty says:

      I emailed about a different problem about 6 weeks ago and had a response last week…

  • Wollhouse says:

    Had to laugh…an email from IHG offering up to 11000 bonus points if I book and stay with my IHG credit card before 31 dec…. Perhaps they need to modify that offer to the beginning of dec when they cancel our cards?? 😉

    • Mr. AC says:

      Not all cards being cancelled, far from it. I used my card with Curve (but not for any naughty things) and mine is not being cancelled. I did not get the 0.5% cb for any Curve spend over the summer though…

      • Guernsey Globetrotter says:

        Same here – no letter (I did not use bendy but have hammered Che!) on 3 separate cards. Didn’t receive the 3x points offer on the Marriott but not going to rattle their cage about that!

  • Gary says:

    Amex Plat £200 dining credit posted 2-3 days after the meal; however, my dining offer remains under the “saved” section online. Is this usual as normally offers disappear from the saved section once used?

    • Brian W says:

      Because it’s still active for any remaining balance left from the offered £200. It’s cumulative up to £200.

    • Travel Strong says:

      This occasionally happened with the old Waitrose offers, never tested wether it kicked in again though as it seemed very unlikely.

      • Hulk says:

        I tested it with the Waitrose offer and it didn’t kick in for a second time.

    • Chris says:

      I suspect it’s just the way it’s coded – as it’s not a transaction event-based offer (it’s spend-based), then the facility to mark it as ‘used/redeemed’ hasn’t been included.

      Makes sense as these type of offers make up a tiny proportion of the offers.

  • Shaw West says:

    Virgin had UC sale for £999 for last Black Friday. Hope they do something similar this year 🙂

    • Andy says:

      Would be nice, but suspect last year they were far more desperate for cash…

      • Rob says:

        US bookings are apparently very weak across both BA and Virgin (unsurprising given the time of year) so you may see something.

        • Paul Pogba says:

          Fares are fairly awful though, they’ve priced to make up their losses while the customer is still unsure and needs to be tempted back.

    • Sam G says:

      The challenge at the moment is flights are empty front to back. Anecdotal but I’ve a couple of CC friends (US & UK airlines) and pretty much every time I speak to them they’re taking 40-50 passengers on a flight still most of the time.

      £999 fares work when you’re either a) desperately cash grabbing, which airlines aren’t so much at this point as Andy says or b) filling the odd quiet flight or excess seats. The way loads are at the moment including the key J full fare type travelers being non-existent it’s more likely that schedules will be cut instead. In that scenario Virgin & BA don’t want a bunch of bargain tickets to re accomodate or allow to be rebooked to next summer etc.

      But we shall see, would certainly be nice 🙂

      • Paul Pogba says:

        Is there not something to be said for packing the planes so people tell their friends they’re heading to the States, creating some social jealousy/”keeping up with the Jones” behaviour, and normalising the process that lots of people are worried about or can’t be bothered with? I’d have thought you’d sell 50% of the seat at breakeven just to cut your losses.

  • Shaw West says:

    When did the terms change?

    • Chrisasaurus says:

      15th Oct I think?

      And answer to question as always is learn to fish for yourself please!

      • Shaw West says:

        If all start fishing then what will the companies that sell fish do 😀

      • QwertyKnowsBest says:

        I did after the change and no charge. Wondering about others and recent experience.

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