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The HfP chat thread – Friday 3rd December

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Comments (402)

  • Mel TS says:

    I refuse to give up on our Christmas trip to Canada just yet, so just making sure I’m up to date with arrivals testing and quarantine until your result etc. USA obviously has a magic elixir as at the moment if you travel from there to Canada, you don’t have to do the arrivals testing 🤦‍♀️.
    I was kind of surprised to see that it appears that the government pays for the testing there and it could take up to three days. I’m not sure as a tax payer I’d be particularly happy with paying for tests for a tourist to come on holiday. I choose to travel for tourism (not to see family etc), so I think I should be paying that bill.
    At the moment there seems to be no option to a do a private test with a rapid turn around, but I”m hoping this arrives before we go.

    And the hotel which says if you have to isolate you won’t be allowed entry? I understand not wanting to have Covid positive people in there – but it also seems that they are ruling out all international travellers, which must make a huge dent in their business.

    • James says:

      This may be different with more people using it but I was selected for random arrival testing in Toronto last month. Had the test in the evening and result was by lunch next day.

      • Martin says:

        But did you have to quarantine whilst waiting for the results? My understanding is that under the previous rules if selected for a random test you were free to continue as usual unless the result was positive. Under the new rules yet to be clarified everyone is tested and they have to quarantine (where?) until they get their results. With being locked up for a couple of days until the results come in is now a major disincentive to travel to Canada especially for short trip or one which involves linking up with a tour.

        • James says:

          That is the unfortunate development I have to say. Has it been said you can’t quarantine at a hotel?

          • Mel TS says:

            We can quarantine at a hotel….unvaccinated have to go into government hotel quarantine. Or at least that was what its seemed to say a few days ago.
            Fingers crossed it’s not too long for a result.

    • Kate says:

      Due to go to Canada next Friday, and so far think we’re still going to go. Although so frustrating that they won’t even announce the actual rules, or when it’s due to come in from (other than ‘the coming days’). Assuming we’ll have to quarantine in the hotel but hoping it’s not for too long – we’ve already got a different, non-refundable, hotel booked for nights 2-10 so who knows when we’ll be able to get there.

      I’d also be happy to pay for a test, especially if there was the option to throw money at the problem for a faster result!

  • Jan M says:

    The Europcar website is still giving error messages when I try to book a one pound one-way offer to Heathrow. Anyone has any suggestions for other good car rental deals? They can cost more than one pound, but not the 200 that the normal Europcar site is quoting me. Thanks!

    • Shaw West says:

      Enterprise does the cheapest oneway rentals.

    • Js says:

      I can help you if you manage to email me J585023742

      • Jan M says:

        Would be really grateful for the help, Js. How do I use that code? Do I need to add

    • Rich says:

      Their website is terrible for this. I had constant errors when I tried to book a few months ago.

      The only workaround I found was to key in the details multiple times on multiple browsers, then eventually you’ll get one of those ‘abandoned basket/booking’ emails. If you go via the link in the email, it works.

  • Will says:

    Also New France entry rules per : arrivals from the UK aged 12 years old or over are required to present evidence of a negative test (PCR or antigen) taken within 24 hours of departure (first flight departure in case of connecting flight). Self-administered tests are not accepted. Any recommended provider ? Presume this excludes video/online certification

    • Will says:

      Wonder how that works if crossing from Geneva airport into France by road

    • Harry T says:

      Rapid antigen tests in person are going to be the best option, I feel, as most PCR tests won’t come back in time and you have a requirement to be tested by someone else. Perhaps expresstest or Collinson?

    • Jamjaw says:

      How on earth will this work with an 8am boxing day flight? Hmmm…

    • Jamjaw says:

      The 24 hours is an EU requirement. The UK requirement is 48 hours(I think):

      fully vaccinated travellers (12 years old or more), and whatever their nationality, have to provide the result of a negative PCR or antigen test (in paper or digital format) carried out less than 48h hours prior to departure. Self-administred tests (NHS test for example) are not considered valid for travel.

  • Peter Taysum says:

    Arrive in UK from Turkey 26th December. Have booked airport PCR test (up from £50 yesterday to £100 today!) for 27th D2. Depart NCL on 29th to LHR to SEA.

