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The HfP chat thread – Tuesday 30th November

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Comments (359)

  • Fountain says:

    I have booked tickets to South India with with Virgin being the carrier from LHR to Delhi and the domestic connection with Vistara Airline.

    I would be missing the domestic connection as there would be PCR test on arrival coming from a High Risk country.PCR test results take upto between 4hrs and 10 hrs.I would be quarantined in isolation rooms till I get the result.

    Do lastminute or VA reschedule the domestic leg?If i miss this domestic leg my return leg might be impacted.

    Does HSBC premier or Amex Plat cover for this scenario?

    • memesweeper says:

      “Do lastminute or VA reschedule the domestic leg?”

      If it’s on one ticket (or PNR, ie a protected connection) they ought to reschedule the domestic leg if it’s no longer possible to make the connection. Vistara are an interline partner with Virgin so I’d call them ASAP.

      If strung two tickets together I doubt you’ll have much luck.

      • Mikeact says:

        Based upon earlier comments….good luck with any issues.

        • Fountain says:

          I am on same PNR for the whole journey. VA and Vistara doesn’t want to hear from me.Lastminute needs to respond.

  • ChrisC says:

    Just in my IHG account and noticed the LHR T4 CP had cancelled my booking for 12th January and the points refunded

    But not had an email about this let alone anything about being moved to another hotel.

    Pretty poor.

    • Anna says:

      Presumably this is due to the revived quarantine rules – they don’t have to find you alternative accommodation but people on here have been successful in getting a replacement hotel by contacting IHG directly if prices have gone up since you originally booked.
      I recall lots of people having their rooms at the IC O2 cancelled the last time round!

      • ChrisC says:

        Yes I know it’s for that but not even to send an email before doing it is bad.

        • xcalx says:

          After reading your post I checked my booking for next week. That’s cancelled too. Shows cancelled on 28th November. No points have been refunded. It was only a back up so saves me cancelling but like you say pretty poor.

  • Aston100 says:

    Not sure if discussed before.
    Nearby Sainsburys telling me they don’t sell Amazon gift cards due to “too many scams”.
    The person went on to say they stopped selling them two years ago and that this isn’t specific to that one branch.

    Wondering if this is true, as I’m reasonably sure I’ve bought Amazon gift cards from Sainsburys in the past year.

    Had been hoping to use my Sainsburys gift cards (via Monese) to buy Amazon gift cards.

  • Jonny says:

    Really sorry if this has been established lots of times before (but I’ve been struggling to find a definitive answer):

    Paying HMRC (income tax) with Curve Metal fronting Virgin Atlantic credit card is still OK, isn’t it? (other than the Virgin-imposed limit of £10,000 per month?).

    I’m just trying to decide whether it’s worth renewing my Curve Metal card, or whether the days of it getting me lots of air miles for paying tax are over.

    • BuildBackBetter says:

      That limit is imposed by curve, unless you are referring to your Virgin credit limit

      • Reney says:

        He is probably referring to Virgin changed itsT&Cs a couple of months back. It does not seem like they have implemented the IT changes to meet the new T&C but that could change at anytime. I have not personally tried HMRC post the T&C changes but I have tried other transaction that may fall into the change and it was ok.

        • Jonny says:

          Yes, Reney, I’m referring to the Virgin’s changed T&Cs.

          I put a smallish payment through, which seems to worked, but I haven’t yet seen if I’ve been awarded air miles.

          So, really there still isn’t a definitive answer to this, is there? Just depends on when/if Virgin implement their IT changes, I suppose.

          • Reney says:

            yes to your final point. Someone might be able to tell you if they got awarded points from HMRC transaction. But whenever that gets turned off tomorrow or next year who knows. It could be worth it to renew Curve or not. Worth noting the limits Curve has put in place which might make it less worthwhile and also if Virgin does ‘a Creation’ and shut everyone down.

  • Anna says:

    Another press briefing later, apparently, what are they going to take away today?!

    • BuildBackBetter says:

      Remove restrictions? Multiple reports that the virus is ‘super mild’. Or is it just SA trying to play it down?

      • Rob says:

        This is how Spanish Flu ended – a mutation into a less (in fact not) deadly but more transmissable form.

        • Anna says:

          Depending on which scientist you listen to it’s either very worrying or not really worrying at all!
          I’m just hoping that BJ’s refusal to implement the demands of Drake and Sturgeon (sounds like a pair of Victorian scoundrels when you put it like that 😂) re implementing an 8 day quarantine will cause them to unilaterally raise their own drawbridges.

        • meta says:

          According to the BBC, the press briefing is to encourage people to take up the booster.

        • Harrier25 says:

          Now that is very interesting and lets hope its true!

      • Worksop Dave says:

        South Africa has an average age of 27, so it is going to have a milder impact than you’d expect, for say, the U.K. which has an older population.

        I’ll wait for the facts in a few weeks rather than jumping to early conclusions like the amateur virologists on here are.

    • Andy says:

      Is there? can’t see anything about it online..

      It’s much too soon to either tighten or loosen restrictions as we have hardly any data. Unless it’s all about the boosters etc

      • Anna says:

        4 pm, yes it’s going to be about the acceleration of the booster program (which more people would have had if they could have got earlier appointments to start with!)

        • meta says:

          I am usually an early adopter, if I can’t do it this week, then I am not doing it until January as I don’t want to do it close to holidays. Also it would be better to know if vaccines protect against omicron. Most likely the vector ones do.

          • Worksop Dave says:

            “ Also it would be better to know if vaccines protect against omicron”

            That won’t be known until next year

          • The Savage Squirrel says:

            Although hard data proof will (of course) take weeks nd months to emerge, it would be highly impausible that vaccine (and indeed previous Covid infection) would offer zero protection against this new variant. It is possible that the level of protection will be reduced (at least until vaccines can be reformulated if this proves necessary – which is no different to the annual reformulation of the flu vaccine, NOT development of a new vaccine, and can be done in weeks rather than months) – but whatever the exact numbers, your probability of serious bad effects from Omicron Covid are almost certainly be greatly reduced by vaccination using the existing vaccines vs being unvaccinated; with the booster prolonging that protection.

  • RJA says:

    Does holding a supp on BAPP (but not a main card) mean you are ok for the 2 year waiting period, or do you have to get rid of the supp too?

  • David D says:

    Anyone received their EasyJet advent(ure) calendars yet?

    • Tom says:

      No! Purchased on Friday and received an email confirmation stating next day delivery.
      I chased up yesterday via live chat but got the short straw with the agent I was connected to. No sense at all that he comprehended the disconnect between “next day delivery” and the fact that it hadn’t arrived by Monday evening. Just an assurance that “surely it will be arrived tomorrow”.

      • David D says:

        Same situation as me then – let’s hope it arrives tomorrow

        • Dave says:

          Mine hasn’t arrived either – ordered 8am Saturday morning with the confirmation email saying next day delivery but I’ve seen the usual Royal Mail van every day this week pass my house with deliveries but no sign of calendar.

  • Mike P says:

    AMEX offers question. I used the £100 off a £400 AMEX Travel offer on the 27th November. The transaction is still showing as pending on my account and the offer now showing as expired (expired on the 29th). Will it still be added when the transaction moves from pending to processed on my account?

    • Shaw West says:

      It took them quite a while to post my £100. So if you have used the offer, rest assured you will get your £100

    • Stu N says:

      Yes, might take a few days to go to processed then another few days for credit to appear but will be fine in the end.

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