    I think as fully vaccination (two plus booster) I meet the D2 entry requirements and USA entry requirements of < 3 days before arrival.

    Does that seem right?

    • Richie says:

      No, US is test 1 day before travel, no earlier.

    • Sean says:

      As Richie says see yesterdays article about changes to US entry requirements – now a test 1 day before not 3.

      • Peter Taysum says:

        Thanks I’ve just read that, so I need D2 PCR to get into uk. Land Sunday; should that be Tuesday?!? I am so confused! Thank you.

        • Peter Taysum says:


          I need to have a D8 test booked, but I will be in the USA (hopefully!)

          What do I do!


    • Lady London says:

      Looks like you should ensure your Day2 test is an in-person one and do it on Day 2 which is 28th. Then it’s useable also, for your departure for US from NCL on 29th.

      US requirement is now 1 day before, not 24 hrs.

  • Richie says:

    It’s BA A380 LH start day, looks like it’s only BA107 to DXB though.

  • Eric the Half a Bee says:

    Looking to book California/Vegas trip for the summer and use some of my stash of Hilton points. Does anyone have any views/experience with Hilton Santa Monica, WA Las Vegas, Hilton Palm Springs and Hilton Waterfront Huntington Beach?

    Would these be decent choices or are there other options I should be considering for these locations? TIA

    • Danny says:

      Hmmm.. tbh, I’ve done the LA thing/piers/hollywood a lot and you end up driving EVERYWHERE.

      Unless you want to specifically base yourself somewhere to be there every evening, I would spread your wings. Santa Monica is a lovely place, the other piers are definitely worth a visit.

      My next trip to LA is based on ‘best value’ rather than location. YMMV.

      I can’t comment on the above hotels.

    • Travel Strong says:

      Hilton Santa Monica is often only a little cheaper than the LXR property – which is actually on the beach. I haven’t stayed there yet – but after a lot of investigation I have booked the LXR (95k point per night).

      WA Las Vegas is a very particular type of property – it depends what you want. The WA is the old Mandarin Oriental. No casino, just hotel. Relatively quiet and private feeling as half the place is condo’s . Pool very private too. All very well appointed with dark shard-like decor.

      However – thats not what I want in Vegas. I want busy, bigger pools, quick casino access, quick access to food and drink options. For this reason I usually do not use Hilton points in vegas, and I save them for elsewhere.
      (I opt for Venetian/Pallazo, Cosmopolitan, Wynn/Encore, or somewhere downtown instead!).

      If I was going to use Hilton points I would be looking at trying out the new Resorts World properties (3 hilton chains operating from 1 property).

      • David says:

        LXR isn’t my definition of being on the beach. Its sat above the coastal highway into/out of LA and you need to cross this via bridge and decend to the beach.

        • Travel Strong says:

          I will hopefully update in April! You’re right, looks like it does need a cross over PCH, but the free bikes and the prospect of a morning cycle up the beach front sold it for me!

          • H says:

            We decided to base our self and drive – so 5 nights WA Beverly Hills and then in Vegas Palazzo looks good and decent value in April (through Travel Republic)

          • David says:

            It’s a very nice hotel, just sadly not beach front (though their website pics are somewhat deceptive).

    • David says:

      WA Las Vegas is generally pants (stayed 5 days ago) stay at the cosmo on a FHR rate or book through Emyr – get a fountain view terrace.

  • Joe says:

    Think i asked this to late yesterday.
    Virgin boost if taking FTV says they add £400 for a upper class ticket (if due to virgin cancellation)
    Does this apply to points bookings aswell or only if booked with cash?
    I can see the FTV applies to points tickets but wondering if the boost also does?

  • Kathy M says:

    Has anyone else lost their Avios account details in the last 24 hours? My account has been working fine since it came back on after the BA Executive Club ‘ change over’. It showed extra Avios I had gained by shopping through the BA portal- then yesterday stopped giving me account details. I can log in OK- my total Avios are still there , but when I ask for ‘account details’ simply says ‘no recent transactions’.
    I need to book something using future travel vouchers – assuming I can get through on phone, will they have access? –

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